Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Wow Factor!!!

Some asses are just so big and perfect that they have to go into there own category...the WOW Category! Would luv to spank them all but just seeing them over my lap anr rubbing my hand all over them just might be enough! Check some of these beautiful Brown Booty's out!

Before And After

That butt looks just as good after a whuppin than it does before!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Drop them Draws son!

Drop them draws son....
Now drop them draws and stick that ass out! Yeah thats it..... No, on second thought take those short all the way off! Mmmmm...Yeah thats it! Now put your hands up on the wall.
Now wait there while I go get my strap....your gonna get a good whuppin when I get back son!

Now jsut stay there for awhile.....no touchin that ass till I tell ya to. You won't be sittin for a week!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good Times

Characters. "Good Times" is a Norman Lear/Bud Yorkin Production/Sony
Pictures Television

I did not write this story and I do not know who the original author is who

wrote it but it's a fun story. I took a little liscense and made it less sexual and more of a discipline story.

James had come home from work earlier, pissed off as all hell at hearing that his youngest son Michael ,"the militant midget" had been suspended from school because he had called George Washington a "white racist". Originally, James had planned to haul his militant son across his knees for a good butt-blistering belting, but, at the last minute, decided against it. Wanting to let James fully cool down, Florida took Michael along with Thelma down to the South Center to look at new curtains. This left James home alone with J.J. And James was still pissed at Michael

"Junior", James began, putting his big arm around his eldest son's skinny shoulders,

You know I read somewhere that if a child misbehaves it sometimes means the PARENT
failed to do right by the kid, and should be punished himself." J.J. LIKED the sound of that as he listened to his handsome, rugged daddy. Junior, I'm gonna take off my belt and drop my pants and then get across your knees. I want you to BEAT my black ass like I was the kid who needs
to get his butt whipped!" J.J grinned broadly, his big white teeth flashing as he put his skinny arm around his dad's broad, solid shoulder. "Don't worry, Dad, " J.J. grinned, " I'm gonna give you the SAME spankin' you always gave me...the 'BIG MAC'.......the one that'll really warm your
buns!!" He started unbuckling his thick black belt, which he then gave to his still-grinning son. J.J. licked his lips in anticipation as James dropped his pants to his ankles, doing the same with his tight-fitting blue boxers. Then, J.J. sat on one of the kitchen chairs, which he had pulled away from the table, and sat down on it, then ordered James to " get that big black butt in place to be spanked all right by kid DY-NO-MITE!"

James obeyed, and his thickset, 250 lb torso nearly crushed J.J's skinny legs. J.J's own imprisoned cock pounded painfully as he brushed James' shirttail out of the way, clearing the battlefield for action. As always, the sight of his dad's powerful, broad, round, furry butt made him nearly woozy with lust. Damn, J.J. thought, Dad's gotta have the finest butt in the whole ghetto!!" James could feel the lube flowing freely from his huge black shaft, staining his son's worn trousers. Raising the doubled-up belt high, J.J. snarled, "Sorry, Dad, but this NOT going to hurt ME more than it does YOU!" With that, J.J. brought the thick leather belt down hard against those twin mounds of hairy black man-flesh, and James growled "DAMN, JUNIOR!!" as his big belt lashed into the well-rounded contours of his meaty, broad backside. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!CRACK!

James moaned, grunted, and hissed through his clenched teeth as his skinny 18-year-old son whupped his big, hefty ass with his own belt. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Again and again, J.J. brought the belt down against his father's meaty rump, loving the way those big ghetto glutes quivered and flinched with each hard, stinging blow.

Soon, those beefy globes were glowing a dull red, and some nice hot welts had popped up as well, really turning J.J on big-time. More and more sticky lube flowed from the angry head of James' ebony fuckstick, staining J.J's pants, as he felt his big ass sting and burn with each blow of the belt, making his big dong pound all the harder against his son's lap. Suddenly, J.J. stopped his all-out assault on his dad's beefy asscheeks, and said, "You know, Dad, you told me you REALLY need to be punished. So why don't you get up off my lap and bend over the back of the sofa.......I gotta little surprise that'll really make your butt like a paintin' I'd call ' Flaming Sun Over The Ghetto'! " James obeyed, his massive cock, its head smeared with lube, got up off of J.J.'s lap and bent over the back of the couch. J.J. went to the closet, from which he retrieved a wooden paddle he'd made as a joke in shop class, for James to show Michael whenever he got out of line. Emblazoned across its surface was the legend "BLACK POWER"! "Lord Have Mercy!" James muttered, as J.J. teasingly rubbed the paddle against his dad's glowing, throbbing backside.

