Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great Pic

This is just a great picture from dawgpound.com
I'll let your imagination tell this story!!

Feeling It!

Bent over feeling your burning ass and hoping that's he's done wearing it out or is he just getting started?

Monday, October 29, 2007


Mmmm…you look good yo.
I come up behind you, were both naked.
You look so good leaning up against the
dresser like thatwith that sexy ass sticking out.
I never really noticed how sexy that ass is.
Look at how plump it is!
So smooth and soft…Mmmmmm
Man I just wanna smack it!
Go ahead man…..I ain’t stopping you!
Really yo?
Yeah man…smack it..
Ohhh…damn man…
Ugghhh….shit man…
You aiight?
Yeah dawg…
You got a heavy hand yo…
I didn’t know you were into this…
Me either yo…
I’m not sure why I like it.

I bet you’ve wanted me to do this for a long time huh?
No man….I never thought about this before..
Shit…damn man…my ass is hurtin yo!
You want me to stop?
Your sexy brown ass cheeks bounce everytime I hit um!
Aiight yo…
No more…please…
Mmmmmmm damn
Just rub it for me yo…
Yeah…that’s it….
Rub them all over….
I think I like spanking yo ass!
Your gonna get a lot more now that I know you like it!
You hear me?
Yeah dawg….I want you too!
Good yo....

Beaten Again...

My dad beat my ass again for the second time this week....He came into my room and made me strip bare. I got in the usual position on my bed with my hands under me so I wouldn't be tempted to reach back to cover my butt! I heard him pull his belt off and told me he's tired of having to give me a whuppin every week so he was really gonna make me feel it! I was openly crying allot faster than normal...he was really laying into my ass good! It was all I could do not to reach back....he put his hand on my back to keep me from turning over and continued to whup my butt. I was begging him to stop but he just kept on....I'm sure the whole neighborhood knew I was getting my butt tore up! When he stopped I was a mess. I laid there and cried for a long time. I was naked and well beaten but I knew I would be in this position again before the week was over! I don't know why I'm such a bad boy?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Keep Rubbing it!

You can rub and rub that butt all you want but that burning feeling will be with you for a few days! Then it will be time to set it on fire again!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brown Butt Up And Waiting

This beautiful brown butt might be waiting for the Hairbrush, Paddle , Strap or belt. But who is waiting to use it on him? His Daddy, Uncle, Teacher, Coach, Brother....!

Big Beefy Butt

Ok...Pull those undies down....Damn man! You were right thats a big butt alright! I'm gonna have to use my special paddle on that ass! I'm gonna blister that butt good...you won't be sitting down anytime soon...but don't worry I'll rub the sting out of it for you when I'm done!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Whuppin Made For Two!

The only thing better than whuppin one butt is whuppin two!

Get To Bed

My Daddy just took his belt to my bare ass for coming home late again! He told me to take a shower and go to bed and be quick about it unless I wanted another whuppin! Damn....I can't believe I still get my butt beat!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Thug Waiting On You....

What a perfect position this thug is in......and he's so sexy in only his Timb's and hat! Look at him just waiting on you to light his ass up! He is even sticking that butt up for your strap! He knows your the only one thats man enough to give his butt what it needs and your good at doing it! Let him know that your the man and he's the boy then give him a good long whuppin then send him to bed!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekly Spanking...

By Eric

Your have one message. I pressed the message button on my phone and read it. Yo man...I think it's time for another round. Come over around 7. Thats all it said but I knew exactly what it meant!

Me and Marlon met a few years ago and hooked up and were with each other for about two years but were not together anymore but when we were together we found that we both enjoyed a little spanking fun. It started out lite at first and then grew into what it is now. Even though were are not seeing each other anymore we still enjoy hooking up every once in a while. He does the spanking and I take it....I'm not sure why I like it so much? Maybe I like being the sub a little or the feel of my butt on fire or how he takes charge of my behind!

