Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boy In Briefs

Those briefs won't be on for long son......there gonna come down for the second part of you whuppin!

Just Asking For It

Graffiti, Cops And My Dad's Belt

I knew it was stupid,

My name is Jason, I knew it was wrong and I did it anyway! I've never done anything like this before but I started hanging out with Dj and I guess you could say he was a bad influence on me. Dj was pretty cool at first but he always seemed to be getting me to do some bad things.....ya know, smoking, skipping class and shit like that. He was new to the neighbor hood, his dad wasn't around anymore so it was just him and his mom. Dj lived in the city before he moved out in the burbs near me. I started going places I've never gone to before and lying to my dad about where I was. Lying was hard at first but then it became easier over time.....I knew what he would do to my ass If I got caught but for some reason I didn't think I would get caught.......WRONG!

Dj took me into the city one night and I told my dad I was taking part in a school project so I'd be home late....mistake #1. Dj somehow talked me into graffiti tagging a wall in his old neighborhood where he lived...I didn't want to at first but he told me it was cool and that it was down this alley and no one would see us so I told him ok...mistake #2. I started to get into it when a bunch of flashing red and blue lights came on behind us! Oh shit! We both spun around and froze in the police cruisers headlights! Oh my go i thought....all these thoughts started going through my head at one time....My Dad...the ass! Please Please....I started begging God to get me out of this but that didn't happen! I looked over at Dj for some kind or hope but he was already up against the wall with his hands on his head. Obviously he has been through this before! The officer told me to turn around and put my hands behind my head....I was almost in tears by this time. I can't believe this is happening to me i thought but I knew it was my own doing. I felt the officer pulling my arms behind my back and putting the cuffs on me. That was the straw that broke the camels back....I just lost it! The tears were pouring down my face when he put those cold cuffs on me. Dj told me it's gonna be ok and to suck it up but I couldn't stop crying and shaking. We were both sitting in back of the squad car for what seemed like forever while Officer Oden ran our names through the computer. Officer was a big strong African American.....he reminded me alot of my dad....Oh Shit my dad.....I almost broke down into tears again thinking of what my dads gonna do to me...or worse, what he's gonna think of me! Officer Oden told me that I didn't have any priors and that he needed to speak to my parents before he could let me go. I'm not going to jail sir? I asked him. He said not tonight son but there will be a fine of 500 dollars for the vandalism. Shit...I would almost rather go to jail that to face my dad now! He asked for my dads number so he could come pick me up....I told him and sunk back into the seat just shaking my head and staring at the floor. I had been so involved in my own problems I forgot about Dj....he was just quietly sitting there like this was a normal everyday thing....I started to realize that for him this probably was a everyday thing! I wanted to start cussing him out for getting me into trouble and how it was all his fault but I could have stopped anytime i wanted to but I chose to go along with him and I knew it. Officer Oden told Dj that due to his previous record that he would be going to the station tonight after my dad came to get me.

We sat there for quite awhile in silence with only the police scanner was the worst day of my life and was about to get worse! I saw my dad SUV pulling up along side the squad car and Officer Oden went to speak with him. I saw my dad look into the car at me and he didn't look happy.....I just sunk back into my seat. They talked for awhile and nodding there heads and then they came over to the car and let me out but left Dj in the squad car.

Boy I know you didn't decide to do something this stupid on your own! I know that thug you've been hanging with put you up to he's gonna see what happens when you screw up in this family! I knew exactly what he was talking about bit I didn't think he was seriously gonna whup my ass right here in font of officer Oden and Dj who I saw looking out at us from the back of the car. I started to do what all bad boys who got caught and tried to get out of a whuppin...I started to plead! Dad...W...what do you not here please let's do this at home! I'm sorry I know it was stupid please don't! My dad was having none of it....he was a big strong man and I knew it was gonna happen no matter what I did. Boy....I want those clothes off right now and I mean everything....When your done put your sneakers back on so you don't cut your feet on the broken glass that all around this alley. It's your butt that's in trouble not your feet. I guess that was his sense of humor but it didn't make me feel any better...if anything I was getting sick to my stomach! I was already on the verge of tears already....most was from fear of the pain my ass was gonna be in and the rest was from knowing that my whuppin was gonna be seen by two witnesses! No one has ever seen me get it before so I was wishing the earth would just swallow me up! When I finished and put my sneakers back on I looked at my dad with one last look of "don't do this please" looks! He told me to turn around and look at the graffiti the I had helped put on the wall ....I heard his belt being unbuckled and the sound of it being pulled through the loops. I knew his belt very was a thick black and well worn belt that my ass has felt on many occasions. I had a feeling that this whuppin was gonna make all the others feel like love taps! Hands on your head son and keep them there if you know whats good for you. I could feel all three sets of eyes looking and my bare brown butt!