"Ok, Dad, " J.J. chuckled, "be prepared to have that super-bad butt paddled clear out of sight by Kid DY-NO-MITE!!" James' big hands held fast to the sofa pack, and he braced his muscular legs as he waited for the first blow of the wooden paddle to fall. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! MOTHERFUCKERRRRRRRRRRR HOT DAMN!! SWEET JESUS!!" James yelped, as J.J. assaulted his dad's massive ass globes with the "Black Power" paddle. J.J. swung the paddle so hard that his dad's big glutes nearly flattened with each blow, only to spring back into shape when the paddle was pulled back. Again and again, J.J. brought the paddle down hard against his tough, hulking dad's broad, proud rump, loving the way those blistered black buns quivered and bounced with each stinging, smarting blow of the paddle.

By this time, all sorts of erotic discipline thoughts were coursing through James' horny mind, making his cock grind harder against the sofa back. James erotic thoughts darted back and forth.....first he imagined he was getting paddled by his old sergeant in Korea, then he pictured being over the knees of a snarling redneck State Trooper in full uniform. His mind raced from one spanking fantasy to the other, getting paddled by Billy Dee Williams, Smokey Robinson, Jesse Jackson........HOTDAMN!!

Soon, James was crying freely, tears of submission, pain, and nut-bustin' Ecstasy streaming down his rugged face as his son literally blazed a trail of glory across his
quivering, flaming rump. James felt his massive nuts churn.........close...close....gettin' so motherfuckin' close.....almost...almost there....... "PADDLE THE FUCKIN' SPUNK OUT OF ME, JUNIOR!!" James roared, as his tight, hairy baby makers blew apart, and James' huge black staff spewing jet after jet of thick ghetto spunk all over the sofa back as well as his shirtfront. J.J. literally paddled the cum out of his beefy old man, and he felt his still-imprisoned cock let loose with even more lube as he watched his dad gyrate his blg, blistered sexy ass as he continued to shoot his huge cumload. J.J could hold back no longer. He tossed aside the paddle, and quickly dropped his own pants, and, as he did so, his pounding foot-long ghetto
glute swung out of his boxers, slick with sweat and aiming right for James well-blistered behind. "DY-NO-MITE!!!" J.J. exclaimed, as his massive erection started pumping geysers of thick, sticky spunk all over his daddy's beefy, glowing buns. JJ rubbed his cum into his
daddy’s hot ass and said Dad your ass feels alright when you get spanked by Kid Dy-No-Mite!!"

James laughed at JJ's famous line then JJ said....Daddy, Are you still gonna whup Michael when he get's home? Well son I know it's been a good while since I blistered his behind and I think it's time to knock some of that militant attitude out of him....yeah, I think I will. JJ smiled at the thought of his little brother getting the big mac from his pop. Junior.....yes daddy? I think I'll need you here to help me whup him ok? DYNOMITE....they both laughed and planned for Micheal's whuppin! But thats another story!


Whupped By A Cop

I remember the first time I got a whuppin'. It was late at night driving home from a party. I was 16 at the time and was into the hip hop fashion of baggy jeans (which at times revealed my boxers when my shirt lifted up). This I felt was cool since all my friends did so. I was kind of tired coming from the party and was driving really fast. It was so late that I was literally the only one on the street, or so I thought. Little to my knowledge there was a police car at an intersection where I ran a light. It did not take long for me to be pulled over and a big black burly police officer approach my car. He shined his flash light in my rolled down window and after glancing at me asked me to step out of my car. I did and as I stepped out I tried to pick up my baggy jeans which were falling. The police officer thinking I might be reaching for a gun quickly jacked me up against my car, making my pants fall entirely below my butt. He soon after frisked me for weapons and when he found nothing he commented on how my pants were sagging below my butt. He laughed and said its not because your not wearing a belt commenting on the large black belt filling the belt loops. He then said if he was my father he would teach me how to use a belt. At that I laughed and smarted back something dumb. The policeman then replied I will teach you that lesson anyway or you will except a ticket for curfew violation, speeding, running a red light, and on top of that will advise your parents to teach you that lesson. I was in a loose-loose situation and picked the first punishment, to my stupidity. Little did I know he was serious or exactly what he meant. He wasted no time showing me, as he handcuffed me, snatched off my belt from around my waste, and bent me over the hood of my car. After that he lifted up my shirt rolled down my boxers and said "Prepare fo a WHUPPIN'!". Having no choice he folded over the belt and proceeded to give me the whuuping of my life. Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap, ........................................... He gave me about fifty hearty straps leaving my butt as red as black persons ass can get. He then took off the cuffs, jumped in his car, and drove away leaving me to rubb my ass.
From that day on I had my jeans around my waist and sinched a belt on tight making sure they would not sag. Every once in a while when I notice a teen wearing baggy jeans I just cringe and rubb my still redened ass.