He answered the door....Yo Curtis....wassup? come in. Sup Marlon?....I said. I'm alwasys nervous during these visits but I still like coming. You ready yo? Yeah man I'm ready lets go. Aiight he says....I never know what he's gonna use on me...it's always a surprise. I speak up and ask.....what are you gonna do this time man? Marlon said....I think a good old ass spankin will do tonight. I'm just gonna use my hand to wear your butt out! Come here....I go over to him and stand right in front of him eye to eye. Even though he is a large muscular brutha were still the same height. Aiight son...what do you want? I'm always embarassed during this part but I do it anyway. I want you to spank me Marlon. What else he asks? I want you to spank me on my bare ass! Curtis you better answer the question right! I'm sorry Marlon.....I want you to spank my bare ass hard! Aiight....thats better. He pulls my shirt over my head and then goes to work on my pants and shoes. I'm being stripped naked for a spanking again by Marlon! When he's finished I am butt naked and waiting. He goes and sits on a large ottoman that he has in his livingroom and tells me to get across his lap. I am face down across his lap with both my hands and feet touching the carpet and my big round black butt sticking up and waiting to be beat. He rubs my ass for a really long time ......his hand feels like it covers my whole butt sometimes. He runs his hands up and down my thighs too before finally starting.....Smack! The first blow lands....Smack....Slap....Smack! Ugghhh....He worked his hand up and down my ass for a good five minutes before resting. Ahhh...I'm already yelling and squirming pretty good.....Marlon...damn......your burning my ass up man.....Good he answered. You know thats what your ass needs don't you? Yes I answer.....I like being in this position, Over his lap taking my punishment like a bad little boy! Man If any of my boyz eva found out about this shit....dam, I don't even wanna thnk about it! Smack, Smack, Smack!!! He started spanking my ass again....but even harder than before! Slap, Smack...Smack!! I was kicking and begging his to stop but I knew he wasn't gonna and He knew I didn't want him too! Another five solid minutes af him beating my sore ass....tears were running down my face as they always did by this point. He put his leg over mine so I was pinned...I knew the real spanking was comming now. Yo Marlon...Please ...no more.....I've had enough yo....seriously man...stop! He grabbed my arm and pulled behind my back and the spanking resumed! Slap, Smack Smack.....I wandered what my ass looked like as it was getting a good beating....I could feel my cheeks explode with pain everytime he hit me! He started working the thighs too...shit I was about to really loose when he stopped. He always seemed to know when I've had enough! Yeah man he said as he rubbed the sting out of my ass! I was crying openly now and squieming across his lap! I love whuppin that ass Curtis......Your ass was made for my hand! He rubbed and rubbed my ass for what seemed like forever and then his fingers started to go deeper into my crack.....He told me to get my butt up stairs so he could enjoy my ass some more! We had a fun evening and as i was leaving he reminded me to be here next week...I said I would.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Over A Barrel

By Eric

I went home to visit my dad for a few days....I hadn't seen him for almost a year so I figured it was time to catch up. We just hung out for a few days just talking and helping him with a few things around the house. We were in the yard one day and we were throwing away some old junk that had been back there since I was a kid. I moved some large pieces of plywood and there it was! Dad I yelled! I can't believe you still have this barrel back here. I thought you got rid of that damn thing! What...don't you like it he laughed. Dad knew I had a long history of being bent over that thing getting my butt whipped! Man I used to hate that thing.....But I did have one good memory of it! What was that my Dad asked? N....nothing never mind. No tell me my dad insisted. Well I used to keep my stash in it. I looked at my Dad to gauge his reaction! Your stash? Stash of what? There is no way he could be that clueless I thought to myself! You know what I mean dad.....he kept looking at me with that unknowing look......Pot Dad! I used to keep my pot in there! His eyes shot wide open......What! Pot...You mean Marijuana? I can't believe you used that stuff and especially in this house!

