Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year In Pictures

I thought I would post some of my favorite pic's from the last year. There were so many that I loved I had to cut it down quite a bit. They are in no particular order so enjoy and let me know which was your favorites! Enjoy

Sneakin Out

His dad told him that he was grounded for a week and wasn't allowed to go out with his boyz but Jay-T thought he would sneak out and meet the fellas outside and be back before anybody found out! What he didn't expect was his dad waiting at the bottom of the fire escape with his belt in his hand!

Oh...hey dad! Don't oh hey dad me boy....get your ass back up to your room and take those pants and draws off....I'm gonna whup you good! His dad said it just loud enough for all his boyz to hear! Jay-T was already in tears by the time he got to his room....mostly from knowing his boyz now knew he still gets his ass beat and because he knew his dad could deliver a no nonsense ass whuppin! His boys could hear him screaming and beggin for twenty minutes...and so could most of the people in the building! Jay-T won't be sneaking out anytime soon!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Double Your Pleasure! thats just greedy!


Here a few more toons of Belasco blistering some juicy thug booty!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't Move....Six To Go!

Ok young man! That was the first six and you took it pretty well and without getting out of position! I'm impressed....that's a hard position to stay in and getting it on a very sensitive area too! You have six more to go....If you move out of position you will get another six on top of that! I'm gonna get a fresh switch....don't move! I'm gonna make sure you feel them!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sexy Rendezvous

Mmmm...ok man
I know what you want
Yeah? I know you want it too

I've been waiting to warm that butt up all week!
Well lets get to it yo!
Pull them pants down...

Yeah nice yo
Warm my ass up good!
Oh....I will!
Aiight man....
I'm gonna whup that booty!
Belt this ass yo!
Now get your butt over that stool!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Enrique's Spanking

This video was is found in the website. It's only about 7 minutes long though. I haven't seen it but it got my juices flowing. There is even a bondage scene that is available too. Even those Latino boys need that booty warmed up good!

Enrique is a very cute 19 yo Puerto Rican student who has done a couple of scenes for us. He's been a real handful and caused a few problems. Carlos confronts him about one of his issues and proceeds to spank the athletic dude's nice ass as punishment.

Trouble At Work

The foreman down at the construction site was real old school and after several days of showing up late he told me I had two choices.....He could fire me which I just couldn't afford or take a butt whuppin from him and I could come back to work. I was shocked at what he just said but what choice did I have? After work he took me into one of the metal storage containers we had to keep equipment in. I entered and it smelled of tools and saw dust.....I saw one bare hanging work lite a sawhorse and a mean looking strap! I didn't need to be a detective to figure out what goes on in here....I had a feeling I wasn't the only one who this has happened to! He had me strip and bend over the horse and he began to whup my ass good....I had a hard time keeping still but I did my best! When he was finished I had tears rolling down my face but I wasn't openly crying....I did that when I got into my car. He told me to be on time in the morning or else. I replied...Yes Sir I will and then left. I looked around to see if anyone was still here to hear what just happened. There were a few guys but nobody said anything but I knew they heard it....I was so embarrassed. I was on time from then on and was pretty reliable.....but every time I had to get something out of the storage container the smell brang back the memories of that day. The strap was still where he hung it. About two weeks later I saw my foreman taking a new kid that just started there back to the container and wondered if he was gonna get a good whuppin to keep his job? I hung around for a few minutes and the screams confirmed it! I just wished I could of seen it! Looking back, it only hurt for a few days and I kept my job and was a better person for it.

A Public Switching

They were supposed to have the car washed before there dad came home but they were busy goofing off! So when he got home and realized that it hadn't been done he went out back and cut a few good switches and found his boys playing video games and took them out front, made them strip and then blistered there butts with the switch! After there dad gave them both a good switchin he made them wash the car with there bare butts on display for the whole neighborhood to see! They better get that car nice and clean or there gonna get another switchin and be made to wash it all over again!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks for all the support for the blog and thanks for being patient with me. I hope you all can get through the holidays without to many trips out to the woodshed but I have a feeling there will be a few red butts before the day is through.

