Wednesday, April 30, 2008


That was made to be spanked!

Loin Cloth

I've never had to tell a boy to take down your loin cloth before but there is a first time for everything! Actually it looks like all I have to do is lift it up!

He Deserved It!

After the spanking is over make sure to tell him why he deserved it and that if he needs it again you won't hesitate to give it to him!

Don't Argue With Dad!

Arguing with your dad just before you get your butt whupped isn't the smartest thing to do! You already know your not gonna win, especially with your pants pulled down and your bare ass on display!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dad Needs It too!

Everyone knows the saying "Your never to old" so every once and awhile those strong older males need to have a taste of that strap! I'm sure there have been some things that you have done that would have gotten your butt torn up when you were younger so a good long session with the belt by someone who knows how to blister your butt good will be a good reminder that your never to old for a good belt whuppin!

Classic Photo

This is another photo that has been around forever. I don't know if he was made to stand there or if he's just posing but as you all know..... to us spanko's it looks like a guy with a truly spankable butt waiting for his punishment! I think I would have him put his hands behind his head and then i would paddle him good!

I Asked For It

Ok man still wanna do this?

Yeah.....I think so man.

It's either yes or no!


Ok then....strip!


Yep.....I want you bare ass for this!


Ok...where do you want me?

On the couch...face down.

Like this?

Yeah...thats good.

I don't want you reaching back or try to cover up.

I won't do that....

I know you won't so put your hands under your body.

Aiight man...I'm ready!

Stick that butt up a little more man!

Like this?

Yeah thats nice......!

I'm gonna whup your butt just like your daddy did to you when you were a little boy!

Y...yes sir.

You wanted me to do this for you so I'm gonna do it right!

I know...I want you to!

I'll Stop when I think you got what you deserve young man!

Yes sir!

Whap! Thwack! Thwack! Whap! Whap Whap!!!!!

Ahhhh.....Oh God.....damn!

Whap...Smack! Thwap! Thwack!!!!!

Ahhhh....yo man!!!

Whats the matter son?

That hurts so bad.....hold on!

Whap! Whap! Whap!!

Ahhhgggg! Please!

You forgot how much a strap hurts didn't you?

Yes....I don't think I can.

Whap! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Oh god please no more!

Don't you dare move or were starting you hear me boy?

Y...Yes S...Sir!

Whap! Thwack! Smack!

Wahhhh...owwww...Pleeease Sir!

Are you crying already? Wow that was are way overdue for this!

Sorry, please stop....Please!

Smack! Thwack! WHap! Whap! Smack! Thwack! Thwack!

Ahhh...wahhhhh please my ass is on fire more!

Whap Smack! Thwack! Thwack!


Ok son.......I'll let you off lite this first time but the next time it's gonna be a little more. Please Sir.....ohhhhhh. God!

Same time next week and don't be late or your butts gonna pay!

Sniff....Yes Sir. Sorry for yelling and crying like that....But nobody ever beat my butt that hard before!

Your gonna have to get used to it boy!

Boys In Briefs

Some boys look even more spankable in those white briefs than they do out of them!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Friends Dad!

Last night I stayed over at my friend Dave's house. We have known each other since elementery school and were pretty close. He has a brother about a year younger than us and he's pretty cool to. Later that night we started wrestling and horsing around and we ended up breaking some furniture and there father came up to see what all the commotion was about and saw what happened and he told his boys that they were both gonna be punished for this and he didn't care If I was there to witness it! I knew there dad used to spank them but I didn't know they still got it! He took them both one by one and pulled them over his lap, pulled down there draws and spanked them good! The were both crying pretty good when it was over and i felt kind of bad for them scince it was partly my fault to. I spoke up and told Dave's dad that I deserved it as much as they did and It would only be fair If he would spank me too! He said that I'm not your father but he thought I was old enough to make my own decisions and without hesitation he grabbed my arm and pulled me down over his lap and proceeded to blister my bare butt too! I have to think that this had to be the first black butt he had spanked but I don't think that really makes much of a difference....a butts a butt! When he was finished he told us to get our butts into bed and get some sleep.