Wow....calm down Dad...It was along time ago. I don't do that stuff anymore. I'm sorry. No it's not ok...you lied to me about it and kept it here right under my nose. He turned to walk into the house...Dad...where are you going? Come on...I said I was sorry. He stopped and turned to me. Son...I'm very disappointed in you. I know it was along time ago but you still lied to me. I think it's time for you to go home. Dad please....I was a kid...I know it was stupid. I only used a few times then I stopped! Your right son...It was stupid. He turned and walked away.....but I stopped him. Dad...what do you think you would of done to me if you found out I was smoking that stuff? You know damn well what I would have done...I would have whupped your butt good! I looked over at the barrel, I know Dad...I think maybe you could do it now. Damn did I just say that out loud? Do what...whup my but for smokin that stuff. Son you said it yourself...it was along time ago. I know Dad but If it will set us straight I'm willing to go through with it. My dad looked over at the barrel and then back at me...son your 30 years old don't you think it's a little to late? No Dad....the more I think about it the more I feel it's the right thing to do! He looked at me and said, ok son....let's get to it.

Get them shorts off....I'm gonna get my strap! I hadn't heard those words in a long time and I was suddenly real nervous. I only had a pair of loose fitting shorts on anyway so I pulled them and my underwear off over my sneakers. There I was just like I used to be all those years ago....butt naked waiting for my dad to come out and wear my behind out! Dad came back out into the yard carrying that thick black strap he use to use on me.....Ok son...get over the barrel so we can take care of this. I walked over to it and bent down and put myself across it. It was cold and damp.....and it smelled just like I remembered it....the rust, the dirt on the ground the smell of all the bushes and grass! All those memories suddenly come flooding back to me! My bare ass was sticking up and ready for the strap. He raised his arm high and brought it down hard! Ahhh....I screamed! Whack Whack....uggghhh...damn that strap stung! Thwack!!!! Thwack!! dammnnn it! ahh...shit I said. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all? I was trying not to yell but it hurt more than I remember. I'm a grown damn man there is no way I'm gonna lose it! Thwack, Thwack ,Thwack, Thwack...Ahhh....dad...plaese....damn....I was starting to squirm pretty good now.....my eyes were starting to water....No No...I'm not gonna cry...I'm not a kid anymore.....Thwack, Thwack...Whap....right across my upper thighs..AHhhhhh! Owww....daddy please....! I was begging him now....my pride was rapidly disappearing. Whap whap whap....he was hitting the same spot just below my cheeks over and over again! Owwwwwiie....no more....sniff please no....Whap Thwack, Thwack, Thwack! The the flood gates opened up....and I started bawling big time! I was crying harder than I have in a real long time......He gave me ten more real good ones then left me laying over the barrel crying my eyes out. My ass hurt so bad...I couldn't even get up. He helped me up and gave me a long hug. He told me he loved me and was sorry he had to do that but he was proud of me for admitting what I had done all those years ago and for asking to be punished for it. Thank you Daddy...sniff. I hugged him again and cried a little more. Even though my ass was in intense pain...I felt a little better about what had just happened. My dad took my chin in his hand and made me look at him and he said. I think I'll hang onto that barrel for now. We both smiled then laughed.

On a Pedestal

After my Daddy gives me a good ass whuppin he makes me go out in the yard and stand on this stone pedestal that has been there for years so my big welted butt is on display to anyone who walks by. He tells me it just a part of my punishment! It dosent take long for a crowd to start gathering either. Word travels fast in a small town like ours. I hate being on display like that and he knows it! I would rather take another whuppin!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cutting School

