Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Overall Warning!

Scientists say that your chances of  getting spanked goes up 100% when your wearing overalls! Why is this? There is just something about them that screams spank me! I think every boy under 25 should be required to wear these daily! I can hear it now....shuck down those overalls son and get over my knee or I'll do it for ya! Your hands are shaking as you stand in front of your father, uncle or big brother and unbutton the top, one strap at a time while your dad takes off his belt! You won't be safe anywhere you go.....any dad who sees you wearing them has the right to blister your butt if he thinks you need it! Now go out and get yourself a pair...NOW!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mirror Boyz!

Here are a few more shots of some beautiful brutha's showing off those spankable cakes!


TWERK-ing...basically shaking your ass in front of the camera.....have we discussed this yet? I have to admit I do let my mind wonder into a spanking fantasy when I see these vids. Your thoughts?

Some Boy's Just Don't Grow Up!

I guess his dad figures if his boy's gonna continue to act like a child he's gonna continue to punish him like one! That's one of the reasons his dad won't let him update his room or by him a bigger bed! He never invites his friends up to his room anymore because he's too embarrassed to let them see that he's still treated like a little boy and he doesn't want them to see the straps and paddles he has hanging on his bedroom door! He's 17 now and as he's on his bed in position, bare butt waiting for his weekly ass whuppin he begins to wonder of it's time to finally grow up!

The B.M.B.W. Forum is Back Up!

I'm so sorry I let the forum slip but I got it back up again and I know that's another thing I need to get a good strappin for so please continue to share your butt whuppin stories with all of us....would love to hear them! Till now I haven't had to spend a dime on the blog other than my time and I didn't ever want to have to charge anything either and I won't but the forum is just a few dollars and I think it's well worth it! It will be a free blog forever and ad free! Enjoy