Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who's Hungry?

I like a good burger too but I would have a hard time choosing a hamburger over a nice brown juicy butt! Mmmmmm just look at it, it's just asking to be spanked and eaten!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Saggin Law?

Yes it's in the news again....those boys with those saggin pants! While it is still illegal in some places it seems like it's ok in the Bronx! Here is part of the story.....
Wearing sagging pants that expose one's underwear is not against the law, ruled a Bronx judge on Wednesday. Julio Martinez in 2009 wore his pants low and was arrested by a police officer for doing so. However, judge Ruben Franco said that it may look ridiculous to most people, sagging one's pants should not be against the law. By Jack Phillips
Now I still think it's ridiculous to put someone in jail for this....fads and styles come and go just like this one will but while it's here we just have to live with it....or do we? Now if your one of those dads who doesn't like it I suggest that you warm those saggin drawz up every chance you get and let him know that it's not acceptable. If that young man love to show off his booty in public maybe you should march him outside and whup his butt in public! I'm sure that would change his mind in a hurry!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Barry Gets The Birch

Somehow this clip of Barry tied down to a bed and getting 12 strokes of the birch slipped by me (how is that possible?) but I have to thank the guys over at for letting me know about it! Click the link below to see the whole post.
Barry hears his sentence and has that look on his face just like every boy does when you know your about to have your bare ass punished!Stripping down for your punishment in front of everyone is embarrassing but it's nothing compared to what is about to come!Barry is made to lay face down on the bed with a few blankets placed under him to get his butt up nice and high for the birch and then his arms and legs are secured so he can't move out of position! There is no way out of it have to take whats coming to you!The disciplinarian lifts Barry's shirt up and out of the way to reveal his nice plump butt for punishment......he doesn't want anything in the way of the birch!After the 12 strokes are delivered Barry is a sore and welted boy! He is trying to hold back the tears until he is back in his room! Rubbing his sore bottom as he is dismissed and gets dressed while his punisher and other students watch! Knowing Barry it won't be long until he is getting it again! (I hope)!

Give Me Your Belt.....

My belt.....Whaaa....what for?

What for? Because I'm gonna whup your butt with it that's why!

C'mon dad......I'm to old for that....I'm 16 !

Well you've been acting like your 6 years old lately either you give me your belt or I'm gonna take mine off and wear your behind out and then I'll take your belt and butt whup your butt's your choice!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #26

Sorry I'm a little late this week but I hope this magnificent "Spankable" booty makes up for it! All I can say is DAMN!
Where do you start with an ass like that?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Would Your Dad.......

Would your dad whup your butt no matter where you were?
Would he pull over the car and bend you over the hood and wear your ass out?
Would he show up where you and your friends were playing and drag you home telling you how he was gonna blister your butt good when he got you home!
Would your dad waste no time pulling your pants down and smack that butt at family gatherings?
Well I'm sure there are alot of fathers out there who would do that and more! I wish there were more dads like that out there!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm Not Done Yet!

Where do you think your going? No...I don't think so......get your butt back across that stool! I'm not even close to wearing your behind out yet! Your gonna think twice before you talk back to me again! THWACK!, THWACK, THWACK!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #25

Here is a great booty framed in a jockstrap bent over a barber chair! I think that if your near a barbers chair a razor strap has to near by! Time for a good strappin!

The Exam

Every time you go out for a team in high school you have to go through a standard physical and our coach does a very thorough job! He brings in five at a time and has us strip down and then does the usual weight check and height but the problem is that I got my butt whupped by my dad last night and everybody will be seeing my blistered ass! Being a senior and a star on the football team I can't think of anything worse than having everyone know I still get my ass whupped be my dad! I got there a little early and asked coach if I could have my physical alone and with a great deal of embarrassment I told him why! He didn't say anything for a minute and then agreed to giving me one alone. I stripped down and waited there shivering in that cold exam room until the Coach came in......whew he said, your dad really did do a number on your behind didn't he? If I could of sunk through the floor I would of! Yes Coach I said.....he wore me out good! I stood there shivering and very self aware of my nakedness and red blistered behind while the Coach administered he rest of my physical including something I hadn't expected.....he said he needed to take my temperature and he had to do it rectally.....I didn't remember having to do this before in any of my physicals but i just wanted to get it over with and said ok. He had me lay face down on the exam table with my still sore bottom on full display just like it had been a few hours ago when my dad was taking his belt to it! I heard my coach getting the thermometer ready and if I hadn't been embarrassed enough he asked me to reach back an pull my cheeks apart for him! God this is so embarrassing I said to myself as I felt that cold glass tube being inserted into my tight hole! it felt weird at first but then I got used to it. While I was waiting for this whole humiliating ordeal to be over he started asking me why I was punished. I told him that I was supposed to do some stuff around the house but I forgot and even when my dad gave me more time to do it I still didn't get it done and so that's why he whupped me. I laid there with that damn thing sticking out of my ass and waited for the Coach to say something and he finally told me he was glad that there are still fathers out there who care enough to give there boys a good butt whuppin when they need it! He pulled the thermometer for my ass and slapped my butt and said I could get up and get dressed! Owww....Coach damn, I screamed! My butt was still very sore from last night....he laughed and said he was sorry but I think he did it on purpose! After I finished dressing from the physical I thanked him for letting me do it in private even though it was still very embarrassing! he told me that once upon a time he would see red butts running around his locker room on a daily basis...especially after report card day but these days you don't see it much at all. He said that parents today are afraid they might get arrested for abuse and things like that! I told the coach that I thought I was the only one in my class that still gets it but I never thought of it as abuse. I'm glad you feel that way the Coach told me because I know that all I have to do is pick up the phone and call you dad if you start to slack off in practice or class!

