Monday, March 30, 2009

The Chair

I love this photo! It looks like he is just waiting for someone to come and sit down, bare his butt and pull him across there lap for a good over the knee spanking! least that's what I see!

I'll Be Home Soon......

He sounded pretty mad when he called you from work and told you to prepare to have your butt blistered when he got home! You have less than a hour before he walks through that door and whups your behind for cutting out of class!

You try and think of some sort of lame excuse to get out of your punishment but you know it's not gonna work....just take what you got coming and get it over with! You remember the last time you got it you couldn't sit for days! You hear his car pull up and you feel sick to his stomach......why do I do this stupid stuff....he always finds out....Damn! Your sitting on the couch as he walks through the door. You try and mumble something about how sorry you are but he cuts you off and tells you to get ready! You know the've done this many times before! You get up and peel your shorts down below your butt and lay across the couch. You watch him take off his shirt ...Damn he's big! You know he would never seriously hurt his baby boy but someone forgot to tell your ass! He pulls his belt out of it's loops and you watch him double it over.
Before he starts on your butt he gives you a long speech about school and responsiblity...ect...ect! And then Whap! grab on to the pillow (like that's gonna help) and then another,,,THWACK! Damn he's not playing around...WHAP! THWACK! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP!
You immediately start begging and pleading but it's no use...he takes that thick leather belt to your bare ass for at least twenty minutes and the whole time he's yelling at you! In no time your ass is red and welted by your Daddy's belt! When he's finished your a crying, blubbering little boy again! He tells you to get to your room for the rest of the night! You slowly pull your pants up over your blistered butt and tell him your sorry....he accepts your apology and gives you a hug and a firm slap on your ass and sends you up start crying again from the slap to your butt and run up to your room where you cry yourself to sleep.

Your lay there crying, more from the embarrassment of still getting spanked in high school and having to bare your ass for it. You swear to yourself that your gonna do better from now on so you won't have to go through this again but you and every other boy out there knows that thoughts of being good only lasts as long as your butt is sore!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #9

He's in the perfect position for a good whuppin and he is showing everything he's got! I say give him twenty good licks with the strap the more licks with your tongue!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sneaker And The Cane

Hauled up over the couch for a blistering with the sneaker and then a good session with the cane to finish him off! I'm rubbing my butt just thinking about it!
Thanks again for the donated pic's!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beefy Butt

He's secured down and waiting for some punishment! It's gonna take all your strength to blister that big beefy butt!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coach's Lesson!

The local High School's football team star player was getting lazy and and goofing off at practice lately and had dropped alot of passes. The Coach was getting tired of his attitude and decided it was time to teach him a good lesson! The Coach called his father and explained what has been going on for the last few practices and he gave the Coach a green light to do what he had to do to get him back in line. Right in the middle of the practice the Coach took him into the lockeroom and gave him a hard swat with the paddle for every dropped pass! Just to make sure he got the message across to him and the rest of the team he made him stay in this position with his bare ass on display for a hour after practice! His team mates were quite shocked to see the star of the team showing his well paddled butt and everything else he had when they came in from practice! I don't think he will be dropping to many passes from now on! The coach didn't tell him that his dad was gonna give him another session when he got home!

More OTK

Here are a few more OTK pics of a young man who looks like he's getting a good dose of the brush! "Ouch!" I'd also like to thank the ones who sent in the pictures. I'm sure they are well appreciated by all! This young man evnen gets it in the wheelbarrow position! What a great view!


It looks like that hairbrush is kept close by just in case Dad needs to use it on that wet butt...and you know how much that can sting!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Caption This pic.....

Here's mine......"No Officer Please don't tell my dad...can we just take care of this here?"


Over the knee with his arm pinned back and his butt bared.......Looks like he is ready for a good old fashioned hand spanking!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Get Those Undies Down!

I love seeing a nice spankable butt inside of some nice tighty whiteys but I like them better when there being pulled down by daddy for a good butt warming! Gotta love those Calvins!He might make you stand there in your tight underwear while he tells you what you have done wrong and how he's gonna whup your butt so you can't sit down for a week! Maybe he will have you pull them down and reveal you bad butt! I hope they never go out of style!

Sunset Hug

A nice stroll on the beach after a nice sensual spanking for both!

B.M.B.W. Banner

Here's a banner for anybody who would like to use it for your websites. I hope I made it right....let me know if you have any problems using it. Thanks Eric

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spankable Butt Of The Week #8

Big, round and juicy makes a perfect spankable butt!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Undressing Barry

I starting to think the B in BMBW stands for Barry!

Naked And Waiting

Jeremy in position for a good strapping!
Across the bed with a pillow under him so that ass is sticking up just right for punishment!Bent over the back of the chair makes his ass a good target! Thanks to Jeremy Lee for providing these pic's!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Neighbor Boy

