Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #5

A beautiful full round, plump and brown butt that looks like it needs my firm hand to warm it up, that is before the strap comes out to finish what my hand has started!

Retro Spank - T.J. Swan

Here is T.J. Spanking some ass! I believe this pic was from the classic video "Black & Proud" starring T.J. Swan. I wish I could of found a clip of this scene for you all but I havn't been able to track one down yet but if I ever do I'll post it. i know the spankings wern't hard at all in these classic black videos but they are still fun to watch!

Forest Fantasy

Would you want to be the naked boy waiting on this moss covered rock in this enchanted forest or would you want to be the man who walks up on this young naked man in the forest? I've fantasized being on both sides.
The Boy: It's almost like a dream.....your not exactly sure how you got here but some how you know why your here. Bare ass and shivering in this cool damp forest you know you are there to be punished! You look around knowing that there are an endless supply of switches for miles in every direction. No matter what happens you know your butt will be full of welts before this dream ends! Then you hear heavy footsteps crunching the leaves behind you.....he's here!
The Man: Your walking when you come out of the fog and fine yourself surrounded by trees unsure of where you are or how you got here but you continue to walk down the leaf covered path. Am I dreaming you think to yourself? Your driven to keep walking when you come to a clearing to see him sprawled across the rock waiting for you! You now know why your look down and find a number of long flexible switches in your hand that you didn't even realize you were holding. One thing is for sure you think to yourself......he's gonna have a sore and welted ass before this dream ends!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Over His lap

Damn....I'm not sure why but I have the urge to strip down my pants and crawl across his lap! I know it's gonna hurt bad but I still wanna do it anyway!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #4

Words fail me.....

Whuppin - Speech - Whuppin!

His dad has been whuppin his ass for the last fifteen minutes and now he has to listen to his dads lecture on responsibility while his ass is on fire! He knows from experience that his ass whuppin isn't over so he doesn't dare reach back and rub the fire out of his backside but instead just lays there bare ass naked and listen to his dad's speech. He also knows when his dad is finished he has another fifteen minutes of non-stop ass whuppin coming!

Oh Yeah....He Asking For It!

Oh he's asking for it alright! He's giving you the finger, he's got his bare ass on display in the diaper position and he has a belt in his teeth ready for you to use on his ass when your ready! Make sure you give him a whuppin he's never gonna forget! I know that I sometimes read into photos but I don't have to be a detective to figure this one out!

The Barbershop

I never did like going to the local barbershop to get my hair cut when I was a kid and this is one of the main reasons why! Now I never got my but whupped in the barbershop but just the thought of that razor strap dangling just inches away always gave me chills! I would always notice another strap that hung off a hook behind the barber chair and I would think that it had a special purpose!
I don't know why but I would always would make a fuss about getting my hair cut mostly because my father would make me get one whether I wanted it or not.......I would constantly move my head while I was in the chair and yell that he was cutting it to short (damn....maybe I did need a whuppin) I think back now about all those old men that are always hanging out in the barbershop along with my dad and uncles and fearing that someone would say "that boy needs a good butt whuppin".....there would be no escape! Could you imagine getting my fifteen year old butt bared and bent over the chair while my dad whupped my ass in front of everybody in the shop! I can even imagine the bell on the door jingle every time someone came in which means that more people are watching me get it! Back then it was the fear of getting the strap but now it's more of a fantasy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #3

I love watching him pulling those jeans down over his ass. When he gets those pants down around his ankles he pulls the belt out of them and hands it to me. The sting on that wet behind is gonna be unbearable but he will stay in position until his whuppin is over because he knows what will happen if he doesn't!

I'm Doing It Again.....

Yes I'm obsessing over another online cutie.....he is model Deilin Sanz. Wow is he sexy or what? I don't think he's done any full on nude photos (yet) but I'm not complaining and yes I know who he resembles so you don't have to point that out....LOL! I believe he is Hispanic and in his early 20's. I don't think were gonna see any spanking related photos of him but he has a few suggestive photos that already has my Spanko juices flowing! Check out some more photos of him by clicking the links at the bottom of the post. I'm sure I'll get over him in time but it might be a long while!

