Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beach Sighting

Damn...look at that!
Oh Shit! He's laying down in front of me!
Does he know he's not wearing anything?
I don't think he needs a tan?
He just walked over and laid his towel down in front of me!
Then he took off his trunks!
Is he wearing a thong?
I can't tell,
Look at those cheeks!
This must be a joke!
Where are the cameras?
Nothing this good ever happenes to me!
I wonder if those cheeks have been spanked?
I don't see any marks on it....damn.
Maybe I should say something to him?
No...I don't wanna scare him off!
I think he might need some lotion rubbed on him!
I can't get up anyway!
There is a tent in my pants!
Oh well...I'll just stay here and watch!

Barry Found Guilty! are accused of being too cute and having the most spankable bottom ever! How do you plead?
Punishment of this crime will be a sound thrashing of that cute butt until we are satisfied.....and that could be a long time!

Skin Tight

Damn....I'd spank that for hours!

Taking That Strap! looks like he's gonna be sleeping on his stomach for awhile!

Black Daddy

A daddy giving his boy a good butt whuppin!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Your Gonna Get It!

"Your gonna get it!" "Your gonna get it!" is the only thing you have heard for the last half hour as you lay on your bed waiting for your daddy to come up and whup your butt! Your brothers have been laughing and teasing you ever since you were sent up to your room. They keep telling you how bad daddy's gonna whup you this time and how your gonna cry like a baby! You try to show some dignity and ignore them but it's kind of hard to do with your bare ass sticking up waiting to get spanked. You just wish your dad would come up and get it over with already!

Oh...and you already have plans to get your brothers back for messing with won't be long before there in this position waiting to get it good!


I think if his neighbors downstairs knew that he was watching them they might go up there and spank that big pretty bottom of his!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday Night Whuppin

Every Friday night for the last six weeks your dad makes you come straight home from school, go down to the basement, strip naked and wait for you him. Ever since you wrecked the car while driving drunk this has been your punishment! You have been getting a good butt whuppin every Friday night for weeks now! You spend all day in school agonizing over your dad laying into you again and again with that much so it almost gets you crying just thinking about it, but you can't let any of your boyz know whats going on or they will never let you forget it! Waiting in that cold, damp basement is no fun either....your bare behind is covered in goosebumps as you wait for him to come down those steps and light your behind up! You have four more weeks of this punishment and it will be over.....unless you screw up again! You know you will never want another drink ever again!

Watching Him

Have you ever woke up and saw him standing there with that beautiful butt on display? It's one of those moments that he didn't know you were watching him and you wondered what it would be like to put him across your knee a give that butt a good spanking! How would he react if you told him? Who knows....maybe he wants you to do it! Maybe that's why he walks around flashing that butt every chance he gets? Do it man! Get up and go give that butt a good smack and see what happens! Who knows....maybe he will spank you!

Big Butt

It's been a long time since that big butt of yours has felt the now were gonna make up for lost time! Get ready for a long hard whuppin!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lift Up That Shirt!

What did I tell you was gonna happen when I got home? You said you were gonna give me a whuppin Dad! Did you think I was kidding? No Sir! Then why were you late? I don't know .....Please, I just lost track of the time! Well your butt is gonna pay for that too! Get those pants off! Now turn around and lift up that shirt boy! Lift it up higher.....that's good. Now I'm gonna whup your ass good and don't even think about getting out of position! Just keep that shirt up and out of the way if you don't want a longer whuppin!

Bare Butt On Display

After his daddy gave him a long, hard butt whuppin on the living room couch he cried himself to sleep in the exact spot where his daddy whupped him! He gave his daddy and anybody else who walked by a good view of his big, well whupped bare behind for the rest of the night!

How's This Daddy?

Daddy.....Is this a good position for you?

How about this?

Wait....I think this position is perfect for you to give me a good strappin!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spank Art

After Practice

When The Coach says he needs to talk with you in his office after practice he means the strap will be doing the talking and your butt will be doing the listening! Now hit the showers!

Ass Up And Ready!

A cute lite brown butt is just sticking up and waiting for your discipline! What will you use on him?

