Friday, August 31, 2007

Wet Butt Sting!

Nothing hurts worse than a good whuppin on a wet butt!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just a few words...

Hi....I'm Eric, a African American male and have always been interested in spanking....There is a small community of black men who are into this fetish and I'm sure there are more out there. I know most black men have gotten a few good whuppins growing up! As you know most of the spanking sites and photos on the web are of Caucasian males and I do like to go to those sites allot but I luv the thought of spanking a nice brown booty!

It's not easy finding any of Black males in spanking scenes. I have posted some clips and pic's of black men getting spanked but most are pretty old. I have done some digital altering to some pic's only because black men being spanked are almost impossible to find....although over the years I have been seeing more and more from sites like "Sting Pictures" and "Spank This" I hope nobody is upset because some pics are enhanced but I find them very fun to do and to look at. Maybe in the not to distant future we will see more Black spanking videos?

As far as the racial aspect of the discipline it's a thin line between just a spanking or turning it into a race issue so I try not to get to deep into's a pretty sensitive area as you all know. I have lots of pic's of white men spanking a black man and a few of a black man spanking a white man but I just try to keep it as just a spanking site. There are other sites out there for that stuff.
I hope you all continue to enjoy the site....I welcome any comments. Peace

Saggin Law...

I'm not a big fan of dress codes and i like kids sense of individuality but i guess we are at a point where something must be done about these young bucks with those saggin Jeans.....I happen to like those pants down below the butt because it makes it easier to spank but the laws the law!

Any boy caught with his drawz showin will get a visit by Officer Discipline.

He will get a sound spanking right on the spot where ever he is, Black, White, Latino it makes no difference! Whether it's in front of friends or family he will still get that behind whupped. If there is a second infraction he would be fined and spanked! I'm sure his daddy would whup that behind again when were done with it!

4 wheelin

Me and my son went 4 Wheeling on our ATV's deep in the woods last weekend when he started doing some stupid things with it like jumping over things and going way to fast so I made him pull over and stop and told him that I'm not gonna let him be so irresponsible on that thing and told him to drop his pants for a whuppin.....he was a little shocked at first but knew I wasn't messing around.....He said he was sorry and asked if I could wait till we go home and said what if someone comes by....and I told him that there is no one out here but us and if someone did see us then they will see a dad giving his son a well deserved take them pants and underwear down and bend over the ATV. I whupped his behind good and I made sure that he ride home alot slower....I don't think his butt touched that seat the whole way back!

Yella Behind

I just gave a good strapping to a big, plump, yella Behind!

The Belt

Still getting the belt from your long as your under my know the rest!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'm gonna have to call in for back up with this one!!!! I wouldn't know where to begin? Hand , Paddle, Brush or strap?

Kappa Cane

Kappa Cane
by Michael Artis

By know you know that I am dating BLUE THUNDER, a member of Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. Now they have alot of Frat in his family, including this one brotha named "Nooty" who lives out in L. A. Nooty was a "Blood" growing up in the streets of South Central Los Angeles and was a Straight Thug who turned his life around and is now in school. He joined a Frat and of course Red was in his heart... He became a KAPPA.
His nickname was the "Red Baron" to some and "The Hazer" to most. He loved to serve wood on anyone. Most people who want to pledge ask him to serve them wood a few times to see if they could handle the "Secret" pledge process. Most that Nooty serves NEVER PLEDGE!

Nooty came down to visit the family and hang out. It was homecoming and there were Lines Crossing for most Fraternities. He went to just hang out, but did not touch anyone. Just tripped on the Southern way of doing things. So, he was hanging out with his cousin, My Boo. When I met Nooty, he looked so mean... I was very intimidated! But he seen the love his cousin had for me, so I became friends almost immediately with the 5'11", 165lbs ex-gangsta.
Nooty wanted to go to the Mall and Boo was in class... So I took Nooty in My Car. Of Course I was in Blue as per my Boo's orders. But Nooty seemed to have a problem with it.
He said "I am gonna get you a Red Shirt so you can look like a Real Man!"
I chuckled and he seemed to get offended. Red had a different meaning for Nooty than just KAPPA, It was the colors of his "set" back in South Central L. A. "What's wrong with Red?" he said. I Replied "It is a Bitch Color, Blue is the Bomb!" "Man, if we was back in da Hood, I would have shot your stupid ass for some shit like that... Disrespecting my colors." He was my opportunity to try and see if he would mess around... "I am Sorry Nooty, You want me to take wood or something to make it up to you?" (I was hoping he would...) But Nooty Just sat and pondered about it... "Where would I serve ya?" he asked? My heart was pounding.

