Sunday, June 17, 2012

Retro Beauty!

Wow....would this be a dream or a nightmare?


  1. A dream for me.

    1. Have to agree. I say dream.

  2. what a dream, on 3 levels

  3. Thats a nice dream indeed!!

  4. used to sleep with a a.s.u. footballer,macho like this,even more muscled.he dug spanking,so one day tied him over a table,showed him a "cobbins" paddle,used on slaves,foot long,six wide,inch thick oak,fourty holes,varnished!got atop and began paddling,stood sideways and had him yellin loud,so i taped his mouth,and kept going till he was covered with sweat,and blistered.released,i leather cuffed ankles,wrists to table eyehooks,belts held neck,abs,and i electroded his asshole with a prod 1/4inch deep,shockin his big wet cord tied balls,he came like a geyser,four hours using rings,rods,two tens,violet wand,eight orgasms,and rock hard 14inch phallus gushing handfulls of juice to jack off with!finished,tits alligator clamps shocking,rod in cock,three rings under head,middle,base,masturbating the bull inside out!,two rings on each huge testicle,ran current back and forth,and when he came under the gag,it was DEAFENING,cum grounded rod in huge cock had him gushing handfulls and i sure did get a hard spanking later,7'4280lbs,i did not resist,or could,but he blistered me good,as i deserved,later he loved estimming and had me tie him down to bed,ect,and use water pump with electrode in it,that was super strong shocking!