Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Brothers, 3 Whuppins!


All three of us had a ass whuppins coming tonight for doing something stupid and were called into our dads room and told to strip! Normally watching your little "pain in the ass" brother get his ass beat by your dad is fun to watch but knowing your next kinda takes the joy out of it! You watch your dad pull off his belt and tear into his ass like a madman and get reduced to a sore and sorry, crying little boy in minutes! He was begging and pleading for our dad to stop but we all knew ain't nothing gonna stop a butt whuppin once it starts! After it's over we wait to see which one of us he calls next.....I hope it isn't me but part of me wants to get it over with! From the sound of your brothers crying you know it's gonna bee bad! He calls my other brother before me and I'm a little relieved but the waiting just makes it worse! He tells him to get his ass across the bed and get that butt up! Day beats his ass for a good five minutes while my bro tries to take it like a man but it's no use....he starts to blubber like a baby just like our little bro did! He gets up off the bed and limps over and stands beside our little bro and waits!  I know it's my turn now and I'm acting like it's no big deal but all I wanna do is run out the door but I don't want the whuppin that I would have to take for doing that!  Being the oldest I try to put up a brave front but I know I'm gonna be crying just like them real soon.....maybe worse! I climb into the bed and over the pillow and wait for my nightmare to begin! You never feel as naked and vulnerable as you do as when your about to get a serious ass whuppin! He doesn't waste any time laying into my ass with his mean leather belt! I try to keep still and stick my ass up for the strap like he likes but it isn't easy when your ass is on fire.....I had tears rolling down my face and I knew he wouldn't stop until I was openly bawling like a baby! I hate this know your about to start crying out loud any second and your dad and brothers are going to see and hear you break down! I may look like a man but right now I'm nothing but a little bad boy getting his naked ass whupped! After a few minutes of my crying like a baby he stops and starts to put back on his belt as I cry as hard as I ever have into the bed sheets!  He told me that since I was the oldest and should of known better that I can expect a repeat performance tomorrow night! 


It Could of Been Great!

ADTV is a series of YouTube videos that are about a variety of subjects that revolves around the urban community among other things and within them there are a few workout clips that I happened to stumble upon! Maybe it's me but they had the making of a really good butt whuppin video! There isn't any nudity or sex of any kind but there are 3 sexy ass thugs workin out in some sweatpants in a empty room with one straight back chair....Hmmmm?  I might have to rearrange the photos and make a spanking story out of them! 1 alpha male and two followers....oh yeah, that has spanking all over it! Do you see it too? I'm sure this was made for nothing more than some good eye candy but I still enjoyed watching it and letting my spanko imagination run wild!

No Protection!

Those thin & sexy shorts won't offer any protection from dad's strap! It's gonna hurt just as bad and then worse after he yanks them down!

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Hot, Sweaty & Waiting!

Do you wanna go first when your Papi gets here or do you wanna suffer watching your brother getting his ass blistered while you wait your turn! Either way it's gonna sting like a bitch because both of you are hot and sweaty from waiting in the only room that doesn't have any A/C in it but that's exactly why he makes you both wait there!

Making My Rounds - Pt. 5

This is a continuation of the "Making My Rounds" Series....if you have not read any of the previous stories feel free to do so by clicking on the links!

I knew he was gonna be hard one to catch up with and he's been able to eluded me for a  few weeks now but I've finally caught up with him! He's a very cute but skinny lite brutha who looks alot younger than he is and I spotted him leaving a grocery store close to where I live and I followed him in my car. When he got to his place I confronted him before he could get out of the car....he knew who I was and what I wanted! The look on his face was priceless but I've seen that look a hundred times! I could tell he didn't have my money so we both knew what was about to happen. I told him we could do this here or at my place....he told me he didn't want anyone he knew to know whats gonna happen so he told me he could go with me to my place.

