Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Perfect Position! if that isn't a perfect position for the razor strap I don't know what is! I don't know where this photo was taken but it looks like some kind of video store to me (weird) but wherever it is I think he might not be sitting down for a long time! Maybe it's a place where all the dads gather to punish there bad boys and one by one they are stripped and places ass up over that large chair for all to see....let the strapping begin!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Dream or Nightmare?

A beautiful sunny day and you and all your friends are down at the park playing and you can't imagine it getting any better or perfect than this and then you hear him call your name! JAMES.....where are you boy? I'm gonna whup your ass! You try to figure out who was calling your name when one of your friends tells you it was your dad! dad? You look around when you notice that it's not warm and sunny like it was just a few seconds before but now it was windy and cold. You look around and see was your dad but it wasn't. He looks like your dad but he had muscles on top of his muscles....hey guys...that's not my dad you try to tell your friends but now you realize they have all disappeared. You try to make sense of what was going on as this behemoth of a man pretending to be your dad starts to come towards you! Your try to run away but you can't move....your legs are moving but your still in the same place! Everything is happening in slow look back at him and he has the biggest paddle you've ever seen and a thick leather belt that's dangling from his pants! You start to panic thinking that this beast was gonna beat your ass in a matter of seconds....your still trying to move when you suddenly feel a chill come over your whole look down and notice that all your clothes were gone! What the can't even comprehend whats happening when you feel a large solid hand grab your shoulder and spin you around! Didn't you hear me calling you boy? I'm gonna whup your ass good! Wh...what did I do....Please I don't understand!.....He flips you back around and throws you down over his knee and you feel and hear a large THWACK!!!

You scream and sit up in your bed covered in sweat....Breathing hard and starting to realize that you were only dreaming! Whew, you let out a long breath and lay back down on your bed. Just like the last time you had this dream you some how you managed to kick off your pajama bottoms. Your bedroom door opens up and your dad walks in and asks if everything was ok? I heard a scream son.....were you dreaming? Pulling the sheets up to cover up your nakedness and massive erection you say, no was a nightmare. What was is about James he asks but you didn't want to tell him that you were about to get your ass beat by him or a larger, muscular version of him so you just say you didn't remember and tell him your ok now. Your 150 lb dad leaves your room as you lay there and try to figure out what this dream or nightmare was all about. My dad never spanks me, you think your yourself...why would I have a dream about that? It was the third time this month you have had the exact same dream! You don't want to admit it to yourself but ever since you saw your friend Kenny get dragged away by his dad and threatened to get a whuppin when he got home you just couldn't get it out of your mind. No......I don't want a whuppin do I? That's crazy...and why do I get hard thinking about it? My dad would never do that to me....would he? You try to go back to sleep thinking about your recurring dream or nightmare as you reach back and run your hand across your naked cheeks and you swear you can feel a dull ache across your ass! Just before you doze back off into dreamland the words escape you lips.....I need a whuppin dad!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mirror, Mirror!

There seems to be a never ending supply of cell phone booty shots from around the web these days or just a regular camera shots in a mirror to show off a booty that he knows looks good! Here are a few I collected recently of which all look like they could use a trip across someones lap!

Below: Damn I wish I could see the rest of that ass!

Below: Careful man....Apples trackin that ass!

I'm not sure if this sexy thing below was Latino or Asian but it doesn't matter because that ass it just too perfect! That booty had me hypnotized for a long time until i snapped out of it and decided to post it! I'm this close to putting it up for spankable butt of the week! What do you all think? Damn, maybe I should of named the blog "Mocha & Latte Male Butt Whuppin" so I could include all our Asian and Latino brutha's!.....Hmmmmm?

My Optical Illusion!

When I first saw this photo I thought those were paddles hanging up behind him but when I got a closer look it just turned out to be wine bottles! I guess the mind sees what it wants to see!

Monday, April 25, 2011

4 Cousins

I thought it would be great to go stay with my 3 cousins for the summer and escape my dad's weekly ass whuppins but I found out that my uncle whups his boys pretty regular and told me as soon as I got there that I wasn't exempt from the strap just because I was a guest! Well it seems my cousins were always getting into trouble and unfortunately for me I was always with them when it happened! I was always the last to get the strap so I got to watch each of them lay across the bed and take 30 licks each before it was my turn. My ass was on fire by the tenth lick and I was crying my eyes out just like they were by number 30! My uncle hits a little harder than my dad and he seems to aim for the lower ass and upper thighs....Damn the shit stings! I know it's just a matter of time before we end up doing something stupid and wind up butt naked in his bedroom waiting on another round of whuppins! Despite those butt whuppins I still had fun that summer and grew closer with my cousins. I guess getting a bare butt whuppin with each other bonds you together. I was often referred to as the fourth brother by them. It's been awhile since I've seen them so maybe it's time for a reunion....I can't wait to bring up some of those old sore butt memories with them!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spankable Butt of The Week #14

If brutha's are gonna walk around with saggin pants it should be like this or not at all! I don't think he's gonna get all of that back into those pants anyway! Especially after it's been spanked!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tony's Cell Phone Whuppin

Dre: Hey man , where you at?

