Monday, January 28, 2008

No Underwear

I think all those brutha's who wear those saggin pants should only be allowed to do so without underwear! Ya know.....just incase they need that butt spanked on the spot!

Ying And Yang

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Pop made me strip in front of everyone as soon as we got home and then had me bend over and take a hard strapping from his belt. When he was done he had me turn around and apologize to the family for embarrassing them while we were out. I did the best as I could while rubbing my blistered butt! Now I know how it feels to be embarrassed so I won't be making that mistake again!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big Mouth

Even during a whuppin some boys have a hard head and just don't know when to shut up! Daddy's gonna make him understand when to be quiet even if it takes all night!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rubbing The Sting Out!

Mmmmm...Come here boy, Daddy's gonna rub the sting out of that butt for you!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dad Will Be Home Soon....

Your dad will be coming home soon and you know what he's gonna do to your butt when he gets there. You try a figure some way out of the punishment you got coming but the more you try the more you realize there is no escape. Your gonna get your ass whupped and there is nothing you can do about it! You have been in this position so many times before and you swear it's the last time but here you are again! You just accept the fact that your butt is toast and wait for your father to come home.


I'm not sure if Randy is from Club Lads or Sting Pictures but I'd love to see him in any video! That's a cute spankale butt he has on him!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weekly Whuppin

Devin wonders why can't he get through one week without getting his butt whupped by his dad?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Didn't Learn

I thought you would have learned from the last whuppin I gave you down here son but I guess you didn't! I'm gonna blister your butt good to make sure you learn your lesson this time son!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Taking Turns

Yo man...were out here and nobody's around! Why don't you get those clothes off and let me spank that big round butt and then you can spank mine!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Couldn't Resist!

I was giving him a all over body massage and there it was. That soft, brown, juicy butt I've grown attached to! It looked so perfect....just the way it was sticking up like that just asking for me!!! Ow.....hey man he yelled! What the hell was that for? I told him I'm not sure what made me do it. I'm sorry yo, I just couldn't resist it!
What surprised me is that he didn't try and get away.....he just laid there and stuck it up again. Smack! Smack! I hit him once on each cheek but he didn't complain he just moaned. Damn I said to myself...what going on here?
I kept smacking his sexy butt....not to hard but just enough for him to feel it! I stopped and snuggled up beside him and asked him what he thought about what I just did? I don't know man....I kinda liked it, he replied. Yeah I told him it looked like you were enjoying it too! He smiled and told me to roll over because it was my turn....Oh Shit! I wasn't expecting that! Then I rolled over.

Move Those Hands!

If you don't move those hands your gonna make it alot worse on that butt!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dark And Sexy

Thats how I'd like to grab every sexy butt I see!

Rub it!

You know a boy has gotten a good whuppin by how long he tries to rub the sting out of his ass!

Thanks for the pic Topdom!

Made For Spanking

Is it me or are some brutha's butts just made for spanking? I don't know if anyone is big and bad enough to put this beefy guy across there lap but I would love to see it!

Before And After

This daddy is gonna give his boy a good butt warming before bed time! He will be sleeping on his stomach in his daddy's arms tonight but he will be a good nights sleep!
I think more boys should go to bed with a warm feeling on there behinds!


I'd be afraid to paddle a round solid bubble butt like this.....I think the paddle would bounce back off that butt and hit me in the head! But I'd be willing to risk it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Basement

All dads have that line that sends fear up a boys spine when he hears them. There are many different ones but they all mean the same thing....

Get your butt up to your room now!

Get out to the barn !

Woodshed Boy!

In my den now!

Get your behind out back for a switching!

For us boys who grew up in the city there was a line my dad used all the time....Get your butt down to the basement! You knew what was coming .....a bare butt whuppin in a cold damp basement with that single light bulb.....I didn't like going down there anyway but especially to get whupped! Scared and shivering waiting for him to came down and warm that butt up! You know you most likely deserved it but you still hated it. Some times he made you bend over for it but his favorite position to whup me was standing against the wall with my hands behind my head!
The basement had a low ceiling so sometimes in order to stay in position I could grab the rafters but I still ended up doing that whuppin dance that all boys do! So here's to all the boys who get sent off to that special place and to the dads that send them there!