Swiiiiisssssshh........Whap! Ahhh...! I tried not to make to much noise at least at first but I could tell from that first hit this was gonna be a bad one! Whap, Whap, Whap! please! Ahhh....Oh my go.....he has never beat my ass this hard before there was know way I was gonna get through this without losing it! Thwack , Thwack Thwack! Tears were pouring down my face after those last few hits....all dignity was gone now....I was jumping up and down, crying and begging him to stop! Please I'm sorry daddy...Please! Whap, Whap, Whap!!!! It was all I could do to keep my hands on my head.....I could feel every stripe that my dad layed on my as....he was really mad and disappointed in me! Thwack, Thwack, Thwack! Whhhaaaa....I'm sorrrreeeee dad owwwwwww! I must of looks ridiculous standing there butt naked except for my sneakers getting a good whuppin....crying and screaming like a five your old! I wondered if Dj was getting a good show....I was mad at him for getting me in trouble and even more mad at my self for going along with him! My dad stopped and told me to stay put and don't dare touch my bottom. He went over and spoke to Officer Oden....I couldn't quite make out what they were saying because I was still blubbering like a idiot. He came back and told me to go get in the car and to wait for him.....I went to get my clothes but he said he would get them later on......were not finished by along shot boy....when we get home were gonna finish this and then I'll give you your clothes back. I almost started blubbering again and turned to go get in the car....I didn't want to sit down so I got in the back and laid down on my stomach. I waited for about ten minutes before my dad got in the car.....he didn't even seem to notice that I was laying down but I think he understood. He told me that he talked to Officer Oden and that I would be coming down here to apologize to the owners of the building and that I would be painting the whole wall! He said it would take a few days to finish so I could expect a good whuppin every night until I got it finished! After I heard that I just put my head down and started crying again. My father also said If he could he would give my buddy Dj a good whuppin to! But I'm not his father he said so I guess he will be spending some time in jail. I heard him start the car and we pulled away a well whupped, sorry crying, little boy.

Well boy, Officer Oden said to Dj in the back seat. That's what needs to happen to you and you know it. Dj had seen everything that had happened to his buddy and knew that he didn't want it to happen to him but in a funny way he though that it was still better than going back to jail....he had some bad things happen to him in juvi before and he would be going in as a adult this time and he knew it wasn't gonna be pretty!

Officer Oden........Yes he answered. Is there a way......a.....I mean I just can't go back to jail..please can't we do, I mean......I can't put my mom through that again.

Are you trying to ask me something son?

Y...yes Sir. What happended to him...could you do that to me instead of taking me in?

Are you asking my to give you a whuppin son?
Yes sir....Speak up boy? YES SIR!
Yes Sir what? I want you to give me a whuppin please!

Well son...I don't know If I should.....I'd be breaking all kind a laws if I did that. Please Sir.....I won't say a word. Well I thought this might happen. I'll telll you what....I can't do it but I think the father of the young man who you just saw get whupped might be willing to do it If you ask him nice. He sat for a moment and thought about the kind of whuppin he just gave his buddy and realized it would still be better than jail so he agreed. Ok son....he started the car and headed to his buddys house for a good whuppin! He was in tears berofe they even got there!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beach Butt Switchin

Keep that butt up unless you want this switch to keep going for another 50!

Hands And Knees

That's a good target for dad's belt!


I don't know why I keep letting him whup my ass like this every week?
I don't want him to and yet I don't try to stop him.
It hurts so bad and but I can't wait until the next time!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do Your Chores

Do your chores when you were told to do them and you might avoid a strapping next time!

First Day

Son, this is the third time I've asked you to get up! Unless you wanna start off your first day of school with a ass whuppin I suggest you get your butt out of that bed!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Saggin Rules

The rules for having your pants saggin in Michigan can be up to $500.00 or 93 days up to a year in jail! I think it's ridiculous to put a young brutha in jail just for a pair of saggin jeans. But if they want to show off there booty's then make the punishment fit the crime!