"My place, but NO ONE Can Know, I do not
want anyone think I am a PUNK or anything!" He agreed and we turned the car toward my crib. He brought he duffle-bag with the wood in it and he told me to get in the "Cut". I dropped to my Boxers and grabbed my ankles... My throat was swelling! "Naw Blood, I do not serve on Blue... You got blue Boxers on... take that shit off!"
"I don't have any Red Boxers!".... "Well, you'll take the shit Bare man!" I was not ready for all that... But I took them off and bent over... WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!! WHACK!!!! It was not too hard, but just stung enough. Nooty notice my dick gettin hard.
"Aw man, you likin this shit? If you likin it, maybe I need to do something about that..." The strokes got harder and my ass started to sweat... I popped up and said that was enough... "Naw man, I say when it is enough..." I got back in the cut and popped up again after two more... Nooty Back-handed my in the face and I fell to the floor... "Get yo ass up! You like it, take it!" I got back up and was about to get back in the cut... "Naw man, lay yo ass on the floor, face down"... and I did so... "Spread dem legs wide open... you like that wood... see if you like this Cane!" I thought he meant that he was talking about his dick, but he was NOT! Out of his bag cane a Red and White striped cane which was used for STEP... He spit on the end of it and placed it at the my bunghole... I tightened up... but He shoved it in and started moving it around... It was not comfortable at all... And then he started smacking my bare ass with his hand... It really stung... "Moan like a bitch for the Red"... I did so... It lasted about 15-20 minutes... then he stood up and said "Now get yo bitch ass up off the floor, get dressed and take me too the mall!" I did so and we were still cool. He never told anyone what transpired and I always wondered if he enjoyed paddling and fucking me with his KAPPA CANE... I wish I knew.

Strippin for your whuppin!

Hurry up son.....Take them off........
I said all the way off.......

After about 25 swats with his dad's belt he is a sore embarassed young man! His dad tells him when your friends ask you why your walking funny just let them know that your daddy just gave you a whuppin...they will understand!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Oz Kenny and Adebisi

HBO's Oz had some pretty interesting moments in it like this one from season 3 where the young Kenny Wangler is tied butt naked and face down to his bunk every night by the very large Adebisi. I think the reason he was tying him down was to form some kind of trust with him.....But if there was a more perfect time for a spanking scene this was it! I wish he would of given him a few smacks!

Old Black Spank Video

Ok seems that Blogger has a video feature now so I'm gonna try to upload a video. It's a really old vid with poor sound and image quality but it's just a test, some of you might have seen it before. .....well here goes!

Vick's Punishment

Hmmmmm.......I hate to see him throw everything away like that.....It's a shame it got to this point but he has no one to blame but himself. I think instead of jail time....a couple of trips to the woodshed might do him more good! Lets give him 30 strokes with the razor strap for each dog harmed! Should it be a public whuppin or private? Maybe three days between whuppins......just enough time to recover a little bit but still be a little sore. I'm sure he would change his ways after that! What do you all think?

Sorry.......I've been away!

Maybe I need a good whuppin!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Diaper Position....

One of the most embarrassing ways to get a whuppin is in the diaper position...ya know on your back with your legs pulled back over your head! It's embarrassing because everything is on display and there is nothing that is left to the imagination. Your daddy has a much better target to hit....especially those thighs..(Ouch!) But be careful of those family jewels! Not many boys could take a good whuppin like that and stay in sometimes daddy has to hold your legs in one hand and whup you with the other....making you feel like a little kid!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pull Them Drawz Down

No matter how your daddy whups your butt...standing up, laying across the bed, or across his lap eventually those draws are coming down. One of the worst things your dad makes you do....that is after he makes you fetch the strap is to make you pull your drawz down! You try to leave them up as high as you can but he yells at you to get them down further. There you are bare assed and waiting on that first hit.....!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Corner Time

This bad boy is doing some corner time after a good whuppin!

The Tawse

Here is a young man recieving the tawse over a vaulting horse. I believe this is "Grey Shorts" from a Sting Pictures video. I've seen this video and he get it pretty hard! I don't know how he kept from jumping up?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random VId Caps

These are just a few vid caps from my collection...Again I wish I knew what the video was but I don't. I have ton's just like this but very rarely do I know the source. I hope you enjoy it anyway!