Sunday, November 25, 2012

Perfect Pants!

I would much rather see all the bruthas walking in these jeans than those baggy, saggin pants! It's much more convenient for those on the spot spankings! The coach would have a field day with his paddle in the locker room!


  1. Let's make those pants a little tight then they look currently and they can be removed ASP

  2. It s the only kind of jeans daddy lets me wear.

  3. Replies
    1. That's what he says too lol. ..there's plenty to catch his eyes.

  4. in regard to the jeans you are required to wear Fear not you won't be needing those Jeans or any other type of clothing I believe you need attitude adjustment and that what I intend to give you There is little question you will soon get your Hide Roasted and tanned no question about it .If I was you I believe you should do some reflection on yourrrecent behavior and you also need to know you earned what is about to happen As you do your reflection it strongly recommended that you Striip yourself of all your clothes that means everything ?After that is done you need to take a nice Cold shower in order to get your Hide ready for what coming .Once this done you will need to sit and wait. Since it more likely will be while before you are able to sit down Again after I am finished withnyou.Enjoy Sitting While You Can Athough this will be a trying time for you it will go a long in helping you if you take the cooperative route in regard to your punishment

  5. In regard to your Pants bagging or tight it makes no difference as you won't be wearing any pants or anything else for that matter you will be receiving a whipping and you will be completely Naked and this is not open to any discussion .I suggest you take a cold shower in preparation for your whipping .You need to remain Naked but you can wrap a towel around your waste it will come off very easiely when we get started with thevbusiness at hand I hope you understand you earned what you will be getting .?Your cooperation is expected and will go a long way in helping you through this process.Howeverif you choose not to be cooperative it will serve no good purpose as you will find out One additional point after you shower enjoybsitting down while you wait this out because you won't be sitting down in a comfortable matter for a few days at best

  6. Jimbar -The Concenus whether you wear baggy. Seems to be that puli have a whipping coming in your future it more likely will be sooner than later I agree with the others it will makevverylittle differences ether you wear baggy pants or tight ones as it's manatory for you what you have coming to remove not only your pants but ever thing else as well .It appears that you are in need of a attitude adjustment and that will come in the form of a whipping you have earned with all your poor behavior .I suggest you cooperaate fully as it will only help you I suggest you prepare yourself by taking a Bath Enjoy sitting in the Tub because after we get finished with your later sitting down will be impssible for at east a couple weeks The plan is a good Ass whipping with my Leather strap .The reason that telling you all this is don't want any surprises this is serious business So after your Bath you won't be needing any clothes as you will be on probation which means we will issue you a sweat suit which will include pantsand shirt and nothing else.While on probation you will hace a work detail for that task you will be issues a pair of pair of shorts and a jock which you can wear Under the shorts You will be on a short leach so if you pull any nonsense you will be subject to additional whipping and that will mean the Feared Paddlev