Jimmy Gets the Belt

By Bunbuster
Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 18 May 2008

"Wow, that kid's got an ass on him!" I was watching Jimmy, the 18 year old African American college boy who rented a room from me, playing basketball in my driveway with 2 of his young punk friends. Anyone who has read the Bunbuster story, "If You Lose, Then I Put You Across My Knee and Spank Your Bare Bottom", knows that I managed to spank Jimmy by playing on his big male ego and challenging him to hand wrestle with me, something that he was good at, and if he won I would pay him $100 and if he lost, he got his bare bottom spanked.
Well, Jimmy lost and I got to spank his massive boyish butt loaves while he cried and protested like all naughty boys do when getting their naughty buns spanked. It was teenaged Jimmy's first ever spanking and I was honored to be the one to introduce his big brown fanny to the treatment that all naughty boy bottoms need every now and then. Jimmy was a brat and quite a muscular brat. He worked out and pumped his muscles to brick shit house proportions and his butt, a naturally big one, was also pumped, giving the young hiney the effect of looking like 2 massive, rounded, silky smooth light brown balloons. The moment I laid eyes on those 2 balloon like caboose cheeks, after noticing Jimmy's bratty swagger, I had wanted to give those cheeks the bad boy treatment that I had given so many times to my own boys, namely a good sound flesh scorching spanking. After I spanked him Jimmy was much better behaved around the house, not playing loud music late at night, etc, which was another reason that I had wanted to spank Jimmy's bottom, his arrogant ways and attitude had needed some good paternal handling for all of his young life and his big boyish butt loaves seemed to cry out, 'spank me, spank me' as they bounced along encased in the seat of the super tight cutoffs that Jimmy usually wore. Also, if you had just an inkling to want to spank bad boy Jimmy, that inkling would became a huge desire if you were lucky enough, like I was a few times, to see the naked muscular youngster walking, I mean swaggering, back to his room after his shower, his big hot butt loaves so down right edible, not to mention super spankable, then you too would want to heat up those buns with a super hot spanking.