One of my long time neighbors son Randy was home from school during spring break and came knocking on my door. I hadn't seen him in almost a year.....Wow, little skinny Randy has filled out nicely I thought! He asked If my son Troy would be coming home for spring break and I told him that he wouldn't be back for a few more days. He seemed a little disappointed at first because the grew up together on this street and were pretty good friends. He asked if I needed anything done around the house because wanted to make a few dollars while he was home so he could have a little spending money while he was here and maybe some to take back to school. Randy really was a good hard working kid.....even when he was little. I wanted to help him out so I told him If he mowed my lawn that I would give him Fifty dollars......his eyes lit up and a big smile came across his face! I told him not to tell my son Troy when he got home or he would want the same thing...we laughed and joked for a few minutes and then I lead him out to the garage. I showed him the mower and how it was a riding mower and he couldn't wait to take it for a spin! I told him to be careful and don't run over the flowers or my wife would kill me and you! Randy smiled and got to work. I went back inside and thought about how much he had grown and couldn't wait to see my own son. About forty-five minutes later I heard Randy knocking on the door. He was standing using his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face which gave me a good view of his well developed abs and his jeans were just hanging on his ass...I have no idea how they were even staying up. He turned his head to me as I was opening the door...I quickly averted my eyes away from his mounds and asked him if he was finished already? He had a strange look in his eyes when he turned to was the same look my son gave me when something was wrong. He told me there was a problem and asked me to come with him to the driveway. I followed him assuming that there was a problem with the mower but when got around to the other side of my car I saw a long dent and scratch on the rear quarter panel! I blurted out a few choice words and then asked him what happened? He told me that he didn't realize that he was so close to the car when he was backing up and hit it. He was truly sorry and I could see in his eyes that he was worried about what would happen next! I asked him if his dad was home. I've known his father for years and we saw each other about every day and I knew he wasn't gonna be happy about this! No Please...don't tell my Dad...Please can't we work this out another way? I knew what his dad would do to his behind...the same thing I would do to my boys butt! I told him to calm down......look Troy this will cost at least fifteen hundred dollars to fix and I know you don't have that kind of money do you? He shook his head no and put his hands on his knees trying to figure a way out of this mess. I told him I knew what his dad would whup his behind when he found out and that I would do the same thing If he were my son. I suddenly thought to myself that this might be a good chance to see whats under those jeans.
Ok could either tell your dad and get your butt whupped and on top of that he would have to pay for the damage or I could whup your butt and your dad wouldn't have to know a thing. He looked at me kind of strange for a minute but I could almost see his mind thinking it over! He knew I punished my son the same way his dad punished him. He even saw me spank Troy's bare butt right in front of him during one of they're sleepovers so he knew I was a serious. So all I have to do is take the strap and It's taken care of he said? I told him that It would be a series of strappings! One today and one tomorrow and every time you come home until I think it's paid off. If you don't wanna agree to this we can go speak with your dad right now. I really didn't give him any choice but to accept my offer so he agreed. I could feel myself growing harder the more I thought about what was about to happen! I took him into the garage and had his take off his pants....and as I thought he didn't have anything on underneath. He had the most round, gravity defying brown cheeks I ever saw.....even better than my own boys ass! I tried to act like I wasn't seeing anything special and told him to bend over the work bench stool I had in there. He bent himself over the stool and grabbed the bottom rungs....I could tell he had been through this kind a thing before with his own father. He had a smooth hairless ass except for a small trail going down his crack. I walked over and got the strap that had been hanging there since the last time I whupped Troy for coming home late. Ok Randy.....are you ready? Y...Yes sir he said. But before I started I told him that I knew he was a good kid and that it was a accident and that I was glad he came and told me what happened but he still had to pay for the damage and since he couldn't afford it this was how he had to pay. He nodded his head and waited for the first stroke. Whap!! I laid it right across the center of his cheeks...Owww.......Whap, Whap, Whap! Agghhhh.....Whap, Whap, Whap! Please Sir.....Whap, Whap, Whap! Whup, Thwack, Whap! I was going up and down his cheeks and paying very close attention to those sit spots! When I would strike his sit spot his legs would kick out and give me a great view of his tight brown and pink hole of his! Whap, Thwack Thwack! He finally jumped up and was rubbing his butt furiously and looked at me with tears running down his face and begged me to stop! I told him to get back across the stool or it would be worse on him and that it would be over sooner if he stayed in place. Before he got back across the stool I spun the seat to raise it higher so when he got back across the stool his toes were barely touching the floor! I have to say it was quite a site!
Whap, Whap, Whap! He was really screaming now and was on the verge of bawling so I gave him a few to send him over the top! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! Whaaaa.....pllleeeeease...Whhaaaaa....I knew that got his attention. I know when I got my own son crying good and hard that he was learning a good lesson but I made sure I gave him another good ten to make sure! Whap, Whap! Thwack, Thwack, Thwack Whap! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! I really laid the last four on hard ......I let him cry it out for a few minutes and then helped him up. He put his face into my chest and cried a little more and I put my arms around him to let him know it was ok. I'm sure he was a little embarrassed by his reaction but I don't think there is a boy out there who wouldn't of reacted the same way! I took a chance and reached down and rubbed his bottom ...he didn't seem to mind but in the state he was in I don't think he even realized I was doing it. I helped him get cleaned up and sent him home but told him to come back the same time tomorrow, when I knew my wife would be at work. He looked at me like he wanted to say something but he thought better of it and walked or should I say limped home. I can't wait until tomorrow! I think fifteen hundred was well worth getting to give him a few sessions with the strap! I'll go easy on his behind tomorrow....I think I'll just use my hand...or maybe hat big heavy wooden brush my wife uses?

Be Careful Not To Bet Your Ass!

Time for the College bracket bets! Ok....If your teams win I'll give you this nice new hundred dollar bill! But if you loose you get One hundred with the strap! So....whats it gonna be?