Thursday, June 30, 2011


Belasco is still making some great ass whuppin artwork!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #23

Damn.....thats more like a work of art to me! Dark chocolate spankable art!

Redbone Appreciation Day!

Call it what you want....lite complexion, Yellow, Mullatto, Redbone....I call them sexy as hell and love to see those yellow bootys turned a nice shade of red! So here are some of my all time favorite sexy redbone brutha's!
You know Barry's will always be my #1 yellow booty of all time!
This "Bad Azz YellowBoy" series is one of the first series of photos I downloaded years ago and you can see why!
This one below is a new one to me but he has to have the lightest complexion I've ever seen and that ass is screaming to be turned red!

Spanking Love

Have any of you been lucky enough to find that special someone who will give you that spanking when you need it and also let you spank him when he needs it? It's rare my friends but keep looking....he's out there looking for you!

Get Over My Lap...Now!

Are you ready to get that ass spanked? No need to be shy now.....get those shorts down and get over here! You've had this coming for a long time and I guarantee your not gonna forget it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Brought Home By The Police Pt. 1

By Eric
Damn….it’s been four weeks that me and my brothers have been on punishment and this is the first day we’ve been able to go anywhere by ourselves. I’m James I’m 17 and everybody calls me JT and I have two younger brothers Marvin and Marcus who are two years younger than me. My parents are divorced and during the summer months we live with our dad.
The reason we’ve been grounded for the last month was because we got brought home by the police for swimming in a pool with a bunch of our friends. I know that doesn’t seem like a crime but it was a pool down the street from one of my friend’s house and he said the family was off on vacation somewhere so we all figured it would be cool and who would know? Me and my little brothers love to go swimming every chance we got so we didn’t think twice about it…unfortunately for us!
Well I guess a neighbor heard the commotion we were making and called the cops and the next thing I knew I was looking up at a bunch of cops standing around the pool! I instantly knew we were dead…..not from the cops but from my dad! I almost wish they would have taken us to jail instead of taking us home! The patrol car pulled up in front of our house and I was hoping he wouldn’t be home but I saw dads car in the drive way and knew this was gonna be bad. Both of my brothers had tears coming down their faces already because they knew what was coming. We got out of the back of patrol car in our still wet cutoff jeans and the officers escorted us to the door and rang the bell. A few moments later our father answered the door with a shocked look on his face! He asked what was going on and if we were all right but the officer told him we were fine and asked him if he was Mr. Tyson and if we were his boys. Yes Officer, they are he answered looking very upset and confused.Well Mr Tyson your boys and several other boys were caught swimming in a pool of a house where the family was away on vacation. A neighbor called the disturbance in. The charge is basically trespassing on private property… since it’s the middle of the summer we get these kind of calls on a weekly basis and we don’t have time to put every kid in jail that does this, that’s why we bring them home. I think my dad and the officer knew this was just one of those "Boys will be boys" monents until the officer said....Now there is a fine of $500.00 dollars “each” Mr. Tyson. I watched my father’s face as the officer handed him the fines and I saw him go from a worried and confused father to a mad and angry Dad! Crap… ass is grass I thought to myself as I looked down at his black leather belt he always wore and knew that it was gonna be coming off soon!
My dad thanked the officers for bringing us home and not taking us to jail and told the officers that this would be the last time they would ever be brought home like this again because there all gonna have sore behinds in a minute! The officer nodded his head in approval and went back to his car. My brothers heard what my dad said and broke out crying again. My dad shouted at us to get in the house and get our butts up to his room! His bedroom I thought….man he’s going to do this right now I thought but I guess I’d rather get it over with now.

