Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bad Boy?

Sometimes boys are bad on purpose because they know daddy will take care of them!

Make it Red Before Bed!

Nothing better than cuddling up next to a warm, spanked butt on a cold night!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Which One Do You Prefer?

1. The Paddle is always effective!

2. The Hand never fails!

3. The birch makes them jump!

4. The cane will make them promise anything!

5. The Hairbrush is to be given OTK!

6. The Strap....When all else fails!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cold Shower

Try sticking that well spanked behind under some cold water.......It might help!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Late Again!

By Eric

I was chatting with my cousin Kenny on our Internet web cam as we do everyday….I told him I was gonna come over tonight with some movies I downloaded and burned on to DVD’s…He told me to come over about seven so I grabbed all my stuff and threw it in my back pack and headed over there.

I jumped up out of a deep sleep….I was on the floor in front of the TV. It took me a few seconds to remember where I was….I looked over at my cuz Kenny sleeping beside me. We had been watching some DVD’s and fell asleep. Shit I said….What time is it? I looked at my wrist…Damn it where’s my watch? Kenny….wake up yo! What man? Kenny ..what time is it? I was hoping it wasn’t as late as I thought it was! I don’t know man……Then Kenny saw my watch under the couch….here it is yo….it’s 12:00 man. Shit! I gotta go man…..Damn Troy….your daddy’s gonna whup yo ass..he said laughing. Shut up man…you know how my dad is about this shit. Why the hell did you let me fall asleep yo? I was already trying to put the blame on anything except me. I grabbed my sneakers and didn’t even bother putting them on and ran out the door. I heard Kenny yell, good luck yo….see ya tomorrow! I didn’t even answer I was too busy running down the street! I only lived two blocks away but it might as well have been two miles as late as I was.

