Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Milk.....Does A Butt Good!

What did I tell you about drinking out of the carton son? Get your behind up to your room and wait for me.....I'll be there in a minute with my strap!

In Front Of Your Friends

You think your safe when you have friends over at your house so you decided to push the limits with your dad a little more than you should have! You also just found out that he's gonna whup your butt right in front of them! Your friends are a little shocked but intrigued as they watch you strip and go out back and cut a switch! Your friends watch through the window as your dad bends you over and takes the switch to your behind.....twenty strokes later your crying and begging him to stop! When you realize that he did stop you reach back and feel the welts on your very sore behind and you can also see your friends looking through the window at your bare butt! You would give anything not to have to go back in the house and face them. You go back inside trying not to make eye contact and get dressed making sure to carefully pull your pants up over your welted behind! They do tease you for a while just as most teenage boys would but they are really good friends and soon your playing and laughing just like nothing had happened. They actually seem to be proud of you and how you took such a whuppin and lived to talk about it! Later that night they will all be thinking of what they saw with a smile on there face before they drift off to sleep! Tonight when you go to sleep (laying on your stomach of course) you know not to mess with dad no matter where you are or who's around!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sexy Photo

Just a great sensual photo of a body that's in the right position for some punishment!
This photo and many other great African American nude shots can be seen at

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Razor Strap / Strop

As soon as I saw this picture I reached back and rubbed my butt! That thing will have you doing that little dance in no time!



Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Father's Duty

Look at him laying there waiting on know what you have to do and he knows you have to do it! It's your duty as his father to punish him when he messes up. Sometimes it's the only way to make him take off your belt and go in there and pull those shorts down and give his butt a whuppin he will never forget! He's lucky to have a father like you that cares enough to discipline him when he needs it!

On Your Mark, Get Set...Spank!

Another one of those curious pic's! How do I get that job?

Spankable Butt Of The Week #13

Wow.....I know that butt needs a good lickin but which kind? I would be happy lickin that butt with my belt as well as my tounge! Which ever way this butt gets licked I wouldn't stop until every drop of water on that butt was gone!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Wait

No smile on his face...he knows whats coming! Dad keeps him waiting while he goes and gets the razor strap! His brothers are teasing and laughing about how he's gonna get it good when dad gets back with the strap! It's humiliating to be kept bare butt and bent over like this...and his dad knows it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I stumbled upon this vid the other day......There isn't much of a storyline but basically this young man is supposed to be helping around the house and when he's found goofing off he gets a OTK spanking. It's a fairly mild but firm spanking but the best part is watching those dark, smooths buns get smacked again and again! It's about ten bucks to d-load. I'm not purposely pimping the vid for the studio or anything like that but I just think all you fellow spanko's will enjoy it! The link is below if you wanna check it out...Enjoy!
The video is called LA Lads OTK

A Long Ride Home

I think he's gonna have to ride standing up all the way! Somebody switched his butt good!

I can See Your Red Butt!

Those boys who wear those saggin pants might just end up showing that he got his butt spanked by his daddy last night!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thug Strippin For A Whuppin

I love this series of pictures of this thug undressing.....look to me like he's in trouble and now it's time to pray the price! As soon as he's finished undressing he has to turn around with his hands on his head and wait butt naked until his father gets back with the strap! This thug is gonna have a sore butt for a few days and nights I think!

Has This Ever Helped?

.......I mean to get out of a whuppin anyway? Praying that your dad didn't find out what you did....or praying that your mean little bro won't tell on you! The list goes on and on.....we have all been there! I think God knows when you need that butt beat.......

For some reason your dad still ends up taking the belt to your behind anyway!

Next week you will be at it again....praying your dad didn't find out what you did this time!
Hope this post didn't offend anyone....not my intention!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Switchable" Butt Of The Week #12

Wow....that's a nice round spankable booty on that young man! I think I'll make him got cut a few switches! After a session with a switch his sore welted behind will have a better attitude I guarantee!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Damien Gets Spanked!