By Eric

I walked into the house and was surprised to see my dad standing there.....usualy he didn't get home till around six. Hey dad what are you doing home.....but before I could finish he interupted me by asking, Were you in school today? I said I was but I was lying...I had been out with my boys all day. Boy......I don't know who you think your talking to but I'm not that stupid. Do you think you could cut school and I wouldn't find out about it? I got a call at work from the school and they said you missed three days this month! Dad, I....I don't know what you mean .......but before I could finish he cut in again......Boy I suggest that you think about what you say next because your already in for one hell of a whuppin so unless you wanna make it worse you just go ahead and keep on lying. Shit I said to myself....I knew I was busted....I can't believe I let my boys talk me into skippin out of school. I didn't want to at first but I did anyway. Damn we had some fun that first time we cut so I kept doing it. It was the end of the school year and I didn't think it was a big deal! He started yelling in spanish at me as he usualy does when he's mad! He was Puerto Rican and my Mother is black Yo dad I'm sorry but my friends made me go.......again he stopped me and told me it was no ones fault but my own. You had a choice and you chose to skip school and now I choose to give you a ass whuppin. I thought I was done with getting my ass whupped.....I mean I'm 16 now and he hasn't beat my ass in over a year .......damn, I wish I would of put more thought into this stupid idea! I started to walk upstairs to my room where he usually gives it to me but he stopped me and asked where I was going? To my room dad....I thought you said I was gonna get it? NO...were gonna take care of this here and now! Now get those clothes off boy and be quick about it. I just stood there not understanding what he meant? All my clothes I said? Yep....everything.....I want you bareass naked boy and bent over the arm of that couch NOW! I jumped when he yelled at me...damn was he mad....I haven't seen him this mad in awhile! As I was stripping a saw him take his belt off and double it over. I started to tremble...you know that feeling you get in your stomach whe you know it's coming! Dad please I'm really sorry please don't whup me....Please. You need a good lesson boy and your gonna get one. I finished stripping and was a little embarrassed about having my dad see me naked like this ...it has been awhile since he or anybody has seen me naked. I don't know why but I was semi hard but I kept my hands in front of me. Over the couch my dad told me...I was glad to bend over the couch at least to hide my hard on but now my behind was on display! I heard the clock strike 4 o'clock and realized the my younger brother would be home soon...Shit I thought.....he can't see me like this, I'll never live it down. Dad....Javon is gonna be home soon can we do this upstairs? I got my answer with a loud thwack of his belt!! Ahhh.....Thwack, Thwack, Thwack!!! Whack, Smack,,,,Whap!! He was lighting my ass up form the start.....he was pating special attention to that sensitive spot between my ass and thighs.....he knew how to give a boy a good whuppin alright!! Thwack....Thwack......Dad please.....Thwack, Whap.....Thwack!! He didn't let up...It was all I could do from jumping up but I knew from past experiences that it would only make things worse! Tears were already falling down my face and I knew it would only be a while before I was crying out like a baby. Thwack....Thwack....Dad....WHap.....WHhaaaaa...and there it was.....I was getting my bare butt beat and was crying hard like a baby! I was kicking my legs which I know was giving my dad full glimpses of my tiny brown hole! Whhhaaa nooo pleeease....whaaaa....daddy stop! I was a mess by this time but even with all that was going on I heard the front door slam shut.....Oh crap I thought....thats my brother! Dad Please let me go upstairs. You stay right there boy...I'm not finished with you yet. I heard him go into the other room and talk to my brother. Javon I'm punishing you brother for cutting school so I want you and your friends to go up to your room and play util were finished ok. Friends? oh no...he had some of his classmates with him.....shit can this get any worse I thought to myself? Actually it could....he had to go through this room to get upstairs. I heard them coming and pushed my face into the couch to try and hide my tear soaked face. We have both been spanked before but rarely in front of each other and especially not totally naked. I knew my balls and my ass was on full display as they walked by. Wow dad your really giving it to him good....I heard one of his friends comment on how red my ass was! I had a feeling my ass was gonna be the topic of there conversations for weeks to come. When they were up stairs my dad continued to whup my behind! Whap Thwack Thwack....the crying started immediately .....Thwack Thwack....After about 20 more strokes he stopped. I was crying so hard that I didnt clam down for 20 minutes. When I was a little more calmed down my dad helped me up a gave me one of those memorable lectures about school and lying and peer pressure...you know the usual stuff and after he was finished he told me to park my nose in the corner until dinner. My brother yelled down to my dad and asked him if it was ok for them to come downstairs? He told them it was...but I knew that the little brats were listening to everything that was going on downstairs. I spent about a hour in the corner with my sore ass on display to the world to see! My brother and his friends were there the whole time laughing and talking about what my butt looked like and what it must feel like! My dad didn't even say anything to them....I guess he thought I would stop me from making the wrong choice in the future and also stop my little brother from making the same mistake I made.