Well, back to the present. As I watched from the window I saw heavy sweat dripping down Jimmy's smooth brown chest and his equally smooth muscular tapered back. The whole effect was of watching a muscular sweating youngster who needed some comfort and it made me want to go out and wrap a towel around his broad boyish shoulders and paternally escort him into the house for a good bath and rubdown. Jimmy had on a pair of super, and I do mean super, tight black denim cutoffs. It was obvious that he had no underwear on. His long fat cock hung down proudly in the tight denim and his massive buns were hugged so tight that I thought that at any moment the freakin' seat might burst open. Not that that would be a problem though, anyone would be honored to see Jimmy's bare ass, it was quite an ass to see bare, let me tell you. The tight denim rode up Jimmy's ass crack and I swear I could see his moist boyish pooter pulsating under the fabric. While I was watching Jimmy and his 2 buddies, a blond and a red head, the phone rang. I picked it up and was Jimmy's mom, this time she had wanted to speak to me, not to her son. The woman said that Jimmy had spoken well about me on his recent trip home and she was surprised at how much more respectful that he was. She said that something drastic must have happened to change the bullheaded boy's attitude so fast and in such a short time and I bluntly told her. "Well, to be blunt with you, I spanked his bare bottom", I said into the phone.
"What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you spanked my Jimmy????", she shot back in shock, making me glad that the boy was now 18 and not a minor. "Yeah, I spanked him like I spanked my own boys when they lived here", I said, trying to justify my actions to her. "Well, I want to thank you, that boy has needed to be spanked for years, but his stepfather will not go to the trouble", she said.
I was surprised but not really. How could the mom of a brat with a such a sweet big booty not think that his rump had needed some warming by a manly hand.
"Er, I need to say something and I was wondering if you could hear me out?", the woman continued. "Sure, shoot", I said. The woman proceeded to tell me that Jimmy and his friends, I think the 2 punk brats who he was with right now, had been caught trying to steal the chemistry exam so they could ace the test without putting any effort into the subject. The boys were now on probation. "We pay a lot to keep Jimmy in that college and if he is expelled his record will look real bad", she continued. "How can I help?", I asked, trying hard to hide my enthusiasm in wanting to warm Jimmy's tail again. "Well, can you spank him again, he needs punishment badly and since you helped change his attitude before maybe you can tackle his ass again", she asked bluntly. "Ok, but this kind of conduct deserves the belt, madam", I said. "Yes, yes, my daddy used to take the belt to my brothers and for so long I have wanted my boy to get his hiney whipped, he does have quite a butt on him doesn't he?", she asked slyly, somehow knowing that I had noticed the boy's rear anatomy, and who wouldn't didn't notice it. "Er, yeah I guess so", I answered. Unknown to her I was just watching Jimmy's massive can loaves from my window before the phone rang. "I will put him over the bed on some pillows and whip his hiney like I did with my own 2 sons", I continued. "Wow, so you have sons, no wonder you're so good at disciplining bad boys, if you can, can you take some pictures of Jimmy after his whipping, I would love to have some?", the woman, happy that her son's big pretty hiney was going to finally be lashed, asked. "Sure thing", I answered. As luck would have it I had on the wide worn belt that I had whipped my own boys with. I went out to confront the big butted bad boy.
"Jimmy, I need to talk to you", I said and Jimmy stopped playing and looked at me, his body soaked with sweat and his bright eyes filled with life. "What's up" Jimmy asked in that spoiled 'valley boy' manner. The whole driveway reeked of boyish sweat and Jimmy's cute buddies, both in red sweat shorts, looked on. "I just talked to your mom and she told me about your trying to steal the chemistry exam, so we agreed that I should give you a good ass whipping, so I want you to go up to your room and strip naked for a good sound lashing with my belt", I said emphatically. It was almost like time stood still. Jimmy's eyes popped out and his handsome face blushed purple. His buddies looked equally shocked and shamed. The smell of boyish sweat was now mixed with the smell of boyish poots, obviously erupting from Jimmy's boyish butt hole. Poor Jimmy tried to dig in his heels and 'be a man', but came across like the little brat that he really was. "No, way man, no way", Jimmy said, his face contorted. "Jimmy, I said get in the house and strip", I said and I turned the boy around and gave him 2 hard spanks on his ass.
Spank Spank "Ahh, hey, stop". Jimmy was shocked and motified but he stood his ground, the young bugger. "In the house, now!!!!!!!!!", was my next order and 2 more spanks to the big ass exploded loudly. Spank "Oww, hey". Whack "Nooooooooooooooooo." Jimmy tried to make a run for it but I grabbed him around the waist and threw him over my shoulder. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. Jimmy was kicking so violently that the seat of his cuttoffs ripped and the cheeks of his big ass popped out. His buddies looked on shocked as Jimmy's big bare bottom came into view.
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, stop!". I reached over with both hands and ripped the seat of the shorts wider so Jimmy'a ass was now pretty much bare. Spank Spank "Oww,oww." I carried Jimmy into the house across my shoulder, punctuating the walk with a few crisp whacks to the ass. The other boys, now with big hardons, watched in astonishment.
When I got the boy to his room I dropped him on his feet and the fight was on. "Strip naked Jimmy", I said sternly. "No, I won't!" was the bratty answer. Whack Whap "Oww, oww." I will keep whacking your ass till you strip Jimmy, you're getting a whipping and that's final", I said.
Whack Whack "Oww, now, I won't". Whack Whack "oww, ok, stop", the boy finally agreed and with his head down, he unipped his shorts and pulled them down, his massive cock popping out, and stepped out of them. The window was open and I could see Jimmy's buddies waiting for the action. I was not going to let them down. Of all 3 boys Jimmy was the lucky one. He was going to pay for his bad conduct with a good sound whipping to his big naked ass. "Ok, Jimmy, let's get you on the bed". I put 3 pillows on top of one another and helped the trembling, sweating and farting boy down across the bed, his big massive ass sticking up high, exactly where it belonged. The big brown buns looked so hot that I almost wanted to kiss each massive moon before I whipped some fire into them. "Nooo, don't!!!!!!", Jimmy looked up and moaned when I pulled my belt off, which I made sure made a snap so that the other punks could hear. Sweat was dripping down Jimmy's back and it was gathered in a puddle at the small of his back, unable to go any further since it was stopped by his high arched ass moons. I put the belt down and knelt on the bed. "Give me your right hand, Jimmy", I ordered and the boy hesitated so I gave his ass a good whack. Whack "Oww oww." Jimmy gave me his right hand which I pinned to his lower sweaty back. I then picked up the belt and as Jimmy looked up imploringly I brought the leather down hard on those succulent massive loaves. Whack Whack "Oww, oww, oww." The belt exploded on the smooth hemispheres and Jimmy cried out. Whack Whack "Oww, oww." I kept on doing my job which was whipping some hiney and Jimmy did his part which was crying out at each disciplinary whack to his big gorgeous caboose. Whap Whap Whap Whap "Oww, ahh, sob, sob, sob." Jimmy started to weep as the belt tore across his big fanny. He started to kick, especially when the rod of correction fell hard across his firm yet boyishly tender thighs and furry muscular calves. Yes, Jimmy's ass area was boyishly firm yet baby tender, the tender part is what nature gave a boy's buns so that he could feel the sting of leather when he was being punished for naughtiness, that is if he is one of those rare boys who is lucky enough to be taken in hand and whipped good and hard on his naughty boyish hiney when he steps out of line.
Whack Whack Whack Whack "Owwwwwwwwwwww, my god, that kills, stop, please, sob."
The punks outside were getting an ear full and I know exactly what was going on in their naughty boy minds. They were trying hard to enjoy the show but they knew that they were as bratty as Jimmy and that possibly they might get their hineys whipped too. Not a prospect that an unspanked bad boy wants to face. Whack Whack "Oww, Sob.sob." "Ok, stay right there", I said and I let go of Jimmy's right wrist and climbed over him, seating my myself lightly on his upper back facing his big buns. I tell you, Jimmy's massive, now striped , cheeks were so hot that I almost wanted to take a bite out of them. I reached into Jimmy's deep crack and parted his right cheek, the curly ringlets in the crack soaked with sweat and his boyish pink walled bung hole was pulsating like it was gasping for breath, and I started to whip the inner wall of his right butt cheek. Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap! I then put the belt in my left hand, pried apart the youngster's left butt cheek and gave that crack wall a good lashing. Whap Whap Whap Whack "Oww,sob,sob." Now when Jimmy walked around for about a week, his big hiney cheeks would rub together and he would feel the whippy sting. Worked great on my boys so it sure would work on Jimmy's massive deep cracked ass loaves. Whack Whack Whack "Oww, oww, oww, sob, sob," I got off the bed, grabbed Jimmy's right wrist again and finished his whipping. He was a mess of sweat and tears. "Stay put, son",I said as I gently patted Jimmy's tight sweaty back and I went to get the camera. Snap Snap. Two shots of Jimmy's well whipped fanny with him looking over his shoulders teary eyed and chastened. "Mom's gonna love it", I thought.
I looked out the window and Jimmy's buddies ran when they saw me holding the belt.
I kissed Jimmy on the head after I helped him off of the pillow tower. He fell asleep with his right hand rubbing his massive punished orbs. At the end of the semester I said goodbye to Jimmy at the door before he got into his stepdad's car. "Behave now boy", I said and I gave Jimmy's big ass, in super tight white denim cuttoffs, 2 spanks. Spank Spank "Oww, okk". Jimmy yelped and when I put my hand out to shake his, instead he hugged me and, dig this, thanked me!!!!!!!!!.
As the car pulled away, Jimmy gave me a warm loving look, the kind of look that only 2 other people had ever given me. Those 2 people were my own sons.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barry's Massage....Mmmmmm

