Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Garage

By Eric

What is he doing I thought to myself as I watched this young man who couldn't of been more than 17 or 18 years old. I just pulled in to the garage below my building a few minutes ago and was checking my messages on my cell when I saw him. He was looking around nervously and then started to pull down his pants and underwear! To say I was shocked would of been an understatement! I was parked in the corner and my windows are pretty dark so I guess he didn't realize I was there. He just stood there looking around with his bare ass on display for anyone who happened by to see! I was truly enjoying it! He was covering his front parts with his t-shirt but I was more interested in what was in the back! Here is what I didn't know.....

He got into trouble at school today and his mother had sent him down to wait for his father to get home to deal with him. He was told to strip his pants and underwear off as soon as he got down there and wait in the garage for his father to get home. If someone just happens to walk through the garage while he's waiting...well, that's just part of the punishment! The first thing his father will see when he pulls into the garage is his bare ass son waiting on him....he realizes that he must of done something serious for his mother to send him down here.....that's why he keeps his razor strap in the trunk! This is the second time this month he had to disciplined like this so he was gonna make sure he wouldn't forget this any time soon! As I was watching his every move a car pulled into the garage and paused....I would have done the same thing I saw that standing in the middle of the floor! The car slowly turned and pulled into one of the parking spaces and a large man got out. He looked like an older version of the young man on display so I assumed it was his father. I had seen him in passing around the building but we hadn't spoken to each other yet. I heard him yelling at the young man but could not really hear what he was saying but I could tell he was mad! I cranked down my window a little just to try and hear a little better. I could hear it was something about school but that was all I could make out. After a minute or two of yelling his father popped the trunk and pulled out what appeared to be a I thought tho myself.....that's to thick to be a belt. It's a strap, I said out loud! Then it finally dawned on me....he gonna give his son a whuppin..oh shit! I could not believe my eyes! I got my share of them growing up but to be honest I didn't think it happened anymore these days. I watched as he closed the trunk and pointed to the car. His son moved forward and bent over the back of the car. I kinda felt that I was seeing a private moment between a father and son and but hey, they were in a public place so I figured it canceled each other out. My breathing was becoming heavy and I thought I was gonna pass out.....just looking at that perfect brown butt and knowing it was gonna be in some serious pain real soon was almost to much! I noticed the the strap had a handle on it....this guy meant business. The man raised the strap and brought it down on his son's backside with a loud THWACK! The echo in the garage made it sound ten times louder than it actually was but from the boys reaction I knew it hurt. I was surprised that the kid didn't let go of the car and stayed in place...I know I would have been jumping around and rubbing my burning ass but I guess he knew better! THWACK, WHACK! Two more licks rang out as I heard the boy start to groan and beg his dad to stop. WHAP, THWACK, THWACK!...please daddy...I'm sorry I heard him say but still he stayed in place. WHAP, THWACK, THWACK! The young man was really crying hard now and his butt had to be on fire. I heard his father say to him that I don't wanna have to do this again so I'm gonna make sure you remember this son. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK! I will dad he screamed...I will...I'm sorry I won't do it again! After about twenty more hard strokes to his son's backside he told him to get up. I watched as his crying son stood in front of him and talked to him in a calm voice. His son was listening to his father and furiously trying to rub the sting out of his behind! Damn I wish I could hear what he was saying! Then his father took his son in his arms and hugged him. He put the strap back into the car and put his arm around his son and headed for the stairs. I was still impressed on how well the young man took the whuppin.....he must have had alot of them to take it like that!

I waited a few minutes before I got out of my car after they had left (with a raging hard on) still not believing what I just witnessed. As I was walking past there car I put my hand on the trunk and It was still warm to the touch from that young man's body. I'll bet that strap was still warm too...or maybe hot! My head was spinning as I climbed the stairs trying to understand what I was feeling...I wasn't sure why I enjoyed that so much...I am gay but I never really gave any thought to spanking. But it was all I was thinking about. On the way up I heard the door to the floor above me open And I heard someone coming down. It was him.....the boy with the butt that I'm was sure was still on fire! He was wearing pants now and I said hi as he passed me and he just nodded at me but didn't make eye contact. I could see his eyes and wet cheeks and anyone could tell he had been crying. I wanted to ask him how his butt was but I didn't wanna blow my cover so I kept going up the steps......I didn't want to let on what I saw. I did wonder where he was going so quickly after he just went up...I thought to myself that maybe his dad decided he needed a little more and sent him down for the strap! Oh man what is going on with me? Twenty minutes ago I wouldn't of given spanking a second thought! I went into my place and sat on the couch remembering every detail of what I saw. I looked down at my cell phone and...SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! Damn it I just realized I had video capability on this phone! Damn....I could of captured that whole thing! I'm a idiot! Oh well I thought.....Maybe I'll stay in my car everyday after work and wait for something to happen!
I thought I might strike up a conversation with his dad next time we meet and maybe I could get a little more insight into my new favorite family! This story isn't over!