As I was running I thought back to a few days ago when I came home late and got my butt whupped for only being 15 minutes late….Damn I was a hour late this time! I came to the front of my house…I didn’t see any lights on at all. I thought to myself….maybe he went to sleep before my curfew and doesn’t even know I’m not home yet. It’s happened before….he would be real tired from working hard all day and go to bed early. So I saw a little bit of hope as I went in….I’ve gotten better at sneaking in without making any noise! I climbed the steps and went down the hall to my room…I looked over at my dad’s room and his door was closed….Good sign! I pushed my door open and went in….I closed my bedroom door as quietly as I could. Whew….I let out a deep breath….I made it! I flicked the light on and there was my dad just leaning up against my dresser….Shit! I said out loud.….I almost jumped back through the door….You scared me dad! I knew I was in for it now! He already had his belt doubled over in his hand. What was scaring me the most is that he wasn’t saying anything. He was just staring at me. Dad I…I tried to say something but nothing would come out….I had no excuse or justification for being late. I looked up at him hoping for him to at least say something. Troy he said….give me your phone. I reached into my pocket and gave it to him without question. He opened it up and held it to his ear. Well Troy….It seems to be working but for some reason you didn’t think to call and let me know you were ok! Dad I’m sorry, I was over at Uncle Bernies house with Kenny…we were watching movies and….Troy he said! I’m getting tired of your excuses, I guess that whuppin I gave you the other night didn’t get my point across so I guess I’ll have to double my efforts! Get those pants and draws off now and get your behind over the bed. I was still pretty sweaty from the run home….I was having some trouble getting my stuff off….Hurry up boy my dad yelled! I got everything off except my underwear and t shirt. I look at him for a second for some chance that I could leave my draws on but as soon as we made eye contact I knew the answer….I didn’t want this to be any worse than it already was so I peeled my draws down off my sweaty backside and crawled onto the bed face down. I’ve been it this position many times before and I never get used to it! I felt the cool night air going across my naked butt. I turned to see what my dad was doing…..and as soon as I looked I felt the first hit! Thwap! Ahhh….my ass was still sore from the ass whuppin I took two days ago so this one already felt like I had already taken 50 hits! Thwap Whack Smack…Aww…dad please….Whap! Whap! Whap! I grabbed onto the headboard so I wouldn’t reach back to cover myself….he once whupped my butt three days in a row to teach me not to try and cover up…It worked! Thwack, Thwack, Thwack! Ahhh…Please no more…I’m sorry I was late daddy…..Please! I might as well have been talking to the wall because he wasn’t slowing down at all….if anything he was speeding up! I could feel tears welling up and the real crying was gonna be starting soon! Whap! Whap! Whap! AHw…….god pleas stop dad…..I was kicking and moving all over my bed….my ass was on fire….I didn’t know how I was gonna sit in school this week….or next! Thwap, Thwap, Thwap! Real tears were falling now I was crying pretty hard now…I had my face in the pillow so at least to save some dignity….But I guess when a boy is getting a bare ass butt whupping he can only have so much dignity anyhow! WHaaaaa….dad Pleeese….I’m sorry..! He stopped …I was hoping that was it I was hurting so badly…I couldn't even feel my ass any more….I knew it was swollen pretty good. Troy? Yes Sir? I replied in a crying voice. This is normally when I would stop. But since yo can’t seem to get it through your thick head what time you should be home I’m gonna give yo another lesson. I started shaking and crying again…daddy please no more I Won’t be late again I promise. I know Troy. ….I’ve heard it all before! He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up off the bed and pulled me down across his lap on the bed. I couldn’t believe it, he hasn’t spanked me like this in years. I turned my head and saw that damn solid wooden hairbrush in his hand….he used that on me a lot growing up. Where the hell did that come from I asked myself? I was actually glad when he started using the strap if you can believe that! Dad no….not the brush…..Tears were still pouring down my face….Troy I’m gonna finish you whuppin with this brush….If you have a problem with it we can do this again tomorrow…your call? I rolled over on my dad’s lap and stuck my butt up for it! I just wanna get it over with…Whap Whap Whap! My ass was so sensitive by this point I couldn’t help but scream….I thought the neighbors would come running! Owwww….whhaa….dad whap, whap!!! He started working the thighs now…..that really got me jumping…..Whap, Whap, Whap! Whap, Whap, Whap….He kept spanking my butt for quite awhile and when he was done he had me stand in front of him while he read me the riot act. I was rubbing my ass the whole time he was talking! When he left I laid down on my bed and cried myself to sleep. I was never gonna be late again. At least not any time soon!

The next morning I got out of bed …very slowly I might add! I looked in the mirror at my swollen brown ass and almost didn’t recognize it. I saw my phone blinking on the dresser and picked it up. There was a message from Kenny….I opened it up and read it.

It said: Yo cuz, I hope your feeling ok this morn…lol Sorry about losing track of the time last night. Oh yeah…You might wanna make a habit of turning off your web cam when your done using it…Peace

Brutha With A Belt...

Luv to see a brutha holding a belt...Question is? Is he waiting to give somebody a whuppin or waiting to get one?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Barbershop From Hell

I got my share of strappings growing up but I'm glad my dad didn't own this place! He looks like he not only has a strap for everyday of the week but it looks like he has one for everyday of the year!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Multiple Whuppins!

Get into trouble together, then your gonna get your asses whupped together!!!

You Know What He Wants.....

Some bruthas are just asking for it with out saying a word! Now Take off your belt and give him what he needs!


By Eric

I’m Duane Thomas and I spend a few hours online every night chatting online. I spend a lot of time in the discipline chat rooms talking about spanking and different kinds of punishments with all the other spanko’s out there. I’m a 40 year old Black male…divorced with two boys, both of which are in college. I was always interested in spanking and when the Internet exploded I found out that I wasn’t the only one. I was never interested in meeting anyone or anything like that…I just enjoyed talking about spanking…..that is until one day a IM (Instant Message) popped up on my screen with the name Kdogg22…I was surprise at first Because most of the men I chat with are usually Caucasian but this definitely felt like a brutha. Hmmm….I was curious and said hi back.

Kdogg22: Wassup?

DtspnkU: Just chatting, I’m Duane, and your name?

Kdogg22: Well on the street they call me K Dog.

