Saturday, January 31, 2009

Barry Restrained

The funny part is....I've had this dream!

Public Spanking!

Ok folk...the shows over...nothing to see here! He didn't think his father would do that to him in public.....but he was wrong!

Jock Straps...Won't Protect That Butt!

They look sexy as hell when your boy is wearing them but it's not gonna offer him any protection from the strap or paddle!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rent Or A Sore Butt?

My Name is Mark Johnson, I just started college a few months ago and found a apartment complex just a few blocks away with a pretty reasonable rent and it was fairly clean. The rent was only $400 a month but that was a bargain in the city so i jumped on it! I had a part time job to help pay the rent and my dad helped me out from time to time. I was pretty good on paying my rent on time to the landlord who was a heavy set, smoking bear of a man! He reminded me of my dad in alot of ways. Except for his color they could of been twins! I had some unexpected expenses this month and I knew I was not gonna have enough money to pay the rent so I was hoping to talk to my landlord and ask him to give me some time to get the money to pay him. I already got some money from my dad this month and blew it all in a late night poker game with some friends so I couldn't ask him for any more without him drilling me about the money he already gave me. So I knocked on Mr. Roberts door. "Knock, Knock" Yeah..who is it....uh excuse me Sir...It's Mark Johnson from Apartment 405....he opened the door and asked what the problem was....something leaking or broken in your place son? sir nothing like that...I was trying to be as nice as I could to get through this! I won't be able to pay my rent on time this month Mr. Roberts and I was wondering if you could give me a couple weeks to..... NO he said, before I could even finish the sentence. The rules on your lease state that If you can't pay the rent I can kick your butt out! B...But Mr. Roberts Please....I've never missed my rent before and I had some expenses I had to pay....Stop! He interrupted me again...I don't wanna hear your excuses, all I want is the rent money and If you can't I'm gonna put you out is that clear? I got a waiting list of students who would do anything to get a place here. I had lost all hope and I was actually thinking about actually calling my dad for help as much as I didn't want to. Mr. Roberts said before he closed the door on me that if I wanted to we could work something out about the rent! My eyes lit up with a little ray of hope to get out of this situation! Y...yes Sir.....what can I do? Meet me down in the basement level at 7pm tonight to work off your debt. Take the freight elevator down and I'll meet you there. I wanted to ask some questions about what I would have to do but before I could he slammed the door in my face! Why does he want to meet down there? Does he want me to clean up or something? I guess I had no choice and headed down there at seven. I had never been in the freight elevator the doors opened I realized it was alot bigger than the other ones. A white kid I seen around the building and school came out as the doors opened and he seemed to be upset and crying....I tried to speak to him but he ran down the hall without saying a word. I was getting a nervous feeling but got in and went down anyway. when the elevator stopped and the doors opened Mr. Roberts was standing right there. well it's about time he said. He pushed me aside and turned a key on the elevetor to stop it from going back up. I said hello and started to apologize about the rent again but he told me to be quiet and listen to what he had to say!
Johnson.....since your unable to pay your rent there is only one way I'll allow you to stay.....I'm gonna give you a good whuppin on your bare ass with my belt until I think you have had enough to make up for your rent! He stood there with his arms folded in front of him after his speech and waited for my reaction! I was shocked to say the least and angered that he thought that I would let him do something like that to me! What way! Who do you think you are? I'm not gonna let you whup me! Ok then Mark.....let's go and get you packed up and out of my building! Shit I thought, I had no where to go....I suddenly realized that I had very little choice as much as I hated to admit it. I took a deep breath and sad...please Mr. Roberts can you please give me a little more time to....You heard me son! You have one minute to get those clothes off or I'm putting you out! I was shaking in my boot now.....I was actually gonna get my ass whupped! I've gotten them before by my dad but this was a stranger in a dark, cold basement....I was feeling very uncomfortable about this whole thing but I started to undress anyway! I had goose