Monday, August 31, 2009

The Worst Position

This is the absolutely, positively the worst way to get your butt whupped! If you were lucky growing up you might have avoided this very embarrassing position but if you were one of the poor souls who this happened to I feel for ya! Besides the fact that getting your butt whupped like this leaves you very exposed and vulnerable for that belt or hand to land on just about every tender spot you have! Make sure you hide your equipment...if ya know what I mean! Staying in the "Diaper Position" as it's called isn't easy when he's whupping your behind so it's even more embarrassing when he grabs your ankles and pulls your legs even higher so now he has even more leverage as he's lighting your butt up! If your lucky you might just get a hand spanking like this but if he uses that belt I don't think your gonna be sitting down anytime soon!

Natures Beauty

Nature has many different colors in it but the best one is the rosy glow of a freshly spanked boy's behind!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #30

Even though it's covered by his undies you can still tell just how spakable that butt is.....but that priceless look on his face tell the story as well! He knows he's gonna get that butt tore up and it's gonna be a bad one! Those undies aren't gonna help him one bit!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

On The Wall

Hands up on the wall is one of my favorite positions to see a beautiful young man with a spankable butt in! I'll just pull up a chair behind him and sit and watch those cheeks shake in fear and embarrassment of the punishment they are about to receive! He wishes I would just get it over with but I'll make him wait a little while longer!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #29

Here is another photo series that to me looks like it was all about spanking but I'm sure the photographer probably wasn't going for a series of spanking photo's but to me that all I can usual! A nice thick brutha with a big round juicy booty down by the old creek! Unfortunately for him his butt is wet which you all know means that strap is gonna sting ten times worse than it normally does! His old man told him that he was long overdue for a good lesson and to strip and get his butt down to the creek and he better be sure to be bent over the rock when he gets there!
His old man wears his ass out and he can barley stay in position....but that means the whuppin is just gonna last that much longer!This poor young man is gonna be crying and rubbing his sore behind for quite awhile!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Spanked By Your Friends Dad!

I love those story's where a boy gets spanked by a friend's dad or vice verse. The look on his face and the way he's rubbing his butt.
This young man was hanging out at his friends house and got into trouble and now he is watching his best friend getting his butt spanked bare and OTK by his dad and when his dad is finished with him you will be next! Your dad hasn't spanked you like that since you were a little boy! It's embarrassing enough to be spanked by someone elses dad but to have it done to your bare ass and over his knee like a kid....Damn! You know your friend is gonna enjoy watching your butt get spanked.....just like you enjoyed watching him! You also know if your dad finds out about it (or should i say when) can expect another whuppin!

Beautiful, Bare, Brown, Bubble Butt!

Mmmmmm....just look at him out there waiting on me!
....he's been waiting outside bent over a bench with his bare behind in position for your strap for over an hour! I think it's time I went out there and gave his butt a good warming up! I know it's tempting to want to do more to that ass but right now it's time for some discipline.....I can have fun later!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Blistered Butt

Get those clothes off son and then I want you butt naked and up against that wall......and get those hands up high! I want a perfect target for this razor strap! Son I havn't whupped your behind in a long time.....but I'm gonna make up for it right now! Don't even think of getting out of position until I'm done or I'll double what I plan on giving you! I've let you slide for to long son and you can plan on more whuppins like this in the get ready, I'm gonna blister your butt good!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #28

I love this side view of a nice round chocolate booty! It looks like he might be up in his room getting lectured to by his dad before he gets that butt tore up! I'll bet he is pleading with his dad not to with alot of yes Sir's and no Sir's and I'm sorry and Please don't! But when your standing there butt naked with your dad yelling at you with his belt in his hand there is little chance of you talking your way out of it! He'll be sleeping on his stomach tonight!

In Public

It looks to me like someone is about to get his butt beat outside! But to have it happen on the street infront of the whole neighborhood is worse! Getting whupped outside with your friends watching, bareass and crying in front of them! Could it get any worse than that?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barry In Position

I just was in the mood to see Barry.......I love the way he's just bent over and waiting for someone to warm his butt up! I wish I was there to do it for him!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Spanking's

I've had a few discussions on the subject of birthday spankings lately. I don't know how it slipped by me but I had never heard of this growing up, unfortunately. Me and my friends would give each other punches in the arm for each year! Had I know about birthday spanking I would of been at every birthday party in the city! I really missed out on that one! I recently discovered how popular this birthday tradition is when I googled it and there were tons of video's of people giving there friends, brothers, sons a birthday spanking. I like that they are given in a fun way....a little embarrassing but everyone is usually laughing! You would think that the way some of these young brutha's wear those pants below there butts that they would be easy targets on there birthday but I haven't witnessed one yet! Darn it! Well I'll have to wait and see what happens on my next B-day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #27

Damn....I think this one calls for a paddle! A perfect butt in the perfect position!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This story was posted as a comment by Ayejay that I thoroughly enjoyed and he was kind enough to let me post it....enjoy!

Knowing I am going to get a buttwhupping and there is no way to get out of it!
You know that having to wait for a buttwhupping actually is part of the punishment and the anticipation is what makes it worst!
I worked at a office with a older black guy, who always wore cowboy boots with his suit or casual business wear. Anyway he told me one time when he was at home doing his taxes, his two sons were upstairs making alot of noise. After asking them to stop and be quiet and do their homework , they still continued their horseplay! He then went upstairs to their room and quietly told them to take off all of their clothing and get the biggest leather belt they could find out their closet and sit on the edge of the bed with the belt laid across their naked laps and he would be back up shortly to punish them. Needless to say, they begged and pleaded with tears in their eyes for an another chance, but he was firm. He went back downstairs to return to his work!

