Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Position For A Good Lickin!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #18

You put him in the traditional position for a whuppin. Face down on the bed with his bare butt showing! He has a nervous grin on his face....not sure how bad it's gonna hurt until he watches you take off your belt! Now he knows he won't be sitting down anytime soon.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Holla Butt Boy

THWACK.....Ahhhhhhhhh! Stop making such a fuss son....that was just the fisrt got forty-nine more to go!

His Royal Badness

I wonder if anybody has spanked that singing, dancing, sexy purple bad boy yet?

Do I Like It?

Lately it seems that after every spanking I get from my dad I have been getting erections! Am I enjoying the spankings? It seems to be a weekly event these dad still spanks me like I was ten.....butt naked across his lap. He takes his time and always gets my butt burning and that's when I start getting hard. When he let's me get up I can't hide the fact that I have a huge boner but he has never said anything about it....he tells me to go and get cleaned up. I try to cover it the best I can and go to the bathroom to clean up and stroke one off!. Those orgasms in the bathroom after my spankings are usually pretty intense too....maybe I do like getting spanked? Maybe I'm getting in trouble more and more on purpose. I even get a little excited when I know I'm gonna get it even though I know how bad it's gonna hurt! I wonder if I'm the only one who has these feelings?

Be Careful What You Ask For

Standing in the shower crying and gently trying to rub the sting out of his sore ass. It had been a long time since he has felt the belt on his bare behind so he asked a very close friend of his to give him 20 licks with the strap! He knew he needed it and secretly wanted it for quite awhile. It took some time to find just the right person to do this for him so he finally told a old friend what he wanted and to his surprise his friend told him that he thought he needed his butt whupped for a long time and would be glad to give it to him! He told his friend not to hold back and he didn't'! During his whuppin he wanted to yell out for him to stop but he was to proud to do it.....but he had forgotten just how much it had hurt so he just took his licks like a good boy should! He was a little embarrassed afterward and was openly crying but he took it well and then hugged his friend. His friend asked if he wanted to that he could return the favor! While rubbing his butt with tears running down his face he told his friend....Be careful what you ask for!

Friday, May 29, 2009

On The Floor

Daddy places a couple of cushions from the couch on the floor and has his boy lay across them! It puts him in a perfect position for a good butt whuppin!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dad's Belt

It's bad enough knowing your gonna get you butt whupped but having to stand there and strip in front of your dad and then watch him take off his belt.....your already a crying mess even before he starts the whuppin!

Waiting In The Woods

Knee pads and elbow pads and a great spankable ass all alone in the woods......hmmmmm!

Jake Sisko Is Taken In Hand

By Spanked schoolboy

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 23 May 2009

This story is a fan-fic of the “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” TV series. All events are completely fictional and donot reflect actual events. This story is a fictional parody that does notreflect on the sexuality of the actors or the characters. The action takes place on the space station Deep Space 9, situated above Bajor and near a wormhole leading to the Gamma Quadrant. I don't own Star Trek, Paramount does, however I do own Riccardo Beltran...who you'll meet in a sec ;)