bumps all over me and I was visibly shaking as he watched me strip. I asked him if I had to take everything off ? He said the only way to give a real whuppin is to give it butt naked! I finished undressing and stood there looking at the big plump landlord and waited for him to tell me what to do next. I tried to keep some modesty by covering myself with my hands but he told me he has seen many in all shapes, sizes, and colors before and mine was no different. He took his belt off and sat down on a crate and motioned for me to come over to him. I slowly walked over to him and he grabbed my arm and pulled me down over his lap. There I was butt naked over his lap in the basement about to get it! I can't believe I got myself into this mess! I told myself to just get through it and I'll never be late with the rent again! How bad could it be I told myself. WHAP....ahhhh.....I screamed from the impact of his belt on my bare ass.....damn that hurt....oh man I might not make it through this if that's how it felt....WHAP Ohhh Pease....stop....WHAP!!! Shit....Fuuuuck. Not so hard....WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! That belt was blistering my ass....I thought I would do this with a little bit of dignity but I was wrong...I was screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs and I coulf feel the tears coming fast....! WHAP, Whap, Thwack!....Please Sir.....stop..Please....sniff....WHAP, WHAP, WHAP!!!!!!! I don't think he was listening to me at all.....Tears were flying down my face and I was only seconds away from bawling my eyes out! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, he let loose with a volley of hits on my upper thighs! Whhaaaa....nooooo....waaaaaaaa! I was crying like a little kid but at that point I didn't care because I was getting my ass whupped like a little kid! WHap, WHap, WHAP! I finally stopped fighting him and went limp over his lap and let him blister my butt for a good ten minutes! I didn't even realized he stopped and was rubbing my behind with his big calloused hand as I was still crying pretty hard! When I calmed down he stood me up and handed me a rag to clean my face up. I didn't know what to say to him and I couldn't even bring myself to look at him ...I was just to embarassed! He grabbed my chin and made me look right at him.....he said that is what happens to the boys who don't pay there rent on time around here....and don't think your the only one either. Sniff, Y...You mean you whup others from the building too Sir? Sure fact I got to give another one in a few minutes so get yourself dressed and out of here. Yes sir I said and I told him I would have the rent as soon as I could get it He told me not to worry about the rent this month. That whuppin was your payment! I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that at mean I won't have to pay for last month? Didn't you hear me boy? I just said go get out of here....I have another appointment. Het turned the key to unlock the elevator as I walked in very slowly as my poor ass was very tender and pushed the 4 button and the door closed and up I went! I was still a little shook up and shaking but I was kinda happy about what just happened....I took a really good butt whuppin and I didn't have to pay rent on top of! I just then realized when I saw that kid form school earlier.....freddy...that was his name! He must have gotten one too! Damn.....I wondered how many others go it? I reached my floor and a Latino kid got I was getting off. He looked at me and asked me if I didn't pay the rent this month either...I was a little embarrassed and nodded my head. He told me his name was Javier and said it gets easier! What I have gotten it before? Hell yeah he said......I haven't paid my rent in six months! You mean you let him whup your ass every month? Yeah's just a whuppin and the pain goes away after a couple days! I got extra money to do what ever I want man! You should think about it? I was still holding the elevator door while he told me all this. No way man......that belt hurt like hell...I can't do that every month. Hey it's ok man....but just give it some thought. What apartment are you in? 405 I told him...aiight man I got some lotion that will make your ass feel better....when I'm done down there I'll come up and put some on for ya and maybe you can put some on me if that's alright? W....well I guess thats cool ass really hurts bad! Aiight I better get down there....he gives extra if your late! Later man.....the doors closed and I went into my place. I laid face down on the bed and could do nothing but think about what just happened and wondering about Javier down there butt naked getting a whuppin from the landlord. I don't know if my butt is strong enough to go through that every month but I have thirty days to make a decision!