DtspnkU: K-Dog huh?

Kdogg22: Yeah man…

DtspnkU: What’s your real name?

Kdogg22: Kevin….Kevin Smith.

DtspnkU: That’s a good name Kevin…you should think about using that a little more.

Kdogg22: Thanks yo…I might.

I waited for a few minutes for a reply and then it popped up on my screen….

Kdogg22: So your into spanking?

Wow….interesting I said to myself.

DtspnkU: Yes I answered.

Kdogg22: Do you ever meet guys online and spank them?

It was pretty easy to see where this was going.

DtspnkU: Actually no I’ve never done that Kevin….I’m a little unsure about the idea of meeting people I chat with…’s not that there not good people out there it’s just that you never know.

Kdogg22: Yeah I hear ya..

DtspnkU: Kevin are you looking to be spanked?

There was a long silence then he replied

Kdogg22: Well man….I’m just curious….I’ve been in the chat rooms and read some of the chat and your profile and knew that’s what you were into yo.

DtspnkU: Kevin…just explain to me what your looking for and I’ll try to help.

Kdogg22: Aiight …Damn yo I can’t believe I’m gonna tell you dog.

DtspnkU: You can trust me Kevin… one will know.

Kdogg22: Well man…..I’m only 22…and I’ve been in jail twice…once for 6 months and once for 10. I had some pretty bad experiences in there and I’m not looking to go back ya know!

DtspnkU: I can understand that Kevin…go on.

Kdogg22: Yo….I wanna shake this thug life and get straightened out but I keep slippin back into it. I had a friend growing up…his name was Chaz…..we were pretty tight. I would talk him into doing some stupid stuff back then and we would sometimes get into trouble but when his pops found out.….his pop would tear his butt up man. Chaz would tell me about his whuppins and I’d be like damn man….I can’t believe you let him do that to you yo…I’d never let anybody do that to me.

I stayed silent and kept reading.

Kdogg22: There were a few more times I got him in trouble so his pops finally whupped him so good he told me he was gonna stop hanging out with me. I was mad yo…..why was his pops being such an ass and shit?

DtspnkU: Did you get in trouble at home Kevin I asked?

No my pops was never home and when he was he was drunk off his ass yo.

DtspnkU: I see….Sorry I interrupted you Kevin go ahead.

Kdogg22: Well…what I’m trying to get at man……Another long pause. I know Chaz got into college and is doing pretty good. I saw him a few months ago and talked about how school is and stuff and then I asked if he still was mad at his pops for all those whuppins he used to get. He said no Dog I love my pop….I’m more mad at you for making me get um! We both laughed and the he said those whuppins helped him stay out of trouble and got him into college. I knew he was right as soon as he said that shit man……I knew I needed that when I was younger.

DtspnkU: You mean a whuppin Kevin?


DtspnkU: So your looking for someone to help straighten you out is that it? I have to be honest with you Kevin…..I’ve never done anything like this before.

Kdogg22: Really yo? I thought that’s what you guys did in these chat rooms…ya know hook up and shit?

DtspnkU: Some do Kevin, but I never had.

He told me It was hard finding another brotha to talk to about this yo and was surprise when he read my profile.

Kdogg22: So you don’t think you want to do it he asked?

I didn’t’ tell him I was nearly jumping out of my pants to get to the chance to whup his butt.

DtspnkU: Well Kevin…..tell me exactly what you would want me to do?

Kdogg22: Well he said…you have given whuppins before right?

DtspnkU: Yes Kevin I replied…I have 2 grown boys….and both of them tasted the strap many times so I have some experience in applying a good whuppin.

Kdogg22: Aiight….thats what I want yo…someone to tear my behind up and get me going in the right direction yo…I saw what it did for Chaz and I hope it’s not to late for me.

DtspnkU: Well Kevin…it’s not that simple. You don’t even know me and I’m not your father. And you sound like a pretty tough young thug Kevin….no offense but are you really gonna just bend over and let someone whup your behind?

