Thursday, March 31, 2011

Over The Stool

Every home should have one! A stool is a perfect prop for getting your bad boy in position for a good no nonsense rump roasting!

Barry has his own stool just for him when he gets in trouble! Damn that ass looks good bent over it....ok, that ass always looks good!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Need To Whup Some Thug Ass!

I saw his thuggish butt in the park today as I was crusin around and as soon as I saw his ass hangin out of those saggin jeans I knew I wanted to tear it up! I know most brutha's aren't into getting that azz beat but every now and then I get lucky and find one that likes it! He was so damn cute when I approached him...I felt bold today and asked him if he wanted to come back to my place and hang out? I know it was bold but I don't see any point in beating around the bush! He asked me what we we gonna do there and I told him I wanted to teach him a lesson! As I said that to him I smacked him on the surprisingly he didn't run away screaming but instead rubbed his butt and looked right at me and said, "You hit like a girl'! I was kind of shocked and laughed and told him to get in the car! To my surprise again...he did!

When we got to my apartment I told him to get comfortable and get out of those clothes....he hesitated for a minute and then started to strip. I sat back in a chair and just watched him. I didn't say anything to him at first but just took all of his sexiness in....especially that ass! I told him to turn around and put your hands on your head! He did which gave me a great look at that smooth round spankable ass of his!

Damn I said, you phoine as hell! So you think I hit like a girl huh? I...I was just kidding he said nervously. I laughed and told him it was to late for that man then I got up and grabbed him around his chest and landed 10 good hard smacks on that ass! He started to put his hands down to protect his ass but I made him keep his hands up! I gave him another 20 smacks and by the time I was done I could tell the young brutha was hurtin! I walked back to the chair and sat down a little out of breath. I knew that ass was on fire! ! He stayed in position where I left him and I knew he was wondering what I was doing as he peeked back at me through his arms that were still raised above his head! I got up and started taking off my belt and told him it's time for his real ass whuppin! He tried to say something but before he could speak I gave him 30 licks right across his ass.....I loved the way his cheeks bounced each time I layed my belt into his behind! .I still can't believe he stayed there and took it. I threw my belt down and slid up behind him and asked him I he still thought I hit like a girl? He answered.....No Daddy! Then I pushed him down onto the bed and tore that ass up for the second time

Spankable Butt Of The Week #11

Damn...I found this pic to be sexy as hell! I love the way he's on that fence with those jeans just dipping below his waist to show the top of that crack! I'm not sure but I think I would rather have him spank me or drag me into the barn to do whatever!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown....Still Being Bad!

No word on whether ABC will make Chris Brown pay for the dressing room window he smashed after he was agitated by questioning by Robin Roberts, who repeatedly wanted to know how he put is life back together after beating up ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Brown stormed out of the studio without a shirt and smashed one of ABC’s windows. After his freak out, Brown tweeted: “I’m so over people bringing this past s–t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie Sheen and other celebs for there bull s–t.” While Brown, 22, tried to steer the interview about his upcoming album, Robin Roberts kept asking about Brown’s legal troubles resulting from his relationship with singer Rihanna. Brown is on probation for the beating
Check the photos out's amazing that this is the same kid only a few years apart! He seems to have alot of anger issues and obviously wants to move on with his life after the Rihanna incident but I guess he doesn't realize that it isn't going away! Lets not forget the leaked nude photos of him as well! Going on a tirade isn't going to help him in the court of public opinion either. I know I've had some fun with him over the last few years on the blog but this kid really needs someone to snap him out of this downward spiral he seems to be going down. Dad, Uncle older friend or someone to roast his butt until the point gets across to him! I actually thought he was doing good lately but obviously there is a need for some one on one time with his pants down and the strap taken to his famous booty!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Punishment Time

A sexy and suggestive photo of a big beautiful brutha who seems to be waiting for his punishment! That jocktrap frames his ass perfectly so there is a perfect target for the strap!

Spankable "Celebrity" Butt Of The Week #10

The purple one is still sexy as hell! Prince is still filling out those pants! This man never seems to age! LOL...and those big furry booty makes him look even sexier! Could you imagine him kicking those legs around with those on as he's across your lap!

The below video Prince is performing "The Future" from the Batman album and at 1:00 annd 2:00 minutes in there are some good booty shots!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Good Switchin!