Mine...All Mine

Same Time Next Week.....

I've wanted to take my strap to your behind ever since I first saw you. That butt looked so round and plump and was just asking for it! I took awhile but I finally convinced you to let me do what I think you want and need! Now I have your bare butt bent over and waiting. I'm gonna give you a goon ass whuppin and then I'm gonna give you some more! Mmmm....I love the way your cheeks bounce when the strap hits it.....I give your thighs a few licks and watch you jump from the sting. I stop and rub those smooth hot brown cheeks for awhile. You keep your face hidden but I can hear you silently crying and then I tell you it's time for the second part of your punishment! It's even harder and longer than the first part. Even though your crying pretty hard I'm kinda impressed at how well you took your whuppin. When it's over I keep you in position on display so I can admire those nice stripes on your behind. I finally let you up and help you get dressed as the tears are still running down your face and I tell you to be here the same time next week a don't be late if you know whats good for you! I give you a hug and smack you on your ass as you leave. You wince at the pain and leave....as you walk away you wonder why you keep coming back...it hurts so much and it so embarrassing to get a bare ass whuppin as a grown man but there is something that keeps bringing you back for more. Do I need it? Do I want it? Do I Like it?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deputy Jeavons Gets The Grass Cut

By John Lambert
Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not.

A few clouds drifted aimlessly across an otherwise unbroken vista of blue, I ran a handkerchief over my sweat popped brow and took another swig from my soda.
I was taking a break from my duties, which involved cruising around the neighbour, delivering summons and keeping a vigilant eye. It was good to sit a while on the bench outside the grocery store, underneath the awning, in the relative cool.

Mrs. Hall, a middle-aged woman known vaguely to me, came out of the grocery and asked, in a timid voice, ‘Can I speak wit’ you Deputy Jeavons?’
‘Sure Ma’am.’ I smiled. She put her groceries down and I moved along to give her space.
‘It’s about my boy, Fitz.’ She began nervously. I was all ears then, since all sorts of alarming rumours already darkened the reputation of her ‘boy’. I pictured a lively and cheerful sixteen-year-old individual. He had the face of an angel, but some of his characteristics were devilish.

Mrs. Hall catalogued a long series of flaws possessed by Fitz, he was ‘sassy’, utterly lazy, – and even today, she lamented, he had refused to do any yard work.
‘A tiger could hide in the grass at the back of our house.’ she exclaimed.
She stopped short of saying that Fitz had done anything criminal, she had no knowledge of that, but she sounded far from convinced that he had not perpetrated any crimes. Fitz had been on my radar for a little while, hovering shadow-like on the fringes, mentioned here and there as a possible culprit. He was the kind of scoundrel elders and responsible people often thought ‘might be worth questioning about recent misdeeds.’
‘Of course,’ Mrs. Hall moaned, ‘it was different when his father was here.’ Mr. Hall had gone north to work in one of those ‘automobile factories’.
‘Frank, that’s my husband; he’d beat a heavy leather strap on Fitz’s butt like it was a tambourine.’ Mrs. Hall sighed in exasperation, remembering those better days.
The conversation sent a ticklish trickle of sweat down my spine.
‘Mrs. Hall,’ I announced in my best Law Officer’s voice, ‘a boy’s addiction to mischief is always stronger than his sense of prudence or fear. Take away the fear, and the control goes.’
Mrs. Hall nodded agreement and sighed again as she announced, ‘Ain’t that so.’
‘You still got the strap?’ I asked quietly, licking the last taste of soda from my lips.
‘I sure do.’ She smiled wickedly.
‘Let’s take a ride to see Fitz.’ I suggested, picking up her groceries.

