Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fireman Fantasy!

Have any of you ever had a fireman fantasy! Did he come and rescue you and then you told him that it was you who set the  fire and needed to be taught a lesson!

Maybe when you were young you pulled the fire alarm in school or set a small fire that got out of control and the fire dept was called to put it out! When they found out what you did your father marched you down to the firehouse and spanked your bare ass infront of the all the fireman who gladly watched you get your butt blistered!

After your dad got you home he gave you another whuppin for being so stupid by starting a fire not to mention the fines he has to pay! He told you that you had to go to the firehouse everyday and clean up or whatever they needed you to do and that your dad gave them permission to disipline you as they saw fit!

You cleaned, mopped the floors and washed and polished the big red fire truck but they always seemed to find an excuse to pull your pants down and spank you till you were in tears! Your ass was on fire everyday for the whole summer....but you learned your lesson!

I'm not saying any of these things happened to me....or am I?