Jake woke up, feeling a bit foggy from the night before. His head hurt more than a phaser set on heavy stun! He stretched his arms and legs, yawning deeply as he peered out into the busy hubbub outside. So many ships were coming in and out of DS9 as usual, his dad in charge of everything! He was proud of his dad, and felt privileged to be so near to so much action. His head still felt heavy and throbbed relentlessly. Memories of the night before were beginning to flood back. He and Nog had certainly been wild! Quark had some real alcoholic beverages stored up which Nog decided to “borrow” while his uncle was away visiting his grandmother on Ferenginar. Boy had it tasted good! Jake's dad had let him have synthehol before, but never the real thing! He loved the warm feeling of real whiskey and real vodka flowing down his throat. He was certainly paying for it now!
He was beginning to remember more! There had been a party at Quark's and so few noticed Jake's changed behaviour caused by the alcohol. Jake had taken full advantage of this! His dad was away that night, having a romantic trip with Cassidy Yates. He flirted with the dabo girls, groping their well-shaped arses, whispering passionately in their ears, promising them a good time...He had kissed quite a few of them, and felt a stirring in his loins many times, his tight trousers and no underwear leaving nothing to the imagination!
As Jake woke up more he realised there was someone in bed with him...he rolled round, closed his eyes and ran his hands down the back of his paramour, running his hand over those well-shaped buttocks. Despite his headache he couldn't resist another fling with his bedfellow. He ran his hand round the person's waist...and felt another hard-on!
Jake started and awoke fully! He had spent the night with another GUY!!! He couldn't believe his hands...a MAN! He had actually made love to a man in his intoxicated state! What were people going to think?! He wasn't gay! He'd never be able to look Nog in the eye again! Jake got out of bed leaving his lover to sleep. As he looked closer, he noticed it was Crewman Beltran, from the Falcon, one of the Federation ships that docked 3 days ago. He was certainly very fit! His dark olive skin, well defined muscles and hairy chest made for quite a site! Jake could see why so many of the girls he knew swooned when they saw Beltran...he was HOT!
“At least I've got good taste in men,” murmured Jake ironically, worried how he would cover up his indiscretion. If people found out, he'd never get a girlfriend on this station again! He quickly dressed, but then Beltran began to stir.
“Jake?...” “! you're, um, probably wondering why you're here!” Jake hoped he looked as sheepish as he felt...he did NOT want to give Riccardo Beltran the wrong idea about his feelings...he was sober now, if hung over. “What do you mean, Jake? Don't you remember last night?” Oh great! thought Jake. He was sober! I've seduced a sober guy to my bed while drunk on that vodka! This is gonna be hard!
“The things you said to me last night, Jake, I've never felt such a connection with a guy before. I never really thought you cared for me. I always longed to hit it off with you since we docked. I felt we were made for each other last night!” Damn! How could I let myself into this situation! This is the last time I have the real stuff. It's gonna be a syntheholic existence from now on! “Listen, Ric...I might have said some things last night...I might even have done some things last night...that I regret, I mean, you're a nice guy, but...” “But what Jake? What we had last night was very special.” Ric looked down and smiled awkwardly: “You really know your way around a guy's dick!” “Woh! Woh! Slow down! I've never sucked a guy off before!”
“You could have fooled me! I've never cummed 3 times in the one blowjob! You're a natural!”
This was getting too much! “Ric, I don't know what you are talking about! I've never gone with a guy before now, and I certainly never will again! Last night was a mistake...I was drunk! I'm sorry if I made you think I love you, but I don't! I'll be your friend but no-one can ever know about this! I never want sex with you again!” “Jake, I...” “I'm sorry Ric but I can't”
Ric got up quickly and dressed. Jake could see he was all but ready to burst into tears. He felt so guilty about deceiving Ric but he was simply NOT prepared to continue a relationship with him!
“I'll see you later, Jake...I'm sorry.” Ric's voice was flat and could see it was taking all he had to keep his feelings in as he was leaving. Jake felt horrible to have so completely hurt someone...but what could he do?
“JAKE!!!” Jake's head snapped up. His dad was back and he really didn't sound happy!
“Hi Dad! How was your weekend with Cassidy? Have a ...great time?” Jake tried to sound as natural and carefree as possible. “Oh it was fine Jake, just fine...but I'm more interested in what you have been getting up to!” Captain Benjamin Sisko's voice was dripping with cool rage, and Jake could tell trouble was brewing. “I want to hear ALL about your activities while I was away!” Jake could tell that his dad already knew exactly what he had been doing, and that he was going to have to face the consequences of his thoughtless actions. “Well, I, um, I...ha, ha, Dad I was, you know, well...nothing spectacular! I may have had a little bit of a drink with Nog, um, let myself go a little...nothing much really. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, but I haven't done that much, really.”
“Embarrassed?! EMBARRASSED?! YOU, young man, have done much more than EMBARRASS me! You have HUMILIATED me, made me a LAUGHING stock in front of the crew, broken the heart of a valued Starfleet crewman, gotten DRUNK underage, on have betrayed my trust in you! I thought I could go away on leave and you would conduct yourself appropriately! At 17 I thought you were mature enough to be left on your own for a couple of days while I spend some time on leave! But no, I clearly will have to supervise you even at your age...just like a little boy I will have to keep closer track on every move you make. I don't want to but clearly it is necessary for you to grow up to be a responsible, mature young man!
Jake was astounded! How did Dad know about all that had happened? No-one seemed to notice last night what had happened. He clearly couldn't defend himself...he had obviously done wrong and his dad knew far too much to be making a lucky guess...and he looked LIVID!
“Dad how on Earth did you find this out?? Who could have told you?” Jake couldn't believe the most embarrassing moment of his life had been revealed to his DAD! Who was it that had grassed him in? “More than a few members of the crew noticed you were acting more freely than normal...Odo for one, who received a number of complaints from dabo girls and other customers from Quark's” “But I didn't do anyone any harm!” “Don't try that one on ME, young man! I saw Crewman Beltran, and he looked devastated...he could barely control his voice and he couldn't concentrate on his work! You have broken him! Very little can repair that!”
“I regret it but that's life!” “You really think you can just go through life without facing the consequences of your actions, well let me tell YOU, mister, that stops HERE!!”
Jake was beginning to lose patience with his dad. He'd heard the same old story from so many other adults. He was always threatened with having to “face the consequences of his actions” but nothing had ever come of it. “So what are you gonna do about it then, Dad? You always go on about taking's such a joke! Do you honestly expect me to take this seriously?!” Jake started sniggering, but his dad had that glint in his eyes when he knew something his opponent didn't... “You, Jake, are going to get a spanking!” Jake looked at his dad, still sniggering, unable to quite credit what his Dad had just said. “I'm sorry?”
“I said, Jake, you are going to get a spanking!” “No I'm not! I'm way too old for that! You haven't spanked me since I was 9!” “And clearly the message has worn off! At 17 I think we need to reinforce what I taught you! It clearly didn't sink in sufficiently back then! Let's try and redress the balance!” With that Captain Sisko grabbed his son and pinned him against the wall, as if he were about to search him. Jake tried to struggle, but his boyish strength was not enough to overcome his father. Instead of checking his pockets, Benjamin Sisko ran his hand over his son's chest and found the zip to his shirt. He ran the zip down and peeled the shirt away, revealing the boy's lean physique. Jake's chest was heaving from the struggle, and his dark skin was glistening invitingly with a thin layer of sweat. Benjamin was secretly proud of his son's physical attributes...he had grown up well and would make someone VERY happy someday...but his behaviour certainly needed work! Benjamin then slipped his hand to Jake's trousers and undid the catch, leaving Jake in nothing but his tight white boxer shorts.
Jake was visibly embarrassed to be almost naked in front of his father. He'd only been naked in front of him when he was a lot younger. The only other time he was naked in front of people was in the gym...or during 'other' activities. Jake's blush came to his Dad's notice, and Benjamin smirked. “No need to be so embarrassed, son, I've seen all this and more plenty times before.”