Body Art Hand Prints

Now why is it when I come across a beautiful Nubian model wearing body art like this there is always a hand print displayed on his ass? Hmmmm.....I guess subconsciously everyone knows that butts are made to be spanked! I wish I was the one applying the art work to him.....those are some mighty big hand prints too!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Before I Get Home

The only thing I asked him to do was his laundry and to get the laundry room cleaned up before I got home but I guess that was to difficult a task for him so now he'll be doing it butt naked with a very sore and welted ass!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Boy, Little Boy

He argued with his dad for 20 minutes that he was to old to be spanked but he soon learned that he wasn't and got a good old fashioned over the knee spanking from his daddy. He curled up in his bed with his teddy bear that he hasn't slept with since he was a little boy and cried himself to sleep! It's best to go to sleep after a spanking so dad doesn't have a reason to give you another one!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #2

A very sexy photo of young man who doesn't look very happy. He's clearly upset and knows he has a good ass whuppin coming! Butt naked and almost in tears waiting for his punishment that his father will soon administer to his vulnerable, bare backside. I sure hope that isn't his bedroom wall he's leaning against because I would have to whup his butt for that too! His dad makes him suffer by waiting awhile before going into his room.....this gives boy alot of time to think about what he did and about how his dad's strap will remind him not to make this mistake again!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Work Of Art

A perfect man in the perfect punishment position!

Facebook Whuppin

This is a video of a clearly upset Uncle yelling at his nephew about acting like a gang-banger on his Facebook account and giving him a butt whuppin on camera albeit a very short and pants up whuppin (damn). If this video is legit I commend the Uncle for stopping this gang crap before it's too late but for putting it up on camera and then posting it on his account I'm not sure about that but I'll bet he learned a good lesson from all this! I can't even imagine what all his friends are saying about his public butt whuppin! Damn, maybe if more parents or uncles did this it might just do some good for those kids that are going down the wrong path. Maybe Uncle should sell his services and scare some other kids straight with the threat of public butt whuppin! I have a feeling this will get a few responses.....

"Y'all parents, you need to stop this senseless fucking crimes, all this gang bang shit."

"This is my fucking nephew right here," he says as he points the belt at the boy. "He ain't no gang member, we don't come from that sh-t."

"All that is fake," the boy says." ...but this ass whoopin' isn't going to be fake!"

Get that on Facebook!"

"Whap, whap, whap"

"Facebook that!"

"Whap, whap, whap"

"And if I catch you on Facebook saying anything -- I don't give a fuck if it's happy birthday -- I'm whooping your ass!" he says.

"Now put that on your fucking wall!"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Butt Assessment 101

Deciding on how your gonna spank his ass takes a little preparation before you begin. You have to run your hands all around his bottom and feel it's texture and it's weight....check to see how it's gonna bounce when you slap it! If it's too firm you might decide to use a paddle or strap so you don't wear out your hand but if it's soft and juicy like this one you know your hand is enough to get your point across! Don't forget to pull those cheeks open and inspect that tight rosebud as has nothing to do with his spanking but it will add to his discomfort and embarrassment and your pleasure! Once you have fully assessed the butt in question rub it for a little while longer just to make him wait and worry about the upcoming punishment! I'm thinking of starting a course on how to be an official butt inspector but before you run and sign up just remember that you have to submit to be inspected yourself!

The Chair

I stumbled upon another very sexy and suggestive photo the other day.....well at least it is to me! A young man that looks like he just got home from school or work and was told to take off his pants and bring the chair. The chair isn't the same as the other chairs around the dining room table.....his dad bought this chair for one reason and there is only one use for a chair like that and this young man knows what that is.....a very long and hard "Over The Knee" hand spanking and when his butt is warmed up nice and good the underwear comes down! If he puts up to much of a fuss dad's gonna bring out the hairbrush and he knows he won't be sitting down for a long time if that happens! So he has some motivation to be still and take his spanking like a man! Well....that's what I see when I look at this photo!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spankable Butt Of The Week #1 For 2011

Oh Barry! Should I go ahead and just award him as the winner for the year right now? I nearly passed out when I received was the best Christmas gift ever and it has been killing me not to post them until now (you have no idea)! I know I'm a little biased but I can't help myself when it comes to Barry and his sexy, spankable butt! Here are a few recent photos of Barry after receiving the that looks like it stings but he seems to take it very well! The good news is that there might be a video released sometime this year...YEAH! I'll pass the info on to all of you as soon as get get more info about it but for now enjoy the first spankable butt of 2011!