Tony: I'm at home yo...

Dre: Well I'm on my way to the coming?

Tony: Naw dads trippin know.

Dre: Oh shit yo.....don't tell me your getting that ass whupped again?

Tony: Yup!Dre: Damn get that ass tore up every week yo.....I think you like it...ha ha ha!

Tony: Fuck you man...I don't enjoy this shit at all yo! (do I)?

Dre: Will you be coming out after?

Tony: You know my dad yo...I doubt it!

Dre: So how are you getting it this time?

Tony: The same way as last time....laying across my bed butt naked yo!

Dre: Damn (I wish I could see that) That's messed up!

Tony: It's aiight man...I can handle it!

Dre: I know you can man....Just ask him to give you a little extra so you can come out after.

Tony: Fuck you man..ha, ha....why don't you come over and take it for me?

Dre: Naw T my ass is to tender for that yo....I'd be cryin like a bitch...ha, ha!

Tony:Well I don't cry yo.....I just take it like a man!

Dre: Stop lying you know you be cryin!

Tony: You wanna bet?

Dre: How will I know if you cried or not? Can I come watch? Ha, ha! (Oh please)

Tony: I'll keep my phone on and put it under my the just gotta be quiet yo!

Dre: (damn) You serious T?

Tony: Yeah....$50 bucks yo!

Dre: aiight

Tony: yo I here him coming....I'm putting the phone down now.

Dre: Aiight man (oh shit is this happening?)

The whuppin
Anthony.....what did I tell you before about drinking my beer? Not to Sir. Thats right son and now you know why I'm gonna whup your ass then! Yes Sir! Tony heard his dad taking off his thick black belt....he doesn't even bother to turn around and watch because he knows whats coming. On the phone Dre stopped dead in his tracks and could hear the metal buckle and the swoosh of him taking it off! Whap, Whap, Whap! Ahhhhh....Dre could hear Tony yell as his dad laid into his ass! Whap, Thwack, Thwack Whap! Ahhh...I'm Sorry dad...Please! For some reason his dad was laying it on harder than usual and Tony could feel the difference in his welted cheeks! Whap, Whap thwack! Tears were already pouring down Tony's face....he didn't expect to do this at all but dad wasn't messin around this time! He figured it would be the usual 20 licks and that would be it! D....Dad..I'm sorry....Please I won't drink your beer please...Whap, YOUR, Whap DAMN, Whap, RIGHT, Whap YOU, Whap, WON'T, Thwack! That last one caught him right below his cheeks....right on that crease! Whhhhaaaaaaa! Tony's dad knew what he was doing.....he knew his boy's butt and how to get his message across! Tony was openly crying now and knew he just lost that $50 bucks but he would give a $100 if dad would just stop! Dre was hard as a rock as he listened to his boi getting a serious bare ass whuppin from his dad.....he knew he won the bet but now felt a little bad for T! After 10 more licks his dad stopped and watched his crying boy squirm and try to rub the fire out of his ass! What he didn't tell his son was that he heard the conversation he had with Tre and thought if he was gonna bet his ass he might as well make him earn it! He left his boy there to cry it out and to get back to his phone call.
Dre: T....Tony, there?

Tony: Y...Yeah man.

Dre: Damn aiight?

Tony: Man....did you enjoy the show?

Dre: (Hell Yeah) naw man....that was messed up t!

Tony: I didn't think it was gonna be like that was seriously mad!

Dre: Yeah, I could tell.

Tony: I guess I owe you some money...

Dre: Don't worry about it yo

Tony: I don't think I'll be coming out man.

Dre: Aiight man, it's kewl....I'll catch up with you tomorrow!

Tony: Aiight....Beep.

Dre headed back home, not just because Tony wasn't coming to the park but to get rid of his throbbing dick that he had from listening to that belt tearing into his best friends ass! He always secretly enjoyed hearing about Tony's butt whuppins but this was on a whole different level. He looked down at his phone as he walked home and wondered if that new app he downloaded that recorded your phone conversations had worked!

A Thick Solid Booty!

