Friday, April 30, 2010

Who Got The Worst Whuppin?

The police had to break up the team party last night that got way out of hand and took each boy home to where most of the dads were waiting with belt in hand! The next day in the locker room before practice the whole team gathers around and compares the damage to they're butts! So naturally each boy was trying to show off to see who got the worst whuppin!

Yo man, your ass hardly has a mark on it........look what my dad did to my ass last night!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Sexy Suggestive Pose

As usual I don't think the photographer has us in mind when he shot this photo but this image speaks loud and clear to me!

Another Bad Boy Spankin Vid!

Heres another vid from abrutalspankmasta spankin some yellow booty for you to check out!
Thanks JW

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm The Dad Today!

Me and my partner Jason have a little role playing game we play out a few times a week. It involves our spanking fetish or should I say ass whuppin fetish! I guess you can call it foreplay but it has gotten more intense each time we play it! I usually play the dad and he plays my son who is coming home late from school or from a night out with his friends. It starts out with me waiting for him out in front of the house. Hey dad, he says to me as he comes up the walk as if nothings wrong.....don't hey dad me boy! What time did i tell you to be home? A.....six o'clock but I....I, before he says another word I tell him this is the third time this week you've come home late and I think I need drive a good lesson home on your behind right now son! Yo dad please....not a whuppin....I'm to old for that! To old my ass.....get your butt in the house and up to your room and get ready! He knows better to argue or it's just gonna be worse on him! I watch his full ass bounce as he goes up the steps to get ready for his butt whuppin! The more we play this game I've learned that it's better to make him wait for me. I make him wait for it at least ten or fifteen minutes before I go up stairs. I know from experience now that it gets me and him even more aroused than usual! I am usually rock hard as I enter the bedroom and there he is.....butt naked on the bed with his head down and his beautiful black ass sticking up in the air waiting for my belt! Sometimes I just wanna jump right on it but then I calm down and do what needs to be done first!
Son....I've told you several times what time I want you home and for some reason you can't seem to make it home when I tell you so now I'm gonna teach you a lesson you won't forget for a long time! Look at me when I'm talking to you.....Y..Yes Sir he says as he raises his head to look me in the eyes. As he is watching me I reach down and slowly undo my belt and pull it through the loops and double it over! I walk behind him and I tell him to stick that big behind up so I can get at it better and then without warning I lay the first lick onto his ass.....WHAP! Dead center across both cheeks! WHAP, THWACK! Ahhhh...he starts to moan as the pain from the belt sinks into those nice thick cheeks! WHAP, WHAP, THWACK! Daddy....plaese I'm sorry I won't be late again! THWACK, THWACK! Ahhhhh....he is really squirming around now and I tell him that after this whuppin I know he won't be late again! I give him another serious lick right below his cheeks ...WHAP! Noooo...pleeaaase! He almost makes a move to cover his ass with his hands be he knows better than that! WHAP, THWACK, THWACK! Are you learning your lesson son I ask him? Yes daddy...Please no more....Please! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP! I'll let you know when you have had enough! THWACK! He is nearly jumping off the bed at this point so I know he's getting close to his limit so I give four final licks from the top of his ass to just below his ass cheeks! WHAP, THWACK, THWACK, WHAP! Dadddyyyy! he screams as he falls flat onto the bed squirming and crying just like a little boy would after his daddy just finished lighting up that ass! I go around to the front of him and lift up his head by his chin and tell him that he can expect the same if he's not home when I tell him to! He watches me as I put my belt back on and leave the room. At this point I leave him there to calm down before I go back in just as butt naked as he is and take that sore red ass again....but not with a belt this time! Later that night after as I'm rubbing his still hot and sore bottom I tell him the I wanna be his bad little boy next time! He says ok and tells me to make sure I'm not late coming home tomorrow! Yes daddy, I tell him as we fall asleep in each others arms.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #13

I love this nice thick brutha with a full spankable bottom waiting down in the dungeon for someone to come and discipline his ass until it is red and blistered!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Much Ass!