Thanks to Deej for the use of his photos and of his model Tomlin.

Spankable Butt Of The Week #42

This is Brock...another very sexy model from Biron with a very spankable bottom! It looks like you can bounce quarters off of that butt...or a good paddle!

Damion's 4 Spankings!

It Took Four Spankings For Damion to Get the Message
by Bunbuster

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 11 Nov 2009

"He's got a cute little butt, doesn't he?", my new wife said, referring to her 18 year old son Damion. "Yes, he does, and if he doesn't shape up that cute little butt will be across my knee", was my reply. I married Elle when I was 50 and she 48. It was the second marriage for the both of us. I'm Irish American and Elle is African American so we became kind of the new cool couple in our neighborhood. Aside from being love at first sight, we married after a 6 month courtship, it was fun meeting each others families and sharing our differences and our similarities.
I had been a husband and dad of boys so when I married Elle I thought I was done with the diaper changes, the baths, the baseball games and the spankings. However, I was rudely awakened to the fact that there was one of those points that I was not done with. Elle had a gorgeous 18 year old son Damion who was spoiled to the max, who had never been spanked and was badly in need of some serious manhandling.
Damion was away at school when me and Elle started to date, his absentee dad was filthy rich and he made up for not being around by showering the kid with the best that money could by, including the best college, so I did not meet him till right before the wedding.
Damion had baby smooth light brown skin and he had the kind of pretty face that the young Harry Belafonte had, but even more pretty. He was lean and muscled and, Elle was right, he had a very round high arched little bottom on him, a perfect young bottom in fact, not that I was checking it out. Well, ok, I was checking it out but Damion had the kind of bottom that was irresistible to the eye, what can I say.
A real ladies man, Damion did not take to me in the least and even at the wedding, he resplendent in his tailored tux and he had girls practically hanging on his pants legs. In fact he acted like I wasn't even alive which was fine with me. I did not need another brat in my life and Damion was a brat, demanding and disrespectful to his mom, which kind of got to me, and of the opinion that life revolved around his cute high arched tiny hiney, which his mom was always patting and pinching, though eventually, it was inevitable, I would be smacking and lashing that very same hard round little light brown caboose.

