Monday, September 20, 2010

What's the story?

Can you tell what's about happen here? Now for us spanko's it's obvious but here are three versions of what might be going on here!

1. Is it a father and son where his dad has taken him down to the basement and is telling his son that he is going to get a good bare ass spanking for his bad attitude. It looks like he's giving him a choice, it's either a bare butt spanking or he's grounded for a month!

2. Is it an Uncle and Nephew where he's staying at his Uncles house for the weekend but in his Uncle's house he learns that bad boys get their bare butts spanked! He knows that his Nephew doesn't get spanked at home so he thinks a little heat in his rear end might improve his manners!

3. Maybe it's a big brother, little brother scene where he catches his little brother doing something he's not supposed to be doing and tells him that he can either take a spanking from him or he's gonna tell their dad which he knows will mean a whuppin with the strap!

I'm sure there are a hundred more story's to go along with this picture but rest assure every story will end with that young man face down with his bare butt getting spanked!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Butt-Dom Spanks Dat Ass!

You gotta go check out the two latest drawings over at butt-dom. I love this one where that big brother is getting that ass big spanked good but the other drawing has a great image of another brutha about to get that big sweaty ass paddled hard by his Daddy! not to mention that lucky skinny man who is trapped between those husky brutha's! More amazing works of art as usual from Sniffa!

Waiting For My Whuppin!

Everyone in the house and the neighborhood knows whats gonna happen when your dad gets home! They have all seen your hard headed actions get you into trouble so many times they are getting used to it and this times no different. Your mom tells you to get your butt upstairs and get ready for when he comes home! After a hard days work the last thing your dad wants to hear about you getting into trouble again so he will be even more upset when he lights your ass up !
You climb the stairs with your brothers laughing and teasing you about how daddy's gonna whup your butt good this hate knowing that they are gonna hear everything but they are right about how he's really gonna give it to you good this time! You close the door behind you not that it's gonna do you any good because he usually leaves it open when he whups you but at least you can have a little privacy until then!You take off your sneakers and socks and then you peel down your pants and can feel the cool breeze on your smooth ass that won't be cool for long! Your dad doesn't mind if you leave your shirt's your butt he's more interested in! You swear to yourself that you must be the only boy left who's father still whups his ass but what you don't know is that it's happening all around the country, everyday bad boys like you are climbing on their beds and getting that butt roasted good by there fathers who need to teach them a lesson! You climb on the bed and into the position he likes to whup you in and wait for it like you've done so many times before. You hear his car pull up and the front door open and's quiet for a moment but then you can hear your mom's voice then you hear your dad yell and utter a few curse words. You involuntary clench your ass cheeks as you hear him coming up the stairs! The door swings open and he is standing there with his belt already doubled over in his hand! You think what you must look like to him....a half naked sixteen years old with your bare ass sticking up for a whuppin! You try to speak and explain yourself in a lame attempt to get out of this whuppin but he cuts you off and tells you that he doesn't wanna hear it and walks over to your bed. He tells you how he is tired of having to come home again and again to you being in trouble and after the first lick lands you know he means business this time!
THWACK! scream as his belt lands dead center across your brown cheeks! THWACK, WHAP! Daaadd Pleeeease, WHAP, THWACK, THWACK! You know right away that he is laying it on hard and fast in fact that you don't even have time to absorb the last lick before he delivers another. He tells you to keep your behind still but thats almost impossible when your ass in on fire! WHACK, THWACK, THWACK.....arrrgggghhhh....I'm sorry you try to yell but he's not hearing any of that today! You grab onto the sheets of your bed to try and stay in position so you don't get an even longer whuppin than you need! Your eyes are full of tears but your not quite crying yet but what you don't know is that hearing you crying is the only thing that's gonna stop this ass whuppin! You glance up at your bedroom door to see your brothers peeking in at your humiliating butt whuppin but before you can scream at them to get out your dad hits you with another series of licks of the belt! THWACK, THWACK, THWACK! You can't hold it in any more as your lip starts to quiver and the tears flow even harder as you start to cry like a little baby! Thwack, Thwack, Waaahhhhh.....Daddy....waahhhhh! You know everyone in the house can hear you getting what you deserve and probably a few houses in every direction as well! You didn't even realize your dad had stopped whupping your behind and put his belt back on as he tells your brothers to git unless they want some of the same. They run down the hallway to avoid getting what you just got and you lay there and cry into your sheets. Your dad tells you that your not to old for a good ass whuppin and tells you that the next time he has to do this it will be alot worse than this one!He leaves the room as you wonder how it could possible be worse that what you just got but you think about what he said and start to cry all over again as you try and rub the sting out of your red, welted behind! You finally fall asleep on your stomach with your red butt sticking up for your bratty brothers to come in and check out! They even touch it a few times and feel the heat coming off your ass! Later that evening you mother brings you up a plate of food...your ass is still so sore you don't even try to cover yourself up. She tells you that your dad loves you and needs to keep you on the right know shes right as you try and eat. Down the hall you hear what sounds like a hand hitting bare flesh and your dad yelling at your brothers....
DIDN'T, Whack I, Whack TELL, Whack YOU, Whap TO, Whap STAY, Slap OUT, Whap OF, Slap HIS, Whap ROOM? least you have something to smile about now!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #34

