Sunday, October 20, 2013

On The Bed!

Ok, alot of responses to my absence (so sorry) and what you want to happen to my behind so I thought I'd post some shots of some booties waiting on the bed for a good ass whuppin that they know they got coming! Which pic is your favorite and how would you light it up?


  1. oh man, great pics, Eric. thanks. I am numbering them and making a list of instruments along with number of licks. :)

  2. 1 dark shorts - 12 w switch
    2 by the door - 24 w belt
    3 sag jeans - 12 w paddle
    4 in front of tv - 24 w strap
    5 pulling blue shorts down - 12 w bath brush
    6 nyy cap - 12 w triple swtch
    7 on blue blanket - 12 w strap w holes
    8 jeans down - 12 w thick syrap
    9 bare in the air - 12 w paddle w holes
    10 on knees in bed - 12 w senior cane
    11 strtetched across red spread - 24 w dad's belt
    12 winking w/ earing - 24 w wooden hair brush
    13 alpha omega buns - 24 w riding crop
    14 blue shorts - 24 w razor strop
    15 buns in front of double door - 24 w doubled over extension cord
    16 da bulls - 24 w paddle w holes
    17 bk knight - 12 w the birch swtches
    18 dreds on bed - 24 w heavy paddle
    19 already crying - 24 w the lash
    20 big buns in air - 12 w frat paddle
    21 red cap - 24 w wide leather belt
    22 cap & heart tat - 24 w lexan paddle
    23 kneeling on floor - 12 w tawse

    1. really put some thought into that! I agree with all 100%. They all should have to stand there and watch each other get it and I feel sorry for the last one who has to wait and wait for that tawse!

  3. Absolutely, Mr. Eric! And that last one should know from the beginning that he will be last and he will get the tawse! And any disrespect shown by anyone earns additional penalty strokes with the tawse, too. Thanks again for all your work rounding up those awesome photos.

  4. I see a caneing in their futures--12 strokes each--

  5. Well, each would have a choice of implement: a whip, a switch, leather belt or extension cord. Then once each is chosen, I would commence to tear each of them up with their "choice" of implement.

  6. Well all of these booties, obviosly need a good hard paddeling, yes i would paddel all of then in all different positions,,,how many swats? Until I get tired....and im well rested,,,,the last pic looks like it was already worked over.but, thats Fine, always room for more

  7. Lamar You are right, I think, they all need the paddle and... I think also they all need the switch. Let's give them all 40 with the paddle, followed by 40 with the switch. enough? or should we break out the big strap?

  8. Paddle their butts all you want - just make 'em cut their own switch first and give 'em at least a dozen hard licks - cutting and making the switch gets a boy's attention, you know you are making the thing thats gonna sting. after a whupping with the switch, then give them butt-blazing swats with the paddle.

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  12. All of them would get a good long dose of the razor strop!