Damn! He's ready and waiting for that paddle! I think I'd have to work on that booty for awhile before I got my message across but I'm sure by the time I was done he would have a very red and sore ass!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ace Get's Spanked

Here are a few photos from another video from the Clare Spanks Men series....this time Ace was late on his rent and the landlady takes it out on his behind! I have seen other videos from this series before and the spankings are pretty mild but just seeing a brutha getting pulled across a lap (even if it's a womans) and getting his shorts pulled down and spanked on his bare butt is good enough for me!

Spankable Butt of The Week #13

Smooth and brown.....and very spankable!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Wall

I know I'm in trouble when dad tells me to go wait by the wall. It's a big cinder block wall in our backyard that Dad gives us our whuppins on. If he says "Wait at the wall" you better be butt naked with your hands on top of your head or on the wall when he gets there or else it means a longer session with his belt! I forgot to take my hat off this time and it cost my ass 10 extra licks on top of how ever mant lick decides to give me! I know all my neighbors and friends heard me getting my ass beat but it's not the first time or the last time they're gonna hear it! Dad doesnt give out whuppins for no have to really mess up to get one like this and I did mess up and I'm gonna remember this for a long will my ass!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #12

Maybe it's just me but everything about this photo say that boy need a good butt whuppin! These young bruthas put to much importance on wat there wearing and I know he paid too much for those Nikes and now he's gonna pay with his butt!

