Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #26

Phat-Phat! Damn thats a nice spankable booty! It should be called I wanna get Spanked! There are a whole series of videos of this juicy ass....check um out!

The Guy Next Door

This is another video from Brett Stevens at
I like the idea for this video and I hope theres a sequel to it but basically four young lads discover a neighbors jacuzzi and knowing that he will be away for two weeks they decide to use it! They are having a good time then decide to take there shorts off and even drink the guys beer when the neighbor shows up! The brutha (Tim) as soon as he hears the neighbor coming leaps out of the hot tub and hauls ass across the yard...LOL! I had to laugh at how quickly he got out of there but I don't know how good an idea it was to go running around the neighborhood butt naked! Leaving his buddy's there to take the rap they are ushered into the house and given a double dose of the cane! While the poor boys are being punished Tim shows back up and gets back in the Jacuzzi as if nothing happened! I hope that Mr. Stevens is planning a sequel to this video because Tim shouldn't be able to get away with this! I hope his friends seek revenge on his bottom or maybe the neighbor or both! An even better idea is that maybe Tim tells his friend Barry about a Jacuzzi they could use....Mmmmmm! Now I normally focus on spanking those beautiful black bottoms but even though there isn't any in this video I like what might happen!

3 New Barry Video's!

Bad Brothers, The Detention and Learning Curve are the video's that Barry stars in from the website that are downloadable and are made available by Brett Stevens. I have had these for awhile but I'm just now getting around to passing on this info but you may have already found these gems!
The first is "Bad Brothers" ......these two brothers are about to be spanked by their father for receiving a call from the headmaster at the boys school! Barry receives a good OTK spanking first from dad! First he gets spanked over his shorts then his tighty whiteys and then on the bare butt of course! A great video for us Barry fans!

The second is "The Detention"'s just what it seems. These four boys are sent to detention and start doing things that will end up getting them a thrashing from the teacher! Barry's first lesson is a short leather strap applied to his bottom over his school shorts! Barry's second lesson is after he is caught passing candy in class so he and his classmate get it good! I love the two chairs back to back in this gives a great view of Barry's beautiful butt! The last is a short session with the strap while bent over the his classmates desk!
The third is "Learning Curve" basically the teacher is telling them how discipline was administered in the old days and showing them a few different implements the were used. Barry is the boy in the shorts! The students joke on about how things were in the olden days and kind of egg each other on to see what it feels like to get thrashed by them! There is alot of fun in this one but unfortunately Barry does not bare his bum in this one! He does do alot of jumping around and great reactions when he gets hit with the different implements. Enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Know I Got It Coming!

Hi everybody.....I know I got a whuppin coming fo not updating the blog lately but I've been a little tied up! Bare with me a little longer until things will get back to normal!

Saturday, July 9, 2011



Maybe I'm getting to old to keep up with these fads but this one is called "Planking" basically you lay face down (I like that part) on any surface and try to stay as flat as you can and take a picture of it....the more bizarre the better. I like the idea this brutha had in the picture below...hmmmmm butt naked laid out in front of you.....I hope it catches on!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #25

I'm ready Daddy!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Damn That Hurts!

Rubbing it helps but only so much! It's that deep burn that's hard to rub out!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Spankable Butt of The Week #24

He looks so peaceful like he's having a wonderful dream but in a few minutes he's gonna wake up to a angry father with a strap in his hand who will give him a butt whuppin that he will have nightmares about for a long, long time!


Every year I look forward to see a fresh new batch of frat pledges go through a 24 hour initiation. It's a embarrassing and humiliating sadistic ritual that will earn them the right to be in our fraternity! I truely hated going through it myself years ago but now I get to watch and enjoy those pledges getting their naked butts paddled over and over again in front of their soon to be frat brothers! I just wish I could do this for the rest of my life!

