Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Legs Up Butt Whuppin

Otherwise known as the "Diaper Position" it's one of the most embarrassing positions to be in as your daddy takes the belt to your totally exposed butt! Make know mistake....your daddy is seeing everything as he tears you up!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Till You Cry! F/M

This video link was sent to me awhile back from a B.M.B.W. blog follower from of a young black man getting his butt spanked from a heavyset older woman. Yeah I know.... F/M spanking isn't our thing but I can almost overlook that just to see that beautiful dark chocolate butt get spanked! They seem to be enjoying themselves and he takes a pretty good spanking but his ass has to be numb by the end. It gets a little monotonous after awhile but it was still fun to watch! I don't think he ever did cry though...oh well!  I have embedded the videos into the post but just in case they don't work I'll add the links down below. Enjoy!

The Description
This young man was coming for a punishment spanking then asked to take the barehanded, bare bottom spanking challenge that another STube member had taken to see if I could spank him to tears with just my hand. The brat kept laughing to keep from crying, so I lost, but since I'm not a gracious looser, he also gets 100 strokes with the paddle at the end. This was a first video for both of us, and a test to see if my camera would work for videos.


A Beat Booty!

On display for all to see!

Under New Management!

As the new manager of this small diner I informed my three spankable employees about the new dress and discipline policy that I would be implementing. ! The dress code: Apron and shoes only! If any of the workers are late or mess up in some way I won't fire them or dock their pay but they would have to pay me a visit in the managers office after their shift for some OTK counseling! As you can tell by the looks on their faces they aren't to happy with the new policy but after a few weeks they will be great employees! Tonight after we close were going to have our first staff meeting.....I can't wait to get started!

During the staff meeting I have to explain to my workers what is expected of them and what will happen if they do a poor job! I let them know that they will be spanked bare butt for each infraction! They all put up a fuss about how I couldn't do that and I told them they would be let got if they refused and I knew they all needed this job so they reluctantly agreed so to give them an idea of what to expect I pulled each one across my lap and went to work on those beautiful brown butts! I knew they were really embarrassed getting spanked by me and especially getting in front of each other but by the time I was done all three were crying pretty good and seemed to forget about the embarrassment and were just concerned about rubbing their butts! I tell all of them that they will be paid well but I wouldn't tolerate any bad work or you now know what will happen and that was nothing compared to what your butts will feel like next time. I was surprised but all three agreed to my rules and punishments and then got dressed in their street clothes and went home with their blue aprons over there shoulders....I watched all three of them rubbing the seat of their pants as they walked down the street! Yeah....this is gonna work out just fine!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #35

Ok....maybe it's a little more than spankable...LOL!

No More Boxers!

I wonder why dad is making me get rid of all my boxers and start wearing briefs? I'm not a kid any more!

Whupped In Front Of The Mirror

He made you stand in front of the mirror for your whuppin so you could watch your face turn red and see the tears flow with every lick of his strap! After your butt whuppin is over he makes you stand there with your red ass on display while you look at your tear stained face in the mirror and think of why you were punished.  After watching yourself burst into tears and seeing your dad swinging the strap at your butt makes you miss getting it the old way laying across your bed!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Butt Spanking Friday!

Hi....I hope you all had a great Spanksgiving! I'm sure there were a few nicely roasted rumps all over the country this year. I'm sure there were a few bad boys who got there butts spanked in front of their whole family and made to sit at the little kids table! I know there are some of you that would love to roast my behind for being gone so long but your gonna have to catch me first!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Will Be Back Soon!

Hi all.....I hope to have the blog back up to speed by this time next week and I'm sure there are many of you wanting to light my behind up for being away so long. Just hang in there a little longer my friends......Until then I'll be up in my room waiting for my punishment!