Our arrival could not be kept secret from the local inhabitants, the black and white car was one of few parked in the road. I helped Mrs. Hall carry the groceries into a small, but neat and clean, house. The yard was not tidy, the grass had grown very long, and the space looked neglected. Loud music came from a room on the right.
‘He’s still in his room.’ Mrs. Hall announced tired, as she nodded back down the passageway towards the blaring sounds.
‘Is that the strap?’ I asked pointing at excellent looking instrument of punishment hanging from the back of the kitchen door.
‘It sure is,’ Mrs. Hall said and then added, ‘we got a swell woodshed out the back, large and empty for swinging that strap.’
I took the strap down. It was a fine broad, thick piece of leather perfect for slapping some sense into a bad boy’s butt.
‘Ma,’ a voice bellowed above the music, ‘you doing some coffee? I need some coffee.’ Mrs. Hall shook her head slowly. The indignant voice came again, ‘Did you remember the Oreos? I need some of them too!’ I gripped the strap tighter in order to calm the excited pulsing of my blood.

I burst into Fitz’s room. The curtains were drawn; the room a mess, I smelt jack-off juice and, worse still, the stale odour of reefers. Fitz, fumbled at his fly, he smiled a gentle smile of embarrassment. When he smiled, wonderful dimples appeared on his cheeks. I had forgotten the extent of his dashing good looks. He turned the music off, his hands a blur of movement.
‘I was just fiddling.’ He knitted his brows, suppressing his feeling of annoyance.
‘Well, put your violin back in your pants, we gotta talk.’ For a boy caught shelling his corncob, he made a fast recovery.
‘What you doin’ here?’ He spat out. I gazed at his fiery, angry face. He stared at me in a most unceremonious manner, silently assessing the threat that I posed. His face was a mixture of fear and defiance.
‘Smoking reefers,’ I made a pointed of breathing in deeply, ‘running round town up to all sorts of mischief, giving your Ma’ a bad time, all ‘no-no's’, but talking to a Deputy like that, uh-uh, that’s a really serious ‘no-no’.’ I wagged my finger in his face. The boy’s wide mouth opened and closed, but no words emerged from between his ripe, full lips. I had rocked him to his foundations. I lifted and smelt the suspicious brown substance on a small square of silver paper on his bedside table. He gulped, gasped, started to look profoundly guilty, and began shaking.

I drew back the curtains and opened the window, a small crowd had gathered in the alleyway that ran beside the garden. They were curious onlookers, interested in the fate of others. I knew that already rumours of Fitz’s imagined and actual misdemeanours would be circulating. The crimes becoming more heinous as the minutes passed.
I lifted the strap up, his face lightened a shade. ‘You and I are going to the woodshed, and I’m going whup your behind real hard.’ I stated calmly, an intensely serious expression filled my face, although the sound of blood in my ears almost deafened me.
‘Whup my behind?’ Fitz nearly choked with indignation, and he froze in astonishment. Such a thought appalled him. His voice rose to such a pitch of disbelief that it sounded almost like a girl's.
‘Whup it real hard.’ I emphasized.
‘Real hard.’ He repeated in a sensational whisper. He gave me an ‘unsettled’ look.
I could see he was thinking about the precarious nature of his situation. At this point, many errant individuals embark on callow, pathetic self-justifications. Fitz just looked a little queasy, began blinking rapidly, bowed his head bashfully, and took a deep, sobbing gulp of air.
Ok, a whuppin’.’ He nodded as his deep, brown eyes danced wildly.
‘A real hard whuppin’.’ I repeated unable to disguise my impatience with his ‘slow learning’.
With the anger and indignation gone from his face, he was a heart numbingly handsome youth.