I'm Ready Dad

There's nothing cuter and embarrassing than a naked boy waiting on his bed for his dad to come give him his butt whuppin! He knows he has it coming and has learned to be ready when his dad gets to his room. He knows if he keeps his daddy waiting that just means his whuppin is gonna be alot worse! He also has learned to keep still and to keep his butt up to give dad a good target! This bad boy knows it's gonna hurt but he knows it could be a lot worse!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whuppin My Little Bro's Ass!

I'm letting you stay rent free at my place little bro and I only asked you to do one thing today and you didn't do it! When I left this morning I asked you to skim the leaves out of the pool but for some reason you decided to just lay around all day instead...... so now I'm gonna let my belt do the talking just like dad used to do to us! Now get up and bend over that lounge chair! I gonna whup your ass good! Don't give me that look.......You know you can leave when ever you want but while your here your ass is mine! So you have a choice......pack your stuff or bend over and take your ass whuppin! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! This is gonna be alot worse than one of dads whuppins....I promise you and while were here we need to talk about all your laundry laying all over the place and my phone bill! I don't think your gonna sitting any time soon little bro!

Wrestle Spank

You get get spanked! I wish ESPN would air this kind of wrestling! I'd have my DVR filled in no time!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SpCpBoy Blog Update!

SpCpBoy has updated his blog with some photos and a few great videos! His young man takes a good caning on his bottom and then his pants come down so he can really feel the sting of that cane!

Pledge Week

The last test for the new pledges is to be stripped naked in front of all your frat brothers and recite the the frats creed in it's entirety with out messing up!
Ok Pledge.....that was your first ten licks of the paddle for not reciting the fraternity creed correctly....are you ready to try again?
Yes frat brother Johnson!
I believe in my Fraternity.
I believe in the friendships formed
in the springtime of my youth.
I......I believe in.....
Damn....I'm sorry Frat brother Johnson!

Ok Pledge that's another ten!

You have up to five tries and by that time your ass is gonna be on fire! If you haven't recited it correctly by the fifth time it all starts again tomorrow! Do you wanna quit?

No Frat brother johnson!

Ok then......get ready!

WHACK! Thank you brother......May I have another!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Holding The Switch

It's bad enough that your going to get a switching form your dad when he gets home but to have to go out and cut it yourself is even worse but having to wait in the back yard where anyone can see you with the switch clenched between your cheeks is more than humiliating! Your dad's words to you were " If your not in position like I told you when I get home you can expect a good switching everyday for a week young man"!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #24

Ok....I can't say that I'm a soccer fan in the slightest but I know the World Cup is almost over so I thought I'd do a post for them today! I just love the way this young man is laying across that giant soccer ball cushion with his pants down around his ankles! It looks like that sweet brown butt of his is going to get a good whuppin for getting a red card in the big game! His Coach might do the honors and whup his butt in front of the whole team or maybe each of his teammates will take turns roasting his big butt! Better yet his Coach will bring his Dad into the lockeroom and let him do the honors! There's nothing more embarrassing than getting a bare ass butt whuppin in front of your teammates and coach. Then after it's over and your crying like a baby your dad tells you in front of everybody that your getting another whuppin when he gets you home!
Below are some questionable soccer photos that have a story of there own!

Ow....come on butts still sore from yesterday!

Damn.....I won't be sitting on the bench today!
A mid-air spank!
He just can't help himself from smacking that ass.......who could!
Face Plant!

Retro Booty

Ray Victor was a pretty popular porn star in old Filmco videos back in the day but just looking at that big bubble butt I'm just wondering if he ever got it spanked real good? He looks like he was in pretty good shape back then so I'm guessing if there was any spanking going on that it was him doing the spanking! I would love to see him bent over a workout bench taking a good strapping!