Hands On The Wall

Some Daddy's prefer to whup there bad boys with there hands on the wall and there bare butts and sticking out! It makes a nice target for Dad's belt!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nice Position

I'm gonna have to try this position next time! In that position he can't reach back to stop ya and if he tries.....that means extra! He looks like he's really enjoying it too!

He's Late Again!

That boy should of been up and out of the house an hour ago!

What should I do?
1. Should I go in there and whup his butt now then send him to work?

2. Should I wake him up and tell him when he gets home he's getting his butt whupped?

3. Or should I wake him up and whup his butt, then send him to work and tell him when he
gets home he's getting another whuppin? Hmmmm...

Yeah I agree......#3

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week! #1

Barry & The Paddle

Barry's butt is in trouble again! He's gonna get a few swats from the paddle. I'll volunteer to rub some lotion on his sore bottom tonight!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nice Jeans

Perfect position for the strap and looking good in those jeans butt they would look better when there pulled down so that butt is in full view!

Give Me Your Belt!

Go into his room and tell him to strip for the whuppin your about to give him! Humiliate him even more by making him take off his belt and hand it to you! Nothing worse than getting whupped with your own belt! You see his skimpy little underwear he's wearing and even though the won't give him any protection from the belt you make him take them off anyway!

When your done burning up his ass......hand him back his belt and tell him to get his butt to bed!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Butt Roasting

Every once and awhile dad likes to take his bad boy out back and give him a good old fashioned butt roasting that he needs and deserves! He marches him out there butt naked of course to add to the embarrassment and because it's outside the neighbors are sure to hear everything but they have heard it all before! Dad will also make him stand there for an hour without being able to rub his sore butt to think about it! He knows his dad will apply more stripes to his butt if he gets out of position so he stays put for his sore butts sake!

Ready And Waiting

Perfect naked ass in a perfect position for a spanking and other things! A few more pillows always helps! He won't be smiling for long!

Big, Juicy & Spankable

Here are some big and juicy bottoms that are just begging for some discipline! I'll bet they would bounce and jiggle with every smack!

Thanks John!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grab The Stool!

Grab that stool spread those legs and get ready for a long session with my paddle! If you let go before I'm done blistering your ass were gonna start over!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Go Get Another Switch!

As many times as your dad made you go cut a switch for your whuppins you think you would know better than to bring back a weak switch that broke after just a few strokes. You thought you could get away with getting one that might not hurt as much.....wrong! Now you have to take your bare behind outside and get another one and get more strokes of the switch for not getting a good one the first time! Some boys never learn!

Pool Boy Butt

I would love to get a hold of this boy and haul him across my lap before his butt dries off so I can give him a nice stinging spanking! When he asks me why he's getting a spanking, I'll tell him his butt is too perfect for me not to spank!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spanking Bench

What a beautiful photo! That bench is placed right under a big window seems like the perfect place to punish bad boys! It seems to be built with one purpose and that is to have a bare behind laying across it! Perfect for applying the belt, paddle or hand! You can almost hear him groan when you tell him to strip and go lay on the bench!

Whupped On The Couch

When your dad decided it was time to whup that butt it didn't matter where you were or who was around he was gonna do it! You can argue with him if you want but in the end your gonna have your bare ass beat good! The livingroom couch was always a common place to get it even if your brothers or sisters or cousins were there your dad would still bare your butt abd give it to you anyway....and I'm sure it won't be the last time!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Father And Son

This father gave his son a good long over the knee spanking that he truly deserved and after it was over he took him into his arms to let him know hat he only did it because he loves him and doesn't want him going down the wrong path. Thank you dad....I love you to!

The Whupper....He Will Find You

The Whupper......that's what everybody was calling him! Who he is and where he came from nobody knows. Whoever he is he seems to have a sense of what boy or man needs his ass blistered and he won't stop until he's done his job! Not every one believed these story's of bad boys getting stripped and whupped by a masked man but it seemed like everyday there was another story of a young black man getting his but whupped!

TRUE ACCOUNT #1: My name is Tre' and I'm 19 y/o A few weeks ago I was in my room sleeping when I wole up and sensed that someone was my room. I flicked on the light and there he was....looking down at me in some kind of armored suit with a big leather strap in his hand! I tried to run toward my bedroom door but he grabbed me and stripped me in no time flat and started whuppin my ass hard! I was screaming and begging him to stop but it didn't help! I never been whupped that hard in my life and I would of done anything to get him to stop! I couldn't believe nobody in the house heard me or came to see what all the noise was but nobody did! I was crying my eyes out and I didn't even realize he had stopped and was gone! I looked around the room through my tears but I didn't see him! The window was locked from the inside....I didn't know how he could of got in or out but I did know my ass was on fire and it wasn't my imagination! Later I noticed a note written on the wall that said "I know what you have been doing and it has to stop or I'll be back again to whup your ass!" At first I didn't know what he meant but I knew that I had been doing some bad things with my friends, stealing and shit but I didn't know how he could of known? The next morning I was waiting for someone in my family to ask what all the noise was but no one did. I finally asked my sister if she heard any noise last night because her room is right next to mine but she said she didn't hear anything. I know it was real because my ass was still on fire and I knew I wouldn't be sitting down for while! It wasn't until one of the guys I was running around with told me about the visitor he had one night and what he did to his behind that I knew it was him and that I wasn't the only one! I didn't tell him the same thing happened to me...I was to embarrassed but I have stopped my bad habits and stopped hanging out with certain friends mostly because I don't want another visit from.....him. I've been hearing storys and rumors about boys getting there butts beat by some phantom spanker and not alot of people believe them...but I do!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Give Me 20

Sarge has a way of motivating his troops when they are behind in there training!

A well placed strap to his Privates ass if he fails his PT test and more if he fails it after that!
Tomorrow Sarge will start all over again no matter how sore his Privates butt is?