To big for a Whuppin?

A boy or man is never to big or old to have his ass whupped! Your not so tough or brave when your standing there bare assed rubbing your blistered cheeks!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Waiting For It!

You know what your daddy told you this morning before you left the house don't you? That's right, he said "you can expect a good ass whuppin tonight when I get home". You know why don't you? It was either something you forgot to do or not doing something right or that attitude...damn I guess it doesn't matter what the reason was all you know is that your ass is in deep trouble when he gets home! You know what he expects you to do right? He wants yo bare assed face down on the bed in your room so he can get right to it. No tv no radio or video games he just wants yo to lay there and think of why your getting a butt whupped yet again!

He will decide whether to use his belt or the razor strap that hangs on your door when he gets there. You hear him get home and your already shaking then you hear him climb the steps and walk down the hall to your room.....you can feel his eyes looking at your big brown butt! Then you hear the jingle of his belt as he undoes it then pulls it through the belt loops....you already have tears coming down your cheeks and he hasn't even started beating that ass yet! Your in for a long evening boy.....your attitude is gonna be adjusted and your ass is gonna pay the price.

Belt and Butt

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Old Jim Scorpio Pics

I have had these screen caps a long time but I have never seen any of these video but maybe one day I'll get to check them out.....Enjoy



I was sitting in the backyard of a good friend - James, and his brother Watching him work his barbecue magic. Just then James's 17-year-old son, Andre, came running, shirtless, right by the cooker, holding a football with 3-4 younger cousins hanging on his legs The kids knocked over a backyard table. My friend James said, "Son I have told you all afternoon not to get those young ones all hyper like that." Andre flashed an angry glare at his dad. James said. "That's it son, it's time for some medicine." Then he told the young kids to play on the other side of the house. "Andre, go over to the tree and fix a switch, and make it a good one," James said. Andre hung his head and went to a tree in the far corner of the yard - stepped into the nearby garage, brought out a knife and some sandpaper and quickly cut off a branch, trimmed off the leaves, and sanded down the tip. "You guys watch the meat. It's about done," James said to me. "This will only take 10 minutes or so." I couldn't hear what he told his son over in the corner of the yard, but James started tapping Andre's shoulders with the switch. (I'll skip some of what happened to get to the strapping.) He did tell his son to drop his shorts and grab his ankles. Andre is a strong, well-built young black man for 17 years of age and I wondered if there was going to be a struggle between father and son. There was none. James landed about a dozen strong licks with the switch, and then I heard him say, "OK son, step into the garage and bring me back the strap." Andre stood up, pulled up his cargo shorts, and disappeared. In a second he was back with a long leather 3"-wide strap, handing it respectfully to his father. James told him something in a soft voice, and Andre dropped his shorts and grabbed his ankles again. James doubled the strap and landed a hard lick right on the center of Andre's well-developed butt. The sound of that strap echoed off the walls of the garage. I saw Andre's head snap up in pain. The younger kids poked their heads around the corner of the house, and I cut my eyes over at James' brother. He said, "Those boys need to see this. Our family doesn't spare the rod." I said, "I was raised old-school, too." He smiled. I hopped up and turned the meat, grateful for something to do. Standing gave me a better view of the strapping underway across the yard. Slowly James landed lick after lick of the strap. I'm guessing there were about 5-7 seconds between licks. I can't begin to imagine what that strap felt like after a switching. Andre's butt was turning bright red - since he is not very light-skinned it was amazing to see how red it got. I heard James say once during the strapping "I'm proud of you son, you are taking your medicine like a man." There was not a trace of anger in James' voice. Respect was the order of the day. Andre stiffened his legs after every lick and raised his butt for the next one. I was too shook to keep count. I'm guessing James landed 25-35 licks with the strap. The last five or so came harder and faster. Then James threw the strap down on the ground, and said, "Stand up, Son, I'm proud of you, let's go in the house." He put his arm around Andre's shoulder and walked his son around to the front of the house. After about 5 minutes, James joined his brother and me out back. He pulled up another lawn chair by the cooker and said, "I told Andre to join us here and help us finish up the meat. He'll be out in a minute