Damion came home for the summer after our marriage and he became a real trial from the very first second he arrived, ordering his mom around, flatly refusing to pick up after himself, shit, I was used to tripping over sweaty jockstraps but tripping over them in the kitchen was a bit much to me, or to help around the house at all.
Damion had another habit that his mom hated, though as the dad of to 2 boys, it wasn't the worst thing a young bugger could do, and that was walking to and from the bathroom buck, or is it butt, naked. The kid sure had nothing to hide, which is probably why his mom hated his nudity. She had a number of cougar girlfriends who wanted to get their hands and lips on her baby boy, hot young Damion.
Watching Damion in the morning, yawning and scratching his tight fuzzy young ball sack, walking to the can was, I have to admit, a treat for me too. The kid was in real good shape, slender and tight muscled, tight shoulders, flat belly, and his pecker looked like an overfed snake, plump and long and it swung as he swaggered along, and that ass, good gosh. His can was the most perfectly round ass that I had ever seen, on boy or girl. It was firm looking and covered in the smoothest baby skin ever and dimpled too!!!!
After having already seen this cute brat in action several times, when I first saw his bare young bottom on his way to the can I had the urge to haul the kid across my knee and spank that cute young tush to the moon. In fact, when I first saw that high arched butt wiggling in the morning, I made myself a promise, that the next time Damion acted up I was going to spank his can to a burning sore red. Damion did not make me wait long.
One Saturday afternoon Damion was going to take part in one of those wrestling matches that boys take part in, the kind that you see on TV where they bend each other into pretzels so that each others asses are right in each others faces, and they try to look like they're not enjoying it. Damion was dressed in his wrestling suit, a red and white striped skin tight short short spandex number that had shoulder straps with nothing under it so lots of gorgeous baby smooth skin, chest, back, scrumptious thighs and muscular boyish calves, was visible and the damn thing hugged his butt so hotly I almost could see him stopping traffic on the street.
Well, young Damion, cute, snotty, unspanked Damion bought himself a ticket, or a ticket across my knee and the young bugger's ass was super spankable in the tight spandex, which rode up his ass crack. Young stinker most likely had one of his colorful thongs on.
"Mom, fuck off ok, and get the fuck off my case", the little brat yelled.
"Don't talk to your mom like that, kid", I yelled. "Mind your own fucking business", the young stinker yelled as he strutted his stuff like a peacock toward the door.
"You're getting a good old fashioned spanking, kid", I yelled and I grabbed Damion and pulled him into the living room. "Let me go, I said let me go, do you hear me", the brat yelled and struggled to no avail. "Hey, no you don't, stop it now", the young bugger yelled as I sat on the big arm of the couch, pulling him between my thighs and picking him up slightly and forcing him over my left thigh, even holding on to his young buns to push him over. He looked at his mom red faced and pathetic as she looked on with a smile. There is something very special and very personal about a boy's first spanking, especially when he's a cocky teen and the spanking is given by a man who is not his real dad. Damion was beside himself with mortification. He struggled helplessly and was forced across my knee in his tight spandex, his round young ass, one of his best attributes among many, sticking up helplessly for me to spank, after I patted it lovingly, pats that he usually got from his mom, not from a man who claimed authority over the young stinker. I had a big part in this session. I had to punish the boy by way of his buns, a very intimate and painful type of punishment was what I had to apply. My hand, the hand that started off patting his adorable buns lovingly, was going to cause a considerable sting to that most private part of the young stinker's anatomy and there was nothing that he could do about it. So, I needed to spank him hard, so that he got the message about who was now the boss in the house, and with enough love so that the boy did not feel overwhelmed with an authority figure that he despised. It's not easy to punish with love but I had done it countless times before. Once a man knows that his palm can create the needed effect then all negative angry feelings go out the window, in fact, seeing a naughty young bugger across one's knee helplessly causes one's heart to go out to the boy and you know that the spanking that you are going to give him is what he so badly needs and nature sure supplied this cute young rascal with a more then perfect spanking target. Damion's ass was superb in the tight spandex which was so tight that through the wedgie up his ass crack I could actually see his little anal ringlet puckering. Poor young bugger was nervous. Spank "Ahhh, hey." Spank Spank "Ouch, owww, are you crazy?" Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owww, damn, this is, ouch, crazy, oww, get off of me, man."
I did not lecture since Damion knew that he was a brat and why he was getting his bottom spanked. He was a bad boy and to his new step daddy bad boys get their hineys spanked.
Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, yelp, yelp, yelp, sob, will you, sob, stop." There is nothing in the world quite like a boy starting to cry during his first spanking, the giving in to the sting in his precious young hiney, the feeling of being overwhelmed by a male authority figure, a man who would tan his buns relentlessly and stingingly if he did not shape up. No shape up or ship out on my watch. To me it was shape up or it's buns up across my knee for a good hot tanning, boy. Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Owww, sob, sob, you made, sob, oww, your, sob, point, oww, stop, sob, oww, will you!!!!" Damion conceded that he was well spanked by the 'you made your point line', one of the lines my own boys used when they gave in to a spanking but did not want to pour it on too thick. I made sure that I did not spank Damion's thighs, though they were damn tempting, so smooth and muscularly tender, so that he would not show any redness during his wrestling match. I have a big deadly spanking palm but I also have a big heart. Damion ran out of the house clutching his fanny. While he was gone I went into the garage to get the 'after spanking chair', a chair with the seat scooped out enough to accommodate my own boys' plump young bottoms so it would surely hold Damion's hot little tail. The edges of the chair had padding attached so a boy who also had spanked thighs could have some comfort while sitting at the dinner table. "I don't want to eat, mom", Damion said with bluster when he came home. His ass was so adorable in his tight spandex that I'm sure that if his ass stuck up in another boy's face that that kid was delighted. "Young man, get your butt out here for dinner", I ordered and I grabbed the red faced young bugger and marched him over to the spanking chair and actually put him in it. Me and Elle laughed at the look on the kid's face when he felt his sore fanny fall into a pit rather then on a hard surface. Damion ate his meal in silence.
About a month later Damion was acting a whole lot better toward his mom but he still needed work. He was a boy and boys need lots of spanking so if you're a spanker they will keep you busy. Elle went out of own for a week and the chore of 'baby sitting' the boy with the high arched tiny hiney fell on my shoulders. After about 4 days of watching the boy hang around and do nothing I laid down the law and it did not sit too well with him.
"Kid, I want you up at 9AM tomorrow to mow the lawn, got it?", I asked/ordered, the kid.
"Yeah, yeah", Damion answered snottily but he did answer in the affirmative so I did not beat his ass. The next morning I gave the little brat till 9:30AM to get his pretty little ass out of bed but when he didn't stir, I went to get him. Damion was asleep on his tummy and he was naked except for a very skimpy pair of blue with red hemming silk briefs which cupped his butt cheeks exquisitely. "Hey you young rascal, get your butt up, you've got work to do", I said and I shook Damion's smooth muscular shoulder with my left hand and swatted his adorable buns with my spanking hand, not a full fledged spank but one of those firm daddy swats that a boy should know could lead to something much harder. However, the fanny swats seemed to only enrage the sleeping young beauty and instead of getting up he reacted in true naughty boy fashion. "Fuck off, will you man", Damion snapped and he stuck his adorable buns up and farted before attempting to go back to sleep. 'Daddy' went into action.
"Ahhhhh, what, hey, ahhhhh, what???" Damion was rudely woken up when he felt a big manly arm encircle his flat boyish belly. Damion looked shocked when he was lifted up while I sat down on his bed. "Hey, ahhhhh, hey, er." Damion was really waking up as he found himself laying face down rump up across my lap. I could feel his rock hard young morning boner pressing on my thigh, even the wet cum spot. I was tempted to give Damion a wedgie but his gorgeous can looked so cute in his little panty briefs that I spanked the seat of the damn things hard and long. Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Oww, ow,wwww oww, oww, ouch, owwwwwwwwwww, damn, oww." Damion kicked hard, something that he could not do during his first spanking since he was pinned between my thighs, and his little butt was bouncing every which way to avoid my hand, utterly failing every time. Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Awwww, sob, choke, sob, oww, ok, I'll get up, owwwww." Another successful bottom warming accomplished. I smacked Damion's adorable buns about 20 more times then I let him up, tore the panty briefs off of him and wacked his ass to the bathroom. Whack "Owwwwwww." Whack "Owww, ok, sob." Whap Whap "Owwww, sob,sob." After he pooped and brushed his teeth I put the boy in a pair of loose fitting sports shorts and whacked his little can all the way to the front lawn. Whack Whack "Owwwwww, ok, I said, sob." The neighbors were grinning as they saw, for the very first time ever, a weeping Damion mowing the lawn, something that his mom always hired a boy to do. That evening I fixed burgers for me and Damion and he made full use of the spanking chair, since I had spanked his tender thighs for him, spanks that almost sent him flying off my lap.

