Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spankable Butt Of The Week #5

Ok....face down on the bed and put your hands behind your back!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let Me See!

Damn man....your dad tore that ass up this time! Shit....I can feel the welts yo!  Lay down....I got something to make it feel better!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rub - A - Dub Dub!

I hope he keeps that bubble butt out of that hot water!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spankable Butt Of The Week #4

Ready & waiting on that first lick of dad's strap!

Wait Dad.....I Can Explain!

It's amazing when you know your stone cold busted and for some reason you still try to explain (lie) your way out of whatever mess your in this time! Your dad could have you cornered in your room with nothing between his belt and your ass except a towel or your briefs and you still think you can get out of another butt whuppin! Has that ever worked before? No....but your dad just stands there with his belt in his hand listening to you dig yourself deeper and deeper into trouble! After you finished telling your dad your excuse and why you don't deserve another whuppin (an excuse you don't even believe yourself) your dad double his belt up and drags your sorry butt over to the bed and snatches whatever your wearing and bares your behind and proceeds to put some serious stripes on your ass!

The pain growing in your ass from your dad's belt gets to much for you to take and since your brain has lost all reasoning skills you make another really bad mistake and get up in the middle of your ass whuppin and run out of the room! All boys know that it's just gonna make it a whole lot worse now! You run down the stairs and soon realize you have no where to go because your butt naked and your dad is coming down the stairs after you belt in hand! You try to tell him that you were sorry for running but it's way to late for that now! If you would of just taken your butt whuppin in your room like a man you wouldn't be getting your ass tore up in the middle of the living room with your whole family watching! Some boys just have to learn things the hard way and your brothers who are watching get your bare butt whupped are learning what not to do!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Woodshed?

Dad...come on...why do I need to be here?
Son I want you to help me with this instead of being inside playing those video games all day!
I don't even know what your building...this is stupid!
Son it's a woodshed.
A woodshed? Why the hell do we need that?
Watch your mouth.....and it's gonna be used for storage and "other stuff".
Whatever......Dad...come on...let me go back inside!
Ok go back inside and play your games and as soon as this woodshed is finished I'll come and get you and show you what it's gonna be used for!
Yeah, ok....whatever!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Wet Whuppin!

I was just chillaxin in my room after school, staying out of trouble (for once) when I saw my dad walk by my bedroom door with his belt doubled over in his hand!  Damn I was usually on the receiving end of that belt but this time it looked like it was my older brother David who was gonna be it's victim!

A cruel smile came over my face because I knew he was in the shower and when my dad is in an ass whuppin mood it doesn't matter where you are or who's around! I haven't heard Dave get a whuppin in a long time.....since he graduated.  I just figured he graduated from dad's butt whuppins to but I guess I was wrong! I heard the bathroom door open and the shower curtain being pulled back and I heard David yelling! HEY...WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO DAD...NO!  WHAP, WHAP, THWACK! I didn't have a front row seat but I guessed that dad pulled him out f the shower and was whuppin his wet, brown behind! He left the bathroom door open just enough to hear what was going on!

WHAP, THWACK, WHAP!  OWWWW...DAD...What did I do? WHAP, THWACK! I heard his yells turn into sobs and soon after he was in a full on crying mode! WHAP, THWACK, WHAP! I don't know exactly what David did but I heard dad yell something about drinking and lying and that under his roof thing...that's all I could make out but I still was enjoying the show anyway! I realized it was over and quickly got up and closed my door because as we all know butt whuppins are contagious so I didn't want to give him any reason to come into my room after all that! I heard him walk by my room and go downstairs so I peeked out my door and saw David coming out of the bathroom still soaking wet and crying.

I could see his red striped ass as he walked down the hall into his room! Damn...his ass was red and welted from the top of his ass down to his thighs! I know that had to hurt...especially soaking wet! I don't know why I enjoyed hearing him getting his butt whupped so much...maybe it was because I was glad it wasn't me for once. I'll go down to his room later and tease his a little bit but I'll have to be's still on the prowl!

Texting About That Whuppin!

Spankable Butt Of The Week #3

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Big Yella Booty F/M

Ok.....I'm not crazy about him getting spanked OTK by some girls but I still love seeing his big yellow booty turning red! I have not seen the actual video but I'm sure it's one of them mild fun spankings but I still wouldn't mind seeing it!

Shiney Hiney!

Just a sexy photo that was just asking to be posted! Love watching those big, full, oiled cheeks sliding and wrestling around! The loser must submit to a long, hard humiliating spanking!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Side By Side

It could be your brother or cousin or maybe your best friend is spending the night with you when your dad's in a butt whuppin mood! There is no escape and to save him a little time he's gonna make you lay on the bed side by side for your whuppin! Getting a lickin laying next to someone is a very unique experience and a little embarrassing! Sometimes dad would hit both butts together and sometimes he would focus on one or the other but his belt still seems to get you as well! You try to hold out crying a little longer than the other one but it seems like you start at the same time anyway! Dad is a pro with that belt and he knows how to get you howling! By the end you are both crying and promising to be good boys!

