Sunday, June 27, 2010


Oh....wait a minute! He meant those kind of licks.....damn, I guess that's just as much fun! Where I come from taking a lickin meant something totally different!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #22

Damn....A beautiful deep brown bottom spread out on the bed waiting for a taste of the strap! I'd have to give it a good rub before and after he got it whupped real good!

Friday, June 25, 2010

1000 Posts!

Thanks to all of you we have reached 1000 Posts on B.M.B.W! seems like I just started the blog yesterday but I guess when you blogging about those beautiful brown butts getting spanked, paddled and strapped the time just flies by! So I'd like to thank all of you for your support over the years! Thanks for all the comments and e-mails and video's that have been sent and your wonderful spanking storys! Let's see what happens for the next 1000 posts!
Thanks to all of those Black, Brown and Yellow spankable butt out there!

Thanks to all those Dad, Uncles, Brothers and Coaches who didn't spare the rod!

Thanks to all those bad boys getting there buttswhupped
on the bed....
over the chair......
on the couch.....
against the wall....
and over the knee!

hanks to the all the Hairbrushes, Belts, Paddles and Razor Straps!

Thanks to those spankable celebs out there too......some who deserve it and maybe some that don't!

Move That Hand!

No you dont! Get that hand away....your ass is gonna get a good dose of the strap tonight! If you reach back to cover or rub your butt again I'll tie your hands and then your gonna get twice as many licks than I was gonna give you!


Sorry if any of you have recieved any unwanted e-mails or spam recently .....I can assure it wasn't sent from me. I'm trying to rectify the situation now. Thanks again Eric
I think somebody is in need of an ass whuppin!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Your Dad may seem strict at times but he does it for your own good! He will give you a good butt whuppin whenever you get out of line and for some of you it happens alot! Go give your Dad a hug and thank him for blistering your butt when you needed it!


There is nothing like a nice game of Twister to sow off those nice butts especially if there only wearing jock straps!

My Louis Smith Fantasy

Yes....I'm still obsessing over him! That cute British gymnast I came across a few weeks back! Louis Smith BMBW Louis Smith I had a few of the blog followers asking for some booty pics of this fine young man and I did find a few pics of him from the rear after he dismounted off of the pummel horse! Obviously there aren't any bare ones so these will have to do! Well from what I can see it looks like he has a nice round bottom that I'm sure is in need of some warming up!
Now in the darker corners of my mind I was thinking that Louis was on his computer late one night in his shorts and t-shirt and Googled his name but instead of seeing the usual Olympic info about him a blog called B.M.B.W. popped up! Hmmmm.....not sure what it was about he clicked on it and was shocked at what he saw! It was a article about him and a few comments on how they wanted to see him spanked! He was shocked at first and then was a little more curious......secretly, spanking was always one of his fantasy's but would be to embarrassed to tell anyone about it! He had read tons of e-mails and comments about him from his fans but nothing like this! As he thought about it more and more he suddenly realized his dick was as hard as it has ever been and was pointing straight up trying to burst through his shorts! He thought long and hard about it at first but then he decided to send this guy Eric a photo of his butt that he wanted! Louis got up and pulled down his shorts and aimed his sexy bum to the camera and snapped a photo! He thought that it should give them something to talk about on the blog for awhile! At the bottom of the post he saw a picture of a young lad that looked a little like him called Barry who was British aslo and lived in London! He wondered what it would be like to meet up with this Barry and "discuss" this B.M.B.W. blog article. He typed in Barry's name and soon realized that there were many posts about him there! Wow he said to himself as he checked out Barry's cute butt, I gotta meet this man! To be continued........?
Ok I guess I have to put this disclaimer in her just in case but that is not Mr. Smith's butt. But I would have to think it looks just like this one does or pretty close! Don't you?

Spankable Butt Of The Week #21

I might have posted some pics of this plump butt on here before but I just couldn't resist showing it to you all! I love the way he is looking in the first photo like his daddy is calling him for his spanking! "Get you butt out of that shower now boy"!

That butt need a mans hand and belt to get it nice and red! Now it looks like he took a little to long in the shower and his daddy is standing in the doorway with his belt in his hand!

Brutal Black Masta!

This Bad boy is spanked and made to cleanup Daddy's house!

My Cousin Saw Everything!

My cousin Jason was staying over for the weekend and we spent most of the day Saturday in the pool. I was a little bigger than him so I was always winning our wrestling matches under water! Well I guess I got a little to rough and held him under a little to long and he came up coughing and gagging loud enough for my dad to notice! He did tell me earlier not to play to rough with my cousin but I didin't listen. Damn....I told him to be quiet but he was screaming like a baby! My dad pulled us both out of the water and when he saw that Jason was gonna be ok he turned his eyes toward me! I knew exactly what that look was for......he was gonna whup my butt and right in front of my cousin too!
How many times have I told you not to be so rough with your cousin Devin? You know your bigger than him! He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me over to the lounge chair by the pool and sat me down on it and pulled my legs back up over my head! Oh my god I thought....he's not gonna spank me like this is he? Sure enough he grabbed my swimming trunks and yanked them up and off my legs! I was completely naked with my ashy legs up and spread with all of my parts exposed! Put your hands behind your back my dad yelled at me and then he asked for Jason to come over and hold my legs back! I already had tears running down my face just from the embarrassment of the situation and there would be alot more in a few minutes! I felt Jason grab my ankles and I saw my dad taking off his belt and double it over! There was no speech or yelling he just gave me twenty stinging licks right across my ass! I can't even imagine what I must have looked like getting my ass whupped with my dick and tiny brown hole on display like that! I glanced up at my cousin as I was squirming around and I swear he had a smile on his face! Was it from seeing me getting my butt tore up of from seeing all my boy parts I wondered! This wasn't the first time my dad whupped me like this but it was usually in my room and in private. Me and Jason both got whuppins but this was the first time he was a witness to one of mine! My dad put his belt back on and told both of us to go up stairs and to get dressed and told us the pool was off limits for the rest of the weekend! I was still crying pretty hard when we got to my room when I heard Jason quietly say he was sorry. I nodded my head back to him as I slowly pulled up my pants over my sore ass but I knew he enjoyed it....he enjoyed every second of my humiliation and butt whuppin! I also knew that I would some how get him back for this as I watched him slide his pants up over his plump brown behind!

Folsom Booty

Heres a few Folsom Fair bootys walking around just asking to be spanked!