Jake was silent as Benjamin then roughly pulled his son from the wall and purposefully dragged him to the sofa. Ben then sat down, briefly looking up at his son who was half standing and half bending over, looking worriedly at his father's strong grip on his right arm. “Come on son, we can do this the easy way or the hard way...I don't want this to be any harder than it has to be, but if you don't co-operate it'll be worse for you.” Jake felt one final plea might perhaps change his dad's mind...he remembered what his spankings were like as a kid...and they HURT!
“Please Dad, you don't need to SPANK me! I'll change my ways...just give me a don't need to go to such extremes, Dad!” Ben just smiled wryly to himself. He wouldn't relent, and it was laughable that Jake thought he could change his mind through begging.
“No Jake, it's not going to work, now bend over my knee or will I have to force you down?”
Jake paused for a moment, but then decided against struggling...he knew his Dad was stronger anyway. He submissively bent over his Dad's knee, immediately regretting it! He knew he wouldn't get off lightly...his dad could spank, and spank hard!
“And now, young man, your atonement begins! You will address me as 'sir' throughout, any bad language will attract extra punishment, as will any attempt to prematurely end your you understand?”
“I guess”
“I didn't hear you Jake”
“I said I guess so, sir”
“I should hope so young man!”
Ben ran his hand over his son's buttocks, feeling the smooth fabric of his boxers tickle his skin. He felt Jake's breathing getting shorter in anticipation of what was to come. And he didn't want to disappoint! Ben lifted his hand up, letting it rise past his shoulder, roughly level with his ear. He paused, a wave of nostalgia pricking his mind. He saw Jake turn his head to see what the wait was for, but he just looked back, playfully raising an eyebrow. “You know the rules anticipation of swats!” “Sorry dad” “Jake?” Sorry sir” “And don't forget that again, young man! That is the last time I'll overlook that!” “Yes sir” Jake turned his head back and waited. After a few seconds, Ben lifted his hand slightly higher and then slammed his open hand onto Jake's right buttock. “OW!” Jake was taken by surprise by the first swat...he never expected it to hurt THIS much! Another followed hot on its heels, filling both butt cheeks with red hot pain. Jake was amazed he was experiencing so much pain...spankings never hurt this much! Ben then let rip a third! And a fourth! And he just kept letting rip swat after swat after spank after spank, his hand raining down on Jake's helpless arse! Right, then left, then right and left cheek, constantly whacking Jake's arse, ignoring his cries, his pleas:
“Please sir, STOP! I'm sorry dammit, STOP! PLEASE! STOP! AAH!! AARRGH!!”
“No, Jake, you WILL learn and I'm not going to stop until I KNOW you have!”
“Fuck you, you perverted wanker! You're fucking enjoying this!”
“Watch your language boy! You WILL learn to control your tongue!”
Ben started spanking harder, maintaining this new strength of swat for at least 10 minutes. Jake's buttocks were decidedly a bright red colour, and quite tender now, and his eyes were red and teary, though he hadn't wept yet. Ben decided to stop for a moment to allow Jake to ponder this part of his punishment. “Alright Jake hips up! I want those boxers off!”
Jake knew better than to argue by now! He lifted his hips up, allowing his dad to whip his boxers down, exposing all he had. “That's quite a package young man!” Ben's voice was quiet and lovingly soft, but then got louder and brasher again: “Now into that corner to think about what you've done!” Jake didn't need a second bidding. He jumped up and practically ran to the corner, and grabbed his stinging buttocks, massaging them furiously to try to alleviate his Dad's discipline.
“Hands on your head boy! I'm not done with you yet!”
Damn! Jake obediently placed his hands on his head, his butt still intensely hot!
Ben was thinking of the best way to punish Jake for his foul mouthed language. He needed a fairly painful 'penalty' instrument to punish Jake for his swearing and other infractions that would inevitably happen later on. Yet he also needed another painful instrument to continue the spanking. He casually walked over to his computer, out of Jake's earshot, letting him puzzle over what was going to happen next. He asked the computer for a list of traditional discipline instruments that could be replicated. He narrowed down the parameters, eliminating the implements that were far too extreme or not painful enough (he wasn't prepared to use a Roman lash or a wooden ruler). From the final list he chose two implements. He sauntered over to the replicator:
“Computer, one Lochgelly tawse, heavy, 3-tongued and one fraternity paddle to the specifications of the Rho Theta Fraternity of Starfleet Academy.”
Jake gasped. He heard the implements materialise behind him. He then heard some vicious swiping sounds as his dad tested the tawse. “Alright Jake, as I said, bad language attracts extra punishment. Anytime you step out of line during your punishment, this tawse will set you right. And believe me, it STINGS!” Jake could see his dad was serious! He was actually going to lash him with that belt thing! It sounded fearsomely painful, and he could believe his dad's words.
“I heard a 'dammit', two 'fucks' and a 'wanker,' Jake, for which you will receive 3 strokes, 24 strokes and 9 strokes respectively. A total of 3 dozen.” Ben whipped the air with the tawse again, Jake swallowing hard as he heard it. “Alright Jake, turn around and bend over the back of this chair.” Jake obediently padded over to the chair his dad had pulled into the middle of the room, but stopped when he saw the implement Ben was holding. Things were going to get VERY painful. “What is it, Jake, can't you face up to the consequences of your actions like a man? Are you afraid of a little pain if it's for your own good?” Jake swallowed again: “No sir, I've just never seen anything like that...what did you say it was again, a 'tawse'?” Jake was desperately trying to stall for time. “Where does it come from, Dad” "Oh no you don't Jake, BEND OVER!” Ben pushed Jake over the chair, not wanting to delay any longer. He made sure Jake bent his long, lithe frame right over the chair, that his legs were spread far apart, his hands firmly holding the legs of the chair, and his buttocks nicely taut and well presented for the tawsing he was about to receive. Jake was breathing more heavily now, knowing his spanking so far had been nothing in comparison. Ben placed the tawse on Jake's glowing buttocks, rubbing it all over. Jake sharply took in a breath at the cool feeling of the leather on his taut skin, but he knew it wouldn't last...
Ben was enjoying this! He felt his loins stir when he saw his son jump from the cool feeling of the leather tawse. He had known for a while that his son needed his attitude adjusted, and he was relishing giving this 6 ft 3 hunk the humbling he deserved. He could feel a definite hard-on growing as he watched his son tensed over the chair, on his tiptoes at full stretch, his body exposed, completely submitting to his father. Ben wanted to catch Jake on the hop, this first lash coming unexpectedly. He took a few deep breaths and readjusted his stance, the tawse always on Jake's buttocks. He then swung his arm back and forward in a flash, landing the business end of tawse squarely over Jake's rear in an instant. It was clear Jake wasn't expecting this and he let out a shriek even before the pain of the stroke manifested itself! When it did, his whole body tensed up and he yelled out at the top of his voice. It stung so badly he was sure he'd not last the full three dozen. His dad let out a wry chuckle:
“Works better than soap and water for foul mouths, doesn't it Jake?”
Jake could hardly speak, he was in so much pain, but he just managed to get out a “Yes sir!”
Ben kept firing strokes onto Jake's young butt. They felt like a stream of photon torpedoes to Jake as he struggled to keep his balance against the forceful strokes his father was delivering.
It seemed like an eternity to Jake, but eventually he had taken all 36 strokes he was due.
“Alright son, get up.”
“Thank you sir”
“Don't thank me yet, young man, you've still got more to come! Don't think I replicated the paddle for a wall decoration!”
“MORE?!” “Don't look at me like that Jake, I'm simply NOT prepared to let you off lightly! And you forgot the 'sir' again, young man, so back over that chair for some more thrashing. That level of impudence is entirely unacceptable in a young man your age when addressing your father.”
“Dad this is too much, you are NOT gonna get me over that chair for even more of that shit!” Jake said through with a shaky voice as he tried to hold back the tears and catch his breath.
