Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Photos

I just love when two photos make one great picture!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #32

I wish I new more about this model...he has such a beautiful smooth lean body accented by his protruding ass that just made for a good spank!

Mirror Boyz

Here's another collection of those naughty boys showing off those phat spankable booty's!

I Can Explain Dad!

The Son: Dad, I know your mad but I can explain...

The Dad: Ok...go ahead

The Son: Uh...well the reason I wasn't in school today was that I missed the bus because that bus driver has it in for me!

The Dad: Really?

The Son: Yeah dad....he saw me coming and he just pulled away!

The Dad: You mean Larry? The man that has been driving you to school for years and that I know personally...that Larry?

The Son: Uh....yeah...

The Dad: So why didn't you call me to take you to school?

The Son: Uh....well I knew you were working and I didn't want to make you miss work...yeah that's why!

The Dad: So you just decided to take the whole day off huh?

The Son: Yes....but it's not a big deal dad...I didn't miss anything!

The Dad: So whats that in the bag?

The Son: Oh's just a shirt I bought today.

The Dad: Where?

The Son: At the mall....

The Dad: So somehow you got yourself all the way to the mall but couldn't manage to get to school huh?

The Son: Yes....

The Dad: Ok son...I'm gonna go to my room and get my belt...your gonna take your clothes off and lay across your bed and when I get back I gonna give you an ass whuppin your not gonna forget....and tomorrow when your on the school bus your gonna have to explain to the driver why your standing up!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thug Needs It

Just laying here with this big booty wishing that somebody would come teach me a lesson! I'm out all hours of the night running the streets getting drunk....I'm way to big for my mom to handle so I pretty much do what ever I want! I know what I need butt I'm afraid to ask......

Sunday, September 4, 2011

School Daze...Back To School!

Good luck to all you students out there this year....I hope you can avoid those crazy teachers and those paddles! Believe it or not it's still legal in 20 states! But for the most of you out there I'm sure that dad will take care of any school related problems you might have!

Spankable Butt Of The Week # 31

An anonymous brown booty I found on the web that would be perfect for some across the knee spanking and then slowly peel down his underwear to reveal his booty in all it's the real spanking begins!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The First Lick

That first lick of the belt, strap or paddle is always the worst and you can't help but to reach back and rub the sting out but you know by doing that it will just prolong the whuppin!