Black Betty

By Wynnchester

“I’m going to enjoy this,” Swan said with a smirk. “I don’t know why you put yourself through all this. You never win.” Brother Swan was right. Every time we make a bet I’m always on the short end of the stick, literally. We’re frat guys so we always bet licks, or wood as we say. Sports, cards you name it, we bet. I bet a lot to get better at betting, or so I thought. Swan always bets me because I’m no good at it and he likes swatting my wide, plump rump. “You know the drill, Brother Drew,” Swan said while grinning. “I almost feel sorry for you. What’s this, seven, eight bets in a row? Cuz, I didn't think you had any skin left on dat azz.” I was lucky there was some. Swan knows how to swing wood. He’s made my toes curl on a couple of occasions. The last time he brought smoke! I almost lost it. He hasn’t made me cry yet, however. I was determined this wouldn't be the day, either. The frat house was empty except for us. We knew everyone’s schedule so we had a couple of hours before some of the brothers were out of class. We nearly had this down to a science. It’s not like we were trying to hide anything. All the brothers do it as well. We just don’t like having an audience. Our brother’s also like to be hands on. If some wood is being swung, everyone wants a piece of the action. “So, you want me in the usual position,” I asked sheepishly. “Yeeessir,” he said quickly. My room’s at the back of the frat house. I lucked out because even if someone came in, you wouldn't hear anything with the door closed. It’s an old house so the doors are thick as well as the insulation. It’s a large room, big enough to have an arm chair. That’s where Brother Swan wanted me – in that chair. I placed a couple of pillows in the seat cushion. This would raise my butt up nice and high, so Swan could make contact with both cheeks. “Get to gettin’,” he said, anxious for me to receive my punishment. “Don’t rush,” I snapped. “You ain’t the one about to get splinters.” He couldn't hide his amusement. “That’s what you get for losing,” Swan said. “You know you can’t beat me at nuthin’, Cuz. “Really? Seriously, really,” I asked. “I can take more wood than you any day,” I said, nearly yelling. “Sure you can, Cuz,” he said slyly. “Thing is, I never lose so get to gettin’,” this time with his hand on my shoulder trying to force me over in the chair. “And this time you gon’ cry.” “Hold, up, ho-ho-hold up, bruh,” I said. “Tell ya, what,” I said. “I got 20 coming. If you cain’t get me to cry by 20, you take 20. If I cry, you stop at the lick I start crying on and I’ll take 20 more from there.” Swan was interested. He knew I’d never cried before but the last time I came close, real close. He’s thinking he could get me up to about 17 or 18, really lay one on me and then have 20 more shots. “OK, Cuz, you got it,” Swan said. I took my position, which was pants and drawers around my ankles, knees up on the cushion (one in front of each arm), hands griping the back of the chair and behind lifted up by the pillows. “I’m bout to serve a course of rump roast,” Swan said as he pulled the paddle back like a major league batter. The first swat landed with a booooom! “Yeeeeeeouch,” I screamed. “Whatcha screaming for,” Swan said barely winded. “That was a pop fly. I ain’t got to the home runs yet, Cuz.” Swan killed me with that, “Cuz” stuff. He was also killing me with Black Betty, the board we usually used on pledges. She was old, but hurt like a mutha. It was about three and a half feet long, an inch thick and four inches wide at the business end. There were holes, of course, but countersunk. It was piano black and lacquered. Not a color of our frat, just use black for the drama. Baaammm! Baaammm! Wham! Swan had found his rhythm quickly. He was hitting base hits, doubles and triples on my ass. He was pounding me like Hammering Hank all the while I’m screaming and writhing on the chair in almost unbearable pain. But I made up my mind. I was winning this bet if it meant not sitting for a week. “What’s. . Whop . . The . . Whop . . . matter . . .smack. . Cuz,” Swan said, this time almost breathless. “You ain’t had a beatin’ like this before bro. I’m bringing smoke and got plenty more before the fire starts,” he said in an almost maniacal voice. “I’m loving this dog. . bam. . .bam. . .baaammmm! “Ouch. Oooooo. Ouch, Swan, you killin’ me,” I yelled. My rump felt like is was glowing. That would be a sight. I’m a deep chocolate, but Swan has put some color in dat azz on several occasions. “Whoa, dog, woooooooo.” I hollered. “You trying to get you mama to hear you back in Texas. She cain’t help you Cuz, can she” he asked between licks. “I ain't yo mama but I’m yo daddy, ain’t I, AIN”T I,” Swan yelled. He was enjoying this for sure. So much so, he had lost count. But I hadn't. “That’s 17, ouch. . . .18 . . .ahhhhhyeeohhh . . .19. . . woooooweeeeooh. . .20!!!!!!” I looked back at Swan and he looked puzzled. “Naw, dawg, that cain’t be 20, I just got started,” he said hurriedly. “Naw, Cuz, it’s my turn, dawg,” I said triumphantly. “Wait, now,” Swan said trying to back up. “You know I was just playing, just playing, Cuz. Swan was nervous. I could hear it in his voice. He’d not lost a bet to me in a long, long time. But he wasn’t getting out of this. That latte-colored, arrogant butt was about to get changed to a deep, crimson red. “Naw, Cuz,” putting much emphasis on “Cuz” this time “You lost, get to gettin’. “Aiiiiite, aiiiite,” Swan said as he fumbled with his belt. “Gimme some room, bruh,” he huffed. “I’m gon’ do dis. I pay my debts.” He walks over to the chair and assumes the position I just left. “Like this,” he asked nervously. “Yep,” I said. “That’s perfect. Face the wall and don’t look back. “And now stepping to the plate, recently out of retirement, Mr. Barry Bonds,” I said with a chuckle. “Not Bonds, dawg, awwh come on son” Swan pleaded. I was deaf to that. My sole, singular mission was to hit as many home runs as possible. “Swing batter, batter swing,” I said as I drew the bat behind my head. My follow through was perfect. I hit Swan square in the biscuits. “Kaaaapooow.” My first lick was a grand slam. “Yeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooooch,” Swan screamed. He was on his feet holding his aching ass. “Man, that ain’t fair. I didn’t hit you that hard, Cuz.” he said. “Oh, you hit me a lot harder than that, bruh. It just hurts worse when you lose. Get back in da cut.” He did so quickly and I continued my rear assault. I put more muscle in the second swing than the first. Ooooohhhh mmmyyyy dddaaaammmmnn,” Swan yelled. He was clutching that arm chair like it was his last brew. The next three were singles and doubles. I felt a little sorry for him because he was begging and pleading so. The next lick was a game winning grand slam that sounded like dynamite. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Cuz, please,” Swan begged. I had him and I wasn’t letting up this time. “Really, Cuz,” I said a little winded. “We ‘bout to play ‘question and answer,’ son. What’s my name . . .bam. . . .huh. . . .bam, bam, what is it,” I screamed? “It’s Drew, Brother Drew, ooowww, come on bruh,” he said moaning and groaning. “Spell, it Swan, spell it,” I ordered. “Whack. . .D. . .whack. . .R. . .whack, whack. . .E, W, come on man, plee. . eee. . .eee. . ase,” Swan said. I finished his beating with grand slams. His face was buried in the seat cushion. His screams were muffled but still loud. “Last one, Cuz. Get that rump up, make it stand at attention,” I said. He raised his battered bubble butt a little and was perfectly still, as if to say “do your worst.” So I took the challenge. I got in my Ken Griffey stance wiggled the paddle and let fly. I didn’t use the same board Swan did. My personal paddle had our frat’s letters carved in the wood. I did my best Griffey imitation and landed the lick with crushing force. “Wooooooooooiiiiiiieeeeeeeyeeeeoooouch,” Swan screamed jumping about three feet in the air holding his red rump. I hit him hard enough to tattoo the letters on his cheeks. They were almost hard to see. He was glowing red on both sides – almost perfect circles. “You wait ‘till the next one, Cuz,” he said gingerly raising his pants over his tail. “Oh, we gon’ bet on something again,” I asked. “I ain’t goin’ out like this Drew,” Swan said. “Bruh, now it’s on!”