The next day we went to the beach and laid there watching the waves roll in....there hadn't been much discussion about what happened last night until I finally spoke up and asked if they still get spanked alot like they did last night? They both nodded there heads yes. I told them that my butt was still sore and I reached back and pulled my trunks down to have a look! Surprisingly they did too! Of course theres were much redder than mine but I'm sure they felt the same. We spent a few minutes checking out each other's butts and for some reason we just left them down! I told them that if they wanted to they could spend a night at my house but that they should know that my father still spanks too.....but he uses a strap! We all laughed but it was a nervous laugh! I can't wait until next Friday!

After Work Whuppin!

I Just got home from work and I could tell by the look in my partners eyes that he was upset about something! He asked why i was so late getting home and I told him I went to a bar for a few drinks with some of the crew from the construction site to unwind a little before I came home! He said, I can't believe you went out when you know we had plans tonight and I can't believe you drove home after drinking! I told him I was sorry and he was right about me driving and that I had forgot he made reservations for dinner. He told me that sorry wasn't good enough and I knew what that meant. He took off his belt right there and then! He grabbed my work jeans and unbuttoned them and pulled them down along with my underwear and pushed me up onto the couch! There I was with my bare ass sticking up and my pants bunched up around my work boots just waiting for my whuppin! He gave me a good hard belt whuppin that night and it hurt but I know he loves me and is only doing it for my own good! It feels good knowing I have someone who is willing to blister my behind when I need it...I hope that all men and boys have someone like him in your life!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Switched By Father

He cut the switch himself and it was a mean one! I could feel the welts growing on my behind after every hit! My father finally stopped and told me to stay in position. He waited by the house and watched me standing there. I didn't know if he was finished whipping me or not? Then he told me it was time for the second part of my switching....I started to cry like a little child before he even started! I'll never misbehave again....I swear!

Dad's Project

Dad spent the last three days down in the basement building something but he wouldn't tell me what it was but he said it was for me! When he finally finished his project and took me down to see it I was shocked and a little excited! He said he found the bench design online and knew it was something that I needed. He told me to get my clothes off so he could test it out! He told me if I wasn't able to keep still during my punishment sessions that it was made to keep me still! It looks like my butt is gonna get a whole lot of attention from now on!

Get On The Couch!

My Daddy told me to get my clothes off and get my butt on the couch for the belt!

After he finished tearing up my butt he left me ther on display for all to see!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Paddled After Practice

Damn...Coach Johnson paddled my butt good after practice today for being late.....If my dad finds out I was punished in school he's gonna beat my butt twice as bad! I know dad will be at the game on Friday and he usually talks to the coach about my playing and I have a feeling it's gonna come up......Shit!

Retro Photo

Looks like this young lad is bent over a bench waiting and watching his daddy take off his belt! What do you think? cute! those are some cute undies you have on but I'm afraid there gonna offer you little protection from this paddle so get them off .......NOW!


Here are some great pic's of Damien from "Sting Pictures" that were posted on the google group by Doctor skelpz. There are more pic's there of him if you would like to see them. I havn't seen the video for this yet but I'm looking forward to it!

My Money Mess

My daddy whupped my butt out back on the deck yesterday for being irresponsible with my finances. He had to help get me out of debt more than once and he said he has had enough! He told me he would help me and that I would pay him back every penny but there will be a extra cost? I asked him what it was and he told me that I would receive a strapping every Friday night until it was paid off so I would have more of a incentive to pay it back quickly! I couldn't believe it at first and was shocked that he would whup me at my age. I told him I wasn't a little kid and didn't think I wanted to do that, he said ok but I can't help you with your money problems unless I agreed! I left and thought about it for a few days and realized I couldn't get out of this money mess myself so I showed up on Friday and told him I would take the whuppins and wanted his help. He let me know that he loved me and was only doing this for my own good.
He then told me to go out on the back deck where he would always give it to me and get ready. I knew that meant get my pants and underwear down and bend over the deck rail and he would be out shortly. Man did he whup my ass good and the whole time lectured me about money and responsibility. My ass was on fire and brought back alot of memories of getting it growing up but I kept as still as I could and took every lick of that strap! When he was done he told me I was to stay in that position for thirty minutes and think about your situation. I wasn't allowed to rub my burning ass just like when I was with tears pouring down my face I just stood there bare ass and hurting telling myself that I was gonna pay him back every penny as soon as possible! Well it's been a month and dad has paid my bills for me and I'm about half way out of debt to him....I have about five more sessions with that strap but I know I deserve it. I'm on my way there now. I still get extremely nervous as I pull up to the house knowing what's in store for me and just want to drive away but I can't.....I know I have to take it and thank him when he's done.