Level 1: If underwear is exposed you get paddled on your Jeans

Level 2: If your pants are below your butt you get the paddle on your underwear/boxers

Level 3: If your butt crack is showing the you get it on your bare ass!
We just have to set up a spanking facility in every neighborhood to take care of those saggin boys! I volunteer!

Another Man In A Sexy Loin Cloth!

So sexy......would love to put him across my lap and flip that loin cloth up to reveal that spankable butt!

Need A Switch?

I don't think this bad boy had any trouble finding and then cutting a good switch!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thoughts While Waiting For It

Damn...I can't believe he's making me wait so long!
Come on lets go and get this over with already!
I'm to old for this shit!
I must be the last kid in my school that still gets his butt whupped!
I hope he won't make me take it bare ass?
Shit....he always gives it to me bare ass!
Damn I feel sick to my stomach.
I'm not gonna cry no matter how bad it is!
Fuck....that's his car.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Daddy Wore Him Out

His daddy always seems to come up with some interesting positions to wear his ass out!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Showing The Damage

But I'm sure it was well deserved!

10 To Go

Your butt naked and bent over a table......your grabbing the other side of the desk and your ass is on fire! It takes every bit of self control not to let go and jump up and grab your burning cheeks! You took the first ten and now he's gonna apply the next ten even harder. How in the hell are you gonna get through it? Your just on the verge of crying like a little boy and you know if you let go you will be getting another ten! You tell yourself, just don't let go....cry if you have to just don't let go!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We all know what that guy is thinking.
Damn.....look at that ass! I wonder if his daddy still whups his booty?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Whuppin In The Park

His daddy told him to be home at five o'clock so when he still wasn't home at six he went looking for his boy with his belt in his hand! When he showed up at the park his son knew right away that he was in big trouble and when he saw what his dad was holding he knew this might be a very embarrassing afternoon for him! His daddy was yelling and screaming at him in front of all of his friends who were very interested in what they were witnessing. His daddy bent him over one of the park benches and pulled down his shorts and proceeded to wear his ass out in front of his friends and anyone who just happened to walk by. He wasn't wearing a shirt because he had been playing basket all afternoon so after his daddy pulled his shorts down he was practically naked! During the whuppin he managed to kick his shorts off which left him bare assed and humiliated. When his dad finished whuppin that ass he told him to get his bike and get home so he can finish whuppin his behind. He was a crying mess trying to gather up his things and getting on his bike but his daddy told him that he would take his clothes home and for him to ride home like he was! I can tell you that he never rode so fast in his life and that he never sat down the whole way home! Now all he had to do is wait for his dad to get home and finish what he started!

106 Howard St.....Damn!

If anybody needs me I'll be at 106 Howard St. with my paddle, strap and switch!

Belasco Toon

Here's another great toon of my favorite illustrator "Belasco" showing a real good butt blistering paddling to a big beefy butt!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bring Back Thermal Underwear!

I don't think there is a better look than to see a man in a tight pair of thermal underwear or long johns! Especially before he's about to be spanked! There is more than one way to warm you up on a cold winter day! I would make sure he stays in his thermals all day. I wonder if they still make them with those little flaps in the back? Hmmmmmmm

Wait a minute I guess they do!!!

Get On The Couch!

He was just too cute not to post! I love the position he is in.......straddling the arm of the couch so his daddy could have a good target to strap! He made a mistake and reached back he will have another twenty to go!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Ready Sir!

He is ready and waiting in position for the long hard ass whuppin that he know he needs! His daddy's razor strap will roast his plump behind good! It's been along time since his dad's strap was used on his butt and even longer since he cried like a little boy but that's gonna change tonight!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Perfect Butt In A Blue Jock

A strap, paddle or your hand would be put to good use on this butt!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beach Patrol

When he says get out of the better do it!

Riding The Fence

I don't see any reason to wait until we get back to the house son....I'm gonna take care of that attitude problem of yours right here and now! Get those pants down and grab on to that fence......I'm gonna blister your butt good!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

After Your Bath

After your done with your bath don't bother getting dressed then go get the strap from the closet in your room and meet me in the basement. You need a good lesson tonight son!

Hot Pants!

Hmmm....I wonder if they made this underwear for spanker's...or spankees?