Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm Back!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Bosses Nephew

His Uncle was nice enough to give him a job over the summer break and he also thought it might do his nephew some good to get his hands dirty but the boy spends half the day goofing off and taking breaks. The other workers were getting pissed but didn't say anything because he was the bosses nephew!Finally his second in command spoke to the boss about what his nephew has been doing or not doing during the day! The boys uncle had heard enough of the complaints decides that it's time for some tough love and hauls his nephew into the equipment trailer and before hes nephew knew what was going on his uncle gives him a good old fashioned ass whuppin with his belt! It didn't take much to strip his nephews clothes off since he only wore overalls and he never had the top straps done. Most of the workers gathered around the trailer and listen to the begging and pleading and the sound of the bosses belt hitting his nephews bare ass! They had put up with his goofing off since he started this job and now they knew he was getting it good! They could clearly hear him crying now and his uncle laying down the law on how it was gonna be around here from now on! Just then the trailer door flew open and the young boy came stumbling out with his overalls around his knees and his bare, welted ass on display! He struggled to get his pants up with tears flowing down his face. His uncle called his second in command and told him if he tries to goof off again I want you to bring him right back to this trailer and if I'm not here you know what to do! His nephew couldn't believe his uncle was giving this man permission to whup his ass but after the embarrassment of getting a bare ass whuppin and knowing all your co-workers heard it and saw your welted butt your gonna do everything you can to avoid another session in that trailer! It was gonna be a long hot blistering summer for this young construction worker!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ace Gets Spanked....Again!

Lana has cut Ace some slack and now he has become a deadbeat tenant. She knows one way to shape up these slackers in her building and it's all about the OTK spanking he's gonna be getting regularly. I recently saw this video and it was nice to see a good OTK session online involving a cute brown butt even if he was getting spanked by a woman. I posted a few pictures of another video these two made awhile back so this is the latest one released. In the previous one I think she played his wife and she spanked him on the couch to encourage him to find a job. The story in the newest video was that she is the landlady and he was late with his rent again! She gives him a good firm spanking but I don't think she caused him any real pain! There is a little overacting but even so I just love seeing him get pulled down over her lap and have his ass bared and spanked! I hope there are some more videos on the way!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

T.O.'s Buffalo Butt Paddling!

T.O. .....get your butt out here! You had two dropped passes today so you got ten swats coming! You were told how we do things here in Buffalo! All of your teamates are one leaves until all the punishments are handed out and your the last one to get his! Don't make me send your teamates in there to get you!

Ok...I guess it's just wishful thinking!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #37

Briefs Or Boxers?

Ahhhh the age old question.......I guess it's a matter of taste but I personally like briefs for obvious reasons but I've always found boxers uncomfortable and annoying when I have them on under my jeans. I don't know how you boxer guys do it? Please feel free to respond and make your case! My theory is that Saggers wear those pants down so low because it's more comfortable than having those boxers all bunched up under their pants! Don't get me wrong...I like seeing those saggin boyz with that booty hanging out but which ever kind of underwear you like it doesn't matter because there coming down so I can spank that ass anyway!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tarzan Need Spank!

There is a big, plump, round booty sticking out from under those leopard skin Speedo's! It's not a real loin cloth but it will do! He can swing in on a vine to my house any day.....then I'll peel those panties off of him so I can spank those cheeks good and hard! I'll have him doing that Tarzan yell before I'm done!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #36

Damn! Thats a nice spankable brown ass he got there! Looks like he might be in the military.....I wonder if the Sergent is gonna dispense some OTK discipline? He seems to be waiting for something....maybe the strap or paddle! I wish I was there to help!

After Practice Again

Just like the "After Practice" post I put in the blog a few days ago I had to do a follow up on those sports that had those skin tight uniforms! I was thinking that football was the last sport that showed off those spankable cheeks but I was informed that there were a few more that the coach would be happy to paddle!
Wrestling and track has to be the most revealing of the sports world! I'll bet the coach would be busy with all these spankable bottoms running around! Damn.....why didn't I go to more wrestling matches and track meets in school!

I'm still waiting on those basketball players to go back to those short-shorts but until then maybe they can wear them like this!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shaq's Turn To Get Spanked!

