Monday, November 5, 2012

What Time Is It?

Time to get your butt blistered! You know you ass better be in position when your dad comes home from work at 4:30! He promised you a serious butt whuppin as soon as he got home! In a few minutes your gonna hear his car pull up and his footsteps as he climbs the stairs and then the sound of his belt coming off and by 5:00 your gonna be a sore, crying little boy!


  1. A nice PHAT ASS!!! The kind that will jiggle with each slap!!!! That's an such an inviting position, too!!! My friend, I don't know where you find all these WONDERFUL pictures. Thank you for always making my day!!!

  2. I agree with you John. Amazing pictures. And that is a booty made for spanking

  3. Guys at school thought I was tough---Little did they know my mom spanked my bare ass over her knee when I was 16 and my brothers watched--Sometimes they were next----How long did your mom spank you bare?

    1. Have any pictures of you?

  4. I was never spanked bare by my mom or anyone