"Does this brat belong to you, sir?", the big latino cop asked when I opened the door to see him holding Damion by the scruff of his neck. It was midnight and me and the brat's mom were worried sick about him.
"Yes he is sir, what did he do?", I asked as I pulled Damion in the house firmly and put my arm around his shoulder, which made the boy grunt in disapproval of the very public manhandling.
"He instigated a fight with another boy over a girl, I saw the whole thing", the cop said.
"Thank you sir, I will get to the bottom of this in the morning", I said, stressing the word 'bottom', which made the cop smile and Damion blush.
"Get up to bed young man, in the morning you're getting s spanking", I announced and as Damion blushed and scowled I turned him towards the stairs by the shoulders and gave him a very hard spank on the seat of his skin-tight black cutoffs, which got his squealing in a high pitched voice and running up the steps rubbing his adorable young can.
"Well, great sir, spank his little kulo good and soundly", the cop said and I could see from the boy's expression as he ran up the steps that he heard the man's words and he was mortified.
The next morning I was in my room when I heard Damion's door open. He had fear in his eyes as he started to walk to the bathroom probably hoping that maybe I had changed my mind since I did not wake him up to spank him. What was real cute this time was that Damion was obviously going to jerk off in the shower since he had a huge drooling hardon riding up his flat brown belly. The massive boner looked like a big chocolate rocket and it was so virile that it throbbed out of the boy's control. As the naked young stud-puppy tried to slink toward the can step-dad went into action.
"Get your ass back into your room young man, you're getting a spanking", I said and I turned the shocked and surprised boy around toward his room, sending him on his way with hard smacks to his bare brown adorable bottom.
Smack "Owww." Slap "Ahhhh." Smack "Ahhhhh." A naked boy with a huge boner was in his room. His hardon was so hard that it stood up like a steel crowbar as I whacked his tail into the room. Damion struggled to keep from going across my lap and he fell back on his bed, giving me a good idea and that was to spank the boy diaper style, the postion that boys hate the most since they are looking right up at their spanker who is looking right up his ass while he spanks his boyish buns. Sure enough Damion looked up at me with the most shocked pathetic look as I looked up his ass crack, and what an asscrack. The crack walls were as smooth as the boy's buttcheeks but in the center was a ring of soft black curls, and I mean a real ring, and in the center of that ring was one of the tightest little boyish buttholes that I had ever seen, and being a hands on dad and granddad I have seen a lot of boyish butholes. It was obvious that nature provided that ring of curls to keep that cute little farthole nice and warm and to absorb boyish ass sweat and anything else that the boyish little pooter gave off. I spanked the boy's bottom relentlessly and as always with a diaper style spanking, I watched him first look up at me in mortified shock, then turn his face away to avoid my gaze, only to look at me with a yearning look that said 'please stop spanking my bottom', as tears rolled down his handsome boyish face.
Also, as I spanked Damion's bare young bottom his asshole puckered and I saw that the walls of the cute brown puckered little orifice was as pink as the walls of my owns boys' boyish rump chutes. When I was done administering one of my patented butt burning spankings, I let Damion's legs go and he yelped when his buns hit the bed then turned into the fetal position and rubbed his sore butt as he wept like a baby boy. "You have 5 minutes to get yourself together then get your butt into the bathroom, do your business then get downstairs and clean the basement, like your mom asked you to do weeks ago", I ordered and I gave the boy a slap to the purple buns. Smack "Oww, oww, ok, sob, sob." In about a half hour a cute well disciplined boy in black boxers and rubbing his seat was on his way down the basement stairs.
I was supposed to be away for a week but I came back late at night a day earlier.
Damion was obviously unaware that I was home as he swaggered cockily to the bathroom with a big hardon. My wife told me that the little brat was picked up for driving drunk with a few of his little brat buddies. I was going to give Damion a taste of the belt on the bare young bottom so I, in my bathrobe, took my belt, the very one that I had used many times on my own boys' tight plump asses, and headed towards the bathroom.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I smiled and looked back at my wife, as she stood in the doorway of out bedroom smiling, as we listened to Damion scream out in orgasm as he blew a huge creamy wad. I listened to Damion happily singing a Coldplay song as I snuck into the bathroom. I peeked through the curtain to see Damion smiling as he washed the crack of his adorable ass, spreading the cheeks as he scrubbed the deep crevice and his tight little butthole. "What the fuck, hey, noooooo!" The boy knew what I had in mind as I pulled the curtain aside and he saw me holding my belt in my hand.
I turned the water off, grabbed Damion by the left shoulder and whipped his bare wet bottom till the smooth brown skin was covered with purple strap welts.
Whap Whap hap Whap "Oww, yelp, oww, stop, owww." Damion screamed out almost as loud as he did when he shot his boyish cream bomb as I whipped his wet ass long and hard.
Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap WHap WHap
"Oww, sob, sob, sob, yelp, sob, sob, sob, yelp." I tanned that adorable wet brown bottom with almost 100 licks of my belt and Damion was screaming out in mortified pain.
Practically unable to step out of the tub, he was so sore, I helped the boy out and through his tears he seemed very surprised at how tender I was as I dried him off, even expertly spreading his bottom cheeks without touching his welts and drying his bottom crack, even running the towel in and out of his little brown puckered pink walled bottom hole before putting my disciplinarian hat back on and whacking his can with the belt as he walked out of the bathroom till the boy was back on his bed weeping his tender boyish heart heart out.
That was the last spanking that I gave Damion. He is back at school now but he will eventually be back home and I will be ready for him, lovingly and firmly furnishing him with what he never had before I came along, firm loving manhandling which included beating his cute brown ass till it was sore and purple when he was naughty. Boys' bottoms, whether brown, white, copper colored or baby pink, whether bubbled, plump, billowy, or high arched and tiny, like Damion's adorable rounded brown mounds, were provided by nature for a man to soundly spank, and I was not a man who went against nature.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spanking T-Shirts Pt.2