I think Shaq must be a spanko! I don't know how we all missed this one especially after all the Shaq spanking talk lately but here is a clip fro SNL where Tracey Morgan spanks a very large Shaq for coming home late! OTK style....kinda! It's hilarious when he tries to lay over his dad's lap! I brought back memories of dad giving you a spank with every word as he's yelling at you! He looks kind of young in this clip and I'm not sure what year it was but it is now one of my favorite SNL moments! I'll apologize for the annoying commercial they put before it but what can ya do? It's free! I hope you all enjoy!

Here's the link to the last Shaq post.

Shhh....Don't Tell On Me!

It never failed to happen when you were a do something dumb or stupid that you knew was gonna get your butt in trouble so you told your brother or your friends not to tell on you but somehow it gets back to Mom or Dad anyway!

With your friends it was always a matter of time until everybody in the neighborhood knew what you did and would get back to your parents eventually!

Sometimes your brother knew you did something wrong and swore he would never tell but he would accidentally let something slip out in front of your Mom or Dad and then the jig was up!

The usual culprit in my house was my tattling little sister who thoroughly enjoyed seeing me get into trouble and enjoyed it even more if it ended up with dad taking the belt to my bare behind!

What ever I did wrong it usually ended up with me laying face down on my bed crying and rubbing my if there is a possibility of getting a butt whuppin for something you did....Trust No One!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Corbin On Set

This story is pure fan fiction and not based on anything that has ever happened in real life (to my knowledge). This story contains the spanking of a son that recevies a hard spanking from his father. It is for entertainment only. I am a fan of of Corbin Bleu and it is not my intention to be disrespectful in any way. Enjoy!

CUT! The director yelled for the fifteenth time. Let's do it again!
Damn It.....the young actor yelled! Corbin Bleu was cast as Issac Taylor in the new series "The Beautiful Life" but was having a not so beautiful time with this scene.
There was alot more riding on his shoulders in this show compared to the good old days at Disney! Yo....I've been doing this scene through this scene for two hours with this stupid dog Corbin yelled at the director! Fuck....I'm so tired of this shit!!!

Corbin!!! He knew the voice that had yelled his name and turned around to see his father standing there with a shocked and disappointed look on his face. Dad, I didn't know you were here....Uh I...I'm a little busy right now but....Corbin was really at a loss for words and wasn't sure how to react. Everyone on the entire set was glued to the little scene between Corbin and his father. The director knew that this was an awkward moment and that this scene was taking a toll on everyone so he yelled, "That's lunch"!
Everyone on set went there own separate ways and Corbin went over to greet his dad. He knew by the the look on his dad's face that he wasn't happy but before Corbin could say a word his dad told him that they needed to have a talk in his trailer! Corbin was a little shocked by what his father had just told him as they walked into his super deluxe trailer. Corbin and his father had to have talks like this back in the old days when he got a little to big for his britches and it would usually result in a very sore bottom for Corbin! As soon as they were inside his trailer he started telling his dad that he was sorry for what he said...but his father stopped him. Look know I don't like that kind of language....your a professional actor Corbin and you need to act like it! You and I have been on alot of TV and movie sets and you've seen those actors who throw a tantrums over any little thing and I don't wanna see you become one of them. Dad...look I'm really sorry I'm just tired and that stupid dog kept jumping out of my arms and.....his dad stopped him again. Corbin I know it's been awhile but I think I need to give you a a lesson right here and now son! Dad...No.....You can't! Dad Please....I'm twenty years old! I know and your acting like your ten! Corbin's dad took him by his arm and sat down on the couch and pulled Corbin across his lap! He was alot heavier and stronger than he used to be but he could still handle him! Corbin's dad started spanking Corbin on the seat of his jeans.....Corbin instantly started feeling the burn of his dad's hand on this butt! He couldn't believe his was getting a spanking over his dads knee at his age but he knew deep down he deserved every swat his dad was giving him! Smack, Spank, Smack, Spank! Growing up his dad never needed an implement to spank him because his dads hand was always enough to get the point across! The fire in Corbin's behind was really starting to build up and he started squirming and then his dad told him to stand up. For a second he thought he was done but then he realized that his dad always spanked alot longer that that and he soon realized what his dad wanted! please...No! Take um down was all Corbin's dad said to him....He was instantly sent back in time to when he was a little kid standing in front of his dad and having to pull his pants down for a spanking. CORBIN....his dad yelled and he snapped out of his daze and quickly started undoing his belt and zipper and pulled his jeans and his underwear down to his knees. He was pulled back over his dads lap and the spanking started up again! SMACK, SLAP, SMACK, SPANK! The sound was alot louder now that it was landing on Corbin's bare ass! His dad noticed how full and round his behind has become since he had spanked him last but that makes for a much better target he thought to himself as he laid into his butt much harder now! SMACK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK! Dad please....I'm sorry.....Stop! Corbin's butt was really on fire now and he was truly sorry but he knew his dad would not stop until he thought his message had gotten through! SMACK, SPANK, SLAP, SPANK! The tears were dripping down and onto the trailer now and he was squirming and kicking just like when he was a little boy! After ten more no nonsense spanks to Corbin's red and sore behind his dad told him to get up! He was softly crying as he stood up and immediately looked at his dad and told him he was sorry. His dad told him that he knew he was sorry and that he loved him very much and wrapped his arm around his son .......Corbin's hands didn't hug him back because he was busy rubbing his burning butt! His dad helped him get dressed and cleaned up. Corbin suddenly realized where they were and wondered if anyone outside heard what had just happened. His dad saw the look in his face and told him he shouldn't be embarrassed....most of the people had gone to lunch but he did need to go out and apologize to the director. Yes Sir, Corbin said and gave his dad a big hug. When your done come on back and we can have some lunch. Corbin found the director and told him he was sorry about the outburst......the director noticed Corbin's red eyes and could tell that he had been crying and put two and two together. He didn't let on that he knew what might of just happened between him and his father and he didn't want to embarrass him any further so he accepted his apology and told Corbin to take the rest of the day off while they go look for a new dog for the scene! They both laughed and Corbin went back to the trailer and changed clothes but being careful not to let his jeans scrape his sore butt! Corbin and his dad ate lunch and his dad told him he had to go but before he left Corbin told him again that he was sorry and then with a little embarrassed voice thanked him for the spanking.......he knew he only did it because he loved him. Son...I'll always be there for you and that includes when you need a reminder with my hand on your behind! I know dad......I love you too he said with a smile. His dad was always amazed how Corbin's attitude changed after a good spanking......he was always more pleasant and almost giddy for some the slate has been wiped clean! As he was leaving he looked back to the trailer and waved goodbye to his son and told him to behave! Corbin smiled and waved back.......he knew that this probably wouldn't be the last trip over his dad's knee!

