Monday, June 30, 2008

As Soon As He Get's Home!

You know whats gonna happen as soon as he gets home!

You don't even pretend to act like it won't happen any more. So you might as well get those clothes off now!

You know you fucked up and so does he and as soon as he gets home he's gonna blister your ass good!

You have learned that it's better to be ready and in position when he gets home because if he has to wait on you to get ready it only makes things worse for your butt!

You hear him open the front door and you start to shake because you know whats turn and see him and watch him take off his thick leather belt!

You start to say your sorry but before you even finish the sentence he tells you to be quiet and says that you said you were sorry the last time too!

You know he's right so you turn your head away and wait on the first know you deserve this!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Barry (AKA) Kia Robson

Hey everybody....sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately but I've been a little busy but I hope this makes up for it! I found some great pic's of our favorite boy Barry or as he is named on the English lads website (Kia Robson). But whats in a name...I'm just glad to see him again! I have not bought a pass yet but it would be worth it for the full photo shoot! It look like he's getting a very lite switching in these shots. I'm not sure how much he shows or if he plays around with his buddy but I'm happy just to see that beautiful caramel booty of his....oh and that sexy smile....Enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sounds Of A Strapping

Thwack....Owwwweeee....Daddy plaesae no!!!! Whap Whap .....ouch...please I'm sorry....Smack , Whap, Thwack, Thwack! Noooo....stop pleeeease daddy...I'm sorry! Sniff...I'll never do it again...I Promise! Whap, Whap, Whap! Waaaahhhh...Oh God stop.....Please...everybody can hear....noooo....oooowww! Sniff....Whap, Thwack, hurts to much...I'm begging you....don't whup me any more.....I'll be good....Whhhaaaa, Whaaaa....Smack, Thwack, Whack, Whap, Thwack...........

Stick it up!

Get those sweat pants down and get on the floor and stick that ass up....I'm gonna give you a whuppin you won't soon forget son! If you know whats good for ya won't move until I'm done......and that may be awhile!

Ready And Waiting

Waiting naked with with his bare butt sticking out waiting for his daddy to come in with the strap to deliver a good butt whuppin! I wonder what he did to deserve it?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Retro Picture

Ok I pinned I get to spank you!

Pool "Whuppin" Party

I stumbled across this picture the other day and the first thing I thought of when I saw it was the guy with the hose just gave everybody at the pool a good whuppin! At least that's what it looks like to I wonder what they did to get him so mad!

More Skin Tight

I love this photo and those cute striped drawz! But I think he needs some real stripes on that cute butt!

Smooth, Wet & Sexy!

Hmmmmm......What would you all do if you walked into the bathroom and saw a smooth, wet, sexy booty like that just staring at you? I know what I would do!!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all those daddy's out there who still give there bad boys a good whuppin when they need it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Waiting With Belt

I think he's gonna wait there until somebody comes along and uses that belt on him!

The Nephew

You know the story.....Your sisters teenage boy is out of control and she sends him to stay with you for the summer in hopes that you can get him under control! As soon as he arrives he is angry for having to come stay with you and shows you no respect at all!

He flipped me off one day and tried to leave but since I was twice his size I grabbed his skinny ass and hauled him down the hall and into my son's old bedroom and grabbed the belt that I used to use on him that was still hanging on his door. My nephew saw this and starting freaking out....kicking, screaming and cussing up a storm.

I knew I had to get this under control quick! I drug him back to the living room and threw him down onto the sofa and grabbed his pants that were already hanging off his behind anyway and bared his ass! He was yelling at me about how I couldn't do this and I'm not his dad...but I just ignored all that and got ready to whup his butt good! I laid in to his butt with the belt and almost instantly he was begging me to stop! This young thug wannabe was reduced to a crying five year old within in two minutes! Please Uncle...I'm sorry, Please stop....Don't whup me any more with that belt...please! After he calmed down a bit I read him the riot act about his behavior and how he needed to act in my house. He knew his attitude and disrespect wasn't gonna fly around here.

Since I gave him his first whuppin he has changed quite a bit....for the better I might add. I think I'll have to give him a refresher soon just so he won't be tempted to go back to his old ways. The belt is hanging in his room to remind him what can happen to him if he gets out of line. I hear alot of yes sir and no sir's now. I'm sure his mom will be glad to have her son back.

What Do They Say?

Paddles Only? Straps Only? Hands Only?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Socks Only

I love the way a boy looks when he is butt naked and only wearing a pair of socks! For some reason it makes him look even more naked and vulnerable. This young man is sleeping off a good whuppin he just got and those socks complete the well spanked little boy look!

Happy To Get It!

Some boys are happy and can't wait until daddy shows up to take care of that butt.......

Daddy is just as happy to see his boy waiting for him with that bare butt sticking up for a good spanking!

Bad Boy In Briefs

This boy is about to have the strap taken to his behind and when his daddy gets that butt nice and warm those briefs are coming down and the real whuppin will begin!

Barry's Butt

Here is a rare shot of Barry showing a little more than just a well spanked butt!