Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trouble Accessing Blog?

If anybody is having accessing this blog lately let me can just add a comment or by email...thanks Eric

Then again if your reading this it must be working...!

What Do You Think?

Is he getting spanked or fucked?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Please Not Here Daddy!

Daddy doesn't care where you are....if you need that butt whupped he's gonna give it to ya! If there are people around I guess your just gonna have to take while they watch!

I Can't Help But Stare!

Have you ever been in a locker room at the pool or gym and spied on one of those brutha's with a big juicy butt that just begs to be spanked? You try not to be obvious about it but you can't stop staring. You wonder what his butt will look and feel like over your lap and spanking it until he is begging you to stop! You better cover that raging hard on and get out of there before your busted and he whups your ass!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #5

I like the big and juicy butts as much as the next guy but there is something to be said for those high and tight butts out there! You got to be careful that paddle don't bounce off those cheeks and hit you in the head! I would love to get those cheeks softened up for him!

Check Him Out! this guy is ready for it! I wonder how long he can hold that position with me strapping his ass?

Backyard Switchin

You told him you want him butt naked and in the backyard because he's gonna be getting the switch tonight! He knows better than to argue or complain because that just gonna make his butt hurt allot more. He goes into the yard and gets into position just like you like him. Hands and knees with that ass sticking up nice and high! He tries not to scream out and let the neighbors hear but that switch is just to painful! I swear .....ten good ones with a switch is like one hundred with a strap!

The Chair

That chair puts Daddy's boy in the perfect position for the belt! When he tells you to go get the chair you know your not gonna be sitting in it or any other chair for awhile!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hurry Up!

Daddy gave his butt two good licks with the belt for not getting undressed fast enough! Now he is gonna get his butt beat on top of the two welts!

Barry's Eyebrow Question?

He has his left eyebrow shaved...that's why it looks so weird in the previous pic. I'm not sure if it's a spankable offense though......ok let's spank him anyway!

Nice Jeans....

....but I think they look better when there pulled down!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Focus, Focus!

Damn what a butt! I found this picture of a extremely spankable phat butt the other day! I would love to spank this guys butt for posting such a bad and out of focus picture! I hope if he See's this post he would send us a nice clear shot!

Barry.....Just Because!

I decided to post some Barry pic's just because it's I really need another reason?

I had to add some lovely stripes to his lovely bottom!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Army Discipline

After the Sargent finished applying the strap to both of the new recruit's butts he told them to stay in that position until one of them drops.....and the one that does will get the strap again!

No Way Out!

Son your just making it worse on yourself! You can't stay in that pool forever and the longer you do, the more wet that butt of yours is gonna get and sting like hell when I start strapping it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #4

He's giving you that, go ahead I dare you look!

Does He Let You Spank Him?

I know there are some brutha's out there that like spanking that butt....either giving or getting but won't admit that they like because that they think there to masculine for that of maybe it makes them look week but there are some ways to help a brutha relax and let his guard down for a spanking.

You have been wanting to spank that ass ever since you met him! How do you bring it up? You just can't say, hey man...can I spank you? You don't want to scare him off so you have to ease him into it. Maybe after your both done playing ball or working out he might say his muscles are sore....hmmmm, Then ask him if he wants a massage? If he agrees your in! Start off by having him lay down on a towel or the bed depending where your at and climb up and sit on his juicy butt and start working those shoulders. If your good at it he will be so relaxed that he might even doze off on you. Work your way down and slowly nudge his shorts lower and lower...spend a few seconds on the butt then go down the don't wanna seem to eager. Eventually you can work your way back up the leg and start to massage those chocolate buns again. As you are doing this give those cheeks a few slaps and see how he reacts......if he doesn't react to it then do it again.....If your lucky he won't say anything at all.....which to me means don't stop! Slap that ass again....and let the slaps get a little harder. When he eventually asks why your spanking his butt tell him it's just part of the massage and that his cheeks bounce and jiggle nicely when you do it! After awhile of doing this he starts to get used to it and is grinding into the bed with each slap! Harder and harder and he is moaning and pushing his ass up to meet your hand as it spanks his ebony ass! He tenses up and you realize he just orgasamed into the bed from the spanking! Keep rubbing his sweet spanked butt until he calms down then bend down and ask him how he liked his massage? That shit was weird yo....but I liked it. Hell yeah you say to yourself...this won't be the last time I spank that ass! Now you whisper into his ear....wanna give me a massage like I just gave you? If your lucky maybe he will give you that and a little bit more! He might like it enough that he will start asking you for it.....he might not come out and say he wants a spanking but instead asks you for one of those "special" massages.....either way you will know what he really wants!
This is a hopeful scenario...I wish it was that easy! He may be resistant at first but if you keep trying maybe he will let you do what you want to that butt! Good Luck and happy spanking!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life On The Farm

