Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Spankable Butt Of The Year!

Hi everybody! Yeah it's that time of the year again...time to pick that spankable butt of the year! Check the poll box on the right side of the blog to vote for your favorite spankable booty for 2011 and I just want to let you know there is no wrong answer! Again I'd like to thank all of you for your support of the blog and thanks for the photos and videos that you send me throuout the year and for putting up with my absence from time to time! If there has been a booty on the blog from the last year that you like that didn't make the list let me know in the comments!
Just click on this link to see the list of all 39 of the spankable bootys of 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #39

This is the last spankable butt of 2011 and I have to say it's a beautiful one! I'll be putting up a poll for the most spankable butt of 2011 soon. Unfortunately since I missed a few weeks this year there are only 39 instead of 52 but thats my fault but there are still plenty to choose from! I'll make it so you can pick multiple posts. Enjoy my friends!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas Switchin!

Come on dad....It's Christmas and it's snowing outside.....don't make me go get a switch! Damn....maybe I shouldn't of gotten so mad about not getting the present I wanted! Now the whole family is gonna get to watch me get my bare butt welted!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fit To Be Tied!

Photos By Biron always has some amazing photos from the Folsom street fairs and there are always some pretty nice brown bootys walking up and down the street! I with this cute kid would make his way over to the spanking booth!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #38

He's got it all going roll over and stick that ass up!

Making My Rounds

It was Friday night and I was making my rounds to collect money from some bruthas who needed a little financial assistance I guess you can say. I never ask what they want it for and I don't really care as long as I get it back with a little interest. There are always a few who can't pay on time or who only have half and when that happens they all know what will happen! Now I know you all think I'm just a loan shark and I guess that's pretty accurate but I don't use a gun or break peoples legs or anything serious like methods are a little different. I tell them up front that if I give them this money and they're late with a payment that I'm gonna give them an ass whuppin! At first they give me a look like "what the hell?" but I go on to tell them I'm gonna drop those pants and shorts a take my belt and beat there non paying asses until they get the message! I don't care who is in there house at the time either so they better make sure the house is empty when I stop by unless they wanna get embarrassed! I'm always surprised that they would all agree to this at first but they always did and after awhile word got around on how I handled things. What I didn't tell them is how much I enjoyed whuppin that ass and seeing those sexy thug butts bouncing as I tore it up! 

Friday's were my collecting days and the first brutha's place I went to was at a downtown apartment complex....his name was Greg and this is the second time I've paid him a visit. Last week he had enough for the first payment which upset me a little because I really wanted to see that ass but hey,   those are the rules and I stick to them! I rung the bell and he answered and his face already had a little fear in it as he said hello. I shook his hand and asked him what he had for me today....I didn't like to make to much small talk so I got right to it! He was visibly shaking and said he didn't have the money but promised that he would get it back to me next week!

 I see...and I'm sure you will Greg but you know what I said would happen if you miss a payment didn't I? He looked at me as if I was kidding about that part of it but he knew I wasn't! Yeah but? BUT NUTHIN GREG! I yelled, now I'm gonna whup your ass good! This ain't no body's fault but your own is it? Y....yes, he said very quietly.  He was shaking even more now and I had him right where I wanted him! He wasn't sure what I wanted him to do so I told him to go over to the wall and put your hand up on it and step back a little so that ass is sticking out. He did as I said and got into position and I got up behind him and yanked down his shorts and briefs in one swoop! He wasn't expecting that and he tried to grab them back up when I slapped his ass hard with my hand and told him tho get back into position which he quickly did! I stood behind him checking out his ass which was one of those nice thick thug booty's....I'll never understand why they wanna cover it up with those baggy ass clothes. I started telling him he was going to get a good butt whuppin tonight as I started undoing my belt.....he looked into the mirror that was beside him and he watched me pull my thick leather belt through the loops and double it over in my hands. I stepped up behind him and to the left and started laying it into that thick ass! He was already doing the dance and begging me to stop after only about 10 licks! THWACK, WHAP,WHAP! I started on his lower ass and thighs which really got him screaming! I laughed about what his neighbors were hearing through these thin walls but that was that last thing on Greg's mind.....all his thoughts were on this throbbing ass!

I laid into that ass for about ten minutes until he was crying like a baby....I don't know why that always turns me on but it just does.....I was hard as a rock looking at his red welted ass! I watched that ass shake as I put my belt back on and told him that I would be back here the same time next week and to expect double if he didn't have the money then I walked out leaving him standing there still crying. I would of love to hang around and give that ass a little more attention but I have two more stops to make!

Retro Booty

A great shot of Tory Bell's beautiful ass from those classic videos that we all wish they had made more of!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


The rookies think that this is all they will have to put up with....a few silly games and  some harmless towel snapping but what they don't know is that the real hazing will start tonight....thats when the paddles come out and those bare rookie butts get blistered!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Get Your Butt Home!

You have about ten messages from your dad on your phone telling you to get your butt home! Your gonna have to go home and face him eventually and you know the more you wait the worse it's gonna be! The last message says if he has to come get you he's gonna whup your butt right then and there no matter who's watching! So you slowly walk home knowing with each step your that much closer to a no nonsense ass whuppin from your dad!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Brutal Blk Massta Videos

A whole lot of spanking, fingerin and shakin that black ass!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #37

Damn that's nice! That gonna be one painful butt whuppin if his butt is that wet when he gets it and it looks like the whole neighborhood is gonna get to watch!

Lockeroom Lust

I can't help myself from taking a he's been standing there a long time! I wonder if that butt has ever felt a strong hand or even better...has he even used his strong hands on some other butt? I'm almost fully dressed now and he is still standing there with that beautiful butt on display.....since were the only ones in here I assume he is showing off for me! Man if this were high school the coach would of been paddling his ass for not being dressed yet! I'm glad I'm dressed because I'm as hard as a rock! I pick up my gym bay and slowly walk by him and get a real good close up view of that ass as I leave the lockeroom....I want to say something but I'm to scared to so I keep on walking but I think I feel his eyes on me as I leave. I wonder if he will be here next week? I'm gonna do a lot of fantasizing until then!

New From Brett Stevens - The Intruders

Brett and Dr. Barton are at home engaged in a private discipline session when two intruders (Jay & Tim) decide that they want to burglarize the same house! Man did they pick the wrong place  to steal from.......soon they are over powered by Brett and they are both given a good dose of the strap! I think I would of gottenmy butt out of there as soon as I seen the collection of canes, paddles and straps!

New From Brett Stevens - Unruly Personal Trainers

Jay and Tim are Personal Trainers who work for the very strict Dr. Barton who are constantly warned about their disruptive behavior and decides to teach them a lesson!

New From Brett Stevens - The Window Cleaner

Dr. Barton's usual cleaners didn't show up so Tim was sent as a replacement for them but I guess he didn't do such a great job and ends up getting a humiliating OTK spanking! After the spanking he is put into the corner while the Dr. fetches the cane!

New From Brett Stevens - Curious Students

Two students (Jay and Tim) are doing some research on corporal punishment and asked the Professor about the history of some of the implements used and then asks for a real demonstration!