Monday, February 28, 2011

Barry Gets The Strap!

Barry in a Sting production "The brothers"!

A good OTK hand spanking will do Barry some good!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spankable Butt of The Week #8

Here's a deep dark chocolate booty all stretched out and waiting for you to teach him a lesson he'll never forget!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week # 7

Big, smooth and juicy and ready to spank......just like I like um!

A Strapping After School!

I waited until this morning before I gave my dad my report card.....I knew I was gonna get my ass whupped so I figured I'd give myself an extra day of being able to sit! I didn't even look at his reaction while he read it I just pretended to eat my breakfast. Boy he said, " what the he'll is wrong with you bringing me a report card like this"? Two D's and an F? Boy your lucky I have to get to work or I'd wear your ass out right now! I cringed at my dads words even though I knew they were coming. I looked over at my little brother and saw him grinning from ear to ear just like he always did when he knew I was gonna get my ass beat! I'll take care of you when I get home and your ass better be in your room waiting when I get here he told me as he stormed out the door. My little brother started his usual "Your gonna get a whuppin" chant just like the little brat always did! !

I agonized about my fate all day in boy Travis knew something was up with me and asked what was going on? I just mumbled something about problems at home and my dad but Travis knew me well enough to realize what was happening. Yo man....not again, he said almost laughing......damn don't your Pops know your to old for that shit? Damn man your a senior now! I didn't respond to his comment but instead looked around the classroom to see if anyone had heard what he said! I sensed he knew how upset I was and apologized for laughing at my situation. Yo man is there anything I can do he asked? Yeah can go to my house and pretend your me for about an hour! He laughed and said no way man.....I've had my share of butt whuppins but I definitely don't want one from your dad! He was right about dad is a large man and gives no nonsense ass whuppins and Travis has seen my ass after my dad finished with it! Travis wished me luck as I got on the bus for the ride home.....I felt like I was gonna throw up the closer I got to my house and my ass seemed to feel every little bump the bus hit like my ass knew what was coming! I got home about 3:30 and went up to my room.....I heard my little bro in the other room watching tv and knew his ear would be at my door listening in about 30 minutes. Sure enough I heard my dad come in the door right at 4:00. I was in a panic state now and sweating.....I don't know why but I always sweated a lot when I get it and it sucks because It makes that damn strap sting even more! Whenever me or my brother get our asses whipped we both know that we are to be butt naked laying across our bed when dad gets here.....or else!

I climbed onto my bed and waited......almost in tears already! I looked back to see the strap hanging on wall like it has been for 12 year old brother has one like it in his room to but it's not as big as mine. I didn't hear my dad come up the steps, I guess I was to deep in my own thoughts when I heard the door open and close as he came inside. Now as many times as I've been in this position I was still uncomfortable and very embarrassed for my own dad to see me like this. A senior in High School naked as the day I was born laying across my bed waiting for an ass whuppin! The first thing my dad asked was if there was anything I had to say? I wanted to say "Please don't beat my ass" but I knew that wasn't gonna work. I just told him I was sorry and that I would get my grades back up and that I have been so busy lately I let my school work slip a little. Well that's all I had so I was hoping he would go a little easier on me.....WRONG! Boy......we have been through too much shit for you to be screwing it up now this close to your graduation and I'm gonna make sure you remember this for a long time son! Shit, I was a dead man! I saw him go and get the strap off the hook and wrap the end around his fist! Son he said, Don't you even think about moving off that bed until I'm finished"! WHAP! Ahhhgggghh I cried out before I even realized that he swung the belt! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! My dad was beating my ass like he was possessed.....I was already in tears and was crying pretty loudly as he continued to blister my bare ass with the strap! I was gripping my bed sheets so hard I thought I was gonna rip them in half! My ass was starting to go numb when he started in on my sit spot and upper thighs! My screams and crying hit a whole new level.......I'll bet dogs a mile away could hear me! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! Daddy please stop I cried as he continued to blister my swollen black behind! It felt like it was twice it's normal size and I knew I wasn't gonna be able to sit down for a week! I'm guessing he gave me about 60 licks with the strap.....honestly I really don't know because I lost count and was crying like a two year old into my sheets. He told me that even after I graduated that I wouldn't be to old for an ass whuppin from him........and he was right. He hung up the strap and told me to get myself together and come down stairs so we could go over my school work. As he opened the door to leave he almost pulled my little bro into the room who was hanging onto the doorknob and who I was sure heard every lick of the strap on my bare ass! Boy didn't I tell you before about spying on your brother like that.....get your ass in to your room and get ready he screamed at the little brat! Well at least I get to smile about something! His room was right next to mine and you could hear everything just as well as you could from the door so why he had to listen right outside was beyond me! As I got dressed I could hear my dad laying into his little brown butt and I laughed as he begged my dad to stop! I'm guessing were both gonna be standing up while we eat dinner should be quite a sight! I heard my dad give him the same orders as me as he left his room......I finished getting dressed and headed downstairs and as I walked past my brothers room I saw him just as naked as I was on his bed crying and trying to rub the fire out of his little brown booty! I stuck my head inside his room and being sure my dad didn't hear me and got a whuppin, you got a whuppin!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spakable Butt of The Week #6

I've always loved men with dreads and if you and a nice spankable butt to go along with it I'm in heaven!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Man In The Mirror

Here are some self photos of a new BMBW viewer! A great shot of a great ass but I know that jump rope is gonna leave some welts on that perfect booty! I'd be doing the spanking dance after one lick! Oooowwwww!