Here are a few more personalized T-Shits for you all! I want the first one!

This dad is letting you know what he can do to your bad behind!
I'm definitely gonna have to get this one! I'll have to check them off the list one by one and there is only one way to get off the list!

This last I would love to see on campus! There would be no need for chairs in the classroom because nobody would be able to sit down! At least we know they would all be getting good grades! I can only imagine what would be going on in the frat houses!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spanking T-Shirts Pt.1

I stumbled upon these the other day and I knew I had to post them! I would love to see a brutha walking down the street with something like this on...LOL!

I think officers should wear this under there uniforms!
These next couple are for the Daddy's out there!
Below are for the bad boys out there!
Now I'm not crazy for this last one....I don't need a crew looking to spank my ass! LoL

After Dinner

After you stuffed your face and you loosened your pants....sit down, relax and watch some football....who knows? You might see something interesting!

Thanksgiving Dinner

My dad loved Thanksgiving dinner but he always hated when his house was full of people or I should say he barely tolerated it! It seemed like every holiday our house was the gathering spot for the whole family and I knew how easy it was to get my dad mad on a day like this and I already knew he was in one of those moods but I wasn't thinking about that at the time. Like most families when we sat down to eat the grownups had there table and us kids had ours.......I was 15 now and for some reason I thought I would be sitting with all the rest of the adults! We had such a large family that there were multiple tables lined up end to end from the dining room all the way into the living kids usually had the kitchen table to our selves. When my mom told me I would be sitting in the kitchen with the rest of the kids for dinner I kind of threw a fit and I guess I was making quite a scene and before I knew it I felt my dad's hand grabbing my upper arm and pulling me into the next room! I felt my pants being pulled down and his belt hitting my bare ass! I was in shock because it happened so the hell did he grab me and get his belt off so fast I thought? (Lot's of practice I guess) I couldn't believe I was getting my ass whupped in front of the whole family! I knew all my cousins and brothers were enjoying every second of my embarrassing butt whuppin and I know they gonna dog me about this for a long time! After my dad finished tearing my ass up he told me to stay there until he told me I could come and eat! I had never been so embarrassed in my life......but everybody in the other room seemed to be talking and laughing as if nothing had happened! Me and all my cousins were no strangers to a good whuppin so to all my aunts and uncles it wasn't no big deal. I heard the say grace and they started eating.....I stood there for fifteen minutes with my bare butt on display until I heard my dad call me and tell me to get into the kitchen and eat. I pulled my pants up and wiped the remaining tears from my eyes....I had to walk by the entire family to get to the kitchen but they didn't seem to notice me except my mom and dad who were giving me that look! When I got to the kitchen all eyes were on me and then the teasing started but within a few minutes I was talking and laughing with all my cousins and brothers just like always! Just another typical holiday at my house!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and don't eat to much....and don't make dad mad!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brian In Africa

