Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebs I'd Like To See Spanked!

I can dream can't I?
Bow Wow - Rapper
Will Smith - Actor
Stephen Curry - B Ball Player
Robert Richard - Actor
Chris Brown - Singer / Rapper

Corbin Bleu - Singer / Actor

Nelly - Rapper

Tyson Beckford - Model / Actor

Ready For The Paddle....Everywhere!

I think he's just letting us know that he's available for a good paddling in any room of the house!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #22

I love those deep dark chocolate buns especially when there framed by a nice white jock strap! I wish I could put him across my knee right there on the front porch. All the other bad boys in the neighborhood would be able to see and hear whats going on! As they reach back and rub there butts.....they would be gald it's him getting the spanking and not them!

The Speech

After your dad told you that you would be getting a whuppin he makes you strip and then stand there as he lectures you on your behavior! Listening to him holler at you is one thing but having to do it while your butt naked and waiting to get your butt tore up is another! You know that everyone in the house can hear whats going on and they will soon hear the strap hitting your ass! You listen to him go on and on but deep down you know that most of the things he's saying are right. Your 19 years old and your naked and about to get a bare ass whuppin from your dad.....maybe it's time to grow up!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blistered On The Bed

Butt naked and laying across the bed is the best way to blister that bad boy's behind!

Belasco Art

Great drawings of a few brutha's in the right position!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is the last thing I'd thought I'd post today.
(I'm still hoping the reports are wrong!)
Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Biron's model JJ posing and showing off his sexy ass! It looks like a perfect target for the paddle! A long hard paddling!



Boys: B...but dad he started it!

Dad: I don't care who started it I'm gonna whup both your butts! Now go out and hose yourself off and wait there until I come out with my strap!

Boys: ...Yes Sir!

Dad: And I'm almost afraid to ask why your both naked but your gonna be that way for the rest of the day cleaning this mess up!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chris Brown Pleads Guilty

He will get no jail time but will have to do 1440 hrs of community service! Wouldn't it be great if his father pleaded with the judge and allow him to punish his son with an old fashioned razor strapping to be given by him at his home instead of the community service! The judge agrees to those conditions and informs the defendant about the conditions of the punishment.The strapping will be given in 50 stroke sessions until the entire 1,440 strokes are given out. All the strapping's will be give bare ass naked if front of witnesses. It will be a painful and embarrassing series of whuppings!
Chris Brown hears the sentence and humbly agrees....it's going to be a long painful sentence but he just needs to get through it and get on with his life and career! Well....that's my fantasy anyway!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad's Cutting A Second Switch

It's not easy to hold your composure when your having your bare ass tore up with a switch from your dad! At least this young man has a tree to hold on to and he's looking back see if his dad was finished but he's not. He wore out the first switch on your butt and now he's cutting another one to finish whipping your ass! Your gonna have a sore welted ass for a long time!

Naked And Waiting

Ok Mardi.....Were gonna have to come over there and warm that butt up for you.......who's with me? LoL

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #21

He looks like he's ready to have some stripes put across that ass!
I would love to spank that butt and maybe a little more!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day always starts out nice for dad with a big breakfast and some presents....ya know a coffee mug with #1 Dad on it and some bad ties or cologne. But by the end of the day some of those same fathers will be warming up some backsides of bad little boys! There will be alot of happy father's out there today and alot of not so happy sons rubbing there sore behinds!

Big And Beefy

Here's a big man with a big Beefy butt who has just dropped his pants and looks like someone is about to take a strap to it........and he doesn't look happy about it either! I don't think I would be to happy either!

