Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Daily Dorm (Booty) Inspection!

If that booty isn't in perfect order the paddle in my backpack is coming out!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Butt Whuppin Games!

The first one to quit gets a good butt whuppin while the other gets to watch! Who do you want to win?

Spankable Butt Of The Week #11

Friday, March 23, 2012

Your Both Getting The Switch!

Going back home to spend a few days with your dad seemed like a good idea to you and your brother but you never expected to be leaving with a sore and welted behind! You and your brother thought you were way to old to get stripped down and marched out back for a switchin.....well you were both wrong! it's gonna be a long painful drive back to the city!

Move Those Hands!

It's gonna cost him a 10 stroke penalty for illegal blocking with his hands! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spankable Butt Of The Week #10

A very beefy butt that looks like it needs a good beating! There always seems to be some great equipment at the local gym for a bad boy to be bent over and spanked!

Stephen Violates His Probation

Here's a new video featuring one of my favorite spankee...Stephen! he take on a wide variety of spanking implements and positions...I haven't watched it ye but I'm looking forward to it!

Making My Rounds Pt. 3

Jarred was my last stop of the night.....he's always had the money when I came to collect and I was sure he would have it tonight since it was his last payment. I've seen him on the streets hanging out with his boys.....he was definitely the alpha male of the group which is why it surprised me when he approached me about borrowing some money. It looked like had a few dollars already....he had a nice car always wearing the latest things and had plenty of bling to blind a man! There wasn't a week that went by where I didn't see or hear about him getting into some kind of fight.....I knew this little shorty could throw down and wondered how he would react if he had to pay the penalty for not having the money. When I loaned him the money I explained to him about what happens if he doesn't pay and he told me he already knew and he would except it if it came to that but he's had the money every week so neither of us had to worry about it! He answered  his door like he did every week, in nothing but his boxers and looking good! He handed me the envelope and I counted it and told him thanks and let him know that our business was done.

  I shook his hand and went to turn and leave but he didn't let go of my hand for some reason....I turned back to look and ask what was up and he said that he wanted to ask me about something. He was looking down at he feet as he tried to speak...uh...Yo man....I just wanted to know if.....uh....would you....uh....really of  done what you said you would do if I didn't have the money yo? I was a little shocked but very curious on why he was asking about that? I wanted to play along but I also wanted to hear him say it! Done what Jarred? You know dog.....what you said if I don't have the know....whup my ass? I saw that he was very uncomfortable answering my question but he did it!  Well Jarred that was the deal and you agreed to it so if I had to I would of taken my belt to your ass! I've already done it twice tonight already but your good don't need to worry about that! I tried to read his face after I answered him but I still couldn't figure him out.

Look man....I gotta ask you something and I don't know how......he asked me to come in and I sat down on the couch still wondering what this was all about. I sat there looking up at him waiting for an explanation but he didn't say anything for a minute. Look yo.....I'm embarrassed to even ask this but could you.....uh, I mean would you .....would it be ok if you did what you said you were gonna do if I didn't have the money? Damn....did he just ask for a butt whuppin?  Jarred....what are you asking me? You want me to whup you ass? Y...Yeah man, he said nervously. As I soaked that into my brain I could already picture him ass up on his bed and me laing the leather into that ass.....but wait...whoa man! Look Jarred.......Why would you want me to do that? I only do that when they don't pay so I have no reason to do it to you! Aiight man look......I need to get my shit together man....ever since my old man died it's just been one fuck up after another, I left school, been getting into trouble...been arrested twice, I don't do drugs but I sell um and I think it's just a matter of time look yo I just want somebody to.....well ya know..... help me!

We both sat there in silence for a little bit before I spoke. Wow Jarred.......I think it's cool that you wanna get your shit together and straighten up but I'm not your dad! You can do everything you just said on your own....just stop getting into trouble and stop hanging out with those thugs I've seen you  with on the street. I've tried that yo....I just end up back there doing stupid shit. They said if I get arrested again my ass is going to jail and I'm not gonna let that happen yo! I hear ya man....but do you think one whuppin is gonna fix all that? Naw man.....I was thinkin I could like...uh...ya know come around now and then. Jarred I'll help ya out but it's not gonna be every now and then....I'll bust your behind once a week until I think your headed in the right direction and then whenever I think you need a does that sound? Sounds like it's gonna hurt yo!
Yeah it's gonna hurt....alot! ready? What you mean right now? Yeah.....lets get the first one out the way so you know what your getting yourself into! Aiight.......where do you wanna do this? I asked him where his bedroom was and he took me to it....I watched his butt under those boxers just asking for a taste of the leather! Ok Jarred strip down and climb over these pillows. He gave me a weird look and told me that he wasn't into any of that funny stuff and that he didn't see why he had to be butt naked for this. Look Jarred there is only one way to give a good ass whuppin and this is it! If you've changed your mind let me know and I'll leave! He looked at me for a few seconds and I could tell he was extremely nervous but he reached down and peeled those shorts down over his smooth brown rump then layed across his bed. 