T.O.'s Butt on Fire?

I love this picture of Terrell Owens when he was with the Eagles......Maybe the team had enough of his side show antics and let him know about it before practice in the locker room! Well that's just my view on this picture! Come to think of it he has been behaving pretty well lately! Maybe those Dallas boys gave him a similar treatment? Hmmmm?

Bad Boy With A Cute Butt!

These pic's were sent to me the other day from a brotha with a very spankable butt! We might have to go over there and and help him out with that paddle until that butts on fire!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Classic Black Spanking Photo

This photo has been around for years now and I think it came from one of the original "Black Workout" videos. It was one of the first black on black spanking photos I ever saw online. It was not a serious spanking scene but the visual of that cute butt over his lap and those briefs hanging off of one leg always drove me crazy! I love how the spanker's hand almost covers his entire butt! I'm sure he could give a serious spanking if he wanted to! I did a little enhancing and touching up to it. I hope nobody minds!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Whuppin And Yellin!

Did your dad ever whup you and yell at you at the same time?


Bring Me A Switch!

For the first time in a long time my dad made me go cut a switch......I almost broke down into tears right there because I know how much they hurt....but I begged him not to make me do that and just use his belt but he was not changing his mind. He was waiting when I came back in and took the switch from me.....I also knew not to make it to weak because that would just make my switchin longer! He had me strip down naked and bend over the couch and then he gave me the longest, hardest switchin I ever had and then instead of letting me rub the sting out of my butt he made me stay in that position for a hour with no rubbing! The pain was killing me.....but I stayed like that for all to see me crying my eyes out! I swear I'll be good from now on daddy!

No Protection!

You can leave those skimpy shorts on if you want but I gaurentee they won't save your behind from this belt!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Fresh Stripes!

There's nothing better than a freshly striped set of cheeks!


You deserve a break today so bring those bad ones down to McSpankin's!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Brown Perfection!

I think someone should "Erect" a statue to that ass! I would love to see it up close and personal for a close inspection! But what would I use on it...My hand, Switch or Strap?

It's Not Over Yet

Whoa......where do you think your going yo? I'm not done with your ass yet! Get back over on that wall and put those hands back up ther...Yeah thats it! And stick that butt out like I like it! I say you got at least another 20 coming so if you don't want 30 I sugest you stay in pasition.......Thwack!!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008




Hey man where are you?

I'm aboust 30 minuets away.

Aiight.......I'm waiting on you.

Yeah? You know what your gonna get when I get there right?

I know it yo.....I'm on the bed watchin TV just like I was last time.

Damn man.....You know I luv it when your all stretched out like that yo!

I've been wanting you to do that to me again like the last time yo!

I wasn't sure that you would want me to do it were pretty sore for a few days.

Hell yeah I was but there was something about it that felt good.

Glad to hear it man.

I think about it everyday yo.....My booty's itchin for it!

You ass made for my belt yo!

Thanks man.....

Ok, I'll see you in a ready!

I will be.....

Bed Warmer...

Nothing like a smooth, round, brown butt to keep you warm on a cold night!

I Wanna Be A Coach!

If that isn't a reason for a coach to carry around a paddle I don't know what is!
I can see it now! Mr Jenkins.....Please come and see me in my office after your shower!
Yes Coach!

African Art

I'm not sure what the artist of this painting was trying to say but for us Spanko's it pretty obvious!

I'm Sorry Son...

I'm sorry son, you know I don't like having to spank you like that but you gave me no choice! I thought I was done having to punish you but I guess I was wrong so don't think I won't hesitate to do it again. I know it hurts and your embarrassed to be punished like that at your age but you brought this on yourself. I want you to stay in your room for the rest of the night and think about it and I'll talk to you in the morning.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Heres another great drawing from Belasco of Principal (Hard) Knox giving Michael Vick a serious whuppin for hurting all them dogs! His ass will be hurting for a long time if he gets a whuppin for every dog that was hurt! I think that would of been better than jail time!