All those boys that live out in rural areas know what a good switchin feels like! Getting your behind switched is bad enough but to have to strip down butt naked in front of your siblings and friends and go out back and cut your own switch has to be the worst punishment ever! Knowing your ass and thighs will be criss-crossed with welts for the next few days will be almost unbearable. Don't you dare come back with a wimpy switch or else it's gonna be used on your butt until it breaks and then you're gonna have to go cut another one and then it's gonna start all over as a lesson to get a good one the first time!

Walking back to the house in nothing but your birthday suit and handing the switch to your father or uncle or worse yet...your older brother already has you in tears. Your made to bend over and put your hands on the porch swing where everyone has a good view of your big teenage ass cheeks and you get the hell switched out of your ass. No amount of crying or begging is gonna get him to stop either as you already know from past experience! He stops just before he permanently scars your behind and has you stay in that position for another hour before your sent to bed without supper to let your younger brothers know whats gonna happen to them it the mess up! The whole time your bent over with your welted rump on display you can hear you brothers, cousins and friends laughing at know better than to say anything back to them because that's just gonna get your ass blistered again!Even though they are having fun with you they all still look up to you since your the older than all of them and they secretly have alot of respect for you for taking one of dad's famous switchin's like you did!

Dream Spank

What's he dreaming about?
Who is he dreaming about?
Is he the dreamer?

.....or is he the dream?

If we only had the ability to enter a persons dreams......we could have so much fun!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Black Buns

I haven't seen any footage of this video yet so I don't know how much spanking is in it or how real it is but I'm sure it would be worth a look! If anyone has seen it write a comment and let us know!
Is this the same guy from the other video Robert?

Belasco - SBOTW?

Damn....I think Belasco's drawing might just qualify as the Spankable Butt Of The Week!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #9

It's Rich & Thick and Chocolate! Damn just look at that big thick brutha and his big soft spankable booty! Even though he looks like he could light a fire in your ass it would be great to see him bent over or across someones lap taking a good spanking!

The Line up!

Man.....I would have to inspect each and every butt after they are done! I think a daily spanking for each of them would do just fine!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