They quietly and tearfully got undressed and sat there contemplating that heavy strap wrapping around their tender young black butts. A couple of times he told me he would start coming up the stairs and he could hear them start whimpering and crying anticipating the upcoming butt whupping he promised them, but then, he would deliberately pass by their bedroom to the bathroom. He would crack the door to make sure they hadn't moved out of position and to tell them just a little longer and he would be back up to give it to them! He could their faces were wet from crying.After four or five false visits to check up on them and tell them he would be back to spank them, He came up and told them that he was too tired to spank them that night, so he would spank them in the morning! He told them to get to bed, sleeping naked with the belt still laid across their laps. Needless to say, his sons didn't get much sound sleep knowing what was coming to them first thing in the morning! They literally cried themselves to sleep. When morning came he walked to their room, both boys started crying and pleading again,He asked them did he really need to spank them or were they going to behave Needless, to say, they said yes! this time crying tears of relief that he wasn't going to spank them after all! He said he never intended to really spank them if he could effectively put a real good scare into them which he successfully did!
After that, he never had any more trouble with them, as you have often said Eric2, The waiting, sitting there butt naked with your brother besides you, with that thick leather belt resting across your laps, knowing you were going to get the buttwhupping of your life by your father is a "punishment" within itself! This is what the father also figured and you both are right!

Watching My Son Strip

You have been needing to do this for awhile and now your gonna give him a long overdue butt whuppin that he won't forget! You take his belt out of his pants he tossed on the couch and watch him as he strips!
You have watched him grow into a good young man but lately he seems to be getting into a little to much trouble. He's standing there stripping off his clothes but he hesitates when he gets to his shorts.Come on son it's nothing that I haven't seen a thousand times! It's have seen his bare bottom many times but it has been awhile! His bottom is not the same as that little boy you used to spank! He slowly peels down his gray shorts to reveal his beautiful brown bottom to you! You watch his smooth, firm but tender butt come into view! It's almost a shame that your gonna have to mark it up with this belt but your his father and it needs to be done!You can tell by his body language that he is pretty embarrassed to be standing there bare ass and waiting for you to whup his behind. You take your time and let him squirm a little more before you might as well enjoy the view for a little while longer!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rorschach Test

Everyone knows about the Rorschach (Raw-Shack) test where a psychiatrist shows you an ink blot on a card and your supposed to tell them what you see.
I have my own test as well.......
I always seem to come across a nice photo that is perfectly innocent but the spanko in me sees it totally different just like the photo below. It's just a guy in his undies right? Or is it a bad boy who was told to strip down to his tighty whitey's and go cut a switch? That's what I always see! What do you see?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back On Track

My name is Terrell......I'm 21 and I live at home with my father. I have a part time job and I am taking classes a few times a week. My dad has been pretty cool about letting me live at home so I can and save a little money on rent. The problem is that lately I have been getting pretty lazy and doing a little to much partying. I have been skipping some classes and my grades are pretty bad. I knew what I had to do to get back on track as my dad likes to say but it took awhile to build up the courage! I have always been honest with my dad and we had a good relationship so I sat down with him this morning at breakfast and told him what has been going on . He was pretty upset with me and told me that he thought I was responsible enough now that he didn't need to constantly check up on me. He said Terry....(that's what he called me when I was little) were gonna get you back on track and for me to be ready tonight when he got home.

Let me explain what that means....when I was growing up I got my butt spanked just like every other kid growing up. Most of the time it was across his knee and my bare behind getting spanked long and hard with his hand! The "Back On Track" punishments were not spankings....they were whuppins! The last time I got one I guess I was 17. Now here I am a 21 year old young man about to get another one! What my dad meant by be ready was to be in my room, naked as the day I was born and with the old strap that was used for these sessions. It felt weird standing there looking out the window waiting on him to come home. As I looked out the window I could feel the air blowing across my ass....I reached back to rub my butt and felt the goose bumps on my soon to be hot bottom. I have to say I have a lot more ass to whup these days then I did back then. I know I need this and I'm not mad at my dad but I know he's not gonna hold back.....I'm almost in tears thinking about how bad it's gonna hurt and how humiliating it will be for him to see me naked after all this time! Oh shit...I hear his old truck.....I look out the window and watch him pull into the driveway. I go and put a pillow on the end of my bed and lay across it. I'm almost sick to my stomach with nerves from what i know is about to happen! Tears are already running down my face as I wait with my bare ass sticking up and ready for my dad's strap.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #26

I love the way those chocolate cheeks are peeking out of his jeans! But those jeans are coming off so I can take my strap to it! Damn....that butt is defying gravity!

What I See

The Photo: I love this photo of a young man laying on the couch.

What I See: I see a young man laying across a couch waiting for his daddy to take the strap to his butt! The look on his face looks like he is about to get it or is in the middle of getting a good butt blistering! Even though you can't see his butt I want to believe that it is bare and red with his short around his ankles! I can almost hear his dad lecturing him as he stands over him swinging the belt down on his butt again and again!

Raising Some Welts

Nothing stings and raises welts better than the cane or a good switch that is freshly cut from the back yard! It's even worse if your the one who has to go cut one! Late at night with tears still running down your face you reach back and carefully run your hands over your sore can feel each welt your dad put will be days before you can sit comfortably again!