“GET YOUR SORRY ASS OVER THAT CHAIR THIS INSTANT JAKE SISKO BEFORE I HAVE TO TIE YOU DOWN!!!” yelled Ben, disgusted by Jake's insolence. “Like FUCK I will!” said Jake, mustering what volume he could. Ben's eyes widened, his face a picture of his fury. He threw the tawse to the floor, stormed over to the replicator and ordered for some sturdy rope. He then grabbed Jake, his grip vice-like, his knuckles white. “Bend over the chair, Jake” growled Ben. Jake just leered back. He'd taken enough punishment for this, and he wasn't gonna take this shit from his Dad, especially not when he was practically an adult. “OK son, if you want to do it this way, we can,” Ben murmured menacingly, moving his face to within an inch of his defiant son's. He then threw his son over the chair, and grabbing his right wrist, tied it to the leg of the chair, and then did the same for the left. He then tried to tie Jake's ankles to the chair, but Jake kept kicking and struggling, showing he was determined not to let his dad take control. If Jake wasn't going to co-operate, he'd need to be made to! Instead of persevering, Ben reached up and wrapped his hand around Jake's balls. He fondled them for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of Jake's virile package. Jake stopped moving, shocked his dad was feeling him. He looked into his dad's eyes, his own eyes saying everything: “What the hell?!” Jake's dad just grinned and kept on massaging his balls, sometimes moving to his son's semi-erect cock. Jake couldn't believe he was beginning to go hard...he was getting turned on by his DAD! And his dad was spanking him! What the fuck was that about? But Ben hadn't forgotten Jake's errant ways. He rested his hand on his son's balls a few seconds longer... and then clenched his hand closed, sending waves of pain through Jake's body.
“You like that boy?”
“Please sir, stop, AARRGH!! PLEASE SIR!”
“I'll release your balls when you give me your word you will submit to the restraints I deem necessary to carry out your punishment.”
“Alright, ALRIGHT!! DAMMIT!!! I'll DO it!!”
Ben released Jake's balls, and Jake obediently placed his ankles in position to allow his father to tie him down. Jake knew better than to risk his balls...his dad's grip was incredibly strong!
“Alright son, you'll now receive you're punishment for the insolence you showed me on completion of your punishment for bad language. For that you will receive a dozen of the tawse. However, I also heard further bad language, and I will continue to punish you for that after you're first dozen. As memory serves, I heard a 'shit,' a 'fuck' and a 'dammit.' That's 9, 12 and 3 strokes respectively. Really, Jake, I would have expected more maturity of language from someone of your age.” Ben's voice was calm as he passed sentence, which Jake found difficult to swallow. “Yeah, whatever,” muttered Jake under his breath. “I beg your pardon?”
“Nothing sir” “No, I heard you; you said 'whatever.' How can you be so ignorant in your situation?! Three dozen has now become four dozen, young man. You have only yourself to blame for this!” Ben picked up the tawse again and immediately set to work on Jake's arse. No warm-up, no waiting around, just pure, quick-fire strokes all over Jake's tender buttocks, sending him into spasms of pain! Jake did his best to ensure he didn't let fly any more expletives...he didn't think his arse would hold out much more! He tried to use Vulcan techniques he'd read about to channel the pain, he tried everything he could think of, but all that was in his mind was the sharp throbbing agony getting worse with each passing second. He let out scream after scream as his dad mercilessly whipped his young and tender arse. If the last 3 dozen felt like an eternity, this 4 dozen was even worse! When his father finished, he was yelling and screaming at the top of his lungs, still begging his father to stop. He couldn't control his breathing, and he felt like he was going to cry. But he would NOT let himself cry in front of his father. No matter how much his butt hurt, no matter what happened, he would NOT cry!
Ben took a step back to admire his handiwork. He could see he had done a great job, and Jake's arse was a deep crimson red. No bruising or bleeding, just raw, tender butt-flesh.
Ben then grabbed the paddle he had replicated, and stepped in front of Jake, who looked up at his dad. “Your grandfather used a similar paddle on me at your age many times. When I attended Starfleet Academy, my frat brothers used an identical paddle on me many times. I also used it often on younger brothers. Believe me, Jake, I have a LOT of experience with this paddle. I will now use all that experience on you. I know just how much this paddle hurts, I know where it hurts, I know how it hurts and I know you will have a very sore arse for days to come.” Ben smiled with a distant look in his eyes as he remembered back to his younger days.
At that, the door chime went. Both Ben and Jake's head jerked towards the door, Jake's face turning bright red realising that his dad could humiliate him even further by allowing a member of the crew to enter the room with him butt naked, tied to a chair with an arse glowing after the onslaught of his father. Ben noticed Jake's uncomfortable look and his face broke into a genial smile, revealing his large white teeth. “Enter!” The doors parted and Jake lowered his head, unable to quite believe he was so on show. He heard the intruder mutter “Oh, I'm sorry, um, I'll, uh, come back later if you want sir.” Jake could hear the guy was trying to suppress laughter yet was also a little embarrassed. Worse for Jake, he recognised the was Riccardo!! Jake felt so humiliated...this must have been the view he'd given Ric so willingly while under the influence.
“No, no, Ric, please stay, I was just about finished with Jake, you can speak to him in a few minutes. In the meantime, please have a seat. You can observe proceedings if you wish.”
“Um, thank you sir, I will,” replied Beltran in a louder voice than before, clearly gaining some confidence. And was there a hint of playfulness in there...
Before he could finish his thought, Jake's dad had stepped behind Jake and landed the first swat of the paddle full force, squarely across Jake's already aching rear. It was closely followed by a second, and a third, Jake's dad taking a full swing for each swat, delivering them in quick succession, allowing just a beat to let the pain of each stroke sink right in. After the first dozen Jake looked back to see his dad taking larger and larger skips and leaps into each stroke adding more and more and more force to each successive THWACK of the paddle. Jake was now roaring so loudly he was convinced those outside would be hearing him, despite the sound proofing his dad had fitted. His dad yelled out after each dozen to keep his son abreast of just how much he was getting...but Jake knew all too well just how much pain he was in! He felt tears well up in his eyes again, but he would NEVER cry in front of his dad, NEVER in front of a crewman! He tried to jerk his butt out the way of the paddle every time his dad brought his arm swinging down, homing in on his exposed arse cheeks, forcing his dad to bark and order to Beltran to hold Jake still...affording him the opportunity to get up close to Jake's slightly swollen crotch, lithe body and adorable face. He manoeuvred his crotch to make sure it hung close to Jake's face, the fabric of his leggings brushing Jake's head. Every time Jake's head moved or jerked, it ran against Ric's cock head, sending shivers coursing through Ric's body. Jake's mind wasn't on Ric, though, as all he could think about was the all-consuming pain of his dad slamming his arse with every ferocious stroke he made. After a tough 4 dozen, Jake felt his butt go a little numb, but his dad clearly wasn't finished, obviously using all his Starfleet fitness training to maintain the intensity and frequency of the punishment. The strokes kept falling, Jake was feeling that he couldn't contain his tears any longer...his butt just hurt SO much! He was still yelling at the top of his voice, begging his dad to stop, when he let forth his tears, letting them stream all the way down his face, sobbing and pleading with his dad to just stop. He wanted Ric to get out and let him be...he hated being naked in front of him, it was SO embarrassing...and Ric was clearly loving it. Jake's misery was total. His dad was reaching the end of 6 dozen. Jake was bawling through the floods of tears, choking as he tried still to remonstrate with his father. “Six dozen!” called Ben.
Jake let out a long slow breath as he didn't feel his dad continue. He then felt his dad's cool hand on his flaming buttocks, making him shiver from the shock. “Well done Jake, I'm proud of you for taking that like a real man!” Jake felt humiliated he'd let himself cry. Ben ran his hand all over Jake's flaming rear, letting his hand stray to his son's crotch a couple of times. Jake was getting harder now...Ben smiled at Ric, who was looking up at his commanding officer. Ben then ran his hand back over his son's hot arse, and gave it a few more sharp love taps. He heard a sharp intake of breath, but nothing else. Ben then jerked his head to the chrono on the wall... “Oh, my, Jake I'm gonna have to dash, all this fun we've been having means I've gotta get to my shift on the bridge!” With that, Ben made a sharp exit, leaving the tied up Jake alone with Riccardo Beltran. “So here we are again!” said Ric, clearly quite excited at the prospect of being alone again with Jake...clearly aware Jake needed him right now!