On Christmas morning when your done opening your presents and you start getting a little to rowdy, your dad tells you to settle down more than a few times until he has finally had enough. He tells you to take those britches off and marches your bare butt right out to the snow covered shed! Your shivering as he bends you over the sawhorse and blisters your behind good with the strap! After your whuppin he marches your red welted butt back in the house and sticks you in the corner. You are on display for everyone to see...your brothers and sisters and your cousins that seem to keep arriving every five minutes for the family get together! Your dad tells you to go get cleaned up for dinner so you can join the rest of the family for a nice Christmas dinner.....of course you will be the only one standing.

Spankable Toys!

Look what Santa brang me! It's a new life size "Spank Me" action figure under my tree!!! I'm gonna play with this all day! The new "Spank Me" action figure now comes with real tears and cries when spanked! *Batteries sold separately.

Up Early

Son .....what did I tell you about sneaking down here early to get your presents? Now get those pajamas off and get across my lap.....I guess your Christmas spanking is going to come a little early!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Father Figure In His Life

He hasn't been spanked in a long, long time but that ended tonight. He now had a strong father figure in his life who wouldn't hesitate to do it. He knew he needed maybe now he will think about the consequences of his actions in the future. Now he knows what will happen to his behind if he doesn't!

Day Dreaming Again

I'm sorry but I just stumbled across a beauty and as usual I'm letting my imagination run away with it! Wow, was all I could say when I saw him....I just might let him spank me! I really should stop.....well he's all yours now! Enjoy

So Perfect!

Just a "perfect" butt for spanking that I've seen lately! I'm sorry that it's not the best quality picture but I think it's clear enough to make out those two perfect orb's! I hope he See's this post and blesses us with a much clearer booty shot! Until then I'm gonna imagine what it would be like to try and turn that rump red!

That Moment Before

Your butt naked and bent over your daddy's knee and about to get spanking that you know you deserve! Your anticipating that first swat of his hand but it doesn't come yet. What is he waiting he trying to mess with my head? Is he just checking out my bare butt? Will it hurt alot...will I cry? All these thoughts are going through your head in that moment before the first smack of your dad's heavy hand! You know it's coming or maybe he changed his mind about spanking you? Yeah right! SMACK!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Man With A Belt

I'm not sure what he's planning to do with that belt but to me there is only two things you can do with a belt.....and it doesn't look like he's wearing it so that only leaves one thing! Can you imagine him using that on you until he had you begging him to stop! Man....I'm rubbing my butt just thinking about it!

Stunned By Dad

I just love the stunned look on his face....the kind of look like he can't believe he just got a spanking! He hadn't been spanked in years but his dad finally had enough of his behavior and right before he got into the shower when his dad knew he would be bare ass, he told him he was gonna get a attitude adjustment right here and now! He was pulled across his dad's lap as his dad sat on the toilet and began to wear his bottom out! The boy never thought he would ever be in this position at his age but there he was bare butt sticking up over his dad's lap getting spanked. Tears were flowing heavily when his dad finished and stood him up and told him to get in the shower and get cleaned up. He also told him that if he has to this would happen again! All he could do while he was showering was rub the sting out of his butt and realize that he just got spanked and that it might happen again!

Sore Butt

It looks like this young man is having trouble getting his jeans up over his very sore behind not long after his dad took his belt to it! Maybe he should just go around bare butt for the rest of the day!

Friday, December 19, 2008

In Position And Waiting

I love the look on his face.....Is he watching his daddy taking off his belt or watching him take the paddle or strap off the hook on the wall? Maybe he is wondering how bad it's gonna hurt this time! He could be wondering whats taking so long....he has been bare ass and bent over for a while.

Sexy Butt

Is that a sexy looking boy and pose or what?