I put my hand on his shoulder and guided him through the kitchen.
Mrs. Hall informed Fitz that indeed she had purchased Oreos and that, provided he ‘behaved well’ some would be made available ‘after’.
Outside loafers had gathered like crows at the sight of carrion. Some craned their necks to see over the fence. Others invaded the driveway to peer round the side of the house.
Everybody was eyeballing Fitz. On the walk to the woodshed, his last traces of bravado deserted him. I could feel trembling through his shoulder, and his breathing was heavy and laboured. The grass was long; perhaps a tiger cub could hide in it.
‘ ‘One size’ is gonna get a larruping.’ A young voice cried out gleefully. The misfortunes of others fodder for mirth.
I turned in the direction of the voice and shouted, ‘If I hear another word from you, you’ll get one too.’ A young boy, his face full of happy dazzling white teeth, pulled his head down into his shoulders. The boy’s good humour vanished faster than his smile.
One size – Fitz Hall, I thought, what a burden.

We entered the woodshed, it was ‘large and empty’ as Mrs. Hall has stated. I left the door ajar, for the spectators to better appreciate and enjoy proceedings, and absorbed the smells of sawdust and creosote. Fitz moved towards the workbench that dominated the space. He might have been dumb enough to earn himself a ‘really hard whuppin’, but he was not dumb enough to think his pants were going to get in the way of the strap. He fumbled at his fly buttons, successfully unbuttoned them, pushed down his pants, and followed them with his shorts.
He looked at me pleadingly, ‘Get your ass over that bench.’
He did, I moved his shirt away and examined Fitz’s slim, pert upturned buttocks with the attentive eyes of a connoisseur. I gazed adoringly at the pretty, dark rump he presented, but for only a few seconds. My head was spinning so fast I thought it might leave its moorings and my heart was racing as if I had run a long distance. I whacked a stroke across the superb spheres and felt calmer immediately. I experienced the rapture I always enjoy when delivering a first stroke, of many, to a bad boy’s bottom. The leather strap striking the firm ass produced a loud musical note. A hoot of appreciation came from the loiterers outside. Fitz, listless and resigned, heaved a sigh. I whacked him again and followed that with a fast third stroke. I was laying heat across the centre of his bottom, all the strokes landed on the same segment. Fitz, sounded as if he had run a long distance, panted, and gasped. His dark bottom lightened in colour, turned grey, and started to quiver between strokes. I whacked three more quick-fire strokes across the greyest section of the curves. He let out a soft cry, like gulping down air after holding his breath for a long period,
Ain’t that enough?’ He asked with more than a slight degree of acrimony in his voice.
Didn’t I say a ‘real hard whuppin,’ I planted my next stroke, ‘I said that didn’t I?’ The boy had gulped and convulsed after my last blow. ‘Didn’t I?’ I encouraged him with his next. Fitz’s right hand moved from the workbench and began to edge slowly towards his sore ass.
‘Yes, you did,’ the sorry sounding boy managed between gasps. I gave him another whack. After a pause he said, ‘surely that’s enough.’ Apart from sounding sorry, he also sounded a little riled at my persistence. I gave him another. His cute little ass jiggled and danced.
‘Fitz,’ I announced gravely, and whacked him again. ‘Anytime you decide you want to get your sore little tush back inside your pants, you can start by calling me ‘Sir’’. I whacked him once more. His bouncy ass cheeks clenched. Fitz digested the importance of what I had said to him rapidly.
‘Sir,’ he stated with the short, sharp desperation of the misunderstood, ‘I didn’t mean no disrespect, Sir.’ I whupped him again. ‘I’ll be good, Sir.’ He howled. I whupped him again. He issued first a dull groan mingled with a throaty wheezing followed by a lengthy sniffing and then a terrible wail. It was the sound of a boy in excruciating pain and of one who had learnt his lesson.
I looked long and hard at Fitz’s butt, nothing looks better than a fine, young ass with fresh ‘learning’ marks on it.
‘Up you get, Fitz.’ I ordered. Fitz did not need a second invitation. He shot upright and pulled his shorts over his hot behind. His pants followed rapidly and when in place he rubbed small, slow circles with the palm of his hands over his aching bottom.
‘Now Fitz,’ the youth stood before me. His hot face and flushed, and his eyes moist. He looked like a boy in ‘listening-hard’ mode, ‘take that lawnmower and start cutting the grass.’ Fitz was paying rapt attention, his brow knitted in immense concentration, clearly fearful that any further fault on his part might provoke a resumption of ‘whuppin’.
‘Yes, Sir.’ He stated instantly, and he even nodded his full comprehension and moved towards the implement.
‘I’m going to keep an eye on you, Fitz, you bad again, this strap gonna cling to your butt like tar to a feather, you understand?’
He understood. ‘Yes, Sir.’ He was already pushing the mower outside.