He hates being told to strip naked for his spankings....he is very embarrassed exposing himself in front of you but you know embarrassment is part of the punishment! From this angle you can see all his great qualities and after a few minutes of OTK spanking he will be kicking and screaming which will expose a little more of himself that he doesn't want you to see!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spanking T's

I wouldn't mess around with anyone wearing T-shirts like these......but I would be curious if I did see a big brutha wearing these out in public!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will Smith In Position!

Will Smith outside of Mann's Chinese Theater having his hands and feet immortalized in cement a few years ago but I had never seen these photos before! Wow....what a great pose if you ask me....that man has a serious booty! Wheres my paddle when you need one!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Roommate

DAAAAAYYMN! It's a very short video of someones roommate who seems to be sleeping and unaware that his ass was on his roommates mind! I guess he figured it was a good a time as any to get that sexy booty on camera! I wonder if he ever found out what his roommate did.....and spanked him for it? We may never know!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #33

I love this sexy scene with this young brutha bent over that tire! I imagine that his dad makes him strip down and sends him out back to wait for his whuppin! He knows the drill....strip and then place himself over the old tire so his dad has a good target for his belt! He knows he is gonna get it good this time and his dad doesn't care if the whole neighborhood hears it! It's not easy to hold on to that tire and stay in position....his dad is a pro with that belt! After his dad blisters his ass good he makes him stay out there with that ass on display and think about trying to stay out of trouble from now on!

Luvin Dat Azz!

After a nice long session with your hand or paddle on his big juicy butt you need to take time and get up close and personal with that ass to let him know how much you appreciate his big brown booty for a little pain and pleasure! that's an ass that would take all day to whup!
Check out the latest over at

Spanking Tryouts!

If this ever did hold auditions for B.M.B.W. I hope there are turnouts like this! Could you imagine all those bruthas coming in one by one and dropping those pants and crawling across my lap to get spanked! After the spanking tryouts we would have to give them a strapping test to see what they could take! Damn....the sounds that would be coming out of that house would be music to my ears! Maybe one day!

J.J.'s Booty

Biron's model J.J. butt looks like it's in need of a good butt warming! I think there would be a line to spank this one! Who's first?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

That Sexy Red Ass!

Seeing a beautiful ass is great but it's even better with a nice healthy red glow coming from it!

Here I Go Again...

Yeah I know, I'm obsessing again! I'm really not a big basketball fan and the season doesn't even start until late October but I can't wait to see more of Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors this season! The spanking fantasies in my head are running wild....I really should write some of them down! Well I guess I'm gonna have to wait a little while longer....Damn! Here are a few pic's and links for you to enjoy!

What website is he on?How can you not like that face?
Here he is with his Daddy (former player) Dell Curry! There had to be some spanking going on in that house!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dad's Gonna Kill Me!

Did you ever have one of those moments where you would do almost anything if you could just go back in time and start over! You wrecking your dad's new car! You almost wish the cops would just take you to jail rather than letting your old man find out what just happened! You know your gonna have to pay for the damage and then your gonna have to "PAY" for the damage! Either way you look at it you know you won't be able to sit down for a long time! When your dad shows up to the scene of the accident he is glad to see your alright but soon after that he starts in on how you could be so careless and irresponsible and the police and bystanders are hearing every bit of it! He tells you to get into his car and wait for him while you can still sit down! You crawl into his car knowing everybody heard that last part and start to cry...but there will be alot more crying when he gets you home!

Quese Belt Whup Pt.1&2

I'm guessing it's a "Boys Will Be Boys Thing" Just another homoerotic moment which involves some butt whuppin! Whatever is going on here they seem to be enjoying themselves!

Not Enough Stripes

I love this photograph of a beautiful man with an equally beautiful ass laying on a zebra pattern rug.....but I think a few more well placed stripes would complete the picture!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #32

Well all I know is that his name is Pharaoh and has one of the cutest spankable butts that I've seen in a while! Oh.....and he's is a cutie on top of that! I can see him over my lap waiting for his spanking!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Butt Domination Blog Is Back

That blog with those extra big juicy booty's is back! After a short absence the blog is back up again. Check out the link below to see some great artwork and some poor or lucky men getting a face full of those cheeks! I think he should add a few paddles in there too...LOL but I'll take these awesome drawings just like they are! Thanks Blkmusk!


Belasco is still drawing some wonderful works of art of the black male backside! I wish he would do some more Spanking & Paddling scenes but I'm happy with whatever he gives us!