Before I started I asked him if he was sure this is what he wanted......he nodded his head and layed his head between his arms and waited. I have to say he looked mighty good laying there like that but I had to keep those feelings to myself and concentrate on my job! I reached down and unbuckled my belt making sure I made as much noise as possible doing it and pulled the belt through the loops..Woooosh! Alright young man, I said....I think you've been needing this a long time and I'm about to give it to keep you but in position or I guarantee it'll be alot worse for ya! I doubled my belt over and snapped it a few times and watched him jump every time I did it then I laid the first lick right across the center of his beautiful cheeks! WHAP! I saw him grab the sheets of his bed but he didn't yell least not yet! WHAP! WHAP, THWACK! He had those cheeks clenched tight but he had yet to make a sound! THWACK, THWACK, THWACK! I started to hear some moaning and he was starting to kick his legs a little...WHAP, WHAP, THWACK! Finally a little yelp escaped his lips.......Jarred don't be afraid to yell out......were only getting started young man! WHAP, THWACK, THWACK! His rear end was getting pretty red now....any other boy would have been crying like a baby by now but Jarred was determined not to! THWACK, THWACK, WHAP! I decided to turn it up a notch and started to aim for his upper thighs ...WHAP, THWACK, WHAP! Ahhhhhh! Finally a good yell came out of his mouth.....aiiiggghhhttt man...ok, WHAP, THWACK, WHAP! He was starting to squirm and reach back now.....MOVE those hands Jarred or I'll tie you down and start all over! WHAP...ok...ok man he said....but not before I gave him a lick on the back of his hand! WHAP, WHAP! I saw the tears running down his face and I knew he was hurting so I decided to finish him off with something he probably hadn't had before! I told him to get up and stand infront of me with his hands behind his head. He slowly got up and did what I asked....his face was soaked from his tears but he never openly cried....I turned him around and put him up against the wall and checked out his ass. It was a mass of criss crossed thick red stripes and welts but I wanted to finish him off with something to remember! I told him to stay in place and I went out to my car and got my bathbrush out ot it! I've never used it on any of my visits but I thought this would be a good occasion to try it out! I was a short round brush and I knew it would get his attention!

 I walked back into his bedroom and saw this once tough street thug standing there butt naked waiting on his spanking! I sat down on his bed and put the brush on the bed next to me. Ok Jarred.....come over here and get across my lap! He turned and looked at me....I....I thought we were done? No not yet.....I gonna finish with this! I picked up the brush and showed it to him! His eyes grew big and started to back away but I grabbed his arm and pulled him across my lap! Jason was pretty tough but I was bigger and stronger and wrestled him into position! I had his chest laying across the bed and had his legs split across my left leg. I layed the brush on his already tender ass just to let him feel the weight of it a little....I think he soon realized that this was gonna really hurt! I lifted up the brush and brought it down hard on his lower cheek....WHAP! AHHHH.....shit fuck no man...let me up he screamed but he wasn't going any where...WHAP, WHAP.....Ahhhhhh....stop!  WHAP, WHAP!  I'm sorry yo....damn it....shiiittttt! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP,!    He was kicking and screaming like his ass was on fire...and it was!  He was putting up a good fight but he wasn't going anywhere...I pinned his legs and gave him ten more swats before i stopped.  Jarred was really crying now.......he was still kicking his legs even after I had stopped! His ass was a, bruised and welted. I helped him up and took him back to face the wall and made him put his hands behind his head again. Ok Jarred....that was a serious ass whuppin.....and thats what you can expect every week because I plan on roasting your sorry behind until you get your shit together understand? Jason just nodded his head....I knew he didn't want to ever go through that again. I got behind him and told him it was for his own good! I also told him the day and time that I would be back for his next session and that if I had to come looking for him he was gonna be one sorry boy and that this would be a picnic compared to the whuppin I would give him! I told him it took alot of courage to not oly ask for a whuppin but to take one as well but I let him know that this was only the first. I left him standing right where he was and left. I wanted so much to lay him down and rub the sting out of those cheeks for him but I knew it wasn't the time for that. Next time....maybe. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You Can't Hide A Whuppin! really tore my ass up this time! I can't take gym tomorrow with my ass looking like this! Shit, I'll just skip I can't miss any more classes or I'll flunk out and get another ass whuppin that will make this look like a picnic! Fuck, maybe no one will notice.......Yeah right.


Wow.....I don't even know where to begin with this one! the latrine, taking a piss, pants down to your ankles, getting spanked while your fellow soldiers are laughing and enjoying the show! Maybe they're next? I would love to hear the real story here but I'm sure it was all in fun.....? 

Spank Dat Azz!

I haven't seen this video but I have a feeling it isn't about spanking but I'm sure there's a little booty slappin going on! I'm not a big fan of these gif animations bit it was just too damn sexy not to post!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spankable Butt Of The Week #9

Smooth, Brown & Ready for a little smackin' and snackin!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

You Can't Hide!

I don't think hiding under that pillow is gonna help you!