Kdogg22: Yo, I know what your saying dog…..But I’ve been thinking about this for along time and I’m sure yo…...and you even sound like a dad yo…Nobody ever calls me Kevin. Only parents do shit like that.

DtspnkU: Well if you know you need to change why don’t you just do it instead of going through this?

Kdogg22: I know me and I know I would just end up back in the same mess…..I need somebody to keep me straight yo.

I thought for a second…damn what am I doing?

DtspnkU: Ok Kevin...I’m gonna think about it for a few days but in the meantime I’m gonna send you a few spanking stories that I want you to read…..Ok.

Kdogg22: Aiight man….I’ll check um out. Peace

I sent him a few father / son stories that mainly dealt with the son knowing that he needed to be punished and the father that knew he was doing it for his son’s own good and learning a lesson from it and that when it was over it was over. (“Thank you MMSA!”)

I wondered If he would change his mind after he read them? I sent him a e-mail and told him I would like to help him out and to call my cell when and if he still wanted to go through with it.

About a week after I chatted with Kevin, aka (K-Dogg) I got a call from him one night. I thought maybe he changed his mind and got cold feet. Hey Kevin…how are you? I’m aiight man….I asked him what was up with him? Nadda man he said, just chillin tonight. I checked out those stories you sent yo…those were some serious ass whuppins man. Well Kevin, those are what punishment spankings are like. They are supposed to teach you a lesson and to get you not to want to make the same mistake twice. Some boys are just a little more hardheaded than other boys so they need a little more butt warming than others do. I started to get the feeling that he might not want to go through with it so I told him that I’ll understand if you don’t wanna do it Kevin, he jumped in and said, No…no man….I aint scared yo I was just talking about the stories…..I’m ready for it man. I was hoping that’s what he would say! Ok then….well I guess we should meet somewhere first to get to know each other a little first. Aiight man…….how about at one of the malls? He agreed so we set a time and day. He told me he had to borrow one of his peep’s car but it shouldn’t be a prob. Saturday morning I headed to the mall….a little bit nervous about meeting Kevin and even more nervous about what may happen soon after. I made my way to the food court and sat down. I was a little early so I just watched the people walking by and trying to figure out what I was going to say to Kevin when we met. Well I didn’t have to wait long …when I looked up I saw this young thugged out looking brother coming toward me…..I stood up and asked if he was Kevin, even though he had a jacket that said K–Dogg in big letters across the front of it! Yeah he said real quietly and he asked if I was Duane? Yep….I was looking him over pretty good as I’m sure he was doing the same to me….He was pretty solid ..about 6’ muscular and he had tattoos on what could see of his skin….some of which I’m sure he got in prison. I was a little larger than he was so I figured if I had to get rough I could handle it but I didn’t think that would be necessary with him….even though everything about him said thug I could tell from his eyes and his voice he was just a lost kid that need some help. Soooo…I know this is a little strange for both of us so is there anything you wanna ask me Kevin? He looked around I’m guessing to make sure nobody could hear us but we were in a empty area…..So where are we gonna do dis man? Well if your ok with it we can go to my place and take care of business there ok? He was having a tough time looking at me and I sensed he might be having second thoughts. Hey Kevin….you know it’s not to late you know…If you don’t want to do this we both can just leave right now. He finally looked at me as if I pushed some kind of dare button…No man I’m ok….Lets go. Ok I said…..I live just outside town…you can follow me if you like or we can go together? I…I’ll follow you he said.

We pulled in to my drive and took him into the house….we went into the kitchen and I told him to have a seat. I handed him a coke and told him what was going to happen. Kevin we both know why you are here and I don’t see a reason to put it off anymore. Come with me Kevin. I took him down to my basement…it was a furnished basement that my boys used as a game / tv room and it was also used as a punishment room. Ok Kevin here are the rules….all punishments are given bare butt, You will stay in position until were finished. I don’t count strokes I just spank until I fell that it’s enough. I will use my hand or the hair brush. I also have a razor strap I used to use on my boys when they really screwed up. I looked at him and I knew that look…his head was spinning but before he could say anything I told him to strip. Strip? he said…can’t I just pull my pants down dog? No I told him…and another thing….when were here and your being punished you address me as Mr. Thomas or Sir….And it’s yes Sir or No Sir…Understand?
I didn’t think he expected that but he agreed with a yes Sir. Now remove your clothes Please. As he was stripping I continued to let him know that this was to make him a better person and I only want to help him. As I watched him he indeed did have quite a few tattoos and he was well built….he turned around to lay his clothes and I got a good look at his butt. He had a real spankable behind on him and I was ready to spank it good.