Brought Home By The Police Pt. 2

By Eric2
As my dad handed me the keys to the SUV he told me I was responsible for my brothers….as If I didn’t already know that! He told me to be back around 4pm because the family was coming over for a cookout. Ok dad we will, I said. This was the first time me and my brothers were allowed out of the house on our own in over a month. We’ve been grounded for being brought home by the police for trespassing in a neighbor’s pool! It was innocent fun but there was a $1,500.00 dollar fine! Not only did we get a no nonsense butt whuppin from dad but he grounded us for a month!
We just drove around for a while not really knowing what to do but we were just enjoying being out of the house. After stopping to get something to eat my brothers said they wanted to check out the beach…..I knew they wanted to catch up with all the ladies so I gave in and said ok! Since it was the 4th of July weekend the beach was packed and it was hard to find a place to park but I finally found a spot a few blocks away. We ran into a lot of our boyz and hung out for a while…a lot of them were asking where we’ve been for the last few weeks? To embarrassed to tell them the truth we just said we were visiting some family out of town….thankfully nobody pushed the subject anymore!
Now I had no intention of getting in the water but everybody kept asking us to do it so me and my brothers stripped down to our boxers and dove in! After splashing around for about an hour I realized that it was already after 3pm and yelled for my brothers to get there asses out of the water because we gotta go! I think they could tell by my voice that I was serious. We said by to our friends and grabbed our clothes and headed to the car. I don’t know what we were thinking by getting to that water….we didn’t bring any towels or anything! I told my brothers that when we get to the car just take off our boxers and then put out shorts back on…I don’t want dad beating my ass again for getting his seats all wet! My brothers just laughed and said ok. We got to the car and proceeded to get out of out wet shorts and tried to get changed as quickly as possible without anybody seeing us! I guess we weren’t fast enough when I heard a deep voice behind us….Excuse me gentlemen!
We all turned around to see a big police officer that looked disturbing like our dad! Hi officer…”what’s the problem”, I asked? Boys do you know it’s against the law to expose yourself in public? What, I said to myself…is he kidding? Were sorry Sir we didn’t want to get the car seats all wet and I don’t think anybody saw us! I looked over at my brothers and they looked like deer in headlights……I think they were having flashbacks of what happended last month! Son there is a sign posted right there in front of your car! I looked up to see as sign that said just that…..I never even noticed it! Sir I didn’t realize …..he cut me off! I understand son but the laws the law…..I’m gonna have to give you a ticket! My heart sank and my butt cheeks clenched as soon as I heard that! Oh God….this can’t be happening again! Please Sir were sorry it won’t happen again we swear! Boys I hear that every day so I don’t want to hear it now! Officer Jackson made me give him my license so he could get my information….he went back to his car to do it. My brothers were freaking out by this point…..they knew this wasn’t gonna go down well and on top of that it was almost 4:00! Damn JT….were fucked man….I can’t believe this shit is happening again! Relax man….maybe we can talk our way out of this! “How”, Marcus asked? I don’t know bro….just let me think! By this time officer Jackson was walking back towards us and was handing me the ticket. Six hundred dollars! You can’t be serious! I then added a “Sir” to the end of that! He told us it was a $200.00 dollar fine times 3! Shit….Please Sir……can’t you just let us off with a warning this time….Please! Now I might have done that but when I put your name into the system in the patrol car it said you were fined about a month ago for trespassing! My head was spinning out of control at this point. Son I might reconsider if I could speak to your parents about this…..I find that it is usually more effective than a fine! Oh god……the last thing I wanted is to be taken home by the cops again. I looked at my brothers for a some sign of what I should do but I could tell they weren’t gonna be any help. Ok Sir, Were already gonna be in a lot of trouble as it is but I think it would be better if if we didn’t bring home a $600.00 fine as well.