Making My Rounds Pt. 2

My second stop of the night was with this young thug called Trae....he lived just outside of town with his parents in a pretty nice neighborhood. I've been out to his place twice before to collect my money and he has always had it ready for me but last week he wasn't home so he's got an ass whuppin coming regardless if he has the money or not! They seemed to be pretty well off  which made me wonder why he needed the money but I don't ask to many questions.....if he wants it then I'll provide it for him and the consequences that go along with it.

 I rang the bell and after a few seconds a boy who could of been Trae's younger twin answered the door....he looked to be about 11 or 12 years old. Hey little man, is Trae home?  Uh...yeah he's in his room....who are you? I told him that I was just a friend and I have some business to talk to him about, do you mind if I go up and see him? Uh...ok. I walked past him and into the house...he's up stairs in his room.....I'll go get him! No ...that's ok I'll go up. I headed up the stairs and found his room and walked in and saw Trae sitting in front of his computer. He didn't notice me at first but I could tell he was checking out something naughty on the screen and had his hand down his shorts!

 Hello Trae! Shit.....oh man it's you...I didn't hear you come in! I could tell he was a little surprised and embarrassed about my intrusion into his private moment but that just made it a little more least for me! Hey man...I...I got your money right here....hold up! He went over and got a envelope out from between a few book on the shelf and gave it to me.  There ya go man....were all good right? I counted it and it was all there. Only one more payment to go Trae and you will be all paid off....he started to smile when I said that but I quickly followed up with,  but we need to settle things from last week! His smile went away quickly and he started to explain why he wasn't here last week and that his dad took them all out of town....blah, blah, blah! I stopped him by putting my hand up and said.....Trae, I'm sure there is a reason that you missed your payment last week but that doesn't matter to me.....I have rules about these payments that I explained to you and consequences when you miss them! I saw that look on his face a hundred times from everyone I've dealt with over the years. Hey come on can't be serious about that....I figured you just said that to scare me! No Trae....I'm going to whup your bare behind right here and now for missing last weeks payment! I could see him trying to say something but he couldn't....Trae, are your parents home? they went out tonight but my little brother is can't do it while he's here! Why not,  I asked? Because he's gonna hear it and he'll tell!  Well then why don't we just ask him....whats his name?  Uh.....Calvin, wait.....ask him what?

  I went and opened his bedroom door and called for Calvin. He came into the bedroom wondering what was going on with me and his big brother. Hi I told you I have some business with your older brother and he didn't do what he was supposed to do but now I have to punish him for that. Clavin just stood there looking from me to Trae and back again with a confused look on his face.....which was priceless! Punish mean like spank him? Yes Calvin but not a regular's gonna be a whuppin with my belt but Trae is worried that you might tell your mom and dad on him. I wouldn't tell! I could see the joy in his face when I told him about what was gonna happen....he had a smile on his face a mile wide but it faded and he asked if I was gonna hurt him real bad? I could see his concern for his brother just as much as I could see his pleasure in watching his big brother get whupped! Only his butt Calvin....he giggled a little and promised not to tell. Ok then Trae....I want you to take those shorts off and lay down on your bed! He was only wearing some long basketball shorts anyway so he would be butt naked for this! I turned and told Calvin to sit down in the computer chair and be quite until it was over.....he nodded his head and sat down with his eyes glued to his now naked brother! Hey man....I don't want him watching's gonna be embarrassing enough! Trae...unless you want me to come back tomorrow for another whuppin you better get your ass across that bed NOW!

Trae placed himself on his bed face down with his head pressed into the pillow and waited.  I took my time taking off my thick leather belt....making sure he heard the clank of the buckle and each time it went through the belt loops on mt jeans! I picked this one out especially for Trae...a nice worn black leather beauty that works miracles on a bad boys butt! I would occasionally glance over at Calvin but I think he was in some kind of trance....a hour a go he was watching cartoons and now he was watching his big bro laying across his bed butt naked about to get a whuppin by a mysterious man he just met!

I wrapped the end of the belt around my hand a few times giving it plenty of length to reach Trae's ass! I have to say I have been looking forward to seeing this ass for a long time and it was worth the wait! I brought the belt down right in the center of his cheeks...THWACK!  Ahhhh....Trae jumped and automatically reached back to protect his tender behind! no that's to hard...I can't take that!  Please....Nooooo! TREA! get your hands away or I'll tie you to that bed and then I will really go to work on that ass!

He already had a tear rolling down his face....he reached up and grabbed the head board and held on! WHACK, THWACK, WHAP! Ahhhhh.....Dammmnnn! WHAP THWACK, THWACH! I was giving him licks from his mid thighs all the way up to the top of his cheeks....making sure not to miss a spot! THWACK , WHAP, THWACK!  He was still holding on to the head board but he was kicking his legs big time! WHAP, THWACK, WHAP!  Please....thats enough....Shiiiit! He was openly crying now....starting to get the message of not missing a payment form me! WHAP, THWACK! WHAP! Yo man....owwwwwww! Please...thats enough...please! I gave him five hard licks right on his sit spot next! THWACK, WHAP, THWACK, THWACK, WHAP! Ahhhhhh....he couldn't hold on any longer and reached back and rolled over clutching his blistered ass! I'm sorry I missed a payment Pleeeaaassseee it won't happen agian please stop! Didn't I tell you not to get out of position Trae? I'm sorrryyyy! I can't take it ...Please! I grabbed him and rolled him back over onto his stomach and was ready to hit that ass again when I felt Calvin grab my arm! 