Brian in Africa "A troublesome and disturbing affair"
by John Lambert

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 22 Nov 2009

My flight touched-down late at night; the arrivals hall was of typical African airport architecture. A long, whitish room in which fans swung back and forth, but the cooling apparatus merely sent warm air in slow waves around the large space. A cleaner pushed an asthmatic sounding floor polisher across the tiled floor. Officials stood around and watched. The few passengers waited for their baggage to arrive. I noticed my small suitcase trundling slowly along on the conveyor belt; I claimed it, and strode confidently towards the next stage of the process.

The air felt stifling and oppressive. I placed my case and my computer bag on the counter. The Official, a suspicious expression on his face, asked if I had anything to declare. I have never been at my best dealing with authority figures, and felt the moisture that had accumulated on my upper lip. I licked it away. Perhaps I should not have chosen to have my luggage examined by the youngest and most devilishly handsome of the Officials.
'No.' I answered finally, with uncertainty in my tone.
He began to fiddle with the lock on my case.
'Are you certain?' His voice contained a slight fluttering of irritation.
'Oh, yes!' I spoke with as much vivacity as I could muster.
The Customs Officer looked at me again, and again, I said, 'Nothing to declare', but his experienced mind, I knew informed him, 'He's lying.'
By now the man's large brown hands churned through the clothes in my suitcase.
The intense scrutiny of his eyes devoured me. The man, disheartened by being unable to find contraband in my suitcase, opened my computer case and extracted my Personal Computer. A chilly feeling stole over me, it started in the pit of my stomach and worked its way up to my scalp. I wilted visibly under the Official's quizzical gaze, and could not prevent myself from swallowing deeply. My computer clearly baffled him; he prodded and poked, and continued hitting random buttons and keys as if he was working out on a punch bag. He pushed back his cap and rubbed his head in a puzzled manner.
I could not stifle my laugh entirely, and sounded as placatory as I could when I pointed to the 'Start' button.
'That's how you do it,' I said triumphantly, 'quite easy really,' I offered him a supercilious smile, and added, 'you should be better trained.'
My attitude needled him; the Official had had enough. He shut my suitcase, lowered the lid of my computer, and returned it to its case.
'Come with me, please.'

I could feel sweat running down my spine towards my backside. I must have looked temporarily bewildered by the idea. The Official however had picked up my suitcase and computer bag.
'Come.' He called brusquely over his shoulder, clearly losing patience.
I followed him along a narrow concrete-walled passage. It was obvious that we had left the part of the building where 'customer service' was the primary motivator of behaviour and reached the area where miscreants are dealt with, from behind several of the closed doors came the voices and protests of the accused: outraged and angry, pleading and whining.
The official knocked quietly on a door, which had 'Chief Inspector Ndegwa' painted on it.
'Enter.' A deep voice bellowed from inside.
My situation was very precarious, but I declined to be intimidated.
'Look,' I said, with a disgruntled voice, 'what is all this nonsense.'
A broad powerfully built man waited for me, he was tall and coloured dark bronze with a fine row of very persuasive teeth. A look of almost unholy glee filled his eyes.
'Ah,' he said, and gave me the kind of grin that made me want to button the pocket containing my wallet, 'a disrespectful one.' He then bellowed a laugh that was too loud for use indoors. 'I do enjoy disrespectful ones.' His mouth was smiling even if his eyes were fierce.
'Strip naked, please.' He advanced towards my luggage.
I stood frozen in consternation. There was a pitiful silence, I found myself sweating with fear, and the tips of my ears felt very warm. I knew I was in deep trouble; that hot, tingling sensation tickled beneath my skin and itched over my bum. The Senior Official had a look of determined disapproval about him, a simmering indignation that I had observed before in authority figures. He cleared his throat with an irritated sound. He looked at me questioningly. I felt something in my gut turn to stone as he asked in a low, harsh, and unequivocal voice.
'Do you need any help?' My heart was thumping so loudly, I thought they must hear it. I swallowed, my throat suddenly too dry to speak.
I started to unbutton my shirt as he rummaged in my suitcase. It was very hot in the room. Despite the fans that whirled noisily overhead, all those present were sweating; it made for a tetchy atmosphere. Ndegwa seemed disappointed when my suitcase did not reveal any illicit treasure. He took my computer to his desk. He nodded approvingly at the progress I was making in striping. The younger official peered at my computer over his shoulder. I stood in my underwear.
'Naked.' He reminded me, and offered me a dazzling smile.

