Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Good Cry

Were you one of those stubborn boys who refused to cry while you were getting your butt whupped but as soon as it was over and your daddy left your room you cried like a baby? Some boys cry from the first lick and some even before he made you drop your draws! Which ever way it happened you usually felt better after a good cry!


  1. I was never the stubborn kind when it came to a whuppin.I cried when i knew it was coming and while taking my drawers off and screamed the whole time!

  2. Hey, me too, as soon as i dropped my drawers I started crying!

  3. Jimbar --In regard to whippings and crying we al,know when this occurs it hurtsI don't believe there's much question about this However it can be a question of pain tolerance .In addition it's also the question of embrassment It also can get emotional when one is required to remove all clothes,Some think also that Crying and yelling can and will make the Spanker stop this is far from the truth For some it is also problem to stay in position and somevalso cry becausebthey ate scared