That's it! I'm getting on a plane and going to England to find this beautiful boy....who's with me?
I would find it hard to resist giving a few smacks to that sexy bottom!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Position!

This looks like a good position for the belt or strap! He doesn't look to happy about it either!

My Weekly Whuppin!

I've been waiting all week for this!
I know you have son...and I'm gonna give it to you good!
How much are you gonna give me this time?
As much as I think you need!
I was sore for days the last time....
Then I did my job!
You Sure did!
Your gonna get the same and maybe more this time!
I know I need my ass beat good to keep me in line!
Your gonna get your behind roasted every week from now on!
Damn.....Yes Sir!
I love giving bad boys what they need!
I'm glad I found someone like you to do this for me!
Now strip and get on the bed!
Yes Sir...that strap looks bigger every time I see it!
Well your ass is gonna feel every bit of it....get ready!

Face Down On The Bed!

Get him in the perfect position by having him lay face dow in the middle of the bed....

walk around to the other side and see if you will be able to reach that butt with the belt....

Yeah....that looks reach down and pull down his underwear till that butt is bare! he's ready

Your gonna give him a good long strapping on his bare butt with your belt!

His butt will be sore and red for a long time after your done...!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Candid Barry

Barry! Get your butt back here! Were not done yet!
A little behind the scenes between spankings I'm guessing,
I'll look at that butt whenever he wants to show it!

Just A Little More!

Yeah man....thats looking pretty good but I think it need another round of my hand to make it the perfect shade of red!

So Cute

How cute is this picture! Some pictures just scream of spanking.....this young thug looks like he just got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing.....a thick leather belt......pants pulled down just below those two perfect brown cheeks and he's in the perfect position for it! I'm sure they were going for something different when they took the picture but we know better!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pool Party

These boys were told to stop running around and splashing people at the pool party three times already.....So J.J.'s dad pulled his swimming trunks down and the trunks of his two best friends and whupped them with his belt right there on the spot and in front of all his friends from school! Then they were told to stand there for awhile butt naked until daddy thinks they can behave! Everybody had there camera phones up and pointing at them! There never gonna forget this party!

Taking A Lickin

Or was that a licking? I think both are good!

That Sexy Loin Cloth Again....

He's in the perfect position for a good spanking! Ok...time to flip it up and start wearing it out!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Waiting On Him

Laying at home on the bed waiting for a big strong man with a firm hand to warm those cheeks up!

You have been wanting it so bad and it's all you can think about. Maybe he will use the belt on you this time?
You will moan as he is punishing your bare behind and the tears will start to flow......that's when he know the spanking is working!

You think he is finished but he has only just spanking just goes on and on! He's gonna make sure you remember this for a long time!

You will have to sleep on your stomach when he is done with your bad behind and cry yourself to sleep.