Ndegwa was far more adept with my computer. I was palpably tense and I shivered a little as I gazed at the two officials.
'Aha,' the large man's interest was unmistakable now. I was dismayed to catch his quick look, a smile; it seemed unmistakably like triumph, 'this is a fascinating file, "" downloads.' His eyes widened to an incredulous stare and his jaw dropped. I suddenly felt very hot. The younger officer, who watched the screen assiduously, glanced at me with a look of revulsion on his face. The sensations that passed through me were alternately crackling hot and cold. My face felt roasted, but my churning stomach experienced a deep chill. 'Lots of material, excellent photographs,' Ndegwa said, after a while, 'all very focused.' He shot me a look of disgust, but continued to plough through the material I had accumulated. Eventually, he shut the computer down and said. 'I shall finish the personal search.
Ndegwa wore a white latex glove over his right hand, which stretched up to his elbow. As he approached, he was engaged in pulling it tight, which he did with a snap. He lowered his voice to an intimate whisper, and spoke directly into my ear.
'This procedure, a top to bottom, inside and outside search, might be a little ticklish.' He extended a very little finger and smiled broadly. I shrank and fluttered. I then gave a sigh, shook, and swallowed hard. I could not get out a word. Drops of sweat gathered on my upper lip and ran down for me to lick off feverishly.
'Bend over that table, and spread your legs.' There was a horrible, evil glee in his voice. My heart fluttered wildly into my throat. An expression of expectant ecstasy beamed from his face. I came tremblingly forward in compliance as the Chief Inspector extended a single, massive digit and grinned broadly. I bent over and heard him purr contentedly. His 'ungloved' hand meandered over the contour of my left buttock, and then squeezed mercilessly. The sausage-sized finger he had exhibited previously aimed, pushed hard, and skewered my hoop.
'Ouch!' I wailed as he thrust further up. The finger writhed about inside me and then an even larger companion joined the exploration. My eyes watered as the invaders probed deeper. I was alarmed to sense that blood was surging into my penis. I did not want that. I wriggled and squirmed as his fingers drove into previously unplumbed locations. After a long reconnaissance, he withdrew his digits, his action created a loud slurping sound. I sucked in a loud gasp, and felt my head swim.
Ndegwa looked vaguely disappointed; his smile was certainly much less broad.
'Put him in Cell 4, Kuffour.' He ordered briskly.
'I haven't done anything wrong.' I stated with all the defiance and confidence a naked, patently guilty person with a slack sphincter, and an embarrassingly lively penis can muster.
'Importation of this material,' he pointed at the computer, 'is illegal in the Republic of Zamlawi.'
I knew that was the case, but hung my head low, and said in an underwater voice, 'I didn't know that.'
'Well, after tonight, you will never forget it.' His voice was soft and husky, as he murmured smugly into my ear, he chuckled darkly, and then his firm, taut hand slapped unnecessarily hard against my bottom.
The Junior Official took me to 'cell 4'. He placed me in the cell and I immediately felt a deep sense of desolation. The room contained a bench and a metal bucket. I was relieved, thinking that surely they would not expect me to spend the night here. I fretted alone in the small room. Another encouraging sign was that they gave me back my underwear. Presently, Kuffour cheerfully intruded on my despondency.
'The boss is ready for you.' He said with a smile, but his smile was empty of warmth.
I gave a distasteful demonstration of poor manners, not troubling to rise from the bench, gawping at him, and then shrugging my shoulders sullenly.
'Get up.' He ordered, as he regarded me distastefully.
He hustled me a short distance along the vaguely nightmarish corridor.