  Please mister....don't,  he's really crying now...I've never seen him cry like that before! I guess it was a little too much for him to take....maybe I shouldn't of let him watch! I told Calvin that he's not finished with his punishment yet and he still has a way to go. Calvin looked up at me and told me to wait a minute and ran from the room only to return with a hairbrush in his this is what we get spanked with ...couldn't you just finish his spanking with this instead of that belt! I thought about it for a first I didn't want to do it but then the thought of Trae's butt across my lap sounded pretty good!

 I took the brush from Calvin and grabbed Trae's arm who was still crying pretty hard and pulled him off the bed. I sat down on his bed and pulled him across my lap! Trae was to out of it to put up a fight but I knew how bad a hairbrush like this would hurt especially after I just tenderized his butt with my belt! I put my legs across his to keep them in place and put his arm back behind his back to hold him in place and then I started to light up his ass again! SMACK, WHACK,SMACK! Owwwww!!  No......WHaaaaahhh!! That really woke him up! He was doing everything he could to get away but he wasn't going anywhere! WHAP SMACk WHAP! I could really concentrate in certain spots with this brush and I was really laying it on! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! THWACK! I gave a final round to his sit spot and put the brush down!   Trae was crying so hard I didn't even think he knew I was finished. I pulled Trae up and laid him back down on his bed and let him cry it out. I handed the brush back to Calvin and thanked him for letting me use it. I turned and looked down at Trae's swollen red ass and told him that I would be back next week for his final payment....Trae mumbled something but I couldn't quite make it out through the crying. I looked around his room at all the electronics and other cool stuff he had and couldn't figure out why he needed to borrow money? I told Calvin to remember what we said about keeping this our secret or I'll have to come back and spank him too! He just nodded his head and said...He wouldn't tell. Even though I wouldn't do that...he didn't know it! I left the room and closed the door behind me leaving them alone to absorb what just happened. I wish I could hear the conversatin thet those two are gonna have over the next week!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spankable Butt Of The Week #2

Shorty J. has always had one of those nice round juicy booty's that won't quit! He has been in the gay video scene for quite awhile and I've always wanted to see that butt of his get spanked but unfortunately it hasn't happended yet but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Maybe he will see this and surprise us with one!


Mirror Boyz!

You gotta love technology! I love checking out these hot booty's but I just wish they would take some photos after dad finishes tearin up that ass then we would really have something to check out!

Strappin Saturday

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Starting To Like It!

About an hour ago my dad gave me my third bare butt spanking this month! It wasn't that long ago that I  hated being across his knee yelling and crying like a baby but something has happened in the last year or so where I find myself almost enjoying the feeling of the heat in my ass after it was over more and more and looking I started looking forward to it. It still hurts just as much as it always did but the longer my spankings go on the more excited I get! I always stand in front of my mirror after my spankings and look at my red sore butt with my dad's hand prints still on it and I rub the sting out of it! 
He keeps telling me how I'm getting way to old to still be getting my butt spanked but he says he'll keep doing it as long as I need it! I seem to be intentionally getting myself into trouble and disobeying him just so he would whup my butt again! I realize that this is a little weird for a teenage brutha wanting to be spanked but I do so I started looking into it online and found some stuff about spanking and found a few spanking sites and photos of other bad boys getting there butts spanked and strapped! I started to wonder if any of my friends get still spanked at home. I had no idea that there were so many people into this! I read a few stories about dads taking the strap and belts to there boys butt till they couldn't sit down! Damn I nearly shot my load just thinking about dad has never hit me with his belt but I started to wonder what I would have to do to earn a whuppin like the ones in these stories! Maybe I might leave my computer on to this b.m.b.w. site I found the next time he comes into my room just to see what happens!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tops & Bottoms Forum

I've gotten lots of requests for people looking to hook up for some one on one spanking recently so I I've added a area in the B.M.B.W. forum for anyone wanting to hook up for some spanking or anything else! Just add your info and what your looking for and hopefully you will find someone to have a spanking spanking good time with! I will also add a few links with some other well known hookup sites!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Wood....All Good!

Well if your gonna pledge a college fraternity this year and your looking to get that booty blistered make sure you pick one that has plenty of paddles like Omega Psi Phi! I think that is the best frat logo ever!!!  Now I'm not a fan of that over the top hazing that goes on these days but I think a paddle to your bare backside is acceptable! I have a feeling that the pledges will spend there first semester standing up in class and sleeping on their stomachs! Hmmmm....but that might be another story!