So there we were driving home with Officer Jackson following us home in his patrol car! The twins decided that this was the time to scream and yell at me about what dad was gonna do but I yelled back and said look… know were gonna get our butts whupped again but you know it would be a lot worse with a fine now shut up! It was quiet for the rest of the ride home…..I could see all the cars and smell the grill smoke as I parked the car. We had to park down the street a little ways because most of the family had arrived for the cookout which just made everything more complicated and embarrassing. We walked up to the house when I heard one of my cousin’s yell that we were home and there was a cop with us! Shit I thought…..Thanks cousin Jeffery, I said under my breath….I hate that little shit! Dad was at the door in a second with a look on his face that almost beyond description! Officer Jackson spoke first and asked dad if he was Mr. Tyson as he shook his hand. Mr. Tyson…I’m officer Jackson and your boys were ticketed for public nudity at a public beach today. Now normally I would let them off with a warning but when I found out about the incident last month I thought I would bring them home and talk to you myself. As officer Jackson continued to talk I could see my dad’s face turn into that (I’m gonna beat your ass black and blue) look and I’ve seen that look a lot lately! I interrupted and tried to explain that we were just changing out of our wet clothes so we wouldn’t get the seats wet but dad cut me off and said he was gonna dry our butt good in a few minutes! My dad asked Officer Jackson to come inside and told us to get our butts down to the basement and to get out of those clothes NOW! We quickly did as we were told leaving them to talk.
Walking down the steps into that musty basement I knew that this was gonna be even worse than before! I’ve only been sent down here once before for cussing at my dad….it just slipped out and after that whuppin and I never did it again! My brothers as usual were already in tears as we slowly undressed……it didn’t take long since we weren’t wearing any boxers so within a minute were were bare ass naked and waiting on our dad. The worst part is that our entire family was upstairs and knew exactly what was going on and would be able to hear it as well! When I was younger it was easier to get over embarrassing shit like this but now I don’t think I’ll ever live it down…..17 and about to get a bare ass whuppin in front of my family! Still in deep thought about it all I heard the basement door open and heard my dad coming down the stairs but what surprised me was Officer Jackson was right behind him! What the hell I thought as all three of us instinctively covered ourselves. Dad…please just listen to me……we, Dad cut me off again and told us that Officer Jackson will not fine us as long as he was sure we had learned a lesson. Dad told us that Officer Jackson has two son’s himself and disciplines them the same way I’m about to! All the blood seemed to drain from my face as I realized what was about to happen…he was gonna watch dad give us our whuppins! It was bad enough with the entire family there but having officer Jackson there to witness our punishment was too much! My dad told the twins to go bring the workbench over to the middle of the room. It was a workout bench he got a few years ago but rarely used so now it was nothing but a butt whuppin bench! It was adjustable so one end can be lowered or raised. Dad positioned my brother Marvin over it first where his but was at the high end and he grabbed the lower end with his hands! I don’t think there is a more embarrassing position a teenage boy could be in…..everything back there was in full view to everyone! I waited for him to start taking off his belt but instead Officer Jackson started to take off his! He placed all the stuff he had hanging on his belt and placed it on a table and then handed it to my dad. I could tell it was a lot thicker than my dad’s belt was but still very flexable! Boys, Officer Jackson is letting me use his work belt because he felt it will get through to you a lot quicker than my belt would and I agree with him. He explained how a lot of his fellow officers had changed to the new nylon belts with the Velcro but he still preferred the classic leather belts…hmmm lucky for us I mumbled! Marvin who didn’t see Officer Jackson taking off his belt started crying out loud when he heard this! Officer Jackson said his boys felt it just a few days ago for missing curfew so it’s no stranger to young brown butts!