Ndegwa was indeed ready for me. He had striped to the waist. I immediately observed that his chest was smooth and well muscled, and that he possessed shoulders as wide as the wingspan of an airliner. I also noticed that he had acquired a cane, which I studied rather anxiously.
'Underwear down and bend across that barrel.' He snapped savagely as he swished his stick extravagantly. He clearly intended to cane my bare bottom. It was both unthinkable and a certainty. I looked at the barrel, which they had braced and buttressed to prevent movement. It stood alone in the centre of the bare room, and from the barrel, a variety of restraining straps protruded. The corners of the Kuffour's lips curled briefly into a smile. He stood next to the barrel tapping the end of a strap impatiently against his open palm.
'Hurry up, please.' The Chief Inspector said, his voice was low, steady, and cool, but he swished his cane with great eagerness. I observed the tautness of his muscles beneath his skin, considered objecting, but my tongue froze in silence. I leaned across the barrel. Kuffour immediately grabbed my right wrist and fastened a strap from it to one of the legs that held the barrel in place. He repeated the process with my left wrist. The official was fast and efficient in his work. Kuffour then, to the accompaniment of ferocious swishes of the cane, slowly lowered my underwear. I had forgotten that part of the instructions given by his 'boss'. No humiliation, I believe, quite matches that experienced when having one's underwear painstakingly removed in preparation for a bare bottom caning. The young man then thrust me further over the barrel; the rough wooden surface tickled my belly. He pulled my legs far apart and fixed a strap round my right ankle, and then repeated the process with my left ankle. The resulting position was profoundly embarrassing. My head low, buttocks high and exposed, and my legs wide apart, everything was on view and it was all vulnerable.
'He is ready, Sir.' Kuffour announced.
Ndegwa rattled his cane across my quivering buttocks. I felt every hair on my flesh prick up in response. The pain was sharp but shallow, a pre-pain, in fact, only the hint of how much it was going to hurt in a few seconds.
'I shall allow a little time for apprehension and remorse.'
He did, my stomach felt over-agile, my brain felt heavy and flabby, sweat accumulated on my brow, and my heart raced and pounded. The silence was daunting, my throat felt too tight to break it. The stick returned to my bottom, I flinched, and then received my first stroke. The acoustic, in the bare room was echoey, and when the first blow landed, I had an opportunity to test it.
'Ouch!' I bawled.
The fierceness of the blow startled me. I wriggled around over the barrel, but the rough surface scratched harshly against my stomach and groin. I decided it was best to remain motionless, and allow my bottom to take what was coming without writhing around. The throbbing dwindled slowly. Ndegwa thrashed his next stroke, and without warning fired a third swift blow. Fire kindled beneath the skin across my buttocks, I squirmed and writhed. The Chief Inspector slashed his stick and then patted it keenly on the worst of my bruises. The next stroke roared across my sizzling-hot bottom. I sucked in a loud gasp and felt my head swim. The pain that smoldered across my bottom reached enormous proportions, and I wailed loudly.
'Only two more.' Ndegwa said in a tone of reasonableness.
The cane whistled as it sped through the air and then produced a resounding 'crack' as it struck my simmering buttocks. The stroke forced air from my lungs in a loud moan. I gritted my teeth to prevent myself from screaming. The room seemed to spin. I drew in a massive breath. The cane patted on my bottom, I flinched and squeezed my eyes closed tightly. The Chief Inspector was in no hurry to complete my misery. Sweat beaded from every pore. It accumulated on the tip of my nose; it dribbled down my cheek, and over the side of my jaw and eventually splashed onto the concrete floor. A final blaze of flame flashed across my buttocks.

'Good, jolly good.' He purred happily, 'a troublesome and disturbing affair, dealt with quickly and effectively.' Ndegwa said, as he ran his hand over the ridged welts on my bottom. I did not have the strength or energy to object to his violation. I rested over the barrel feeling drained.
'So, you are free to go, but, please no more misbehaviour from you, young man!' The Chief Inspector crowed as his delighted hand ran across my buttocks. He then slapped my arse, quite hard, and left, whistling happily.
Kuffour released the straps on my wrist and then he gave my bottom a good goosing. The throbbing slowly ebbed as a fingers traced the lines of my bruises. His other hand was squeezing my left buttock, an act that sent sharp spikes of pain racing to my brain. I heard a rustling. A chilly feeling stole over me, it started in the pit of my stomach and worked its way up to my scalp. I sensed what was coming next; Officer Kuffour was coming next, unless I was much mistaken. I felt his impatient member slide into the valley between my buttocks. His raging phallus explored excitedly and spreading damp, lubricating eagerness wherever it went. He thrust and I grunted as he impaled me. I convulsed over the barrel in a futile attempt to adopt a more posture that would allow me to accommodate his massive intruder more comfortably.
'There,' he whispered waspishly into my ear, as I continued to gasp and writhe around, 'I found the 'start' button quickly that time.'
He gave a nasty gurgling laugh; it did not last long, since he had other things on which to concentrate.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Embarrassing Problem

Not wanting to be embarrassed and humiliated......Jason had to find a place to change into his swimming trunks to try and hide the fact that he was still getting his butt whupped by his dad on a regular basis! He hopes no one will find out but he knows it's just a matter of time until one of his friends notice his red behind!

Black Punk?

Well he is deffinately some kind of mix or latino but either way he's cute with an even cuter spankable behind! His name is Jordan Carter and he is in the latest from Spankthis. The video is called "Spanking Curiosity 4" I love the you something to hold on to while he is across your lap spanking him! Maybe a little over acting but I still enjoyed it!

Your Next!

Standing there watching your bro getting his butt paddled by the coach is bad enough but what makes it worse is knowing your ass is next! You tell yourself your gonna take it like a man and just get through it but just as you tell yourself that your boy starts bawling his eyes out and he isn't even at ten swats yet! Damn! The Coach looks up at you and can see the fear in your eyes and tells you after he give him the last ten swats it's your turn so you might as well peel them trunks off now! Damn.....It's gonna be a long school year!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #41

A beautiful brown body laid out across the bed with that butt just asking for some attention. As soon as his dad walks into his room with the strap in his hand that smile will disappear and the tears will start to flow!