Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Spankable Butt Of 2010

Hello everybody.....I just got back from my Christmas vacation and I'm ready to put 2010 behind us and get ready for 2011! It's time for you all to vote for your favorite spankable booty's from this year. Just check the ones you love the most on the list. Here's a link to them so you can see them in all there beautiful glory!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

I hope all of you naughty boys out there have a very Merry Christmas! Keep those buns nice and toasted on those cold winter nights and I hope that Santa brings you everything that you want and need.....your friend Eric.

A Man With A Padddle

He has that look in his face that says, "this is gonna hurt you alot more than it will me!"


Spankable Butt Of The Week #43

Now thats perfect!

Monday, December 13, 2010

He Wants It!

I love a brutha who is not only willing to be spanked but one who wants and needs to be spanked! (Still looking for that brutha) He will do just about anything to get you to put some heat into that ass! He will even go as far to be bare ass naked and in position on your bed waiting for you when you get home! How can you deny such an inviting target? You go over to the closet and take that strap off the hook and give him what he wants and then a little more.......then you take what you want!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #42

Damn....that butt is just bursting out of those jeans! It's a good thing he's already got them pulled down because I think his daddy would have a hard time getting those jeans down over that ass!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Principle Hard Knox

Coming from Belasco in 2011 and I can't wait! It looks like cousin Bubba is gonna have his big butt blistered !

Up Over The Padded Bench

Up over the padded bench and waiting to get a serious dose of the strap as he waits for his daddy to administer it! He was told to strip naked and go down to the basement and wait in position with his legs spread which always embarrasses him because it lets his daddy see everything but having his bottom parts exposed is the least of his problems right now!

Sneeking A Peek

Can you blame him? I'll bet he would love to get that smooth beautiful ebony butt across his lap amongst other things! I guarantee that this very thing happens in locker rooms every day!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


They all go through this age where they think they are a little to old to still be getting there butt whupped by you and they do everything in there power to let you know this! The give you a defiant look that they know will automatically result in a good ass whuppin! Sometimes they will even go as far as yelling back at you or a middle finger! You know this phase there going through well because you went through the same thing growing up with your father. It took a while and alot of nights crying yourself to sleep before you realised that as long as he is the father and your the son your going to be getting a good butt whppin when ever he think you need one!A little embarrassment will almost always do the trick! Even though you have been taking the strap to his bare backside since he was 15 maybe a old fashioned session over your lap like when he was a little boy might humiliate him enough to snap him out of his defiant attitude! I'm talking butt naked across your lap with the hairbrush until he is bawling like a baby! I'm sure that will get his attention and let him know exactly who the dad is in this house! It will also let him know what will happen if he tries to give you any of this attitude again!

A Jamacian Moment

This short story was sent to me by a B.M.B.W. blog follower and wanted to share his story...Enjoy
I was walking past an all age school in Jamaica's north west, when I heard a commotion coming from playground, as I'm a nosey person I stopped to have a look, In the middle of the playground stood a high school student ,who looked about 16/17, with 3 smaller all age students, looking about 12, and a number of school staff, after a few more minutes of shouting the high school student was grabbed by his ear and pulled across a table. His tan trousers and white underwear soon ended up around his ankles showing his coffee coloured ass, one of the females gave him a swat with her hand before a cane appeared, I was to far away to see what his reactions were but one of the 3 smaller boys must have said or did something because his slightly darker ass was up there next to the older boy and it wasn't long before I could hear his shouting. I had to leave at this point so I don't what happened next.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Belasco's Boo and th' Brotherhood is available at now and I'm looking forward to checkin it out and with a character named "Mr. Blister" in it how can you go wrong..LOL!

Barry...Just Because!

I've gone way to long without a Barry post!

Before, During & After

Here is a great photo of what I think are the three stages of a whuppin! First there is the peeling down those shorts and briefs so your Coach has a nice target for the strap then taking your licks until he thinks he has gotten his point across to you and then enjoying the warm glow of your freshly whupped ass as you bring yourself to an explosive climax! Just don't let the Coach know how much you look forward to taking his weekly strapping!

Severe Caning M/F

Man he sure takes a hell of a caning from her! Damn...a whuppin with the strap doesn't seem so bad after that! I thinks she hit his balls once or twice....his ass is gonna have those welts on it for a long time! I just wish it was another brutha whuppin that ass!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #41

A nice thick brutha in position with his hands behind his head just waiting for your discipline!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Coach's Punishment

After a ten minute session with the Coach's wicked paddle in front of all your teammates the coach then makes you sit with your bare throbbing ass on the "stool of shame" with the football pressed against your head until he decides to let you get up! This punishment is for dropping and fumbling the ball during the game! Your not the first or the last boy that will endure this punishment before the season is over but the problem is your gonna have to deal with the humiliation of being paddled in front of everybody and crying your eyes least until the coach picks his next victim! I think this punishment could be used for High school, College as well as the Pro's!