My Uncle's Shed

Every summer my parents drove me out to stay with my Uncle Maurice for two weeks. He lives way out in the country in the middle of no where. I always looked forward to going when I was younger and enjoyed being there with him and my two cousins but after what happened last summer I was a little worried.
My cousins Mark and Jarred were fun to be around but seemed to always be getting into trouble. One day we were horsing around on my Uncles old tractor and accidentally drove it through fence. He wasn't home when it happened and we tried to fix it before he returned home but it was just too damaged and that's when I heard Jarred say dad's gonna tear our butts up! Now I knew my cousins got spanked on occasion but I had never seen it happen. They told me stories about how they would get it from my Uncle and I was always get excited and wish I could see it in person.....but now I think I just might get to see it and maybe get it too! I'm no stranger to a good spanking but it was pretty rare in my house and I would really have to mess up good to get one.
I was surprise what my cousins did when Uncle Maurice returned...they went up to him and told him exactly what happened......they didn't try to deny it or lie about it! I was standing off to the side when they told him what happened because I was a little afraid myself of what he might do but he never raised his voice or anything (another surprise). He asked if we were alright and we all said we were. Boys.....go to the shed and I'll be in there to deal with you in a minute....my cousins said yes Sir in unison and headed towards the shed. My Uncle looked at me and asked me if I had anything to do with this? I was my idea to get on the tractor in the first place but they didn't squeal on me....I knew I was partly to blame so I told my Uncle it was my fault as well. He told me he was gonna punish his boys because they knew better than to get on that tractor especially when he wasn't around and he told me that he thought I should be punished as well. I knew I deserved it and I couldn't let them get it and not me and I have to say I was a little curious about what would be going on in that shed! My uncle took me by the shoulder and lead me into the shed and I was a little shocked by what I saw! Both of my cousins were butt naked with there hands behind there heads standing facing the wall! I couldn't help but stare at there plump brown butts and knowing that they would soon be getting spanked. Uncle Maurice told me to strip and go join my cousins. I was a little embarrassed but I did what I was told and soon I was as naked as they were naked and waiting for my punishment!
There was some sort of old wooden chest or box my Uncle pulled to the center of the floor and sat on...he told us all to turn around and then called for Jarred first. Jarred was sixteen now, me and Mark were both fifteen. Even though it was only a years difference he was much more developed and I couldn't stop staring! My Uncle ordered him over his lap and I watched him climb across and put his hands on the floor and waited. He didn't waist any time and started spanking him right away! It went on for some time....at least twenty minutes. When he finally stopped spanking Mark he was crying pretty good and saying how sorry he was to his dad! Jarred got up and got back in line and put his hands back on his head.....I knew he was dying to rub his ass but he didn't. I was getting really nervous because I would soon be across my uncles lap getting the same thing. He called Mark next and he delivered another twenty minute spanking to him as well! Mark didn't seem to take it as well as Jarred had taken it. He was kicking and squirming around and he was crying almost from the beginning! My uncle finally let him up and told him not to touch his bottom! Mark got up and got back in line and then my uncle called for me. I almost shit a brick.....I was shaking pretty bad now and told my Uncle I was sorry, he told me he knew I was but I was gonna get a good spanking for what I had done. I felt his hand resting on my bare butt....it was very hot from spanking his boy's butts a few minutes earlier I'm guessing. I was staring at the floor and very embarrassed about being in this position! I was rubbing against my uncles leg and started to feel my dick rise...on no please not now I told myself! It wasn't unusual.....it would get hard any time for any reason these days but this was not a good place to have it happen. Smack!....I felt my Uncle's hand come down hard and fast on my poor butt....Owww....I was surprise how much it stung....Smack, Smack! Owww....nooo please! Smack, Smack, Smack......!!!! I wasn't handling it well either...I was in tears pretty quickly and begging him to stop and my erection was long gone! It was so embarrassing knowing that my cousin's were standing there watching me laying across there dad's lap getting my ass spanked! I don't think my spankings at home were ever this painful! When my Uncle stopped spanking me I laid there sobbing pretty loudly....finally he lifted me up and stood me next to my cousins and told me to put my hands back on my head. He told his boys that there punishment wasn't over because they knew better than to get on that tractor. He had them both bend over and put there hands on the wooden chest. I watched him go over and pick up a old piece of wood. It wasn't exactly a paddle but it looked like it would do the job just fine. Uncle Maurice started paddling there already sore butts pretty hard. He would give Jarred four or five good swats then Mark! They were both howling with every smack! I was secretly enjoying the show....there brown bottoms would jiggle every time they got hit! My uncle told them to get up and that we could rub out butts now. We all quickly reached back and tried to sooth our burning bottoms! Mark and Jared were still doing that little dance from the extra paddling they got! Uncle Maurice told us to get dressed and cleaned up for supper.
When he left I told my cousins I was sorry for getting them in trouble. They said it was ok and that they shouldn't of got on the tractor in the first place! I asked why they didn't try to lie or get out of it some how? They both pointed to a long leather strap that was hanging on the wall that I hadn't even noticed until now and told me that it was for lying. Jarred said he would rather take a spanking from his dad any day than to get the strap! Believe me....I had to learn that the hard way! Dad hates lying so we found out that it's much better to just come out and tell the truth even if you know your gonna get spanked for it! I nodded my head in agreement and told them that I was sorry that they got a extra paddling.....Marked laughed and said not as sorry as we are cuz! We all compared out sore butts to each other but of course there butts were a little worse off than mine! We all got dressed and cleaned up and went in to eat. Even though we had trouble sitting at the dinner table we were all talking and laughing as if nothing had happened. The next day we all got up and went out and fixed the fence.
I was smiling from the memories of last summer as we pulled up the long drive to my uncles house I saw my cousins run down to the car to meet me.....while my Uncle and my parents chatted me and my cousins we were on the ground wrestling......I really did miss them! My parents drove off and we walked up to the house and I glanced over to see the old shed and a big smile came across my face....I wonder if we will be visiting the shed again?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Spank A Thug

I see these young thugs and boys with the saggin pants way below there butt and I think how they could all use a good sound butt whuppin! From the look of these pictures maybe thats what they secretly want.....someone to take them in hand and spank there butts good!