Shaving Dat Booty!

I personally I luv a nice smooth booty but I don't think it's gonna make much difference as my strap is raining down on it! It's gonna be just as painful as it would even if you didn't shave it but maybe I'll take a few strokes off since you know I like a nice smooth butt!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bent Over The Bed

Your in trouble again! Your dad told you to get your butt up to your room and wait for him and you know what that better be butt naked and bent over your bed waiting on him! As your waiting to get your whuppin you wonder how bad it's gonna be this time? Then you hear him coming up the stairs and into your room.....You don't even turn around to look because you know what he's doing. You can hear his belt buckle being undone and his belt being pulled through the loops! He gives you that little speech about not listening and being hard headed again before he tears into your butt with his of these days you'll learn!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shaq Attack!

Now I know alot of you are lining up wanting to give me a good birthday spanking but here is the mother of all birthday spankings! I have to thank Ayejay for letting me know about this video. Can you even imagine going over Shaq's lap for a spanking? Even though it was a fun light hearted radio stunt it still made me think of what it would be like getting a spanking by him! I don't know if he's a spanker in real life or not but I do know he has a few boys and he seemed to know what he's doing in that vid......hmmmmm? His hand covered that guys entire butt! If I ever ended up bare ass over Shaq's knee and he didn't hold back I'm sure I wouldn't be sitting for quite awhile and I know some crying would be involved as well! I wonder what it it feels like being known as the guy who got spanked by Shaq? Next time there is a radio contest like that...Somebody call me!

After Practice!

Coach made his three best players stand off to the side of the practice field for fighting. Everyone on the team knows what will happen to you (or should I say your butt) when the coach does this. After the practice is over they will have to report to the Coaches office for some discipline....and the Coach has been itching to try out his new paddle out on some well deserving rear ends this season! The rest of the team will get to hear every lick and every scream of those bare butts getting paddled good!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #35

Here is another wet and sexy bubble butt I stumbled across! I think I might be starting a new fetish with these shower pics! This gives #32 a run for it's money!

Friday, October 2, 2009

More Folsom 2009

They seem to be having alot of fun at the Folsom Fair! Damn...this bad boy is getting a very public bare butt whupping! It looks like there are alot of people willing to rub some of that sting out of those dark chocolate cheeks! I think this Fair should be a daily event!