Ok Kevin I’m gonna start off with you over my knee for a warm up spanking…..I sat on one of the couches I had down there and motioned for him to lay across my lap. I could tell he was pretty nervous about that but I grabbed his wrist and pulled him down. His upper body was on the couch and I rested my hand on his behind. It was a very firm smooth ass and It was perfect for spanking! I raised my hand and brought it down forcefully on his ass..Smack! He jumped but made no noise. Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Spank, Smack, Smack, Spank, Smack….He was squirming a little bit and had his face down in the cushions. I didn’t know if it was starting to get to him or if he was just embarassed to be in this position getting spanked. I kept on spanking him increasing the spanking harder and harder Smack, Smack, Spank, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Spank, Smack….I started hearing some groaning and a few grunts so I figured his bottom was getting a little tender! Spank, Smack, Smack, Spank, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack….Ahhh….damn…..Kevin….NO swearing or your punishment will be even longer do you understand….Yes sir he replied…..Ahhh!! Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack….His legs were really starting to kick and he was squirming pretty good and my hand was starting to hurt so at that point I stopped and told him to stand up. He quickly got up thinking it was over I’m sure and started to rub his behind…Hold on there Kevin I said. No rubbing until I tell you….Hands behind your head…I’ll be right back. I went into the Bathroom and retrieved a pretty hefty hairbrush I had put there just for this moment. As I was walking back to him I could see the look in his eyes when he saw the brush…Hey wait a minute Mr. Thomas….I don’t think….Before he even finished I told him that he was going to get his butt spanked with this brush and that was final! I was not going to let him dictate his punishment….I had to let him know I was in charge. I sat down and pulled him back over my lap but this time I put my leg over his to keep them in place because I knew this was gonna get a very strong reaction! Kevin….I’ve used this brush many times on my boys and I can assure you it does hurt but It gets the point across! I rubbed the brush across his butt a few times and then I raised it and brought it down hard on his right cheek…Whap! Ahhh…..He screamed and almost broke loose! I thought to myself…this is it, He’s gonna get up and leave now…But he didn’t…He calmed down and stayed across my lap waiting for the next hit. Are you ok Kevin I asked? Yes Sir….I’m aiight. Don’t stop he said. I was very surprised and proud of him but I’ll see how he is in a few minutes when I’m done with his behind! Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap….. Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap I was giving him three or four smacks on each cheek….It was all I could do to keep him still. Ahhh….Please….Ahhhhh…He was becoming pretty vocal now…I don’t think he cared anymore about being brave infront of me…He was being spanked and spanked good and he knew it! Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap, Smack! He kept yelling and putting his head into the couch to try and stop the pain but he could not escape it. I had him held pretty tight around the waist and had his legs pinned but I still had the feeling that if he really wanted to he could get away but he didn’t he laid there and took it…I peppered his butt for ten minutes before I stopped. Kevin was moaning and breathing heavily and I could see the tears running down his face so I knew I was getting through to this young thug. I helped him get up and again I told him to put his hands behind hid head. He was doing that spanking dance from foot to foot as all boys do. I grabbed his chin and looked him in the eyes….Kevin I know your butt is hurting pretty good right now but this it what you asked for and I think this is exactly what you need. He nodded his head in agreement but I wanted to hear him say it. Answer me Kevin do you agree that this is what you need? Yes Sir, Mr Thomas. Kevin I’m proud of the way you have taking you punishment so far. But we have one more session to go. But before we do I’m gonna give yo a thirty minute rest. I want you to go stand in the corner with your hands behind your head ……But Mr. Thomas I’m not a kid? Why do….Again I stopped him. Kevin! I said loudly….No arguments….Now get over there! He turned and I watched those brown and sore butt cheeks walk away! He was in the corner now with his hands behind his head and his bottom on display. Kevin I want to think about your life while your standing there….and how and why you are here right now. I think there is hope for you Kevin and I want to help you achieve it do you understand? Yes Sir he replied. I walked over to the closet and opened the door to get razor strap I has been hanging in there for years…I took it down and held it….Man this strap sure got a lot of use while my boys were growing up. I walked backed to over Kevin. Kevin I want you to hold onto this strap until we begin again…He sighed but opened his hands and took it. It was quite a site seeing this boy holding the strap who not to long ago was running the streets and now he was bare assed waiting on his next whuppin!