Sponge Bob Spank Pants

A very curious photo of a youn man who seems to be having a good time wearing a very silly pair of briefs but what makes it interesting is that thick leather belt he has wrapped around his fist! Will he be the one using it or the one getting it?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Double Trouble

Damn man I've never seen dad so mad before!
I know yo.....shit, he's gonna whup the skin off our butts this time!
I don't know why I keep letting you talk me into your dumb shit!
Hey you didn't have to come along bro!
I would of still got in trouble for not looking after you "Little Bro"!
Fuck man....I can't believe I'm laying here again, butt naked waiting on another whuppin!
What the hell is he waiting on....we've been here for an hour already!
I wonder what he's gonna use this time...I hope it's not that strap!
Well he doesn't whup us as long when he uses the strap...
The belt doesn't hurt as bad but he gives you twice the licks!
Shit I'll take the strap just to get it over with!
Damn....were getting to old for this shit and I'm gonna tell him that!
Don't yo....were already in enough trouble as it is!
I don't care man...who else do we know that are still getting butt whuppins?
Yeah...your in a great position to tell dad off yo!
Shit...well at least I'm not gonna cry this time yo!
Ha, cry like a baby every time!
Shit so do you after about 5 licks you pussy!
Aiight....I'll bet you $20 that I can hold out longer than you this time bitch!
Your on bro!
Fuck what's he waiting on?

Spankable Butt Of The Week #40

Mmmmm....Good Morning! I think a nice morning spanking to wake you up is a great way to start the day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

TJ's Spanking F/M

TJ get's a good OTK spanking on his big brown bubble butt! There is a short clip of it below. I don't know if he eventually gets his briefs pulled all the way off or not but it looks like she yanked them up between those cheeks so she can spank that ass hard! There is a second video on the web site of him spanking her but I think this is the better one!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

I hope you all are enjoying your big juicy butterball roasts today and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend! Here is a link to a butt roasting story from last year...Enjoy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #39

My mind went into overdrive when I first saw this photo! Naked and waiting for who? Daddy maybe? Waiting for what? A butt whuppin? Strap? Paddle? Hand? How long has he been waiting? How long will daddy make him wait? Will he cry? Is he already crying? So many questions....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Beauty

What a great name for a razor strap! That would look great hanging on the back of the bedroom door of all those bad brutha's out there in need of some no nonsense discipline! That strap needs to be broken in though....and there is only one way to do that! I hope you bad boys aren't mad that I posted this!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #38

Hell no....not this time man! Don't try and use that "I'm sorry baby" on me! And don't try and use your sexy act to change my know I told you that your gonna get that azz spanked tonight and I'm gonna keep that promise! Now roll over and pull them drawz down!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Shaq, The B.M.B.W. Interview

Now this is the third video of Shaq I've seen either giving or getting a spanking (though all playful ones)! The latest one is with the actor Jack Black! (See links below)

I would love to interview Shaq and bring up the subject of spanking to him! Imagine he is doing a bunch of press for an upcoming movie or sporting event and I get a fake ID and sneak in to the interview room to talk to him! Maybe it would go something like this.....

Eric Hello Shaq, very nice to meet you (he sticks out his huge calloused hand out to shake mine) Ow...that's some hand shake I say to him as I set my recorder down on the table.

Shaq Nice to meet you Eric (he says in the deepest voice I've ever heard)

Eric I've been a fan of yours for a long time and I would love to ask you a few questions about your off court life for my blog (I didn't tell him what kind of blog it was)

Shaq Ok, what do you wanna know?

Eric You seem to enjoy doing interviews for radio and TV and the web.

Shaq Yeah, I've been doing alot of them lately and sometimes they are alot of fun!

Eric I have seen some of your interviews online and it does look like your having alot of fun in them!

Shaq I do....most are for charities and promotions and it lets me show my fun side which I don't get to do alot on the court.

Eric I saw one with Jack Black and at one point you started to spank him, what was all that about?

Shaq (He let's out a loud nervous laugh) Man Jack Black is a trip man....he dropped his pants and I just did what came naturally I guess!

Eric Do you like to give spankings Shaq? (Oh Shit....did I just ask that?)

Shaq What? No I was just messing around.

Eric I also saw a radio interview where you gave this guy a birthday spanking!

Shaq (Looking kinda uncomfortable now with these questions) Oh...oh yeah I remember that....I told them I would do was no big deal.