I have to believe that boys growing up on a farm get alot more butt whuppins than ones that don't. There are just to many ways to get in trouble on a farm.....not finishing your chores or letting the animals get out or breaking the equipment. There are also alot of things laying around that daddy could use to whup your behind. There are leather straps every where long flat pieces of wood....and don't forget dad's big calloused hand! Don't forget how easily those bib overalls come down for a spanking! The biggest problem a boy would have is that there is always a big barn for his daddy to take him to for his whuppins and plenty of hay bales to bend him over for it!

I can hear daddy now. Son...where have you been? I'm tired of you goofing off and not getting your chores done....Now git those overalls down and get your butt in that barn! I'm gonna give you a whuppin your never gonna forget!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does Chris Brown Need A Whuppin?

If you don't know who he is...Chris Brown is a 19 y/o, R&B / Hip Hop artist . He had had great success in his career and he is very talented but he has been accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend Rihanna who is also a R&B artist. Now I'm no judge (ya know...innocent til proven guilty) and I'm sure more facts will come out but it doesn't look good for him at the moment. He was released for $50,000.00 bail which he could easily afford. If he is found guilty I'm not sure what the punishment would be. If he did do it I think a good punishment would be her father and brothers take Mr. Brown to there home for some old fashioned razor strap justice and when there done with his butt his own dad will spend some time blistering him it good! I see quite a story developing here but I'll wait until further facts come out before I do. I'm glad she's ok though...they are both beautiful people but something has gone very wrong! Let me know what you all think....Eric

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Retro Picture

This picture has been around for along time now and I've always wondered if it was a video or just a photo shoot. I would love to see some big juicy butts like that in the locker room! I can imagine the coach lining them up and taking the paddle to all those wet juicy cheeks!

Ready To Be Punished

I would love to come home to a bad boy already butt naked and in position to get it good! Spanked I mean! Then maybe after he was done crying from the sore butt I gave him I'll come back in and make that butt feel better. Wink, Wink!

Bad Toy

Ok I know i'm not the only one who had this toy growing up! I would want one so bad and then when I got it home I would play with it for two minutes until it broke and then it would just be another implement for my mom or dad paddle my butt with! It didn't really hurt to much but it stung enough! Eventually I would want another one and the same thing would happen.......I guess I was a slow learner back then!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spare The A-Rod?

Well I can't say I'm shocked or surprised that he admitted to using steroids. I always liked A-Rod and hoped he hadn't used that stuff. These days I just assume everybody is doing it....or has done it. I wonder if he would of came forward if someone didn't leak his name? Well he has to face his coaches and teammates now and I think a good paddling is in order! Ten from each? Bare? many decisions! It's time for some lockeroom justice!

Ok Alex.....Stop hiding and come on out! The sooner you get this over with the sooner we all can move forward and become a team again! Now come on out and take your butt whuppin!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Take Um Down!

It's been along time since you got the belt but tonight your daddy's gonna make up for lost time! He makes you pull those jeans and boxers down and has you lay across the bed....then he takes your own belt to use on you! Glad your boyz can't see you now!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Woodshed Switchin

A bare ass switchin in the shed from his father will improve his attitude! That butts gonna sting for awhile!

Saggin Thug Boy

I think he's askin for somebody to take that belt off of him and warm his behind up! Why else would he be showing off that booty?

Spankable Butt Of The Week #3

How juicy and spankable is that!

I'm To Old For A Spanking Dad!

He told his Dad he was to old to be spanked like a little kid so his daddy told him he was gonna get the strap! He was trying to tell his dad he was to old to be spanked at all but he soon realized he made a big mistake! His Daddy made him strip and bend over the couch cushions for his first whuppin with the strap! He was on display for all to see for the rest of the night as part of his punishment!