Damn yo....that is way too much ass to spank with just my hand or hairbrush! I'm gonna have to take you down to the basement and put you across the bench where I can put it into position and take the razor strap to it! I'll give you a good long no nonsense ass whuppin that you've obviously needed for a long time! When I'm done your gonna have a red, swollen and very sore ass but you know that's what you want and need!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Coaches Paddle

I've heard him paddle a few of my boyz and was even lucky enough to witness one! Everybody knew the the coach uses a paddle even though the school district prohibits corporal punishment. It was one of those things that everybody knew about but nothing was ever said about it. Each time it happened I wondered why I got so turned was all I could think about for days after. I knew that the Coach didn't like us being late for class or spending to much time in the lockeroom after gym and this was the main reason he would paddle us so I decided to take my time after gym. When he saw me I was at the sink with my shorts saggin halfway down my ass......Miller, he hollered! Didn't you hear the bell? It rang 5 minutes ago? I stood up and told him I only had study hall next so I was taking my time. He told me to get to his office now! As I followed behind him I was shaking like a careful what you ask for I said to myself! As we entered his office he told me that he thought I was the one kid who stayed out of trouble and that he was gonna make sure that I stayed that way! Bend over the desk he said sternly! I knew he wasn't kidding from the tone of his voice. I turned and grabbed the edge of his shorts were still saggin on my behind but I soon felt him tug them down to my knees! He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a short wooden paddle that I knew must of been used on countless butts over the years and it was soon gonna include mine! I was semi erect standing there bare assed in front of the coach....I wasn't sure if he noticed it or not though. He walked behind me...nothing happened for a few moments and I was feeling more and more embarrassed and I knew he was getting a good look at my ass! I started to say i was sorry but before i got the words out I heard a swoosh and a WHAP on my right ass cheek! Oww....i jumped up at the pain and the shock of the paddle hitting my ass! Oh god that hurt.....I started regretting my decision big time and telling the Coach i was sorry for not getting dressed in time! Miller he said, get back across that desk or your gonna get twice as many I was gonna give you! I turned back around and grabbed his desk and almost immediately I felt another sting on my left cheek that hurt just as much as the first hit! Owwweeee....I screamed like a little boy but I didn't let go of the desk! I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes and my ass was on fire from only two swats! WHAP, WHAP, WHAP.....aahhhhh...Coach please....WHAP......WHAP...WHAP....! I was laying across his desk now.....blubbering like a well spanked little boy....I must of been quite the sight with my bare ass hanging over his desk which must have been cherry red by now and openly crying! Without warning he gave me the final blow! WHAP! I screamed and reached back to rub my burning ass! Ok Miller...that's ten....get up and get yourself together then come back and I'll send a note to your next class on why you were late. Y...Yes Sir I said as I did that well spanked dance in front of him. I didn't realize but I had kicked off my shorts and bent down to pick them up when he gave me another swat with his bare hand to get me moving! Ow......I'm going Coach and I ran out into the lockeroom to get dressed. My hard on was long gone and my ass was on fire.....what the hell was I thinking I said to myself? That shit hurt like hell! At that moment I told myself that I never wanted to feel his paddle again but as the days and week went by after that it seemed that it was all I thought about. When I saw the coach after that it seemed like it never happened.....maybe he paddled so many boys it wasn't a big deal to him? Now whenever I walked into that lockeroom and smelled that lockeroom smell it took me right back to that moment when I was bare ass over the coaches desk!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #12

I have to say for a slim brutha he sure has enough meat where it counts! Those ass cheeks are in perfect proportion with his slim body! I would love to give him a rooftop spanking or whuppin! The whole neighborhood will be wondering where that noise is coming from! I'll bet it would be a little scary for him and maybe a turn-on knowing that somebody in a taller building might be watching him get his butt spanked buck naked on the roof!'s turning me on right now!

White Briefs

With all the different kinds of underwear out there these days there is still nothing sexier than seeing a brutha walking around in a pair of white briefs!
They even look better when they are sitting right below those cheeks!

Spanked In The Park

This young man is getting a very public spanking in the park! Exactly what initiated this I'm not sure but it seems like everybody was enjoying themselves...except the one who was getting spanked! Maybe it was an initiation of some sort or maybe they were just teaching him a lesson for something he did or maybe they just like spanking that butt! That is one of those moments growing up that you really never forget especially when it is witnessed by almost everyone you know who won't let you forget it! It looks like he was ok at the end but I love they way he runs off and hopes that the spanking is over! He probably went home and checked out his butt in the mirror and rubbed it wondering what all these new feelings he is having are....and why did he like it?