“Um, Ric...could you?”
“Could I what, Jake?”
“Could you, er, untie me?”
“Untie you Jake? Oh, well I dunno about that...should I release you, when you are poised in such a tough position to maintain, when you've kept it for so long and so well under such...tough conditions...I wonder should I? Plus, you look damned sexy like that!”
Jake flinched at that last comment...but he could tell he was was such a strange feeling! He was actually pretty turned on by being helplessly tied up here, with Ric Beltran right next to him.
“Look Ric, please, just untie me! Please!” Jake was still a bit weepy from his father's treatment.
“Okay, Jake, but it'll cost you...”
“Cost me? How d'ya mean, cost me?”
“If I let you go...I get to turn you over my knee and spank you for what you said earlier. It hurt Jake, it really did, and you need to feel that. Plus, after that I'm gonna rub some nice, cool, soothing balm onto your butt. And I want another blowjob like the one you gave me last night.” Ric smiled a crooked half-smile as he watched Jake's eyes get wider and wider. He could see Jake had no choice but to cooperate but he'd find it...hard.
“Look, Ric, please just let me go, you don't need to force me to do this shit, it isn't fair. I'm not gay, so...” “Well don't be too sure Jake. You just might be...” Ric winked at that, and looked intently at Jake for his reply. “What if I refuse?” “If you refuse my offer I pick up that tawse and I don't stop beating your arse until you won't sit down for a month. And I leave you tied up.”
“WHAT??!! Oh man you can't be serious! That's hardly a choice Ric!”
“It's up to you will you accept my offer?” Jake dropped his head. He wanted out of these restraints, but he didn't want to suck Ric. He wasn't gay, was he? On the other hand, it would be far less painful to let Ric have his way... Okay Ric, untie me and I'm yours. I'll do what you ask.” “That's my boy! Thanks for this Jake!” Ric quickly untied the restraints, releasing Jake from the uncomfortable position he was in. He helped Jake up slowly, sometimes “accidentally” letting his hand slip from Jake's back to his arse. Once Jake was up, Ric grabbed him and wrapped him in his arms, strongly hugging the guy he loved. He then held Jake in front of him, firmly gripping Jake's lightly muscled upper arms and looking him up and down. Then without further delay he led Jake back to the bed they'd been in earlier, his hand still firmly gripping Jake's bicep. Ric then sank onto the bed and with a few playful smacks to Jake's arse and his guiding hand, positioned Jake over his left knee, using his right leg to hold Jake's legs in place. Jake's ample crotch was squashed up against Ric's thigh, and he could feel a stiffening there as he ran his hand gently over Jake's very tender rump. With his left hand he pushed on Jake's neck, lowering his head to raise his arse into a prime position. The view was glorious to say the least. With such a gorgeous target primed and ready, Ric gave Jake a playful slap on his arse. Jake flinched a little but didn't make a sound. Ric then gave him another slap on the other cheek, not too hard, just enough for Jake to feel. He kept playfully slapping Jake's tender cheeks getting a few stifled gasps and moans from Jake...and an expansion of the flesh digging into his thigh. Not only was Ric enjoying himself, quite clearly Jake was beginning to as well. Ric kept on slapping and slapping the wonderful shapely arse he had turned up in front of him, relishing the increasingly loud moans coming from Jake that were indicating how much he was beginning to relax and enjoy himself. Ric pulled Jake up from over his knee and balanced him on his right thigh, being sure to not put too much pressure on Jake's arse. “Oh Jake you naughty boy, I'd say that penis of yours is erect, wouldn't you?” Ric smiled as he put on his best shocked nursery teacher voice. “Oh I'm very sorry, sir, it's very naughty of me” smiled Jake as Ric began to run his hand up Jake's thigh. “But I know you'll have a plan in mind, sir, regarding what to do about it.” “That I do, Jake, that I most certainly do...” Ric began to run is open hand over the underside of Jake's 7 inch dick as Jake began to unbutton Ric's tight shirt to reveal his hairy chest. “Y'know, sir, I only think it's fair that you remove excess clothing, I wouldn't want you to overheat in here...” “My thoughts exactly Jake.” Ric leant forward a little to kiss Jake tenderly on the lips as Jake undid Ric's belt and flies. “Stand up Ric!” “Oh is it you giving the orders round here now, Jake?” “For now,” grinned Jake as he made Ric's lower half as naked as the top half. The two young men smiled at each other, each with a glint in their eyes. They were now both completely naked, both sober, and they both felt so right in each other's arms. Jake went back in to return Ric's kiss, and this time they sustained it for longer, playfully darting their tongues in and out of each other's mouths. Jake lets his hands go for a little wander around Ric's ripped and toned body, eventually settling on his perfectly shaped buttocks.
Jake then pulled his head back a little with a playful look on his face. “Permission to speak freely, sir?”
“Granted, Mr Sisko!” Ric adopted an air of mock authority.
“I believe I have not fully repaid you for your much needed assistance earlier on, sir.”
“That is correct, Mr Sisko.”
“Permission to suck your huge dick, sir?”
“Permission granted, Mr Sisko!”
“Thank you, sir!!!”
In one fluid motion Ric lay back on the bed as Jake locked his lips to Ric's. Ric was lying completely on his back with Jake mirroring him on top. Jake then began to kiss Ric's neck, breathing warm air onto the sensitive, stretched skin, sending shivers of pleasure down to Ric's toes. Jake then started to work his way down to Ric's tasty nipples, sucking them, tickling each one in turn with little flicks from his flirtatious tongue. Jake loved the taste of Ric and was having the time of his life as he licked playfully down Ric's abdomen, finally reaching a very well endowed crotch. Jake avoided Ric's dick at first, flicking his balls with his tongue, grabbing them lightly with his teeth, breathing heavily on his inner thighs, building and building the desire in Ric to have his manhood engulfed in the warmth and moistness of Jake's sweet mouth. Jake even tickled the area behind Ric's balls, letting Ric's cock and balls bounce off Jake's nose and forehead. Ric was so horny he let rip with his cum, soaking Jake's hair with 5 streams of salty yellowy white jizz. But Jake wasn't finished yet!
Jake opened his mouth wide and landed on Ric's cock, sucking it dry of any leftover cum. He then set to work swirling his tongue round the sensitive head of Ric's huge uncut dick. He then licked all the way up and down the shaft, jangling his lover's scrotum where it joins the penis, producing grunts of approval from deep down in Ric's throat. It wasn't long before Ric's cock was fully raging hard and raring to go again and Jake worked it over like a pro (not bad for his second time, eh?). “Jake, I want you to turn over onto your back, got it?”
Jake screamed in approval as in one swift move Jake was on his back getting his face fucked by his Latin lover. Damn it was hot watching such a huge cock pounding in and out of his mouth. He reached down and grabbed his cock which was by now leaking precum all over the shop. He could tell Ric was on the verge of cumming again and he wanted to be ready to swallow his load while spurting out one himself. Jake took his dick in both hands, lifted his legs a little and thrust his dick in and out of his hands furiously. Both guys kept going, getting harder and harder, more and more intense with their strokes until Ric let out an almighty primal roar and shot a huge load into Jake's mouth, the cum load so huge that it was dripping down Jake's cheeks. Jake blew his load just a fraction of a second later, his cum shooting so far it spattered all over Ric's back.
They lay there heaving for literally 5 minutes, both a bit spaced out from the intensity of the shared orgasm. Ric was the first to break the silence: “Holy smoke, man, that was just......AMAZING!!!” He pulled his dick out of Jake's mouth, and before Jake could swallow the cum to say anything found he was being kissed even harder by Ric than they had been before. Ric pulled back and just looked into Jake's eyes... “Jake...I love you!”
“ do I!” Jake was amazed at what he was saying. He had no idea he would enjoy this, that he could love a man as he loved Ric. Ric could read this in Jake's face and just smiled. He kissed again on the lips and pulled back the bed clothes, beckoning Jake to get in next to him. Jake obeyed Ric's direction, feelings liberated by being submissive to Ric, fulfilling his desires and obeying him. As they lay together in each other's arms, Jake's thoughts turned to his tender rump. He hoped that that would be his last spanking from his Dad, but also that this would start a new era of spankings from Ric. He knew he needed them.
“Ric? If I need it...will you spank me?” Jake asked, sounding 10 years younger.
“Jake, if you step out of line, I'll spank your ass like nothing you've felt before, and that, my boy, is a promise!”