Mrs. Hall gave me coffee and I ate some of Fitz’s Oreos. Fitz was very busy cutting the grass. He worked hard, only occasionally taking time to confirm to the most fascinated and reluctant to leave, of the straggling watchers that, ‘it hurt like hell, still does.’
I took the mysterious brown substance from Fitz’s bedroom, and threw it in down a drain on way to the car. Fitz was still mowing the grass as I left.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vid Caps

Here are a few vid caps from a video from the site Reluctantyoungmen.com of a cute young brutha getting a paddling. I have never seen this video myself so I don't know how intense the spankings are. Feel free to comment if you have seen the video.

Busted At Work

"You screwed up on the job for the last time!" the Foreman tells you......You beg him not to fire you and how much you need this job and how you would do anything not to get fired! He says that he will give you one more chance but your ass is gonna pay the price! He tells you in order to keep your job you are gonna have to take a good ass paddling from him! You know you can't afford to lose another job so you reluctantly agree. He then tells you to meet him at the work site after hours!

You haven't messed up since he took the paddle to your ass but you know it's only a matter of time until he blisters your butt again!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Whuppin

Your know you got an as whuppin coming boy....get those saggin pants down! Get your ass over the that chair. I've told you before what would happen everytime you mess up didn't I?
Be quiet, I don't care if everybody in the house is gonna see your bare butt get whupped! Now I'm gonna give you a ass whuppin your never gonna forget!

Ohhhh Sweet Barry!

Just found this wonderful picture of my favorite spanking model from Sting Pictures...Barry. How can you not fall for that face....oh , and butt! I hope your doing well wherever you are!!

Sting Pictures

Just a nice image from Sting Pictures

Military Punishment

I guess if you mess up in the military you pay the price in more ways than one!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rosy Cheeks

Just a set of sweet, smooth rosy red cheeks!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Time For Another Switchin!

It's been awhile since I gave my boys a good switchin and they have been asking for it. I had them go out back a cut some and then I wore there behinds out with them!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brown Bubble Butt

Here's a beautiful Butt.... Just a full set of the most spankable chocolate cheeks I've seen in awhile! I want my next birthday cake to look like that! Maybe I'll even stick a candle in it!

Grabbing his Ankles!

I told you I was gonna take care of that behind when I got here didn't I? Yes Sir! I want you to drop those pants and draws and go in front of the couch and grab your ankles! Yes Sir! Now stay like that until I go get the Paddle. Please Sir, not the Paddle! I know how much you hate that paddle and thats why I'm gonna use it on you! Yes Sir! Now I want you to stay in that position until I'm good and ready to blister that butt! Yes Sir!

Paddled by Candle Light

Here's a beautiful brown butt about to get a good paddling!

Dark Booty

It's harder to see those stripes on a darker booty but I'm sure it feels just the same!

Some Welts On That Butt

Those canes can leave some serious welts on a boys bare behind!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Position For The Cane

Still Getting It!

I wonder what your boyz would think if they knew you were still living at home and getting a weekly butt whuppin from your daddy!