Ok Kevin…come over here. He turned around and walked to me in the center of the basement. I reached out to take the strap and said…Kevin, this is the last part of your punishment. What you gonna do is stand there again with your hands on your head with your legs slightly apart. I’m gonna apply this strap to your butt and I’ll tell you now that it’s really gonna sting young man. I have given my boys whuppins just like this in the past and they were much younger than you are now so I know you can get through this Kevin. I’ll give you some time after each lick to compose yourself for the next hit but if you try to cover up or move to much out of position I’m gonna start over and I don’t think you want that do you? He looked up at me and shook his head no.

Ok then…I walked behind him and off to his left a little took aim and gave him the first lick on his already tender ass! THWACK! Yaaahhh….Dammn…!!! Kevin almost jumped out of his skin. Mr T….Thomas Please, Damn.. Kevin get your behind back in position NOW! He surprisingly did what I told him and stood there with his hands behind his head and waited for the next hit. I saw the stripe from the first lick forming. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK!
Ahhggg…..Jesus…ahhhhh! He was yelling pretty good but he was staying in place but he was doing some dancing understandably. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. He had tears running down his face….I new his ass was on fire but I wasn’t done yet. I raised the strap again… THWACK, THWACK, THWACK…..And then it happended he screamed and pleaded with me to stop and started blubbering …I couldn’t even understand him anymore. Pblease….MMmno ..! Mr Thom…..He was crying heavily now I gave him three more… THWACK, THWACK, THWACK. Ahhhhh……His cheeks were bouncing all over the place….white stripes were forming on his ashy butt and some welts were forming…I knew it was about enough for now! Kevin…are you learning anything from this? Yes sir he replied…THWACK! You have been going down the wrong path boy and I’m gonna help straighten you out…THWACK!
Y….Yes I know Sir….Owwww….Please! He was doing all he could to keep his hands on his head……I gave him one last lick really hard….Thwack! OOhhhh…aahhhhh…Please stop he cried….I’m sorry…Please…!

Ok Kevin I said….Were done but just like before I want you in the corner…hands on your head and no rubbing until I say so…But I want you to go hang the strap up in the closet before you do…..Sniff, Yes Sir he replied! He was walking just like a boy who just got a world class whuppin hopping from foot to foot and crying openly still ….his face was a mess! Tears, running nose his eyes were all red from crying so much. I’m pretty sure he had not had a good cry like this since he was little….If nothing else he needed that! Kevin hung up the strap and made his way to the corner wanting to touch his welted butt so bad but he knew what would happen if he did. I took a chair from the desk down there and set it up a few feet behind Kevin and sat down. I’m sure he could feel me staring at his naked behind but at this point I don’t think he really cared about that…he was still in to much pain to think of anything else.

