Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Community Service Review!

I give " Community Service" two cheeks up! Great acting, good storyline and alot of spanking....most of which was delivered by Barry! I've seen Barry spanked alot over the years but he gives a few good firm spankings to those naughty buns! David takes a particularly harsh strapping in the opening of the video and I don't think he sat down for a few days after that! Barry gives three OTK spankings and Damien receives a good caning to finish up the video. Over all it was a very good production and I thank Dr. Skelps, Barry and for putting it out! Now I'll wait for the sequel!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Community Service day I'm complaining about a bad black spanking movies and the next day puts out a new spanking video made by Dr. Skelps and Barry "WOW" and from what I can see Barry is handing out a few spankings himself! I have not watched it yet but as soon as I do I'll let you know what I think but since I'm a little biased when it comes to Barry I'm sure I'll love it! Damian and Jay are back getting some serious stripes on their rears as well from the cane! Can't wait to see it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #30

Daaaaaym!!! I think I'm gonna need some help with this one!

Bondage Tales 2

Wow....I have to say that was the worst black on black spanking video ever.....and that's saying alot since I think only 5 have been made ever! There were several scenes and this was the last one. I think the budget was a dollar....maybe two but I kept telling myself that it might get better....nope! The scene is about a guy wanting the mechanic to fix his car right because they screwed it up the first time but the mechanic tells him if you don't have your receipt we can't help you! (This goes on for ten minutes I swear!) Anyway.... the mechanic has had enough and bends the customer over his desk for a "spanking" if you want to call it that, first over his pants and then finally bare ass! I would of been just as happy if they would of just cut right to the spanking part! The guy doing the spanking starts doing that karate type of spanking where he just skims that least that's what he does when he's not looking at the camera! The customer keeps asking him to do it harder ....ya know like a love tap...LOL Well I guess I can't complain to is what it is!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eddis Gets A Street Butt Whuppin!

Yo Eddie....ain't that your dad? Eddie looks up to see his dad walking right for him with his belt in his hand! He instantly realized the he was supposed to be home an hour ago but he lost track of time! Damn man...your dad looks mad as hell.....I think your gonna get a whuppin yo! Before Eddie had a chance react his dad had him by the arm and was dragging him down the street whuppin his behind with the belt while yelling at him about not coming home on time! Eddie knew all his friends were watching him get his butt whupped by his dad but he also knew that the real butt whuppin was gonna start after his dad got him home!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boys Having A Spanking Good Time!

Wow.....why can't there be more video's like these around? These guys are doing some serious spanking......I wonder what he did to earn these three smacks? Most of the time in videos like this the spankee just has his pants pulled down a little but this brutha is bare ass nekkid! I loved when he yelled "Put the belt down"! I think he knew how that belt felt and didn't want any part of it! Thanks to Anonymous for sending it to me!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Self Spanking That ass!

Great ass for spanking but maybe he doesn't realize that there are a whole bunch of guys out there that would love to do that for him!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Next Morning

The second you open your eyes the memory of the butt whuppin you got last night comes flooding back to you. Mostly from the pain in your welted ass but also from the pillow that is soaked from your tears! He really gave you one to remember this time and you cringe from the memory of how you were behaving as he was laying the belt to your ass! Screaming and begging for him to stop and trying to reach back to protect your butt....he finally had to pin your arms behind your back and whup you like that! You thought you were beyond getting your butt beat like a child but you were wrong.You realize your gonna have to get up and leave your room eventually and face him and the rest of your family who your sure heard every last lick of dads belt on your ass and all the fuss you made while you were getting it! You remember how embarrassed you were the last time you got it but that was over a year ago so now that your a little older is gonna make it even worse! You always tease your little brother on how you don't get whuppins anymore like he does because your to old and make fun of him after he gets a butt whuppin from dad! As if on cue your younger brother knocks on your door and tells you that dad said to come down stairs and get to work mowing the lawn....he said you have 5 minutes or your getting another whuppin! You hear him laughing as he walks down the hallway......."shit" you say to yourself as you bury your head in your's gonna be a long day!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #29

Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Them Drawz Down!

Shaking like a leaf with your drawz down around your ankles as you watch your dad take his belt off for the whuppin he's about to give ya!

Dominating Deno From BBA

Dominating Deno is the latest video from Black Boy Addictionz featuring a young Jamacian lad who gets a pretty sexy booty spanking with alot of rubbing and ass play which I really enjoyed! It's fairly mild but the oiling up of Deno's booty and tickling that booty hole more than makes up for it! The spanker even had Deno upside down for a little spanking! After the spanking the action heats up with some hot raw strokin! I'll try my best to get BBA to do some more like these in the future!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Hate The Switch!

Just another outdoor switchin from my dad....and yes i had to go cut it myself.....butt naked!

Waiting On Dad

Bow Wow Talks About His Butt Whuppin!

It sounds like his mom kept him in line! I think it happended when he was alot younger around the "Like Mike" era but it must of worked because he isn't in jail or on drugs or worse!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Shed

Dad didn't mess around when it came to giving out butt whuppins....he would take us out back to the old shed and make us strip down and call us in one by one to receive our lickins! It didn't matter to my dad who was around either....friends, family or neighbors....if they were there they were gonna get a show!
He had a bench that was waist high that we would have to bend over and present our butts for the strap! Sometimes if he had something he was working on that was cluttering up the bench he would just make us stand there with our hands behind our heads and strap our butts like me, it's much easier to take a whuppin with something to hold on to!
He had an old thick piece of leather that he attached a handle that would leave us crying and begging within seconds! You would think that he would be tired by the time he got to the last of us but it seemed like the whuppins were more intense.....maybe it was because of the anticipation of what was coming or hearing our brothers screaming and crying while he was getting his butt blistered and us knowing that we would be getting the same in a few minutes. After he roasted our behinds real good he would have us get dressed and sent us to the house but if any one of us put up to much of a fight during our whuppin he would give us another round with the strap and believe me....a second whuppin from my dad is something you didn't want!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photos By Biron

Here are some great shots sent to me form Biron! I really have to get to one of these fairs one day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Cane Sampler

One to go!

Why Do We Bring Him?

God Damn Marvin! Just hit the ball already! I swear every time we bring him it's like this!
Ha. ha , ha....Yo I know man but he's getting better!
Better maybe but it still takes him 20 minutes to hit the ball! Remind me again why we took up this sport?
To relax us....oh and to be like Tiger.
Yeah well I don't think it's working and it's not going to well for Tiger these days! Joe I swear I'm gonna whup his butt right here!
Look Joe....he's your son....can't you do something about it!
Ok fellas....I think we might have to administer some old fashioned incentives to hurry his game along! When we get home your all welcome to come over and help me spank some sense into his bottom!
Damn....sounds good to me! I say we do it right here!
Dad....did you say something?
I'll tell you later son!

Flashback: The Spanking Judge

I'm sure you all remember a few years back when (Ex) Judge Herman Thomas was accused of adminisering his own justice to those saggin thug butts! This toon captures the moment it pretty well I can view the artical where I found this toon in at the link below . I would still like to know what exactly went on back in his chambers!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bad Congressman F/M

Here's another video from and in this video a congressman has sent some naughty photos of his manhood to a young woman who wasn't to happy about it and demanded a meeting with him! He soon realizes that he's gonna have a hard time sitting down on his big congressman's chair! I have seen the ace videos that were previously released by clare but if it's anything like those videos I'm sure it will be pretty tame but I really just like seeing a brutha get his pants pulled down and spanked....but that's just me!