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I found a wonderful blog called Mardi seems like a person who is totally comfortable with his body (and he should be) He has some wonderful photography of himself on the blog. Now you know why I picked this photo don't you! Hmmmmm........I wonder if he has ever let anybody give that sexy booty a few smacks? I'm just as happy that he is sharing it with us! I might have to work a few of his photos into a story sometime. Thanks again Mardi for letting me display your photos! Chat with ya soon.

Barry Waiting For The Cane!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Move That Hand

He knows better than to reach back and rub that butt! His daddy was being nice by not giving it to him on his bare behind! Now daddy is gonna have to pull them cute red briefs down and really give it to him good! That butt will be just as red soon enough!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #17

Cheeks On The Beach, I wish all the brutha's would walk around the beach with there sexy cheeks on display like this......I'd go everyday! Man....that butt is just asking for some attention! I think it's even more sexy when that butts covered just a little bit! Everybody who walks by him should give that butt a smack!

Original Post......

Ready & Waiting

I've never seen a butt more ready & waiting for a good spanking than this one!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ready For The Paddle

Ok son....drop your shots and bend over the know the routine. Shorts down and bent over the bed with your ass sticking out! Don't be shy...I can see everything but it's nothing I haven't seen before. Your gonna get that butt paddled good son!

Monday, May 18, 2009

18 Going On 8

It was finally the day of my high school graduation and I was at the top of my class and was looking forward to leaving home for college! I was a man now......and I was on top of the world until I came home drunk after partying into the night after my graduation. I didn't really have a curfew but the fact that I drove home and hit just about everything in the driveway when I got home didn't help! My Dad woke up and came down to see what all the noise was and wasn't very happy at what he saw! He was outside for quite awhile looking at the car and I laid down on the sofa and waited for him to come back in. I must of fell asleep....or should I say passed out. It was light out when I woke up and the house was quiet. I looked at the clock and it looked to be about 9:00am. I was still a little out of it when my dad came down the stairs. He looked at me and told me to follow him outside......damn, I could see he was mad and soon everything about last night started coming back to me. I realized that I was only wearing my tight little briefs .....I figured I must have taken off my clothes at some point last night. I was looking around for my pants when my dad yelled at me and said I wouldn't be needing them anyway. I closed my eyes and dreaded those words but I got up and went outside with him and looked at the car. That bright sunlight didn't help my hangover any either!
The car had a long streak up the side where I must have side swiped the fence pulling it into the driveway. I told him how sorry I was and how I would get it fixed and cleaned up. Dad told me he wasn't worried about the car but how I could of been hurt or hurt someone else! He said for someone as smart as me he couldn't believe that I would do something so stupid! Getting in a car and driving drunk son? You have got to be kidding me! You lucky your not in jail or a hospital right now! Then he dropped the bomb on me! Son.....I know your going off to college in a few weeks and that I was growing into a good young man but sometimes you still act like a kid and that's why I'm gonna punish you like a kid....let's go out back son. I knew exactly what he meant! A whuppin? I'm 18 now I thought to myself as we were walking to the yard. Dad...your gonna whup me for this I asked in my sorriest voice I could muster? That's right he you have a problem with that he asked me? I wanted to tell him I had a big problem with that but the little boy in me was still intimidated and respectful to my dad!'s been over two years since the last time aren't I a little old for that I asked. He look straight at me and said no I wasn't and he started to take off his belt! I started to panic a little and looking for a way out of this mess but when your standing outside in your sexy little briefs and your dad's standing in front of you with his belt in his hand you know that this is only gonna end one way and that is with a very sore ass! He snapped me out of my deep thoughts and told me to go lean on the fence and pull those shorts down. I wanted to tell him that these shorts were thin enough and didn't need to be taken down but again I didn't. I can't remember ever having gotten a whuppin with my shorts up and this wasn't gonna be any different.