All three of us were waiting and shivering in my dads bedroom because we were still in our soaked shorts and from the air conditioning blowing down on us and also because we were scared shit less! The twins were quiet until they started to blame each other for this but I knew since I was the oldest no matter what, I knew I was gonna get the worst of it! We all quieted down as we heard dad coming up the stairs and into the room.
He stood there and looked at us for a few minutes before he said anything…..I think he was trying to calm down a bit before he spoke. Dad gave us butt whuppins from time to time just like most dads do but they were always deserved and everything was forgotten with when it was over…..well I didn’t forget and neither did my butt!
Dad finally spoke and asked us a silly question….do any of you have $1,500.00 dollars? We all mumbled, no Sir. What I didn’t hear you? No Sir, we all replied. I didn’t think so…..that’s a shame because that would be the only thing that will get you all out of this ass whuppin your about to get! Instantly my heart sank even though I already knew we were in for it and again both of my brothers broke down. Dad yelled for all three of you get out of our clothes now! It didn’t take us long because we only had on shorts and sneakers anyway so in a few minutes all three of us were standing there butt naked in front of our dad. As he was removing his belt he told us how upset he was and how embarrassing it is to have your children brought home by the police. Your mom’s gonna have a field day with this he shouted!
He ordered Marcus over the bed first. Most of the time he would punish us in our own rooms….it was rare that we got it in front of each other but it has happened a few times but it looks like this time we’re gonna get to see each other take a good ass whuppin from our dad! I couldn’t help staring at Marcus’s ass, it was a big, high smooth brown ass! I hadn’t seen him naked like this in a long time…the twins are sure growing up I thought but as I was thinking this Marcus had been transformed back into a little boy! He was laying across dads bed crying and telling dad he was sorry and begging him not to give him a whuppin! All pride had left his body and I knew he wasn’t gonna take this well. Thwack! My dad let loose with his belt all over his backside! Whack, Thwack! Dad…no Please….stop! Thwack, Thwack! Marcus was bawling like a baby and I felt really bad for him but there was nothing I could do for him even if I wanted to! I knew from experience that since all of our butts were still damp from our shorts that it had to sting twice as much as it usually did! Thwack Thwack….Whack! Ooowwwww….I could see the welts forming all over his ass and thighs and knew how badly he was hurting…he wasn’t even making any sense anymore. He was just blubbering and making the mistake of rolling over and trying to cover up his butt with his hands! We all knew unless we wanted a second ass whuppin we should stay in position until it was over. I yelled to my brother to do just that before my dad had a chance to and Marcus realized what I had said and rolled back over and presented his ass for more of dad’s belt. Dad must have given him 50 licks with his belt…..or at least that was the count I had in my head. Dad was a marksman with his belt…..i didn’t see any marks above his cheeks or below mid-thigh on Marcus. I watched Marcus crying heavily into the bed sheets and writhing around like he had been set on fire and I guess in a way he was! My dad told Marcus to get up and stand beside his brothers with his hands on his head! He was visibly shaking and he got up and stood beside us still crying just as much as he was when he was getting his whuppin. Marvin, my dad yelled! On the bed now! Just as Marcus did, Marvin started to cry but he didn’t ask not to be whupped because I think he realized that it wasn’t gonna to help. I noticed his ass was exactly the same as Marcus’s ass was…smooth brown and plump….. but in the middle of my daydream I heard the sound of dad’s belt striking that ass! Whack, Thwack, Whack…..within seconds Marvin was reduced to the same crying little boy that Marcus had been! Trying his best to stay in position but still moving around quite a bit! Whack, Thwack Whack! There was a funny moment when Marvin actually rolled off the bed but quickly got back into position before dad had to tell him too! Thwack Whack Whap! Marvin’s ass was soon just as red and welted as Marcus’s ass was and he was crying just as hard! Soon it was over and all I could hear was the sound of my two crying younger brothers. Marvin got up and stood beside us and placed his hands on his head like he was told too.
I suddenly realized that it was my turn…I was almost nauseous thinking about the pain that was gonna come and I felt a tears welling up in my eyes. The twins had not seen me cry in a long time or seen me naked like this in a while! Before my dad ordered me across the bed he told me how disappointed he was with all three of us but especially me because I was older and knew better than to do something so stupid! Now get on the bed son. I walked over and placed myself face down on dads bed. I felt all the eyes in the room focused on my soon to be blistered butt! I was wondering what the twins were thinking about as the looked at my big, brown defenseless butt sticking up for dads belt! They knew that soon it would look and feel like their butts did! Up until then the twins were still crying but now it was dead quite as If they didn’t want to disturb my ass whuppin!
Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack….I grabbed on to the bed when the first lick hit….it stung like hell because of it being wet and cold! I thought I would be able to get through this ok but I knew instantly that I was gonna breakdown sooner than later and the twins were gonna see there proud older brother reduced to a little boy just like they were! Whap, Smack, Thwack! Ahhhh I screamed…Dad please….Whap Thwack! He was concentrating on my upper thighs and sit spot now! I kept my face buried in the bed as much as I could but I could feel the heat and fire building in my ass and I knew that I would break soon! Thwack, Thwack, Thwack, Thwack! Whaaa…Please daddy stop. Whack, Thwap, Whap,! Dad was roasting my ass harder than he ever did before…I was moving my ass all around but still staying on my stomach….I didn’t want a second whupping! After the next series of licks I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I cried like a baby…loud and clear….I knew everyone could hear and see this 17 year old bawling his eyes like a little boy and that’s exactly what I felt like! I wasn’t counting the licks like I did when the twins were getting it but I knew I was well beyond 50! This ass whuppin was biblical…..I was screaming mixed with crying with tears and snot running out of my nose…..I was truly embarrassed about how I was reacting in front of my dad and brothers but I think anybody in my position would of done the same thing! Whap, Thwack , Thwack, Whap! Dadddeeeeeeee Pleeaseeee! I was about 5 seconds from getting up and running out the door when he stopped! I collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion from the worst ass beating I had ever gotten and I was crying so hard that I didn’t hear my dad tell me to get up. I felt the sting of his belt as it landed on my tender brown ass and heard him say, “Get up James”! I jumped up and stood next to my brothers crying my eyes out but too embarrassed to look at them…I think the older brother cool factor I had built over the years was just destroyed!
Dad told all three of us to go down stairs just as we were and put our noses against the wall in the dining room and keep them there until he said we could move. I could tell that he was still really mad and we did as instructed without question. We must have been quite a sight standing there butt naked with our hands on our heads with our brown welted behinds on display! I so much wanted to rub the sting out of my ass but I know I couldn’t! Dad was sitting at the dining room table with his calculator and bank statements trying to figure out how he would pay the fines!
He had got up and left the dining room and didn’t say a word to us and after what seemed like hours he came back and told us to turn and put our hands down and look at him.
Look boys….I didn’t like what I just had to do and I know you didn’t like it either but that’s what happens when you mess up. Now I think I’ll be able to pay these fines without to much trouble but our trip to Six Flags is cancelled and you only have yourselves to blame for that and your all grounded for the next four weeks is that understood! I was almost ready to bust out in tears again ……taking away a boys freedom when he’s on summer vacation is about the worst thing you can do! Our dad sent us upstairs for the rest of the night….no TV, no supper….nothing. As we were climbing the stairs carefully rubbing our welted butts he told us the police better not bring any of you home again or this ass whuppin will look like a practice round! I believed him!

