Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let's Go Boy!

Curious Pic?

Just happened to stumble upon this interesting belt whuppin pic....I have no idea what it's from but if anyone out there know please share it with us!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Asking For More!

Looks like he hasn't had enough....he's gonna get another whuppin and more!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hard Headed!

Talking gets me now where with that boy so I decided to let the strap do the talking and it seemed to work! It's amazing how fast he gets things done with his bare behind is on fire and on display. He's gonna get the second half of his punishment when he's done and it's gonna make the first part seem like a love tap!


Belasco has animated some of his art pieces.....would love to see a whole movie like this!

These two are just classic belasco booty art!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Votes Are In ......

Barry missed a photo shoot and now he has to be punished and his punishment was voted on and this is the result! It starts out with Barry reading the votes off the computer screen and some of his reactions are great! Basically he strips naked except for his socks (so cute) and spreads out over a two couches to take his strokes. Between each set of licks from the cane he has to stand in the corner with his hands on his head on full display! I think I could of just watched him stand there for hours....lol! I thoroughly enjoyed Dr Skepls production and Barry took it well....wish i could of rubbed some of the sting out of his bum for him. I wish I hadn't been so busy lately and could of posted this earlier but it's here now and Barry still has the most beautiful bottom ever! Glad to see he's doing well.....Thanks

In The Basement

Your dad has you waiting down in the basement / workshop again for another ass whuppin and he built himself a new solid paddle that's gonna set your 19 y/o ass on fire.....maybe you'll  learn this time but I doubt it!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

On The Bed!

Ok, alot of responses to my absence (so sorry) and what you want to happen to my behind so I thought I'd post some shots of some booties waiting on the bed for a good ass whuppin that they know they got coming! Which pic is your favorite and how would you light it up?

Shaq's At It Again!

This time it's on the TV show "Real Husbands Of Hollywood" starring Kevin Hart.....it's basically a spoof of the "Real Housewives" kind of shows. I've seen a couple of episodes now and it's pretty funny. There are a few spankable butts walking around like Duane Martin, Nelly and Nick Cannon. The last episode I seen was one where Kevin Hart was pulled over by the rather larger than life Shaq! He towers over Kevin and just snatches him up like a rag doll.....I thought he was gonna spank him right then but instead he bends him over the can and begins to dry hump him....lol, and no i'm not kidding! I have to say it caught me by surprise but it made me laugh but it would of been a great spanking moment because next to Shaq, Kevin looks like a little boy! 

Below is Shaq on BET with co-host Bow Wow and when he comes on stage he picks up Bow Wow and puts him up on his shoulder and spins him around giving us a good shot of his saggin pants half way down his behind.....hmmmmm, I think I'm beginning to see a pattern. The whole interview I was waiting for Shaq to pull Bow Wow down across his knee! Shaq need his own reality show called "Bad Boys of Hollywood" where he rides around to the offending celebs house and administers a good sound OTK spanking! I'd watch it! There is a video link to it below.