When I was in position with my bare ass on display waiting for my dad's belt I told him again I was sorry and please not to do this! He told me that he was sorry he had to still do this and started laying the belt to my ass! Whap, Thwack, Whap! please! Whap, Thwack, Whap! please daddy.....Whap, Smack, Thwack! It had been awhile and I guess my ass had forgotten how much it felt like a thousand bees were stinging my ass! It was all I could do to keep from climbing up and over the fence! Thwack, Whap Thwack, Whap! Daddy please stop I begged him but he kept it up for a good ten minutes before he stopped. I was hurting and crying like a little boy.....I was embarrassed and ashamed that I put myself in this position. I just stood there and cried into the fence. After a few minutes my dad came over and hugged me and told me that he loved me and if I ever do something so stupid again that I could expect the same thing but even worse and he didn't care how old I was! I nodded my head and hugged him back then he spun me back around and put me back up against the fence and told me to stand here until he tells me I can come in and think about what has happened and how lucky I was not to be hurt or worse. He gave me a good slap on my sore and red backside then went back inside. Yesterday he was helping me put on my cap and gown for graduation and today he was whuppin my ass.....I hope I can get through my College graduation without another whuppin!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #16

You walk in to the bedroom and see him waiting......he's butt naked on the bed with that ass sticking up for you! He clutches the pillow and waits for the first strike of your belt! Make sure that butts nice and red when your done!

300,000 Hit's!

....or should I say 300,000 spanks! Thank you for all your support and thoughts on the blog so far! We are nearing 700 posts now so if your new to the blog there are alot of post for you to go back and check out! Please feel free to comment on any of the posts I put up so far. Would love to hear from you. Well I hope to see you all in another 100,000.....thanks again....Eric

Thursday, May 14, 2009

On The Floor

Reaching back and peeling those jeans down for some spanking! Go ahead....he wants you to!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chris Brown Gets a Good Old Fashioned Spanking!

By Bunbuster

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 11 May 2009

"Well, he is just a kid, Jay z", the hip-hop mogul's assistant said to his boss who was very pissed off at how Chris Brown, super cute 19 year old singer, allegedly beat up his friend and discovery Rihanna.

Jay Z wanted so bad to do something to the young cutie, teach the young pup a good lesson.
"Oh, so what do we do, have him spanked?", Jay Z asked his right hand man jokingly.
"That's exactly what we do, he needs a good old fashioned spanking, a good long hard spanking that is, it will do that boy a world of good", the assistant said.
Jay Z pondered it.
"Damn, that's a great idea, he needs his ass beat and beat good and hard, perfect lesson for him, any ideas on who'd spank him?", Jay Z asked.
"Boss, come on, who wouldn't spank a cute kid like that, but I think I know the perfect person to do it, loves to spank and adores young guys' asses", the man said.
"Will I spank Chris Brown's ass, shit, you know damn well that I'd lick his ass, you want a real job done on his fanny, right?", Brent, who we all know as the middle aged African American man who worked at Branchburg Reformatory and who loves the young male tail, including spanking them to a fiery sore redness, asked Jay Z.
"Yeah, can you fire his little butt up for me?" Jay Z asked the big tough looking man.
"I'll sass that kid's ass so hard that he's go from a cocky young bugger to a weeping, begging farting little stinker", Brent assured Jay Z.
Actually, young Chris was in a sense waiting for punishment, certain something was going to happen but not quite certain in what form that punishment would be. The sexy and cute youngster, with his handsome features, bright smile and hot naturally toned copper colored young body, actually jumped and farted whenever a loud noise rang out.
Brent did a little research. Chris attended a semi private gym on Fridays and he left the place at 4PM. Brent, his tongue hanging out, went over the the gym and when he walked in and asked where the young bugger was he was told that Chris was in the shower.
Brent went over to the shower room. A few cute young men were getting dressed, Brent adored them in their sexy jock straps, and he heard Chris singing in the shower.
Brent looked in the shower and there he was, cute Chris, his rounded bubble butt protruding out back and a succulent long fat pecker hanging down up front. Chris was stroking his porker of a pecker with his soapy fingers, like all horny young guys do in the shower.
"Whoa, hey what the fuck, hey man, are you crazy, put me down dude!!!!!", Chris was stunned when Brent stormed into the stall, turned the water off and hauled him buck naked and soaking wet across his shoulder.
"What are you doing, hey man!!", the young lad continued to protest, and blush profusely, when Brent carried him out of the shower in front of the 2 young guys, still in their sexy jock straps.
"Damn, boy's got a cock on him", Brent said when he looked at Chris' prime meat of a sausage pressing down on his shoulder.
"Great, nice solid smooth butt, gonna be a real pleasure to spank this one", Brent thought as he patted Chris' firm young fanny, a 'tushie made in heaven' according to him.
"What, oh no, don't even think about it, no you don't, hey!!!!", Chris realized what the big man had in mind when he sat down on a bench and dropped him ass up across his lap.
"Let me up, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo." Chris started to struggle but all it did was spread his delightful smooth firm tushie cheeks and give Brent a good view up his crack. Chris had just a bit of boyish peach fuzz in his fanny crack and his asshole was so tight and tiny that the actual hole was not even visible much less the tender inner walls. The only thing that signified that there was a fart hole up there was the wheel of puckers that looked like the rays of a mini-sun.
"You're gonna get your tender young bottom spanked and spanked good and hard", Brent said as he ran his hand all over the smooth fanny flesh, admiring the muscular firmness covered with very tender baby skin.
Spank Spank Spank Spank "Ouch, are you, ouch, crazy, stop, fucking stop, ouch, now!!!!!!!"
Chris went wild when Brent started to spank his bare bottom, the big hand whaling the tar out of his tender skinned young buttocks.
Whack Whack Whack Whack "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, stop, who do you, oww, think you are, owww."
As Brent whopped his bare bottom Chris looked to find himself looking right in the eyes of the 2 young men who had huge boners in the pouchs of their jock straps.
Whack Whack Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this is outrageous, stop, stop damn it, owwwww."
As Brent continued to whop his fine young buttocks Chris, like all boys who were spanked by Brent, found himself snuggling into the man's big strong arm that was wrapped around his naked young body and holding him firmly and lovingly in place for some good old fashioned punishment. Brent's firm loving hold almost made the young cutie feel that if he had to be spanked then it was a grace to be spanked by Brent, a man who loved young male asses and would spank them hard and long but hold the youngster in place with love and tenderness.
Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whack Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, not there, noo, come om", Chris yelled when Brent tanned his firm but tender thighs with blistering spanks, spanks which made the poor young bugger, like Brent had promised, turn into a little stinker as his little asshole erupted with a barrage of boyish farts, finally giving Brent a good look at the tender baby pink inner walls of his super tight little fart button.
Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sob." No boy could hold up under the duress of one of Brent's spankings and young Chris was starting to weep, sounding very boyish and tender indeed.
Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sob, sob, sob." Chris was a broken boy. He knew that this was retribution and though it was painful and mortifying his firm young hiney would be back to new in no time.
Pleased that the youngster was well tanned, meaning very red and very sore buttocks, a boy who was changed nature, a sweet kid minus the attitude that he had when he first went over the knee, tears dripping down his cute face and big boyish farts ripping out of his delicate baby pink little asshole.
Chris learned a valuable lesson that day across Brent's knee and cuddled in his big manly arm.
Chris had paid the price for his naughtiness so he didn't fart every time he heard a loud noise but he sure as hell farted whenever he heard the word 'spanking'.