I posted a pic of Damien last week and here is more from that series. This is just my little fantasy of what is going on in the pictures.

Damien is staying for the weekend at his friend Andy's house and ends up getting in trouble! Damien's parents are gone for the weekend he can't be sent home so Andy's father decides to take care of this situation himself! He had called Damien's father and told him the situation and gave him the green light to punish him as he saw fit.....and told him when he gets back he is gonna give his butt a good roasting for causing so much trouble! He sat down in a armless chair and called Damien to stand in front of him. In this house young man when you do something wrong you get punished isn't that right Andy....Yes sir! his friend replied to his father. And how do they get punished son? With a spanking sir! Andy's face turned ten shades of red when he said that....he never told Damien that he still gets spanked but he knew now! Damien was a little shocked about this turn of events but was prepared to go through with it if he had to. Andy's father gave him a short lecture about his behavior and then reached up and grabbed him by the ear like Damien was a little boy and pulled him down across his lap! He was now staring at the floor and felt a hand smack his jean clad bottom for the first time! Ahhh....even with his pants and underwear on he really felt that first smack....Smack came the second blow...Owwww....he was trying not to make to much of a fuss but it was really hurting! After about thirty good smacks to Damien's bottom he makes him stand up and tells him to take his jeans down. It's humiliating enough getting spanked by someone other than your dad but even more so when you have to drop your pants in front of him and with your friend standing in the room watching! Damien slowly undoes his belt and zipper and pushes his jeans down below his knees. Andy's father pulls Damien back across his lap for another round of thirty! He notices that Damien's backside is a lot more plump that his own son's and lets his hand linger a little longer than normal after each smack.It's really starting to sting Damien's ass now....he is almost in tears by the end of this set of thirty. Andy's father was always glad when he brought Damien to the house....he secretly admired his nice backside but never thought he would be able to get a good look at it but now he not only was getting to spank it but had his chance to see and feel it bare!. At first he wasn't gonna spank him on the bare ass but he might never have this opportunity again so he grabbed the waistband of Damien's bright red underwear and started to pull them down!Damien's worst fear comes true as he feels his spanker's fingers inside the waistband of his cute shorts and then the cool breeze across his sore buns! He was frozen with embarrassment being stripped of his underwear in front of his friend and his father. He didn't think he would actually bare his butt but it was done now and Damien's bare bottom was on display for everybody to see! Andy's father was in awe of such a beautiful bottom....such a smooth, brown, plump ass and he was getting the pleasure of spanking it! Andy was quietly standing off to the side watching his best friends spanked butt being bared! He has seen Damien naked many times in the lockeroom and at the pool but never like this....this was different and was causing to continually fix himself and keep his hands in front of his rising hard'on!

After his underwear was down he could see a nice shade of red on his butt from the first two sets of spanks so he wasted no time and gave Damien his last set of thirty! Damien was openly crying now and kicking his legs with each and every smack! Andy knew what his fathers hand felt like as he watched Damien being was a big solid, calloused hand and he hit your butt with strong solid spanks! Damien was crying and saying that he will be good from now on and to please stop! After he reached thirty he stopped and let his hand rest on Damien's felt so soft and hot he wished he could keep him like this forever but he knew he couldn't and didn't want to cause to much suspicion and helped Damien up. He hugged Damien just like he does after he spanks Andy and lets him know that it's over and he loves him. Damien didn't even realize that he was still standing there half naked and on display!

After he helped pull his pants up and got him cleaned up he turned to Andy and asked him why he didn't explain the house rules to Damien and that it was as much his fault as Damien's! Andy knew exactly what that meant and walked over and put himself over his dad's lap! Damien was shocked about what was going to happen but was looking forward to see his best friend get spanked too!

Got Ice?

Wow....That must have been one hell of a whuppin!