You should of seen him....he was shakin like a leaf and already had tears in his eye before he even got out of the car! I like it when they are scared out of there minds like this but you gotta be ready for them to make a run for it but he didn't and got in my car without a problem. He sat there quietly the whole way and the only thing that was said was from me telling him that I hoped he enjoyed sitting down because you won't be able to for at least a week! That got the water works started all over again....I couldn't believe he was such a mess and I haven't touched him yet! I asked him if he ever had a good ass whuppin before.....he sat there for a few seconds and then answered Sir.  I thought to my self that he is never gonna stay still for the whuppin I wanted to give him so I decided to go a different way tonight. I got him out of the car with out him taking off on me so I guess he knew that this was gonna happen! I marched him upstairs and into my "Whuppin Room" and told him to strip down....he looked at me for a sec then I yelled, "STRIP NOW"...and I mean everything! He jump a foot backwards after I yelled and he was butt naked in a minute with his tears just a running down his face. My plan was to take the strap to his ass but I decided to embarrass his yellow behind instead! I pulled out a straight back chair and sat down the told him to get his but across my lap! I could tell by the look on his face that this wasn't what he expected but he quickly put himself across my knee not wanting it to get any worse than it already was going to be!

Ok young man....I'm gonna light your butt you know why? B...because I didn't give you the money on time.....SMACK! Ahhhh....owww, and what else? Because I kept avoiding you.....Please I promise I won't do it again and I'll get you your money...Please don't do this!  It's way to late for that young man.....You need this and I need to give it to you so you will remember this lesson! I put my hand on his cheeks and rubbed them for a minute....he was so scared I don't even think he realized I was feelin him up! His ass was like silk...I could tell no one has ever punished his ass....well that was all about to change!

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! I could see my hand prints on his tender butt! I'm glad I had a hold of him or he would of jumped off of my lap! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, at first I peppered his booty all over the I started concentrating on his sit spots....that really got him screaming! I wonder what it was like for this 19 year old  boy being bare ass naked and getting his ass spanked like a 10 year old? SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Please stoooop! Please Siiiiir! Owwww....Yeowwww! Stop I hurts soo much!  He was kicking and yelling like a baby but I was no where near done! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! His ass was turning a nice deep shade of red and he was giving me a good up close look at that tiny hole of his....I could tell that it had never been touched either! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK....I was wearing his butt and upper thighs out....he was really in his own world of pain now! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! His chest was heaving up and down as he gasped for air and from his non-stop crying! I stopped beating his ass and started to rub it for awhile. He was still making a fuss but he started to calm down then I made him get up and stand there with his hands behind his head!

He was quite a sight and I'm sure he thought it was over but I went into the other room and picked the hairbrush! When I came back in he saw what I was carrying and started begging for me not to use that on him but I didn't pay any mind to what he was saying and walked past him and sat down and pulled him back across my lap.....I clamped my leg over his and grabbed his right arm and pulled it behind his back and pinned it there because I knew how much this brush is gonna sting on his already tenderized brown butt! I raised it up and then down on his lower right cheek with a loud WHAP! AAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!   No way.....stop!   PLEASSEEEEE!!!! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! He was no match for me....he knew his ass wasn't going anywhere! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! His was almost hoarse from screaming and crying but I knew I could get a little more sound out of him! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! He was literally almost out of his mind in pain and he finally went limp over my lap and just accepted the beating instead of fighting it so I gave him ten more licks ending with the last two right on the creases of his ass! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!  I left him across my lap for awhile as I enjoyed the view and the feel of his red hot ass as I gently rubbed it and pried them apart just enough to get a good look.....he was too far gone to care what I was doing but I realized I should stop myself from enjoying it too much and I helped him up and walked him over to the wall and made him stand there again with his hand behind his head again. He was still blubbering as I tried to explain what was gonna happen from now on! I told him that he would meet me at the same time next week with the money he owed me and that he could expect a good whuppin with the strap for missing the last couple weeks,,,,his crying started up again as I told him this and let him know that if he missed that appointment I would find him and give him a good beating with the hairbrush again and then a long whuppin with the strap! I asked him if he understood and he said, " Yes Sir"!