I'm glad Bunbuster wrote this story...I've wanted to do one on Chris Brown for awhile now but just haven't got to it yet. I would love to see this young man get that butt spanked good....I think we all would! A no nonsense bare ass over the knee spanking! Check the link in the links section of the blog to go to the malespank website for more stories.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Showing The Damage

Looks like dad wore that behind out!

What's He Thinking?

Is he daring you to spank it?
Does he want you to spank it?
I think it's one of those..."what are you waiting for looks"
Well what ever he's thinking......A phat ass like that is just meant to be spanked!

Rubbing It!

That rubbing won't help you son...this whuppin isn't over yet!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playing Hookey

It's been around as long as schools have been around.

This morning Dieon left for school but waited around the corner until he saw his dad leave for work. What Dieon didn't know is that his dad realized he left his wallet laying on the kitchen table and was on his way back home to get it. Dieon was in his room bragging on his phone to his boy Chris and never heard his dad come up stairs. His dad heard his voice and decided to go up and see what was going on. He overheard Dieon saying how he got away cutting school again and how his dad was clueless. Dieons bedroom door flew open and he saw his dad standing in the doorway......he threw down his phone and started to get up to try and come up with some kind of excuse! are you doing home. His dad didn't say anything but he did start removing his belt! His boy Chris who was sill on the other end of his cell phone heard the sounds of a very angry dad laying the belt to Dieon's bare ass! Whap, Thwack....Dad please don't...Whap Thwack, Whap....I'm sorry...please...Owww...., ahhhhh....Daaaaadd stop! Whack, Whap......Whap! Chris secretly listened to the ass beating Dieon was getting and eventually heard him crying like a baby! Chris heard Deon's dad tell him to get up and get dressed because he was gonna take him to school to find out how many times he cut school! Chris also overheard his dad tell Dieon that he can look forward to a ass whuppin for everyday he missed! Damn....Chris knew that Dieon had missed alot of school this semester and figured he was in for at least six more whuppins! Chris ended the phone call and wondered why his dick was so hard....he guessed that hearing that ass whuppin got him a little excited. He sent Dieon a text to say "I guess you won't be sitting for awhile". On top of everything else that happened today....Dieon will come home and see the text and realize that his boy heard the whole thing.......and soon the whole school would know!
Chris did nothing but think about what he heard on the phone that morning and shot the biggest load of his life that night thinking about Dieons ass getting blistered!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #15

Mmmmmm....I love the two different shots of this juicy, spankable butt! Almost like a booty mug shot. "Turn to the right!"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sexy Photo

Very sexy photo but it seems even sexier with that belt hanging over his shoulder!


Here's another great toon from Belasco! Looks like he's been whuppin some booty!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bobby....UK Discipline

Now that is one British Police Officer that I wouldn't mind getting arrested by! After he had me in handcuffs I would ask if there was any other way to get out of going to jail? He tells me that there is only one way and it would involve my butt and his hand! Then he proceed to blister my behind until I was begging him to stop! Be careful over there in the UK Barry!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crying Before And After?

I know that face.....but I'm not sure if he is on the verge of crying or if he just finished crying? I'm sure his face will be red and full of tears after a good butt whuppin but sometimes just thinking about whats gonna happen to your butt when your dad gets home can lead to tears as well! It could be hours until your dad gets home and you have all that time to work yourself up into a frenzy thinking about whats to come! By the time he walks through the door your already a blubbering mess! For some boys it's just as bad as the whuppin it's self!

Barry's Red Butt

Barry showing everyone his well spanked bottom! I would rub the sting out of it for him just as long as he wants me too!

The Whuppin Tree

Unfortunately for me there is a large tree in our backyard that has been leaning over since a big storm blew it over about five years ago. That damn tree is now my fathers favorite place to give me and my brothers our whuppins! He makes us strip and marches us bare ass out to the tree. Dad doesn't care who's around either....when he says go, we go! I can usually get through a whuppin with out making to much of a fuss but when he's really mad and I know he's gonna blister my butt good I have to wrap my hand around the trunk and hold on for dear life! My brothers watched me get such a whuppin today and I knew they enjoyed the show! It's not often I openly cry but he really laid into my ass this time. They like seeing there cool older bro crying like a little boy...but soon I know it will be there turn on the tree! When he's done he makes us go up to our room for the rest of the day. If were lucky no one will be around to watch our bare red butts marching through the house. I wish another storm will come along and finish knocking down that damn tree!