Thanks to J. for the video!

Helpless & Exposed

Being naked and face down on your bed with your daddy taking his belt to your ass is one of the most helpless and exposed position a young boy can be in. Your dignity is long gone as you cry and squirm around on the bed trying to avoid the sting of his belt! Unfortunately when a boy is in that position it is usually his own fault for not listening to his daddy in the first place! So the next time your on your bed getting your bare butt blistered just remember to listen to your daddy next time!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Git Over Here....NOW!

I love this photo.....and as you know I always see a little more into it.....or in this case it's what you don't see like his boy who is already in tears having to pull his pants and underwear down and climb over his daddy's lap for a good butt whuppin with the belt and his daddy telling him to git over here now or your gonna get it worse than what you got coming to ya!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spanking Signs?

A rather suggestive tattoo if you ask me! Everybody knows that's the universal sign for some good OTK Spanking! I'm sure it has some other meaning to him but to me it screams come and spank me!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #11

Mmmmm....he has as very nice set of smooth and silky cheeks on him! I would love to put him across my lap and play with it awhile before I start to spank him! I'll turn those deep chocolate cheeks a deep red and hot to the touch......then the fun would really begin!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Swampthang!

Next week on Monsterquest....
Deep in the everglades there are rumors of a pissed off dad who wanders the swamp looking for bad brown rumps to roast with his thick, wet leather belt! No adult has ever seen it so the police thinks it's just a myth. The police says that every report of a Swampthang sighting has come from a young teenage boy who's butt is covered in welts! The victims who are usually found butt naked with a sore butt say the look in his eyes is just like there fathers look when they are about to get it! They also say he carries a long black leather belt that is filled with holes! By the time the boy is done crying and wipes his eyes the Swampthang is gone! The locals say that the boys are just making up these story's because they are embarrassed about the whuppins they got from there dads but the boys all say that he's real! Some say on a quiet night you can hear the screams of a bad boy getting his butt blistered good coming out from the swamp! So time it might be you!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Anybody have a good caption for this pic?

Dirty Cartoon!

Damn....I think I missed this episode of the Teen Titans!

Tied Up And Waiting

He waits, tied up and naked thinking about what will soon happen to him. He called you and told you what he wanted and needed but as he looks back and sees you enter the shed he starts to have second thoughts. He knows his butts in for it now! He is begging you with his eyes not to do this but as he watches you pull your thick leather belt off he knows he's gonna get his long overdue ass whupped!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Sexy Follow Up!

Remember this sexy photo of a young brutha clad in knee and elbow pads and not much else? He was the Spankable Butt of the Month #2 for 2010.

I stumbled upon a few more photos of him and I'd thought I'd share them with you! Damn....the one where he is on the swing almost gave me a heart attack! If there is a heaven that's what I wanna see when I get there....and Barry to of course! I swear his photos just screams "Spank Me!"

Abrutalspankmasta's New Vid!

Abrutalspankmasta has put up another video where he gives his boy a quick little butt warming! I wish I was a fly on that wall....but this will do just fine! Click the link below to see this video and some of his other vids.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Acts Of Spanking!

Here are some video clips that were sent to me by some friends of BMBW. It seems that spanking that ass is on everybodys mind these days! The first one gets his butt beat by a book wielding friend! The second clip looks like someone lost a dare and has to get his butt whupped with his friends belt out back in the woods! The third is of a lady cab driver whuppin a Marines butt with a belt and she really lets him have it but him and his buddy seem to really be having a great time!


A leather framed booty that gives you a perfect target for your hand or paddle or whatever you decide to use on him! Anybody who is wearing those shorts is just asking to get that butt spanked!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spankable Butt Of The Week #10

I can't tell if he is waiting for his whuppin or he has all ready gotten it! I know rubbing your butt is common afterwards but it's also normal to rub your butt in anticipation of a good whuppin!

Happy Easter Everybody!

I am officially back! I missed you and I hope you all won't take me out to the woodshed and paint my butt like an Easter egg for being gone so long.....would you? I got alot of e-mail to catch up on and photos to check out so I guess I better get to work and start posting to make up for all the lost time! Thanks for being so patient......Peace Eric