Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chad, Chad, Chad.....

Chad "Ocho Sinco" Johnson Jailed for a spank! You were about to be a free man but a simple slap to your lawyers butt got you a 30 day sentence! Personally I thought that this judge over reacted but that's just me. She told him that he wasn't taking this matter seriously enough and that's when she gave him the 30 day sentence.

Now in my own spanking mind I think the judge should give Chad a choice that would suspend the 30 day sentence. He is told to wait in one of the holding rooms where two bailiffs would explain to him exactly what his choices are. One......go to jail for 30 days or Two.....take a severe ass whuppin from the two bailiff's and walk free. I can almost see the shock in Chad's eyes trying to understand what he just heard. They tell him he has 10 minutes to decide then the leave the room and leave Chad in there alone with his thoughts.......

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tight Ends!

Wow.....what a bunch of big spankable butts that were poured into those uniforms! I think #17 is absolutely perfect!

Naked & Waiting

Butt naked, standing outside the old shed where you were told to wait by your dad. When he comes home his belt is gonna have a long talk with your ass. You know your way to old to still be getting ass whuppins from your dad but you know when you live in his house you follow his rules and when you don't....this is what happens!

Kevin Hart?

Comedian kevin Hart in a pretty innocent photo but I can't help but to see it differently, as I usually do. Is he waiting on someone or is he having a butt whuppin flash back? It seems that he has plenty of booty work with back there! I think I'll let my mind wonder on this one for awhile!