Monday, December 24, 2012

Barry's Dishing it Out!

I don't have the title of this video yet but it looks like Barry's is doing some butt whuppin again! That Gucci belt is getting alot of use! I feel bad for those 3 bad boys bent over that couch!


  1. Wonderful!!!!! Black boy punish white asses!

  2. Yes! Tne black man must spank the white asses!

  3. Jimbar -----It looks to me like Barry doesn't play around .I love the clips of these young men .They all have well marked Hineys it also appears that all these young men knowhow to assume the position In addition based on the clips that white boys Hineys turn Very Red when they are whipped Barry appears to be Skilled Spanker .I don't think it make much difference that these Young men are White&Barry is Black however would like to see him do the same thing with Black Boys my view isvthe white young men Hineys would turn redder quivker than the Black boys InAddition the positions on the white boys that got whipped are classic?I loved that all those white boys had there pants and underwear down at the ankles Barry did miss much Awhhipping well done .