Kevin I asked….I am very impressed on how well you took your whuppin. T..Thank you Sir he answered..Sniff. You may be angry with me right now but I assure you the whuppin you just got was for your own good. I know that Sir, he replied. Still shaking from his punishment. I think it would be a good Idea for you to visit me once a week for a refresher so you stay focused…….He was silent for a bit…Every week Sir? Yes Kevin…I want to hear everything you have been doing to help yourself and better your current situation…By next week I want to hear that you have found a job. Step by step Kevin. I’m gonna give you a phone so we can stay in contact. Call me when ever you need to. But I will expect to hear from you sometime before Friday so we can plan your punishments. Will they be as bad as this one sir? Kevin that was nothing…you better hope you get it together and stay out of trouble…I haven’t even introduced you to the shed out back yet! Oh God he replied….Yes Sir. The Punishments depend on you Kevin…..It’s all up to you. I got up and put my hand on his shoulder and said, Kevin I can tell that you’re a good kid underneath all those tattoos and bling and all that thugish attitude. You can become a much better person If you let me help you. I know once you walk out that door you never have to come back but I hope you give it some thought and let me help you. He didn’t say anything so I told him that he could get dressed….I gave him a playful smack on his butt as I walked away…Oww! He immediately started to rub the fire out of his butt. I smiled and went upstairs. He was down there for quite awhile and I was started wondering what was taking him so long. Then I heard him coming up the stairs….He said he was ready to go….not really making eye contact with me. I think he was still a little embarrassed about not only being naked but also form the whuppin and for crying so openly like a little boy in front of me. I don’t think anyone has seen that side of him for a long time. Kevin I said…I took his chin and made him look at me. Don’t be ashamed of what just happened….boys get there butts lit up just like that everyday…and your no different now. Be proud that you knew that’s what you needed and even prouder on how well you took it. He actually cracked a little smile. Aiight I …..he stopped himself, I mean I have to go now Mr. Thomas….Thank you…he held out his hand to shake mine. Ok Kevin…I hope to see you soon. He left and I heard him drive off….I don’t think it was a comfortable ride home for K-Dog!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Taking Him Home.....

Just pick him up and take that butt home and spank it good!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Punished After The Whuppin

And stay there until I tell you to move....and no rubbing!

Move Those Hands!

Move your hands son....That was just one have alot more coming!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welted Behind

After a good session with the switch this young lad won't be sitting for awhile!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Stool

I'll take you down to the basement...then I'll tell you to drop those shorts and bend over the stool......

I give you a good hard one across your ass with the strap just to let you know what this whuppin is gonna feel like!
Then I give you the rest of your whuppin....30-40 good strokes of the dance around yelling and crying but you better not let go of that stool because you know it starts all over again if you do!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pull those Panties Down!

Pull them panties down boy....there not protecting anything anyway!

Waiting Quietly

You hear him coming up the steps....your in bed face down and naked like you were told to be. He enters the can feel his eyes all over your bottom. He doesn't say a word and then you hear the sound of him taking off his belt as he pulls the belt through the loops in his pants...then he have a good one coming tonight! You close your eyes and wait for the first of many hits from the belt!

The Couch

Bent over the couch getting a good strappin from your daddy!

Whuppin Tree

He made his son strip and go out back to where he always got his whuppins and wait for him to come out with the belt. His dad made him grab the branch above his head and then hid dad gave him a real good belt whuppin he wont forget anytime soon!

Paddled Good

A nice round butt got paddled real good!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Painted Booty

I don't know if they had spanking in mind when they took this picture but it looks like that's what he's asking for!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Backyard Switchin

Son...I want you to strip, go out back and cut a switch and wait for me......

Pull those draws down...Hands on your head. Gonna whup that butt good!

You've needed this for a long time and I'll give you another switchin if you mess up again!

Now get your butt back in the house and put you nose in the corner till I tell you to move!

Y...Yes sir!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You Got a Whuppin Coming...

Waiting is the worst part of your dads punishment. Most of the time when you mess up he finds out then he whups that ass and it's over right?
Well sometimes your whuppin doesn't happen right away. He tells you before he leaves for work that when he gets home that you will be punished for what you did so be ready for a good ass whuppin.

You knew it was gonna happen but now you gonna have to wait all day for it! You spend most of the day trying to think of ways out of it or how bad it's gonna hurt but you already know!

Whether your 10 or 20 it's still the same ...when daddy gets home he's gonna whup tour butt!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Beautiful Bottom

Heres a great photo of a beautiful brutha with a beautiful behind....I just wish I could see a little more of it!