Eric You seem to be into spanking Shaq.....would you care to comment on that?

Shaq What? I'm not "into" spanking (getting angry now) what blog did you say this was for?

Eric Oh (coughing and mumbling) The B.M.B.W. blog

Shaq What does that mean?

Eric (Not answering him) You also did a skit on SNL where Tracy Morgan spanks you across his lap for coming home late! Did that happen to you alot growing up Shaq? Is that why your into spanking? (He suddenly stood up and turned my recorder off....I knew I was pushing it with him but I had to ask)

Shaq Look....I don't appreciate these kind of questions but I'm gonna show you since your so damn curious about spanking!

Eric (Shaq picked me up like I was a rag doll and before I knew it I was face down across his lap and he started to spank my ass!) Hey...I'm sorry Shaq I didn't mean to make you mad....Please stop! (his hand felt like a damn paddle and after just a few swats my ass was already on fire!)

Shaq Is this what you want to know about....SMACK, huh? I hope your enjoying this interview..... SMACK!

Eric (normally I would be enjoying this but it hurt so bad I already had tears running down my face) No Sir....please, I'm sorry for asking you those questions....OWW Please let me up!

Shaq SMACK (He gave me one last spank before he stood me up...I looked like a child compared to him especially with tears pouring down my face and with me rubbing my burning butt) So do you have any more spanking questions to ask me?

Eric Sir!

Shaq now what blog was that again?

Eric It's (sniff) the B.M.B.W. Blog Sir.

Shaq (He spun me around and spanked my ass three more times like I was a little kid which right now is what I felt like) What the hell does that mean?

Eric (I really didn't want to say the words but I didn't have a choice) It's stands for Black Male Butt Whuppin Sir.

Shaq (He just stood there towering over me for a minute) You gotta be kidding me? Have you been putting stuff on there about me?

Eric Yes Sir, but you don't underst.... (Before I could even finish my sentence he sat back down and grabbed my arm and threw me back across his lap! I felt him grab the back of my pants and in one yank he pulled them and my underwear down to my knees!)

Shaq SPANK, SMACK, SPANK I'm gonna teach you a good lesson today about how to give a
interview. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK!

Eric Owww...Noooo...waaahhhhh! (I was openly crying now and embarrassed beyond belief at what was happening. I didn't think it could hurt anymore than it did the first time he spanked but I was wrong. Feeling Shaq's large solid hand coming down on my bare defenseless brown butt is a feeling I can't even begin to explain!)

Shaq (30 smacks later) Stand up and look at me Eric!

Eric (Trying to stand up and wipe the tears and snot running down my face at the same time) S...Sir I'm sorry, Please.....I've learned my lesson!

Shaq I have a few other interviews to do....lucky for you! I'm gonna check out your blog tonight when I get to my hotel. I want you to come there at 7:oo tonight so we can discuss this further.

Eric Shaq....I mean Sir, No...I mean I....I can't (sniff) I have to catch a plane at 6:00 (He spins me around again and I already regret telling him no)

Shaq SPANK, SMACK, SPANK...What did I just say boy?

Eric Ok....Ok...Please stop ( He spanked the lower part of my cheeks right on my sensitive sit spot which brang a whole new level of pain to my ass) I'll be there I promise! (I wasn't lying either)

Shaq Here is the address and room number.......and don't be late or else!

Eric Yes Sir!

Shaq Now pull your pants up and get out of here.

I pulled my pants up over my throbbing ass and fixed my shirt the best I could, picked up my recorder and walked to the door without saying a word. I walked past a few reporters who were waiting to get an interview from Shaq, not sure what they were thinking when they saw my red eyes and limp as I walked past them. Did they hear any of that? I looked down and saw that Shaq never turned off the recorder and it recorded the entire spanking! Oh shit I thought to myself....I might be able to use this to turn the tables on Shaq tonight. A slight smile came across my face as I walked out of the building rubbing my freshly "Shaq" spanked ass.

Women Knows Best?

Well I think that Daddy knows best but this video is titled "Women Knows Best" from Pacific Force. It shows a thick brutha across his wife's lap getting his big butt spanked and paddled! I have not seen the video myself so I don't know how serious a spanking he's getting but just seeing him bare butt over her lap is good to me!

Public Display

I'm sure there are a whole list of circumstances that led to this brutha being bare butt on top of the fire hydrant! Maybe a dare from his boyz or alcohol might be involved but I think it will end in a public bare butt whuppin especially since his dad is the towns Fire Chief!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #37

Very cute, very sexy and yes....very, very spankable! He's working out and giving everyone in the gym a peek at what they all want! What he doesn't know is that most of the men who are looking at his beautiful butt can only see a butt that need to be spanked!