I told him that I was gonna give him ten licks with the strap so he would know what he would be in for if he failed to meet me next week! He started begging and pleading for me not to but I told him he could go back over my lap again and then he could take the strap? He knew there was no way out of it so I lead him over to the bed and made him lay down across it...I told him to grab the headboard and if he reached back the lick wouldn't count! I went over to the closet door and took the strap off of the hook and wrapped it around my hand twice which left a good two feet dangling down. I laid it across his sore and welted behind which made him jump a little. I lifted it and brand it down hard right across the center of his ass......THWACK! Just like I figured he instantly reached back both of his hands and he tried to rub the burn out of his ass that he could never do! I told him that he still has ten to go and that I could go on all night if he wanted! He grabbed a hold of the headboard again and I laid another lick on again! THWACK! He struggled but held the end he had gotten a good fifteen licks! His ass looked like a roasted ham and I was sure he wouldn't sit for a week and just in time to have it lit up again by me! He slowly and with great difficultly got took him awhile but I just sat there and enjoyed the show. I don't know how he sat in my car but he managed but he did cry on and off on the way back to his place. Before he got out he told me he was sorry for not getting me the money and that he would see me next week.....I just nodded my head and drove off. I wondered if his apology was a way of him thinking that he would get out of another whuppin next week..........I thought to it won't!

I Still Don't Get It.....

....but I'm willing to check it out when I see it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

YouTube Birthday Spanking!

His friends looked like the were enjoying it alot!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jock Spank Interview With Dr. Skelpz!

Follow the link to read the Interview about some of our favorite spankable butt models!    

Friday, January 11, 2013

Stephen's Caning!

Stephen is busted for trying to steal some printer ink form the company and is confronted. He is given the choice of having the police called or take a caning! Lucky for us he decides that a caning would be better than going to jail! He looks great bent over the table with his beautiful bare bottom on display waiting! He takes at least 20 good licks of the cane which leaves some beautiful marks on his cute chocolate bottom! I would love to rub the sting out of those cheeks for him!

Tea Leaves Scene Three is the name of the video put out by Dr. Skelpz that's available at

Tea Leaves Scene Three is the name of the video put out by Dr. Skelpz that's available at
Stephen is busted for trying to steal some printer ink form the office and is confronted. He is given the choice of having the police called or take a caning! Lucky for us he decides that a caning would be better than going to jail! He looks great bent over the table with his beautiful bare bottom on display waiting!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Update: Dr Skeplz Video's Now Available!

The photo's I posted last week form Dr. Skelpz featuring Barry, Damien, Jay, Stephen & David and more are now available for download sale at   I'm looking forward to these vids!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Think That's A Woman? F/M

Lot's of muscle on that girl! Wow, she can dish it out and I know he was feeling that but I don't think he would be sitting for awhile is she really laid into his cute brown butt!

Roscoe Jenkins

Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins is a movie that stars Martin Lawrence which was released back in 2008. Now I thought I had seen this movie before but I must have missed this little scene where the two boys Roscoe & Clyde are confronted by "Papa Jenkins" played by James Earl Jones and Roscoe ends up getting  a whuppin! It's a flashback scene that's being told to Roscoes wife at a family picnic by his sister.  Now before you rush out to get the movie the whuppin is implied....the most they show is Papa Jenkins taking off his belt and the young Roscoe taking down his pants and bending over for his whuppin (damn)! You do hear one lick of the belt and a yelp but the camera pans away from it.....unfortunately.  Papa Jenkins is upset because the boys bet on who could get "Lucinda" (the high school hottie) to go to the prom with one of them. Well Papa found out about the bet and thought it was very disrespectful to make a bet over a girl. After Roscoe gets his off screen butt whuppin he waits down the hall to watch Clyde get whats coming to him with a slight smile on his face (we all know what that's like)! But Clyde is a real smooth operator (playa) and proceeds to talk his way out of a butt whuppin and ends up giving Papa Jenkins a big hug and as he hugs him he looks over at Roscoe who is watching from the shadows and gives him a (no whuppin for me tonight) Wink! His sister tells everyone at the reunion that she heard Roscoe crying in his room all night! 

I have to say when the family gets together and all the dads, Uncles and cousins are around the subject of butt whuppins is bound to come up and even maybe a few actual ones! I would of loved to post a video of this scene but they are making it really hard to do so but do a search and you might find might have better luck than I had. You could also just rent  it off of  iTunes like I did just to check it out.....Enjoy

All right, what have you got to say for yourself?

I let Roscoe win.
It meant more to him to beat me,
and it meant more to me to go out with Lucinda.
She's so beautiful.
I know you're disappointed,
and if my parents were alive, they'd be disappointed, too.
But you're the only parent I got, Papa Jenkins.

So you do what you think is right. I'll understand.

Don't you ever let something like this ever happen again.
You understand?
Yes, sir.