End of Part 1
Part 2 is titled “Brought Home By The Police….Again”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Move Your Hand!

Move that hand son! Your ass whuppin isn't even close to over and now you just added another 20 licks on to it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Whats Your Fetish?

Why can't all the brutha's walk around with what they like to do on their shirt like this young man! He needs to be a little more specific though!
Like this young man!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #22

Sometimes the most spankable butt is the one closest to you!

Happy Father's Day!

Getting a spanking from your dad is the same as a hug (well almost) both cases he's letting you know how much he loves you! Be a good boy today! Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hmmmm....Now Whats Going On Here?

My guess is that they were busted for vandalism and when all three of there dads found out about it they thought a good humiliating public butt whuppin would cure them of this behavior in the future! The police who caught them told their dads that they thought is was a good idea and let them do what they thought was best! Right out there in the middle of the street each dad took their turn and blistered his boy's butt good! They were made to stay there on display crying and sore for an hour for any who walked by and by the end there was quite a crowd gathered around to see those roasted butts! Most of the crowd were classmates from their school and people from the neighborhood! it's gonna be along time before they will forget this lesson! You would think it couldn't get any worse for these three boys but it's not.....theres another good ass whuppin coming to all three of them when they get home!


He's handing out some serious hard licks to those big juicy bootys! They will all be crying before he's done! I wonder what they did to get those butts paddled? The bruthas at the end of the line are going to have to wait and suffer until he gets to them!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Paddled And Confused

This is the 5th time this year that the coach has found a reason to paddle my ass! I can't prove it but I think he enjoys doing it and singles me out on purpose just to he can blister my butt! No matter how well I try to do in practice he still finds something wrong with what I did. The first couple times he did it right in front of the entire gym class over my shorts but these last few sessions he waited until everyone was gone and made me strip naked and bend over the weight bench for the paddle! This last time he did it really hard and had me crying like a baby in seconds....after the tenth lick I was crying and blubbering like a baby and begging him to stop! He told me the next time it's gonna be even worse and then left me there crying my eyes out. I looked down to pulled up my gym shorts and realized I was fully erect! I was confused as to why I would have a hard on after the coach just finished beating my ass but I just quickly got dressed and hoped that the coach didn't notice my condition. As much as I hate how the coach has been treating me I can't stop thinking about it and I end up jerking off and having a huge orgasm after every session with the paddle! I'm so confused.....

Spankable Butt Of The Week #21's another one of those bruthas thats just to cute to spank! Ok...I'm just kidding I'd be happy to spank him! It looks like he's ready to get a public butt whuppin in this pic!

Double Butt Whuppin!

Using your dad's credit card isn't the smartest idea you both have come up with but you two just had to have those new Nike sneakers and now your in for the worst butt whuppins of your young life!
Two bad brothers laying across the bed waiting on dad to come and give them that butt whuppin they've both earned! They both know they deserve every lick of dad's belt and they know how bad it's gonna hurt for the next few days! Getting an ass whuppin from dad is bad enough but to get it like this right next to each other is far worse! They both swear there not gonna be the first one to cry and beg dad to stop! Dad comes in and tells you both that a lick for each dollar you stole should do the trick and since those sneakers are all over a hundred dollars it's gonna be a long painful night for both of you!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Are They Asking For It?

I think they are!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #20

He looks so beautiful and peaceful just laying there in that will soon be interrupted by the sound of his father coming up the stairs with his belt in his hand!