In The Corner

Bare ass naked......hands on my head, goose bump all over my body from standing there in that cold room in this old house for the last 30 minutes. Hold on....let me back up for a and my partner play this game about once a month. He calls me and tells me what time he'll be home and when he gets here I can expect a good ass whuppin! I don't mean the fun playful kind I mean the no nonsense, I won't be sitting for a week kind! Even though it's a dad/son role playing game we play it for real! At first he was hesitant about really laying into my ass but I told him not to hold back....don't get me wrong it hurts like hell and I have blisters for days but I like the feeling after it's over but I'm not sure why. He makes me stand by that old drafty window in the spare bedroom and wait not knowing who might walk by and see me like this! I usually can see him pull up in the driveway but sometimes he will come early and park around the corner and check to see if I'm at the window. If I'm not where I'm supposed to be I can expect a much longer whuppin! Today he pulled up into the driveway and as soon as I saw his car I put my nose in the corner and waited. I know I have asked for this but I'm still just a scared little boy waiting there for my punishment. I here the door slam and his footsteps coming up the stairs. He enters the room and I can feel his eyes go right to my backside! you know why your here he asks? Yes Sir. Why son? I've been getting bad grades and talking back Sir! So you know what happens when you do things like that right? Yes sir.....It means I'm gonna get a whuppin! You sure are son now get into position. Usually the first part on my punishment he has me face the wall up on my toes with my hands still behind my head and my forehead against the wall. It's a really uncomfortable position but it's all part of his punishment. I hear him take the thick leather strap off the hook on the closet door and I start to shake. He will usually give me twenty hard strokes on my bare ass and thighs and let me tell's all I can do to stay in position! By the end of the first part I'm in tears and promising to do better in school even though I graduated years ago. (It's a strange feeling when your pretending to still be a teenager and getting a whuppin in your room by you dad! My dad never whupped me like this growing up but sometimes I wish he would have.) After he finishes blistering my ass he places a few pillows on the foot of the bed and has me bend over it. Now my ass is propped up nice and high for him and his strap. I'm allowed to do what ever I want with my hands like grab onto the bed or pound my fists into the mattress but at no point am I allowed to reach back to rub or cover my ass. This session last longer than the first.....he takes more time in between licks, usually about forty in all. I varies depending on how he feels and my reaction. He's really good about knowing if it has gone to far! Sometimes when I'm feeling a little crazy I told him he hit like a girl "Big Mistake!" He really roaster by black ass for that and I cried like a baby! I can tell he is taking full swings at my blistered butt....he's not holding back tonight! By his twentieth stroke on my ass I was on the verge of bawling my eyes out....I hate it when it gets to this point because I know he will see me openly crying and it's always been embarrassing for me but he has told me before that it's part of the punishment and he's not gonna stop until he sees some real tears running down my face. By the fortieth lick my ass feels like it's been stung by a thousand bees and I'm crying like a 4 year old boy! The sheets are wet with my tears but I'm proud of myself for not reaching back once asking him to stop! At this point he usually goes and sits in the chair in the other corner of the room and waits until I calm down a bit. It must be quite a sight seeing my naked, crying ass clenching and unclenching my cheeks and rolling around on the bed trying to make the sting go away! I'm not allowed to touch my ass until the entire session is over. He lets me rest there for about thirty minutes before he tells me to get up for the final session. It's always the same (unfortunately for me) I slowly and gingerly get up and turn around to see him sitting in the straight back chair with one of the thickest wooden hairbrushes you've ever seen. Even though he has blistered my ass with it many times it never fails to get my tears flowing again! He pulls me down across his lap and rubbed the hairbrush across my already welted behind and tells me I'm getting this for my own good. Y...Yes Sir, Thank you daddy! Whap! Whap! I instantly begin to kick and's like he poured red hot lava on my ass! His strap tenderized my ass so much that anything touching my ass now seems to be ten times worse now! Ahhhhhhh....I couldn't help but to scream now...Whap, Whap, Whap! I don't think he missed a spot! He hit me all over my ass paying special attention to the crease below my cheeks and then gave me a good session on my upper thighs! I had to grab the bottom of the chair to keep from reaching back....I can't tell you how hard that was. Then it was over....I felt him rubbing my sore and sensitive ass even though I was still crying like a baby. It took a long while but i finally calmed down enough to notice his hardness beneath me. He picked me up off of his lap and kissed me and told me that I did very well this time. He would usually put me back in the corner at this point but instead he laid my back down across the end of the bed and I got worried my ass whuppin wasn't over but I felt him gently spreading me open and entering me. Mmmmmm this is much better than the corner!

More Retro Spanking!

Here's another nice black on black retro spanking video that I've had for awhile. It has much better sound and the spanking is alot more firm and real. It's still not a serious butt whuppin but I think the actor getting felt it pretty good! He even gets him in the diaper position and shows off tht tiny pucker for all to see.....Enjoy!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Whuppin House

Wouldn't that be a great idea? This is a cover of one of Thugzilla's video but the image intrigued me.....wouldn't it be great if they did a video where they would go around picking up some of these bad boys and taking them back to the "Whuppin House" for some good old butt whuppin! You would see thugs running from the house day and night crying and pulling up there pants swearing that they would b good from now on! Soon word would get around and all those thugs would try to stay out of trouble to save there own butts and ending up at that house! Hmmmm....

Caption This!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update At SpCpBoy

It's been a long time coming (I should talk) but there were a few new pic's posted over on SpCpBoy's blog roasting his young friends rump again! Go check um out!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Retro Spank Update - Clip

Here's the clip of T.J. Swan/Swann from "Black & Proud" scolding and then giving a spanking to his sexy nude friend! Thanks to Micheal for sending me this clip! Now the spanking is pretty tame of course and there was always alot of overdubbing going on back, it's almost like theres another movie playing but it still seems incredibly sexy and hot to me! T.J. looks really good in this clip and I'm sure if he wanted to he could really put a hurtin on that ass! I still wish they would of done more of these!

No Daddy No!

It's amazing how your 18 year old ass turns into a little boy when dads belt comes off! You think your grown but the second you hear his belt coming off through those belt loops you already have tears coming down your face and he doesn't care where you are either......this time he's gonna give it to you right on the living room couch with the whole family watching! 20 minutes later your daddy whupped that attitude right out of your ass....let's see how long it is until the next time you mess up!