Monday, April 14, 2008

When Words Don't Work

Sometimes word don't get through to him so that means it's time to talk to his butt!

Marcus And The Stool

Young Marcus didn't know what his dad had planned for him when he got home but he was about to find out. As soon as he walked in the door ha found Marcus out back and ordered him out to the back yard. Marcus wasn't quite sure what his old man wanted but he has heard that tone before and started to get worried. When his dad came out back he was carrying one of the stools from the kitchen counter with him. Marcus didn't like the looks of this and decided to asked him what was going on? His dad told him that he got a call from his school about him being absent quite a few times this semester. Marcus's face damn near drained of color when his dad told him this. He thought he covered his tracks. Marcus tried to explain but he knew he was busted! His dad told him to drop those shorts and get his butt bent over this stool for your whuppin! Daddy please, he begged in his best little boy voice ...hoping to get his dad to have some pity on him and maybe let him off with just grounding or something. I said strip and get your behind across this stool unless you want a whuppin every night this week! Shit Marcus thought to him self......There is no way out of this....he hadn't been whupped in quite awhile. He thought he was getting a little to old for this and never thought he would be spanked again but that was about to change. Marcus the realized that he was only wearing his long baggy basketball shorts and his doo rag and if he took them off it would leave his bare ass naked out in the yard...but the look on his dad's face told him not to push it so he striped his shorts and briefs off and stood there naked as the day he was born in front of his dad. Ok Marcus get over the stool....I'm gonna go get the strap and take care of your behind! Marcus was there dying of embarrassment bent over that stool with his pretty brown rump on display. He froze when he heard some of the neighborhood boys playing in there yards and knew that they were gonna hear it all! When his dad came out he pleaded for him to do this inside but his father told him that he should of thought of that before he chose to do such a stupid thing to do so maybe if you get embarrassed you will think twice before doing it again! His father didn't waste a second and started laying itno his ass good and hard with the strap! Marcus didn't last ten strokes before he was crying and begging his daddy to please stop! Whap, Whap, Thwack! Ahhhh...Marcus was yelling but still holding on to the stool! After about twenty minuets of continuous butt whuppin his daddy stopped. Marcus wasn't even aware that his dad stopped because he was in his own painful world. Marcus was crying very loudly now but was starting to calm down. His dad told him that he hoped he learned something from this and hope he doesn't have to repeat this anytime soon or he would really be sorry. Now I want you to stand there until I tell you to move and don't even think about rubbing that behind young man. Marcus said yes sir and stood up and winced at the intense pain coming from his ass! He stood there for awhile and was aware that some of the neighborhood kids were peeking through the fence and taunting him! Stuff like Hey Marcus...did daddy spank you? I'm gonna tell everybody in school tomorrow..ha, ha.! Marcus just hung his head down and cried. Before his dad told him it was time to come in he looked back at the fence and saw somebodies hand sticking over the fence holding one of those damn camera phones! Marcus knew that next week in school was gonna be a long embarrassing week!

Over A Desk Photo

This is just another great photo that makes you think of spanking so I thought I'd post it.

Hold That Position

I want your hands up high on that wall and spread those legs wider....ok now stick that ass out for me! Ok....that's good. Now I'm gonna get the razor strap and whup your butt good....I'll be back in a few minutes so don't you dare move!

His daddy left him there scared and sweating for a little while before he came back and took care of business!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spanking My Man

We spank each other almost everyday and we have never been closer! They are very sensual and intimate and just adds to our love making....but when one of us is bad the spankings are alot more intense and a belt or brush will get involved!

Spanking Equality

The strap is color blind!

Barry OTK

I know, I know....I can't help myself when it comes to Barry so here are some from a OTK session from Sting Pictures"! He has to report for his punishment then strip and place himself over the teachers lap for a sound spanking! He looks so cute in those titey whiteys! But then most bad boys do! I must be a Barry-O-phile!