Damn…what did he want us to do….thank him? My dad stepped up behind Marvin and let loose with that belt right across Marvin’s ass! WHACK, THWACK, THWACK! I gasped at the sound it made and I could instantly see the welts from that evil belt forming on my little brothers ass! Marvin hit a new level of screaming that I had never heard before! Daddiiieeee…nooooooo….pleaseeeeee! I knew there was no way he would stay in place and my dad knew it to so he had me and Marcus hold my naked bro down for his whuppin! WHACK, WHAP, THWAP! Oooowwwwwiiiiiieeee….I’m sorryyyyyy! WHAP, THWACK, THWAP! Dad laid a few across his sit spot but mostly focused on the center of his ass! THWACK! Ahhhhhh! Dad gave him one final lick that you would swear had killed him but he was ok! Ok Marcus…your turn! I realized that he only gave him 10 licks but I realized that this belt had a lot more stinging power in it than my dads and I think my dad realized it to! Marvin got up crying as hard as I’ve ever seen him cry and stood up with his hands behind his head without even being told! I knew he didn’t want any more of that belt! Marcus took the position Marvin was just in and held on for dear life. My dad didn’t wait for him to get out of position he made us hold him down from the start! I looked up at Marvins big brown booty sticking up in the air and watched my dad’s arm swing that belt into his ass! WHAP, THWACK, WHAP! I could feel my brothers shoulder muscles tighten up with every lick! WHAP THWACK, THWACK! Dad….PLEASEEEE! WHACK, WHACK, THWACK, WHAP! The last lick got him right on his upper thighs….WHAP! He nearly got away from us after that last lick…..I knew that shit had to hurt and they were both dying to rub there asses but they knew better! I knew it was my turn and as I got up I noticed that the music that had been playing in the back yard had stopped and it was very quiet. I realized that my entire family was listening in on our whuppins and I knew our cousins were enjoying the hell out of this! As I walked around the bench I glanced at Officer Jackson who I swear had a smirk on his face and from his pants I could tell he was enjoying this whole thing! I wanted to say something to my dad but I knew better! I laid myself across the bench making my ass a big vulnerable target for that belt! JT….I’m gonna give you 20 licks! You’re supposed to be a little more responsible and this is the second time you have been brought home by the police! Shit…..I didn’t think it was fair that I was about to get my ass busted for some ridiculous public nudity fine. I could feel Officers Jacksons eyes on my ass….I knew he was loving every moment of this! My dad made my brothers hold me down and then it started! WHAP….oh shit…..what the fuck! AHHH! My god that hurt! WHAP, WHAP, THWACK! Dad……AHHHHH….STOP! WHAP, THWACK, THWACK! Daddy….pleaseeee I can’t take any more! I was begging my heart out…..I was so embarrassed about acting like this but this was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt! WHAP, THWACK, WHAP! Up until this point he worked my ass over pretty good but the next volley he aimed at my lower cheeks and upper thighs! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! AHHHHH…WAAAAAHHHHH! I was openly crying now and kicking my legs around exposing my most private areas to my dad and Officer Jackson but at that moment I could really care less! My ass was on fire and it was all my brothers could do to keep me in place! WHAP, THWACK WHAP! Ahhhhhh…..No more…….WHAAAAA! THWACK, THWACK, WHAP, WHAP! I had tears and snot running down my face and I was begging my dad to stop but I wasn’t making any sense…I was just blubbering like an idiot.
I didn’t realize that it was over and my dad told my brothers to help me up. It was the second time in a month that they have seen their older brother reduced to a crying baby! We stood there with our hands on our heads watching Officer Jackson put his belt back on. He still had that smirk on his face and I was beginning to dislike him more with every passing moment! My dad told us to thank Officer Jackson for bring us home and not giving us a ticket! What! Thank him? As far as I was concerned he could kiss my ass but I’ll bet he would love that too! Me and my brothers mumbled out a thank you and he told us to stay out of trouble because he would be watching us! What the hell does that mean I said to myself? He turned and headed upstairs as I heard the music come back on. Shows over I guess! My dad said that Officer Jackson is going to bring him one of his old belts for me so if I were you boys I’d keep out of trouble! Just the thought of one of those belts in the house would be a reason to stay out of trouble! My dad told us to keep our hands behind out heads and to put our noses against the wall until he told us to move! Standing there butt naked with some serious welts on our behinds we must have been quite a sight to all of our cousins who would sneak down there from time to time during the cookout and tease us about getting our butts whupped and how we all cried! I think being embarrassed like this was almost worse than that damn police belt….almost!
We were grounded again for only two weeks this time so I figured that we would be able to salvage a little bit of the summer but when our grounding is over I don’t think I want to go anywhere. I’m not looking forward to another session with that belt or another run in with Officer “Asshole” Jackson!