Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ok I'm Ready

Go ahead and put some muscle into it...I can take it!

Getting Whupped Tonight

He's gonna be home soon. I know he's gonna whup my but good when he gets here! I'm not even gonna wait to toke my clothes off....I might as well do it now because he always makes me get butt naked for my whuppins! I wonder if he's gonna make me stand against the wall for it or over a pillow on the bed? It all depends on what kind of mood he's in I guess. If he had a bad day at work it usually mean I won't be sitting for days.

I do know one thing....I'll be crying myself to sleep on my stomach like I've done so many times before....and I'm sure there will be plenty more to come!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Spanksgiving 08'

Time to baste the turkey then roast it real good!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Imagine It

I thought you all might enjoy some pic's of this models wonderful cheeks as much as I do! I can almost see him laying across my knee getting that ass of his warmed up with my hand and then maybe a good dose of the hairbrush! I can also imagine him up against the wall...waiting as i take my belt off and whup his butt until he's crying like a little kid! many way so little time!

In Position

Go Ahead....I Dare Ya!

You know he needs it and you know you want to give it to him! Look at him almost daring you to do it....he doesn't think you have it in you to whup his ass good! Prove him wrong, take off your belt and make sure he won't sit for a week!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Black Strap Moan!

Here is a great series of pic's of a very spankable and beautiful butt! His name is Mohamed and I saw his pic's on the Men who Spank Men site and begged him to let me post them.....I love the different straps and paddles he has! I wonder who gets to use them on him? I would love to see the pictures of that butt after the razor strap has been well applied!

I love this photo of him lying butt naked laying across a few pillows that props his ass up perfectly for the belt or strap!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Smooth And Sexy

I love this sexy pose and how it shows off his smooth beautiful behind! But it looks even better when it's red!


There's nothing like a good dose of the paddle to adjust a boys attitude!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Paying With Your Ass!

Jr. has gotten himself into money trouble again and he knew his Daddy would help him out but it always comes with a price. A good ass whuppin with his Daddy's razor strap every week until he has paid back every cent! Every Sunday morning he has to show up for his punishment at his Daddy's place in the country to get his butt blistered. He knows if he's late or doesn't show up that his dad will come looking for him and whup his ass on the spot where ever he is just like when he was a kid! Jr. remembers many times his dad pulled his pants down and tore his butt up right in front of his friends....damn that shit was embarrassing! As he is standing there bare ass against the wall behind the house waiting for his Dad to come out and give him his weekly ass whuppin....he wonders why he keeps getting into situations that he knows will end up with him butt naked getting his butt blistered with his Dad's strap? Damn...I'm 25 years old and I'm still getting my butt whupped! He swears to himself that this will be the last time......but he's made that promise to himself many, many times!

On Display

I just love this pic of this boy's cute round bottom framed by his make his bottom look even more spankable!

Checkin The Damage

He got that butt tore up and now he's looking to see how bad it is! Next time it's gonna be on his bare ass and he won't have to look at it to see how bad his butt looks....he will be able to feel the welts for days!

Beautiful Butt

Here's a picture of a beautiful boy and his bubble butt laying across the bed waiting for a firm hand to give him the butt warming he needs!