Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Premature Victory Dance

Johnson decided he had to do a little victory dance before he got to the end zone and lost the ball and the other team went on to win the game! The coach decided to strip him and paddle his bare ass in front of his teammates and coaches! Then he was put on display to show what will happen when you put yourself before the team! The rest of the team wished that they were the ones who got to paddle him.....hmmmm, maybe they still can?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Welts From The Switch!

His daddy made sure he would remember this switchin for a long time......he's gonna feel them welts on his backside and thighs for a week!

You Know Better!

You know that when I paddle your ass it's always on the bare drop um and bend over that chair!

There ya go....pull um down a little more....I want that behind bare!

Very I'm gonna paddle your butt good and hard....for making me tell you how to get ready then your real punishment will begin! You won't be sitting for a long time my boy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Worn Out Boy!

Daddy couldn't resist taking a picture of his sleeping, well spanked boy....maybe he will put it on display so his son's friends will see that he isn't to old for a good spanking!

Bent Over A Chair

Here is a set of beautiful dark chocolate cheeks waiting for his daddy to apply the paddle or belt to them!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Belasco "Spankin" Art

I love this first one of a strict disciplinarian ready to administer a good butt blistering with a serious drilled paddle! I can almost feel my butt burning!

There are sooooo many scenarios that could happen with this situation! The young offender asks the officer if there is anything he can do to get out of going to jail? The big strong officer tells him that a good 20 licks from his big thick police belt on his bare ass will keep him from going to jail and teach him a good lesson! Man I would love to see that video! Maybe Belasco will give us a full length comic strip of just that situation! Mmmmmm...

This one just scares me!!!

Camping With Yo Dad

Before you say yes and go camping with your dad this time....remember what happened last year when after only a day you were whining to come home! You ended up bare ass and getting his belt right out in the open for all the forest creatures to watch! Oh....and anyone else who happens to hike by! But your to old to get your butt whupped now right?

New Assless Drawz!

This would make things alot easier for dear old dad....or anyone else who might need to administer a good whuppin to a bad boy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Sunday Whuppin

He knew he had it coming all week. I asked him when he wants it and he picked Sunday morning so I told him I'd be over with my strap first thing Sunday.

I arrived and told him I want him to strip and bend himself over the chair. I watched him undress and saw his beautiful chocolate buns come into view!

I told him I was gonna give him 30 good hard strokes of the strap and not to move or it will be a extra ten. He took it alot better than he did last week.....but I know his butt was on fire! I told him to stay in position until I tell him to move. I sat at his dining room table and read the Sunday paper while he was on display with his welted bottom. I know he wanted to reach back and rub it so bad but it wouldn't be a proper punishment if I let him do that. About 30 minutes later I told him he could stand up and rub. He turned around and was rubbing it all over. I could see the tears still in his eyes. He thanked me for his whuppin and told me he would see me next week. I hugged him and told him I'll be here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Group Spank

After some nice hand spanking then it's time for the strap!

Shine Spanked!

Here are a few screen caps of Shine from giving that cute butt up for a spanking!