And The Winner Is!

The Most Spankable Butt Of 2010 is #20 This sexy photo came out of no where at the end of the voting! I'm guessing you all couldn't resist that smooth ass or those plump cheeks or those sexy blue socks and not to mention that he's in the perfect position for a good sound butt whuppin! He's practically begging for I'm proud to crown him the winner of 2010! I only wish I could congratulate him in person and give him his prize of 3o licks with the razor strap!

The Runners Ups were...

#43 This sexy man was in the lead for most of the voting and it's not hard to see why!

#32 All I can say about this young man is...DAAAAAYMN! That ass is amazing...I can almost see him and that perfect booty laying across my lap for a few hours! If anybody knows this young man tell him thanks!

#37 Why is it that I never see a sexy brutha at the gym giving me a look like that? You know that look that is just begging for you to warm that ass up! I'm glad he made the top 5!

#35 Oh hell yeah! I'm gonna have to start a category that deals with those gravity defying ass cheeks! Spanking that ass is only one of ten different things I would do to it! He's standing there waiting and looking back at you taking off your belt. Wow....that ass is just amazing!
Thank you all for voting and commenting throughout the year on all these wonderful butts and bootys!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Hangover

Now why can't they make this movie?

Oh crap my head is killing me! Shit I did it again.....I had way to much to drink at my party last night and now I'm laying in my bed regretting it! I don't even remember how I got into my bed.....I had about twenty five of my friends over and a few couples. I looked down and realized I was butt naked but for some reason I still had on my Timbs? When I realized that I was naked I felt a deep, dull pain in my ass...WTF? I went to try and get up I nearly fell over because I was still a little dizzy....ok really dizzy and could barely see from my hangover. I reached back and felt my ass and flinched when my hand made contact...Ooowwwww....shit! I went into the bathroom to try to get a good look at my ass.....HOLY SHIT, I screamed! There were a series of marks going across my ass and a bunch of raised welts! I tried to focus on what happened last night but the harder I tried the less I could remember...Damn. Did somebody beat my ass? There were no other marks or bruises anywhere else on my was all just on my ass and the more I came out of my alcohol related stupor the more the pain intensified! I got my usual hangover remedy out of my medicine cabinet and took it. Ugghhhh....damn my ass is on fire now! I went back into my bedroom and was ready to call a few of my friends to try and piece last night together when I noticed that my computer was on but it had a different wallpaper on I got closer the screen started to come into focus....It was me....or should I say my ass! I was face down on my bed with my bare ass sticking straight up! What the hell is this I thought.......who did this and why? I looked at the computer screen again and saw that there were no marks on my ass.....yet! I looked around the screen and noticed a Word icon on the side of the screen so I opened it up, and it read.......

Hey Trey, how's that ass feeling this morning? I'm guessing not to well.......Man you gotta learn how to handle your drinking yo.....we were all having a good time until you started acting all usual! You said some pretty mean and rude things to your guests last night so most of them left and when everybody was gone I came back in to see if your sorry ass was ok and found you passed out cold so I carried you upstairs and decided that you needed a good lesson so I stripped off your clothes but left your boots and cap just looked so cute that way...LOL. I took off my belt and laid into your big ass! I gave you at least 30 good licks before I stopped. Just so you know you got a good ass whuppin for acting a fool at your own party by one of your friends! I know you want to know who did this but I'm not saying....just think of this as an intervention that you were long overdue for from your friends! I'm sure your head will be feeling better in a little while but not your ass.....I think your gonna be feeling that for a few days! Ps: I'm gonna hold on to this photo until you change your drinking habits!

Fuck, I thought......who the hell did this? Who ever it was......was strong enough to carry me upstairs, shit all my friends worked still could of been anyone of them! My computer didn't have a password so any of them could of gotten on that too. My ass hurt so bad at this point I had actual tears running down my face......I went back to my bed and lied down on my stomach and cried myself to sleep thinking about who did can I look any of them in the eye again. One of them knows.....and I'll figure it out......I will......Zzzzzzzzzz