Monday, August 30, 2010

Damn....Check That Ass Out!

I think that's exactly what he's saying to himself after getting a glimpse of his big, spankable booty in the mirror! I think he's beginning to see why he always got those looks in the lockeroom and why his Coaches always seemed to have a reason to paddle his butt!

Spankability Inspector

Hmmmm...nice texture, firm, Smooth, very squeezable and my hand bounces off it when I smack it! Ok this one's ready to be spanked! Damn I love my job!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #31

Man....I wanna go join up right now if that's how good those booty's look in the Army! I can almost picture it......hey Private, the Sarge wants to see you in his office....RIGHT NOW! The rest of the platoon is real quiet so there able to hear him getting his plump butt spanked for being late to formation again this morning. They all know to well what goes on in the sarges office when you mess up. Damn...there's a good story there somewhere.

1,000,000 Hit's And I Missed It!

I should be spanked for missing this! We hit another milestone and I wasn't paying attention when the counter rolled over 1 Million and I was so looking forward to that but thank you all anyway for all the support you've given me and the blog over the years! here's to another Million Spanks!


Here's a series of a cute young thing "Franco" getting his rear end worked over by his mistress.....I know, I know I wished it was a strong man spanking that booty but I thought he was cute enough to overlook that little problem...Enjoy! The fro makes Franco look even more spankable...or is it just me?

Tighty Whitey's

Nothing says spank me more than a boy in a pair of white briefs! Take this first photo for instance.....he seems to be pleading with his daddy about something he did wrong and that shocked look he has on his face is because he's watching his daddy take off his belt! He might of been able to talk his way out of a whuppin but what he doesn't know is that those tighty whitey's has already sealed his fate!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Office

I guess the boss in this office has a way to deal with his employees when they come in late! This would be a fun place to work in my opinion!

Not So Tough

You tried your hardest not to cry this time but as tough as you thought you were you still broke down. Half way through your whuppin you just couldn't hold back the tears anymore and cried like a little boy just like you used to do! Your dad know he got his point across when he can see and hear you cry.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Two Parts

Daddy gave him a good forty strokes with the razor strap and had this bad boy was crying by the tenth! He thought it was over but the whuppin was only the first part off his punishment! Daddy had other plans for this bad boy! After he makes him stand against the wall and display his roasted butt for awhile and to be sure his butt is nice and tender to the touch he's gonna put him across his lap and introduce him to his new thick and heavy hairbrush! After his hairbrush spanking is over and he is a blubbering mess Daddy's gonna put him back against the wall and not allow him to touch his poor burning butt another hour! Heaven help him if he touches his bottom! It's gonna be a long time before he will be sitting down comfortably again!

A Public Service Announcement!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wrestling Leads To Spanking... least it does on this blog and thats just fine with me! Here are a few pic's and website links to some wrestling videos that a few people has asked me about! The losers of these wrestling matches should always get that butt spanked to teach him a good lesson! I don't know why I didn't go to the wrestling matches when I was in school! It looks like these guys are having a good time!